It was a gunshot. Is Zhou Tong invulnerable? I wonder in my heart that I can’t help looking into those special police officers. This look surprised me to see that the guns in the hands of more than a dozen special police officers were all at gunpoint, and they all hit the bullets just now.

I know this must be the ghost monster. It seems that this ghost is really determined to save Zhou Tong. These special police officers are even more shocked. What’s worse, the guns in their hands are out of their control and they are flying to the sky. If these special police officers are not clinging to the gun handle, I’m afraid they would have got rid of them.
The leading special police officer was blindsided when he saw this scene, and he was a little at a loss, but he still clung to me and Master’s arm for fear that the two of us would run away.
At this time, there is nothing I can do. I can’t deal with the ghost in front of me with my hands handcuffed. Can’t I just watch Zhou Tong run away? In that case, it will leave the master in great trouble.
Just then, Master Shen said to the leading special police officer, "Take off my handcuffs quickly. I can take this ghost."
Master’s face was very grim when he said this. He looked directly at the special police officer who led the team. At this time, Master exuded that kind of power. The special police officer who led the team couldn’t believe it. He was a little flustered and put his hand into his pocket and should touch the handcuffs key. But he was still a little uneasy and said to Master, "Are you really good?"
"My master is a Taoist priest. It’s easy to deal with this ghost. Help him untie the handcuffs quickly!" I then the feeling be nasty can’t help but say
Without saying anything, the special police officers who led the team opened Master’s handcuffs. Just after they were opened, they saw that the special police officers were panicked and shouted out their guns. At this time, they stopped exerting their strength in the sky and turned their guns on these special police officers.
The situation is too dangerous, which means that the ghost can’t blame it for a few seconds, and I’m afraid these swat teams will all be finished.
At this time, the face of the special police team was green with fear. Seeing that his life was at stake, he didn’t even shout out, so he opened his mouth wide and couldn’t make a sound.
At this critical moment, master turned the palm of his hand over the tip of his tongue and quickly drew a palm symbol at the center of his palm. He waved the palm of his hand very quickly, and suddenly a dazzling golden light lit up the night and struck the ghost opposite.
After a flash, the golden light from the master’s palm struck Xiaoqi, a ghost controlled by Zhou Tong, and was beaten by the master’s palm without even calling out.
What happened in front of them made these special police officers look silly. They saw the golden light in the palm of Master’s hand and beat the ghosts out of their wits. At this time, the guns in these special police officers were all settled and no longer controlled by ghosts.
Zhou Tong looked at Master with resentful eyes and turned to run without saying a word. At this moment, the special police officer who led the team was afraid of adding complications to his hand and ordered "shoot!"
After a deafening gunshot, Zhou Tong, who was fleeing in front, immediately fell into a pool of blood after being shot several times in the body. It is no wonder that this leading special police officer will give such a death order. He must have mastered Zhou Tong’s criminal information and knew that this is a felon with a murder case. Plus, tonight’s incident is too fantastic. If it were not for the rescue of Master, a dozen special police officers would have been killed by their own guns. Seeing Zhou Tong escape, it is understandable that this guy will use what means to be directly killed by this leading special police officer.
But I’m not in the mood to think about the incident of leading the special police. Now I regret not bringing Master into trouble. I’m afraid Master’s age will be involved with corrupt officials, which makes me bear it?
At this time, Master looked down at Zhou Tong in the distance and sighed deeply. Then he went to the lead swat team and reached out his hands, which meant that the lead swat team would handcuff him again.
Master and I didn’t expect to lead the swat team at this time, but they waved their hands and said, "This Taoist priest thanks to you tonight or we will all die here. Although you stayed with Yan Sigou tonight, I will pretend I didn’t see you. Go."
This special police officer who led the team said that his eyes were full of admiration and admiration, and his expression was sincere when he looked at Master.
After hearing this, Master smiled and said, "Thank you for being original." After that, Master told me when I got near, "You must be punished for coming out as soon as possible this time. Don’t worry about Xiaolian. She will be reincarnated soon."
"Master, where are you going?" I feel a little choked up at this moment. I don’t know the year and month before I can meet you again.
"I stayed with Xiaojin for a while, and I have been traveling around for so many years, just visiting Zhou Tongliu everywhere. Now that he is dead, your touts will be avenged and you will be worried again."
Master said nothing more here, but looked at me and disappeared into the night.
Although I am a little sad to see Master leave safely, I am still very happy. After all, Master has not been implicated.
These special police officers were busy turning the car back and took me to Jiaobei prison.
Because of this escape from prison, I was sentenced to two years in prison, and I was executed for a total of six years in prison. Every day, I miss Xiaolian and I don’t know if she is reincarnated now. If she is reincarnated, she will definitely not miss me again. I will feel inexplicably lost and painful when I think about this.
In prison, I reduced my sentence by six months because of my good behavior. I released Master and Yi Genjin in the first half of the year. They will also visit me and Xue Jinhua regularly. She has been waiting for me to go out. Every time she visits me, the expectation in her eyes makes me afraid to look straight at her. I feel guilty about her.
Five and a half years in prison feels as long as a century, and finally it’s time to get out of prison. Yi Genjin and Zana came to pick me up from prison, and Xue Jinhua followed. At the moment when my parents walked out of the prison gate, I felt the sky was blue, and the outside world was so good. Those who have lost their freedom can really appreciate the value of freedom.
"The elder brother of the dog, you finally got through it." Yi Genjin’s big hands held my hand tightly and said excitedly.
At this time, I talked to several of them at one another. Over the years, the sadness in prison blocked my heart, but I couldn’t say a word. Looking at my family and friends, I felt sad and sad over the years, and my heart felt even worse. I really wanted to cry, but I still held back my tears and faced it with a smile.
I really want to look back and see that I have been in prison for five years, but before I came out, the discipline told me not to look back and be unlucky after I went out, so I didn’t look back and went home with Yi Genjin and them.
The day after I got home, I went to Dagushan Town and went to Yigenjin. Master left Dagushan Town three years ago and didn’t say where to go. Now no one knows where his old man is, and Yigenjin and Zana are doing very well. The most gratifying thing is that they haven’t seen each other for nearly six years and have a beautiful and lovely five-year-old daughter.
"Dear daughter, please call grandpa four!" Yi Genjin then rushed to his daughter and said
"grandpa four" little girl’s lovely sweet voice came, and she looked back at me with clear and bright eyes.
"Good boy." I looked at Yi Genjin and Zana’s daughter, and I was so happy for Yi Genjin and Zana. I squatted down and picked her up.
But when I held Yi Genjin’s daughter in my arms, my body suddenly trembled, and a very familiar feeling quickly passed through me like a stream. When the little girl in my arms put her slightly cold hand on my face, my heart almost jumped out of my throat. This familiar feeling made me almost collapse.
"located" I couldn’t help talking to myself.
At the moment, my mind suddenly saw the figure of Nellie, the jade-like face and the beautiful figure seemed to stroke my face and called Brother Four Dogs.
Holding a five-year-old girl in my arms, I stayed on the spot, and I couldn’t help thinking that it wouldn’t be so coincidental. Is it true that Yi Genjin and Zana’s daughter are the reincarnation of Xiaolian?
Yi Genjin and Zana looked at me in surprise at this moment. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but Xue Jinhua left the house silently by wiping her face and tears.
After waiting for me for nearly six years, Xue Jinhua has gone. No one knows where she went. She left me a line besides memories. Brother Four Dogs, I’m gone. Take care. You have Sister Nellie in your heart. This will change forever-
A few years later, I have passed the autumn harvest season. When I set foot on the land of Helong Village again and looked at the land, there was no more charming figure, and it never made me dream about purity.
A breeze is lighter than rolling up the grass leaves and golden corn leaves to form a small whirlwind, which flies away like a smart, charming and light girl. I wiped my eyes and looked at the whirlwind that was drifting away. From there, I vaguely saw Nellie looking back at me and smiling. I looked at her and couldn’t help whispering that Nellie missed you.
"I can add a template to the royal beast" is a fat tiger.
official documents and correspondence
Get [Add Template System] by crossing the beast-fighting world.
When "Water Jumping Frog" was added with "Jiraiya Template", a lecherous non-mainstream toad appeared!
When the "light mouse" added the "Kprusoian template", a nine-to-five salted fish mouse appeared!
When [Sword Dance Grass] was added with [Sauron Template], a brain full of crazy grass appeared!
Jiraiya, that jump frog, "Ninja refers to those who can endure".
Light Mouse Kprusoian "If you want money in place, the beast will be wasted!"
Sword dance grass Sauron "Back injury is a shame for swordsman!"
No one in my world believes that ordinary pet animals can defeat god beasts until … I appear’-God beast killer, girl nemesis, wife terminator and Lu Yuan
[Cool character template, cultivation, animal control, pet animal, pet, summon, cultivate, evolve, train and fight]
[The villain Qi Ling didn’t wash white to worship heaven, so don’t keep saying what I want to wash white]
User-defined label unified flow is easy.
Yongjiang became famous.
Chapter 1 Obtaining Template System in the Age of Imperial Beasts
[ding! Congratulations to the host for activating the template system]
【 The template object must perfectly conform to the characteristics of the template, otherwise it will be added by law 】
[Currently unlock template Naruto Jiraiya]
[When adding a template, you can unlock a template. If the host adds a template to others, the host can choose a ability that meets its own conditions from the template]
【 It shows that the same template can be extracted many times after certain conditions are met 】
[Because the host activated the system for the first time, he got the novice gift package 1]
Listening to the cold sound in my head, Liu Yuan was a little dumbfounded.
Who am I, where am I, and what am I doing?
And what is this template system?
Head dizzy Liu Yuan looked around and found himself in a strange environment at the moment.
Looks like a single apartment.
A lot of memories come into my mind in one second.

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