Fei Mei grows up and says "I’ll see you off"

In the misty city camp, well, the name is Liang Sen, which is easy to report and identify.
Half an hour after Liang Sen sent the negotiation message to the command room, he received a reply. Tianyang was on the scene when he communicated with Lanlong School.
So Tianyang learned that General Fei Mei agreed to negotiate and let Captain Gao Shan Ying represent and be responsible for it.
It was General Fei Mei who told me that the negotiation place needed to be designated outside the city, which was already considered by Fang An.
Both Liang Sen and Tianyang feel that there is not much problem with her decision.
From the perspective of security, it is obvious that the negotiations in the foggy city are not good for mankind. It is not surprising that General Fei Mei will explain Tianyang this way.
Liang Sen called several of its captains to inform the incident and soon made a decision.
"Tianyang, you can inform Yihuan to negotiate near the copper pillar outside the city. We can bring four more people besides one representative."
"Once this number is exceeded, the negotiations will not continue."
Liang Sen cleared his throat and said, "What do you think of all your captains going with me except Rita?"
If you subtract Lida, Captain Nightcrawler will be left with Tianyang, Kunlan, Cang Du and Jiyu.
Several people exchanged glances with each other and felt that there was no problem. The matter was so finalized that Tianyang took the Liang Sen communication machine and edited the decision into words and sent it to his machine.
I soon received a reply from Huan Huan.
Her reply was concise, with one word good.
It’s night
Tianyang didn’t do anything tonight, didn’t watch the camp and didn’t go around outside. He applied to a new communication machine with Liang Sen and tied his ID card number, so he could make it.
He sent a message to Xun. Have you eaten?
I didn’t expect to receive a reply immediately, so Tianyang put the communicator and looked at the top of the tent with thoughts. I didn’t expect the communicator to be put soon before I received a reply.
Eaten. What about you?’
You responded so quickly.
Tianyang simply sat up and picked up the communication machine, thinking about whether to unite Xun, but he felt that it would not be too embarrassing if he didn’t know what to say after establishing communication.
Finally, I decided to exchange text messages.
You were busy when you finished this paragraph long ago. After all, you didn’t have my assistant to help you.’
It only takes ten seconds for the information to arrive. Yes, my good assistant, when will you come back to help?
Tianyang smiled and wrote a message. It should be soon. We will negotiate with the’ residents’ in the city in a few days. I can go back in a few days without any accident.
So two people communicate with each other.
I’ve heard about you, too. I didn’t expect that there were black people in the negative world to communicate with.’
It’s strange, but I’m sure that little girl is black or not. Maybe there are other life forms in the opposite world.’
You should be careful when negotiating, but I’m waiting for your assistant to come back and help me.’
Ha ha, I know.’
After communicating for more than half an hour, Kaoru said that he wanted to have a rest and said’ good night’ to each other to end the communication.
Lying in bed, Tianyang found that such text communication was much less embarrassing than face-to-face conversation.
He turned over in bed and his mind was divergent.
Maybe we can tell Xun this way before we go back after this negotiation.
Tell that girl.
I like you.
"Well, let’s just go to sleep." Tianyang pulled up and was covered and fell asleep.
After breakfast the next day, Yang received the departure order the day after tomorrow.
He left the camp with weapons behind Liang Sen and Cang Du, Kun Lan, Ji Yu and others. He found that the fog dissipated in the city today and the visibility was high, which kept them from getting lost.
It wasn’t long before they saw the bronze sculpture. They came to the entrance of the city, where there was no fog, charming but not hot sunshine.
"I suddenly remembered something."
Liang Sen coughed dry. "Although we informed others about the negotiation, will the black people have any ideas?"
Several people looked at each other except Tianyang.
Tianyang said calmly, "You can rest assured of this, captain. Although I don’t know what kind of life form Huan Huan is now, she still has a lot of human energy and memory."
"I think she will sometimes have a concept, but there is no guarantee that she will be late."
Liang Sen hey hey smiled, "It’s good to be here. I can accept being late for less than an hour."
Just after that, I heard Ji Yu say, "Captain, you’re not worried. People are coming."
Chapter 772 Destruction of negotiations
When he heard Ji Yu’s words, Tianyang also felt something. When he looked in the direction of the city, he saw that the fog was gradually dispersing and the sun was shining, and he came out happily in that brilliant golden light.
Long black hair is still the same, but today I don’t have a pink butterfly hairpin, wearing a black windbreaker coat with a pure white gown and fluffy short skirt striped stockings with cute round-headed shoes.
With her vacant eyes, she seems to have no focus, and her eyes are so cute that she wants to be picked up and rubbed against her little face.
Oh, by the way, she’s carrying an orange small backpack, just like a child traveling next door with her parents.
But it’s not her parents who are behind Yi Huan, and it’s not human.
The first person to walk out of the fog was a giant who compared it with a reference object nearby. Tianyang guessed that the height of the black people was as little as three meters.
It has a square human face, heavy eyebrows and tough lines. If you ignore its four arms covered with magic stripes and hard scales, it looks like a tough guy.

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