It’s very rare to collect the concentrated liquid elixir. It’s not so easy to get it even if the witch clan hands out some special elixirs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could intercept some from Tiekun Peng?
At this time, Tie Kunpeng thought it was quite thorough, and he should have doubts about his identity. However, he is the only one in the world, and he should never guess whether the fusion method with his feet is feasible.
Is there any trap in this way?
The wind and fire of the volcano are rising all over the sky.
In the heat wave, the wind roared and rolled, and the vegetation became low, but it was all over the mountain. From a distance, Sun Hao saw the mountain burning like a giant bird.
I don’t know how far it is, but the heat wave is enough to cook the monk who is slightly lower.
It seems that the wind intensity ratio around the flaming mountain is the real wind and beast paradise in the fixed wind field.
Tie Kun-peng is more familiar with Dingfeng domain than he is with Dingfeng domain. Sun Hao has a feeling of entering Fengpeng’s gathering place, and he doesn’t know how many Fengpeng have lived in Dingfeng volcano. Anyway, Sun Hao and Tie Kun-peng kill Fengpeng every day.
And Feng Peng’s advanced body, six-color golden wings, Dapeng bird and Dingfeng volcano are really many people around the huge soaring flaming mountain. They have killed more than 20 six-color golden wings unconsciously, except for the colored golden wings, which have not been seen yet, and each of them has killed three.
After these golden wings were killed, they were refined into extremely concentrated liquid by the Heart and Blood Department.
Sun Hao’s state is brave, and there has not been a failure for more than 20 times. Sun Hao himself joked that "the elder didn’t know whether it was your fate or mine. The success rate was no more than 70%, and the concentrated solution actually reached 100%. It was the first time I met such a wonderful thing …"
Actually, once again, Sun Hao’s shoulder was scratched for six times, that is to say, Sun Hao was refining for six times in a row, and there was no wave panacea, which showed that it was really difficult to succeed once.
Tie Kun Peng showed Wang Yuan’s trademark smile. "That’s the extraordinary accomplishment of the hill medicine refining technique. I’m really relieved."
I have been able to refine enough concentrated liquid iron, and Peng has prepared a panacea for thousands of years, which is enough for him to wave a lot of existing ones. It really makes him smile when they join forces. He will succeed in this concentrated effort.
Tie Kun Peng has three copies of each color of gold wing concentration solution in his hand. Finally, he smiles at a boulder and throws a bag and says, "Hill, you can refine some concentration solution and prepare one for us."
Sun Hao’s knowledge swept away, and there were four pairs of extremely concentrated liquid elixirs in the bag. In my heart, I couldn’t help but feel a slight joy, and my face showed a simple and honest smile. Sun Hao said a sentence "Good …"
Less than two hours after refining the stock solution, Sun Hao appeared a jade bottle to dress up the stock solution.
However, this time Sun Hao did not hand over the stock solution to Tie Kunpeng, but conveniently put away the second refining practice and then conveniently put away the four refining departments. After the success of Sun Hao’s big hand, four bottles of concentrated liquid appeared side by side in the epicenter, and after being shaken out of the jade bottle, Sun Hao’s income allocation kept shaking his hands vigorously and roaring like a string of Hua Hudie.
After shaking for half an hour, Sun Hao’s hand was aimed at the soaring flame mountain in the distance, and it was judged a little by the fire force and swayed for a quarter of an hour. Then he smiled and said to Tie Kun Peng, "Fortunately, four bottles of concentrated liquid have been merged into the original solution, and we can try to merge them if we gather in six colors."
Sun Hao’s whole refining process is natural and purely iron, and he can’t see anything wrong or pick out flaws. Of course, he doesn’t feel that Sun Hao is cheating.
One of the most basic principles of refining medicine and alchemy between male and female witches and terrans is that only liquid medicine with the same property can be completely integrated.
There should be no problem if the concentrated solution in Xiao Shan’s hand is a combination of four bottles.
Tie Kun Peng laughed and said, "Thank you, Xiao Shan. It’s really a deep knowledge of pharmacy. It’s really a pity for the old man …"
Sun Hao shook his wrist and threw the fusion concentrate to Tie Kun Peng with a silly smile and said, "If the elder really has a spare elixir, can you give Xiaoshan a pair?" I have a friend who has a little problem with his mind, and I wonder if I can help him forge a pair. "
Sun Hao is telling the truth. Girlan really needs to concentrate on fluid. Sun Hao said this in a very sincere tone.
Chapter 1796 Choi Peng Golden Wing 14 more
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Tie Kun Peng leng leng laughed. "This is the usual situation. Pharmacists can harvest medicine in the hills. You want a pair of medicine, but I can’t refuse it. This is three elixirs. I hope you can refine it successfully."
Sun Hao was overjoyed and took the bag and said, "Thank you, thank you for thanking my predecessors on behalf of my friends."
Tie Kun Peng smiled a few times and continued to say, "We will continue to advance to the Dingfeng volcano after the hills come, but you should know that even the golden wings of Caipeng in Dingfeng domain are very rare, and the body is also a small number of Dingfeng domains, and it is bound to be quite difficult for the wind to gather in the wind."
Sun Hao put away the elixir and said, "So what should the senior hill do?"
Tie Kun Peng’s wrist vibrates, and a jade bottle appears in his mouth and says, "This is the refined concentrated liquid from the hill, which has a strong attraction to Cai Peng’s golden wings. We can make it as a lure and plan it well …"
Sun Hao smiled stupidly. "Good predecessors, please tell us that the biggest feature of barbarians is to carry out the plan without going out of shape, but the advice is not very brilliant."
Sun Hao in my heart quickly judged it.
The longer you contact, the more information you get, and the more you infer the basis. It’s very strange and mysterious, but he needs and wants to reveal some information, which will still expose some clues about him.
Sun Hao produced a most basic judgment while listening to Tie Kunpeng’s explanation, such as designing Cai Peng’s golden wings.
First of all, Tiekun Peng is indeed a spirit body. There is no doubt that the tombstone and ghost induction are absolutely good.
And his hemp fiber and hemp fiber have a very magical isolation effect, which should be a rare magic weapon
The origin of Tiekun Peng should be related to the fixed wind field. Judging from the idea of special concentration liquid, Tiekun Peng may be a six-color golden wing clan before he became a Yin spirit.
Combined with what Tie Kunpeng said just now, Cai Peng’s golden wings are also eager to concentrate on the liquid, so can we conclude that the real Tie Kunpeng is the yin spirit of Cai Peng’s golden wings?
Think about it, it’s very likely that the speed of the flat-winged boat is faster than that of the strongest Caipeng Golden Wing.
These materials flashed in Sun Hao’s mind.
Sun Hao has a basic judgment, but up to now, Sun Hao still has a few particularly confused questions, feeling that Tie Kun Peng is a bit unlike Cai Peng Jin Wing.
For example, the border shepherd secretly ordered the small herring caught by Tie Kunpeng, which was changed by Kun Peng. Then the question came, why did Cai Peng want Kun Peng’s golden eagle? In terms of rank, Caipeng Golden Eagle is weaker than Kunpeng, and many veins are different. What are you going to do?
For example, Tiekun Peng is very familiar with Fenglong Cliff, which is not a normal Caipeng golden eagle. It can be done because the Caipeng golden eagle is weak in the front line of Fenglong, even if it is well known, it should not be okay to provoke Fenglong.
There is also a huge doubt, that is to say, the six-color golden-winged Dapeng bird is bound by the rules of heaven and earth, and it is very difficult to get the Tao, even if the six-color golden-winged Dapeng bird has the strongest ultimate advanced wind attribute, the real Dapeng golden-winged bird will inevitably be avoided by heaven and earth.
Once the Dapeng Golden Winged Bird gets the Tao, it can defeat the Buddha in ancient times, and it can jump out of the three realms and not the five elements, and it is not the virtual realm, especially the virtual one.
Can Cai Peng’s golden eagle gain enlightenment?
Could it be that the strange iron eagle Peng was born after Cai Peng’s golden carving gained the Tao, trying to make up for his own shortcomings and reborn from the fire?
There are too many core secrets involved, but Sun Hao feels that his general direction is correct.
The method of luring the golden wings of colorful Peng with iron Kunpeng liquid is similar to that of fishing Kunpeng with him.
Using Sun Haofeng’s sword to cut off Cai Peng’s golden wings and induce the wind, the two men formed a siege through camp.
After discussion, Tie Kun-peng arranged array method, which is a relatively rare spiritual array method specialized in transducing wind attributes. Tie Kun-peng’s array method is not weak, and Sun Haoxin observed that he is not much worse than himself.
Imagine a thousand years of fishing. Sun Hao suddenly realized that such an old monster has a long life. It’s more certain that he sometimes learns all kinds of monk skills. If he is not limited by his qualifications, he might be far better at pharmacy and array.
With a simple and honest smile on his face, Sun Hao didn’t give Tiekun Peng Ling Zhen an evaluation, as if he couldn’t understand it. Finally, he simply sat down and picked up a piece of ill-conceived dragon meat and chewed it up. He called Sun Hao to whisper, "Just go to your business and be careful not to run around casually."
Border grazing dives into the grass and disappears.
Sun Hao sat on the ground and took a pot of pretty wine while eating meat. It was very pleasant to chew two pieces of meat and have a sip of wine.
Iron Kun Peng occasionally looked back at Corleone’s face with a strange smile.
People are still simple. It seems quite like this. I don’t want to live a comfortable life.
Two hours later, Tiekun Peng completed the disposal, took out the concentrated liquid in his hand and placed it in the middle of the array to drive the array to send out bursts of concentrated liquid breath.
Half an hour later, Tie Kun Peng made a gesture. Sun Haoma knowingly released the agarwood sword, and the tip of the sword released several different sword meanings.
However, Tie Kunpeng completely hid himself in the bamboo hat and sat cross-legged on the wing boat, quietly facing the concentrated liquid.
A rainbow crossed the soaring flaming mountain.
The ghosting left the wind for a long time, as if a rainbow bridge had been set up.
Sun Hao’s eyes narrowed slightly, and once again he saw a golden-winged bird twice the size of his head, with a colorful crown on his head and a pair of golden wings and huge colorful Peng.
Cai Peng’s golden wing was lured by the liquid, but it sensed that Fang had a bit of a mistake and kept hovering and watching, but it didn’t fly.
The agarwood sword trembled gently, and a fine wind blew around Sun Hao’s body.
Caipeng Golden Wing feels the Sun Hao area, feeling that it is a windy air mass, and you can’t see anything unusual, while Tiepeng is simpler, just like a towering stone.
The strength of the six-color golden wings is strong, especially in the fixed wind field, and the strength of the seven-color golden wings is many times higher than that of the ordinary wind beast.
The colorful golden wings in the fixed wind area are almost the absolute kings, especially in this fixed wind volcano area. Weifu is used to finding no abnormalities, so he will no longer look for the incarnation of the wings flapping. The seven-color rainbow swoops to the Tiekunpeng array center, which is a liquid that can help himself and is of great help to his practice.
It doesn’t matter whether there is a trap or not. Caipeng Golden Wing doesn’t think anyone can stop him.
A rainbow is flying in.
A fishhook fell from the sky.
Cai Peng’s golden wings picked up the concentrated solution in one mouth, and at the same time, the iron fishing rod waved and interwoven into a fishing net cover in the silver wire.
Sun Hao’s body shook slightly, and the agarwood sword fell in a direction according to Tie Kun Peng’s command, and the sword drove the partition to wind the volcano surface.
Cai Peng’s golden eagle fell into a trap. The first reaction flew into a rage. The head was bent and the liquid fell into the mouth. The golden wings screamed and flapped, and the golden wings soared into the sky. The raging flames rushed backwards and rolled to the fishing net turned by the iron fish.
Feel the tornado huge wind Sun Hao eyes narrowed slightly.
The strength of Cai Peng’s golden wings is really strong. If Sun Hao is alone, even if he cultivates himself into a sword, it may still be difficult to be an opponent, but he just doesn’t know the strength of Tie Peng.
Tie Kun Peng’s mysterious and bizarre way of expression is also very obscure. Sun Hao really failed to understand his real combat strength. I wonder if he can force him to do something.

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