When Wang Xuan came back, he devoted himself to training.

Booming …
On the tinker, thousands of military horses rushed together, flags fluttered and drums roared.
Liu Shun rode out and surrendered. "My Lord, the tinker is small, so please move and watch my Ragun Jin evasion drill."
"Ha ha ha ….."
Wang Xuan smiled heartily. "If you have a good compliment in the letter of joining the army, you will see if you have made progress!"
Say, with a wave of his hand, the whole person leaps up, and the mysterious evil spirit of Yin and Yang is suspended in the Chinese scene at a glance.
Although it is not as fast as flying with an imperial sword, it is very easy to subdue Ling.
"On my command, leave the camp!"
As Liu Shunyi ordered the military camp Yuanmen, the big Xuanjia fighters rushed out and the snow splashed.
Just out of the camp, behind Mo Yunxiao, the Qinglong Banner crashed and rolled into the army array, and a large number of white fog spewed out instantly.
At the same time, Mo Yunxiao made the flag wave and knead it. He said, "When the wind is conformal and the clouds are attached to the ground, you will know the shape …"
Suddenly the wind is strong.
The white fog slowly fell with the horseshoe surge and rolled, and the whole army suddenly rose several times as fast as walking on clouds.
Yong’ an government troops and horses have condensed the demon Dan Yuan, and after this change, the more horrible breathing has come to the foot of Nanshan in Yong’ an Basin.
And with the mo Yunxiao transformation method, the white fog rises again and wraps the whole army.
The white fog dispersed and thousands of fighters disappeared
Wang Xuan corners of the mouth show satisfied smile.
This is the Four Spirits Qinglong Dun.
Qinglong can hide from the wind and the clouds, and it can also hide in the shape.
Mastering this evasion theory is handy for marching on the road or ambushed by surprise.
"Heaven and earth, Yin and Yang, White Tiger, Pojun!"
As Zhang Heng angrily drank thousands of troops and then appeared, the harsh Geng Jin poured out of the white tiger flag and the whole army flashed brightly.
Boom Boom Boom
The army array went on the rampage, and the hills at the foot of the South Mountain suddenly burst and the gravel splashed.
The fighters galloped as if to collapse the mountains ahead.
Wang Xuan face smile even more.
This is the best way to kill the white tiger, and it is indestructible to break through the mountains and crack the Shi Jian.
If the battlefield comes out, it can instantly tear the enemy line.
Then Du Chunni and Liu Shun rehearsed Suzaku and Xuanwu respectively.
Suzaku can escape through the fire, and if the enemy sets fire to the mountain, he can easily step through the fire, water, clouds and flags. The whole army is like magma rushing.
Xuanwu dun technique has two changes.
First, the bronze helmet and armored armor can be made into an iron wall without fear of forming a defense.
Second, if you cross the water and don’t drown, if you encounter the Haihe River in the future, you can make your horse tread the water and walk in Qian Shan.
Many senior officials of the government army also watched from a distance.
Xiao Zhongmou’s eyes sparkled with excitement. "With this four-spirit array and new tactics, you can fight even in the face of elite border troops!"
Don’t be idle. You must smile and say, "It’s still a little short. After all, the details of Yongan people and less border troops should not be underestimated."
Qi Long looked at the two men and said something.
Why do you always talk about taking the border army as your opponent …
He wandered around the rivers and lakes and naturally didn’t know that the border army was a family background. I don’t know how many family brothers Qiang Bing dreamed of losing the border army.
After a military drill, the Yongan government troops rode back to the military camp tinker. Although the array was still neat and motionless, all of them were sweating and tired
Wang Xuan sighed in the middle of the heart after seeing it.

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