When Kun Lan killed the 2nd gunner and stopped, he saw that Tianyang was bathed in the morning sun, with a sacred and glorious breath, and a long sword as bright as a lamp lightly beheaded a black citizen.

From time to time, the long sword also flashes a golden sword light, which will attack the nearby black people and ignite them into balls of fire or torches.
Although Tianyang killed fewer gunners than he did now, the brilliance of the youth’s body is as dazzling as it is.
Quinlan snorted "coquettish!"
This is a word he learned recently.
The sword in the morning is very sharp, and the light of the sword in the morning is also very cool, but Tianyang doesn’t like this’ fighting device’ very much.
It’s too dazzling
I’m like a big light bulb.
Although the morning light can continue to weaken the power of the dark people, it has also caused many inconveniences to Tianyang.
For example, it restrained its shadow rank characteristics to death.
As soon as the morning sword appears, there will be no shadow area, so the rank characteristics and ability of’ shadow killing’ will be greatly reduced
Think of this day Yang has some nai.
At that time, Wenchi chose this "fighting device" for him. Tianyang was probably the rank of God of War, but I didn’t expect this "fighting device" to give him the Avenger. Instead of rising, it was somewhat weakened
Oh, no.
It can’t be said that it didn’t rise.
In the distance, those small players in the team’s defense line watched Tianyang dancing and lightsaber coquettish and not glamorous.
Everyone looks at their eyes as if they will shine, and they look reverent.
Especially Xu Qingnian, who clenched his fist excitedly as if he had found a goal worth chasing.
Therefore, if we consider it from the perspective of charm, the morning light is still quite rising, and the increase rate is quite large
Another gunner went down, and the day after tomorrow, Yang suddenly felt the ground shake, and then he heard Han Shu shout behind him, "Watch out for the tyrant Yang Hong staring at you!"
Tianyang turned to look and saw that the monster that crashed into the chariot now threw its hoof and rushed towards itself.
Don’t say it must be attracted by the morning sword.
This thing is not like a wanderer, although it can effectively repel the morning sword with the breath of stars, but this disgust makes it want to destroy this sword even more and destroy Tianyang holding it.
This is the first time he has got negative-rising equipment.
It’s okay to weaken the rank characteristics, but it also attracts the attention of the enemy. I really didn’t know that the church wanted to make such a’ war weapon’
The teenager lowered his center of gravity, and the morning light sword pointed obliquely at the ground, and the stars surged, and silver lines emerged to outline the pattern of crossed wings.
"What’s that?"
The main line of defense resisted the black people’s attack, and the new people couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw the pattern on the body of Tianyang.
"Don’t you know?"
Show some understanding of Tianyang Xu Qing said with a little pride, "Lieutenant Tianyang has awakened the alien, but that’s his special physique."
"The Milky Way is flashing!"
So Tianyang got another wave of admiration.
Activate heterogenous galactic scintillation
When the frequency reached seven times, Tianyang suddenly disappeared in its original place.
Almost at the same time
Teenagers appear behind the red tyrant.
It has changed from a crouching posture to a walking posture.
The morning light dispersed and the dagger returned to its sheath.
Seeing the defense line, the newcomers are puzzled.
But at this moment
A dazzling light appeared in the body of the red tyrant, and the milky way-like light band split the fierce beast in two.
The monster suddenly vibrates as if it had been hit several times in an instant. The new people don’t know what happened, and suddenly the sword light rises all over the sky.
Cut the red tyrant into dozens of segments.
Such a shocking picture made the new people open their mouths and couldn’t close them properly.
"… the 31st!"
Kun Lan chopped another gunner and then looked at Miki Sayaka, a tyrant who was scattered into a pile of flesh and blood, and screamed, "Mom, the limelight has been robbed by white hair again!"
Tianyang’s mouth twitched, and he felt quite helpless.
I don’t want to …
Who knows’ dawn’ sounds like this?
I knew I didn’t have it.
Seeing that the secretive gunner was almost cleaned up, the red tyrant also yelled when Tianyang killed Han Shuli. "Cars are ready to break through!"
These black people are too many to kill. Keep fighting for ammunition.
So Han Shu reached the breakthrough order.
Motor, the mechanic’s squad leader, ran over and wore protection. He shouted in the public channel, "I can’t leave. I still have two players who haven’t come back!"
He pointed to the falcon chariot that had been hit before. "They are still in the car. I just confirmed this. Go and save people!"
Han Shu looked in the direction of the chariot.
Now the chariot has piled up a hill, and the wandering people are trying to get into the car like flies smelling the smell.
There are also crazy dogs coming in and out of this hill like maggots. Obviously, the protection of the people in the car is broken and the pheromone is leaked by the black people.
It’s been three minutes since the chariot landed, and even if people are rescued now, they will die or become monsters because of black fog.
When Han Shuli set up, he pushed the motor. "Somebody take him with the car and go!"
The face in the motor helmet changed. "You can’t do this!"
"You can’t from ruin!"
Has come running a sublimator to forcibly pull the motor into the car.
When Tianyang and Kunlan returned to the chariot and heavy artillery road, others covered and successfully broke through this Kuroshio.
After the motorcade left, the Kuroshio paused for a while and then advanced towards the lighthouse base.
It was several hours after walking along the highway that Han Shu stopped to have a rest.
I found a highland to set up a camp. When Han Shu arranged it, the motor ran angrily.
Grabbed the captain’s collar.
"Why don’t you save people?"
"You should be able to do it. Why don’t you save them!"
The motor roared, "I know both of them. Xiaolong has just joined our mechanic class. He is learning while working." Lao Lin’s family has four children, and he won’t come out with me until he earns more contributions. "
"I promised them!"
"I promised them I would take them back!"
"Now I broke my word because of you!"
"I broke my word!"
Chapter 49 Their respective positions

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