The laser energy waves split in two, rising from tens of meters away from Yun Fan and shooting at thousands of meters high.

Yun Fan stands in vain.
Mountain people don’t look shocked when they see this scene from a distance.
That’s a powerful magnetic energy laser cannon that can be shelled to death. How could it be chopped by this man?
"The man … seems to be Yun Fan! Yun Fan in Yuecheng! "
At this time, someone recognized Yun Fan and exclaimed.
Chapter 27 A sword crucifies Zhao Wanxing! (4 more commutation ticket)
Yuecheng Yunfan
It’s a miracle.
Although Yun Fan has been away from the earth for more than a year, his reputation as the earth is growing more and more prosperous instead of falling.
Although there is news of the military blockade in the family affairs in Jincheng, the paper can’t hold fire.
After a long time, it will naturally come.
And Yun Fan in the Mecha University also publicly defeated the strong five-qi Chao Yuan.
This is witnessed by many students from Mecha University, and many people have taken videos, which is true.
A 20-year-old man actually has the record of defeating the strong of the Five Qi Chao Yuan, and more than once.
This shocked everyone on the earth, and the news stunned them.
Yuecheng Yunfan is famous for shocking the ball
When someone recognized Yun Fan’s identity, the whole mountain city suddenly boiled up.
The young strong man who stepped on the sword and flew into the Zhao family turned out to be the famous earthquake ball Yuecheng Yunfan?
Several people looked at the sky with a look of shock and Yun Fan showed amazing eyes.
In Yun Fan Mecha University, it is Zhao Qiancheng, the mountain city, who defeated the five qi Chao Yuan.
It can be seen that the Zhao family in Yun Fan Mountain City must have grievances
And the Zhao family in the mountain city arrested Yun Fan’s father, Yunchao, and released the video of beating Yunchao. This is the governor of everyone.
It makes sense that the Zhao family in the mountain city is Yun Fan.
They hate that there will be killing, bloodshed and death today.
Several people rushed to Zhao’s mansion, the high-rise buildings, peaks, iron towers near Zhao’s mansion … and all the commanding heights soon gathered many people commanding and overlooking Zhao’s mansion.
Zhaojiafu Dizhong
Zhao all for Yun Fan sword split magnetic energy laser cannons are all surprised.
Even Zhao Wanxing was shocked.
Every time Yun Fan disappears and reappears, its strength will increase greatly.
This time is no exception!
Even Zhao Wanxing’s strong men in the late Yuan Dynasty are hard to attack with a sword splitting magnetic energy laser cannons!
Yun Fan’s strength now makes Zhao Wanxing feel threatened.
"Yun Fan, if your father and I Zhao want him to live, be obedient and give in easily, or your father will be skinned inch by inch and cut to pieces and die."
Zhao Wanxing coldly drink a way if we can let Yun Fan give in easily, this is the best result.
"If my father dies, the whole Zhao family will be buried with him!"
Yun Fan big drink a way anger monstrous pitfalls.
Voice falling
Yun Fan like a shell rushed to Zhao Guzhu building.
Give in easily?
It is impossible for the Zhao family in the mountain city to fear Yun Fan and dare not take his father Yunchao’s life.
If Yun Fan dies, Zhao will be afraid of Yun Chao and die with him.
There is a way to save father Yun Fan.
That’s killing!
Kill two if one is not enough!
Kill two or ten if it’s not enough!
Kill ten if it’s not enough!
When the blood becomes a river
When the bodies pile up like mountains
Call the mountain city Zhao’s soul frightened and frightened, and carry Yunchao out to relieve Yun Fan’s anger.
Zhao Wanxing also knows that Yun Fan can’t be stupid enough to give in easily.

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