The consequence of this phenomenon is that Norman’s spirit is invisible to the naked eye and slowly and steadily enhanced to adapt to this powerful mental pressure.

At the same time, in Norman’s meditation, his subtitle Milky Way will sway slightly after a while even if he doesn’t practice-that’s because Norman was tortured by barrage, which is equivalent to practicing at the same time, and now with the increase of his practice intensity, the natural vibration frequency of his subtitle Milky Way has also accelerated
Of course, these Norman didn’t know that he also listened to the opinions of water friends.
"This is good, this good man is beautiful and has a good figure."
"She’s the only one. After reading so much, this is the best."
"I think the key is this temperament. I like a little abstinence and charm."
"That’s why his mother is talking nonsense."
"Brothers who see through are still good friends."
Most of the water friends are finally unified by a woman, and the barrage of opinions and comments is a little less, which makes Norman a little relaxed and carefully observes this woman.
The woman looked at her twenty or so with blue hair, fair skin, high nose, big eyes and a kiss on her lips, and pursed her lips.
She was dressed in a two-section linen underwear, and looked at her simple chest, but her clothes were very obvious, but she was only big, with thin arms, thin legs and thin waist. Looking at it, she knew that she was not a good worker.
Think this woman is beautiful?
Norman thinks that these spell-forbidden wizards in the earth world are simply wonderful works, but he still listens to the advice of water friends and takes a picture of this woman when it’s her turn. Norman paid a whole gold talan to bid-although her salary is not high, she needs 12 silvers a month, which is slightly higher than that of ordinary servants, but there are too many people bidding for her.
Norman wouldn’t be willing to bid for a gold orchid if the water friends didn’t strongly demand her, but it also proved from the side that this is indeed a beauty in many people’s eyes, which made Norman doubt his own aesthetics.
And because of the existing from the baron’s identity to live in Abbey Cathedral, the name is Isabella? It’s not difficult for Lopez to go to Santa Vita with her. Her mother easily agreed to witness the signing of the employment agreement by the two trading banks, and then the employment of the two was established. Then she followed the advice of the water friends and customized what "maid clothes" for her. After all this was busy, it was finally the departure day of the diplomatic corps
Chapter one hundred and ten Set out
The sun is hanging at noon in summer.
Shaking the sun gives off scorching heat without scruple, as if to scorch the earth for comfort, while the scorching sun keeps steaming the ground, as if it were distorted at first glance.
Norman opened the window on the right hand side, and before he reached out, a heat wave came on his face, which made him unable to breathe. For a moment, his nose seemed to burn.
He paused until his body got used to the heat before sticking his head out of the window and looking around.
It can be seen that he is now in a motorcade with many carriages before and after.
All carriages have their doors and windows sealed off from the midday heat, and there are still many people in the carriage array who follow the moving carriage during the walking period.
That’s the logistics staff of the embassy who are responsible for cooking, cleaning and all other chores.
These people tend to be three or four people together, as if they are not too hot, squeezing into the shadow of the carriage and walking while sheltering from the cold, but that doesn’t have any effect, because it is noon and the sun shines from the square, so the shadow of each carriage is very small, so it is impossible to have three or four people at the same time.
And those who can’t squeeze into the shadow can wrap themselves up tightly, otherwise the long noon sun will bake people’s ass and skin, and the taste is not good
Norman raised his eyes to the front, and he could see the knights at the front of the envoy in the distance, but that’s it. After that, it was white until there was no sign of anyone in the sky.
Finally Norman retracted his head into the carriage and closed the window tightly.
In such a short time, his head was covered with fine sweat, and Isabella handed a towel just as he was about to stretch out his hand to wipe it.
I have to say that finding a maid has many advantages besides meeting the needs of cultivation.
Norman sighed with emotion in his heart, took the towel, wiped his head and sweat, and then handed it back to Isabella again, but her sight was stuck.
It’s not that he wants to see it. It seems that he has nothing to see as a maid. What he sees is that she will just show it to those water friends.
"Cocoa, this maid’s dress is still good in workmanship and correct in style. You should have a style base."
"The fabric is still a little poor, and it is a pity that there is no lace."
"You don’t want to think about what world lace is. How expensive is it? Now the anchor is not rich. Isn’t it a lesbian day?"
"Idle is idle. Let her sing a song and listen to it" …
Norman listened to the barrage of these water friends while thinking about his own thoughts-in the past two days, he has completely transported the "Catch the Sea Classic" to his life, and it works when he is open-eyed.
Lancelot argued that this training method did have an effect, especially after he learned to interact with water friends.
Take his spirit as an example. Before, he shook 70 stars every time he meditated, but he couldn’t shake it. But after adopting this method, it took two days. Now he can shake 97 at most! Although it has not broken 100, the progress effect is visible to the naked eye.
And the consequence of strengthening spirit is that his magic power also increases with it.
Before he meditated, there was a small beach in the magic sea around the center of Tianzhu. Even if he continued to shake the stars to give birth to the magic fall, he could not save it and would lose it from the edge. However, after two days of practice, he keenly found that his magic sea was slightly larger.
It’s a change that can’t be seen by the naked eye, and it can’t be seen if his spirit is extraordinary.
Although this little increase in total magic still gives him enough magic to cast spells, we should also see that it took him two days to achieve results. Norman can bet that he can cast that spell even at the current spell-chanting speed in ten days!
It is also because this cultivation method is really effective that Norman will actively cooperate with Isabella, the "ugly girl", to chat every day.
Just like now
"Can you sing?"
Norman listened to the opinions of water friends and wanted Isabella to sing a song.
The blue-haired maid is still very competent in her work, but she doesn’t like to talk on weekdays. Norman also said that she would not, but I didn’t expect Isabella to hesitate for a while and then say "yes"
Norman said, "Then you can sing a song casually."
The water friends took the opportunity to order songs one after another, and another big barrage attacked what Norman couldn’t understand, such as Little Man’s Waist, Killing in a row and Blowing the Horn.
Norman also learned a lot in the interaction these two days, knowing that not every rhythm is enough to answer, so Isabella plays it by herself.
But his horse knew how wrong it was to let Isabella sing.
"Amazing grace. It’s so sweet …"
Norman darling almost fell from the carriage with a quiver and a soft leg.
Isabella sang a very common hymn "God-given Grace", which was a praise to the father, because the bard who passed by the village often sang this hymn every year, and Norman still knew it.
But it’s also a good thing that he knows that this is "Divine Grace", otherwise I really can’t hear it …
Although many of those water friends still don’t understand the common language, that doesn’t prevent them from enjoying this girl’s song.
"I went. I was wrong. Great Sage, hurry up and accept the avatar!"

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