Stars and wonders for two days, haha, I don’t know if it’s this month. The experience of the sunset mountains has indeed appeared from time to time. Many imperial masters have been born almost every few days

Many king-level experts are completely stimulated and crazy to find out the reason, and before these pro-promotion to emperor-level experts, many strong people knew the root and didn’t want to believe that they all broke through by themselves, so several statements appeared in the whole sunset mountain experience area
It’s said that your honor is high, and your honor master wants to make this experience more exciting. There are some five Dan’s buried in the experience area, and that special five was born as well as your honor master’s rank. Can you refine five special Dan Dan teachers? How can you participate in the Association Silk Association experience? Even if you want to participate in the honor master, you will be reluctant to take risks.
There is also a saying that some peerless elixirs were randomly put in some places with higher status in the experience area of the sunset mountains.
Another is that no human beings have been to this experience area for a long time, and the soul beast doesn’t understand the elixir. This area has a elixir of ten thousand years and one million years. If you find one, you can reach the imperial level.
Xingqi haha, Shuangtian knows this, but haha, the two imperial masters strangely hold the wooden house and don’t leave a mile, which makes some strong people passing by believe the third statement.
In the eyes of these strong people, haha, for two days, these two emperors got an elixir and even wanted to keep it. There is no mature elixir here, and the two emperors thought about taking it for themselves, and the wooden house was just a shelter, plus some first-come-first-served feelings. There have been many emperor-level masters who have fought and proved it more.
It is the strong people who are waiting for a chance to seize the opportunity because of the strength of Haha Double Emperor.
Now the opportunity has finally come. The birth of three imperial levels in the distance has stimulated many strong people to come out of the jungle. These strong people all know the special five Dan events.
I missed five special robberies, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity again. At present, I am so eager to get the opportunity of the emperor.
However, there is a famous saying in the mind of the robber who has no strength to rob him, "Dare to die, starve to death and be timid". The fifth special Dan is a real example for himself. Of course, there will be no chance to regret it this time.
His eyes were hot and he looked at Xingqi haha, and his body trembled in the direction of Shuangtian, and his sword was shining with cold light and hot. His eyes slowly retreated but became cold and crazy yesterday, and he was determined to die without birth.
【 Chapter 215 Xingqi terror speed 】
Adi silk will continue to have the birth of imperial masters to further promote the credibility of rumors. I was surprised by the three imperial intentions just now. Haha, I feel hidden for two days. So many strong people finally can’t stand it.
Brush! You can hear everyone approaching the footsteps without closing your eyes. Greed and imperial attraction always make the elite and the strong ignore the biggest point. These newly emperor-level masters have many soul beasts, so these soul beasts didn’t know this peerless good medicine. Do you understand the value?
The strong have no time to think about it so much. They are thinking about it as if they were robbing the peerless medicine behind others.
Squeak Ha ha, such as disdaining the three imperial levels in the distance, dumping the rat’s head and jumping towards Xingqi, and going straight to Xingqi’s shoulder and rubbing his clothes like a child to please him.
Rumors are terrible, rumors are even more terrible, because rumors are subconscious guesses. Once they are formed by the subconscious, is it necessary to explain them? Then let your fist break these dreams of the strong who have entered a dead end.
Two days sighed again but shook his head. Two days ago, there was no much meaning in the three imperial levels, so he walked towards Xingqi.
Xingqi wakes up now, and his only constraint is gone. Of course, he is unaware of these six-star kings.
Cheep! Cheep! The door was broken by Louis, and he was swaying and screaming! Whew! The stroke in the Woods seems to have increased a lot!
Xingqi stretched out a hand to caress * * haha, and his life was saved by haha again.
"Xingqi boss, how are you? You’re finally well. That’s great. Ha ha ha ha. I’m afraid of the boss. Don’t be afraid of it …"
Xing qi’s hand caressed * * haha to let haha stop and continue to enjoy it.
"Ha ha, how can the boss be willing to leave haha? The boss also wants to include all kinds of good medicinal materials with Haha Zongping Mountain Forest, but this time I want to thank you again. You saved the boss’s life and gave you more Dan beans to eat after the boss."
It’s nice to feel haha again when you break it and stand up to the stars. A child’s attachment is warm in his heart, and a finger is even more provoking haha mice’s nose.
Two days ago, I saw that Xingqi was teasing haha and stopped for a while before saying, "How are you, Master Xingqi?"
Although he is also an emperor now, I dare not ask for a big job or call him an adult. With the help of Xingqi’s ability to refine and sell himself into an emperor, I can bear to call myself an adult.
During this period, contact with Xingqi will make you an emperor. If you look at Xingqi for two days, you have to look up to the extraordinary horror of a 21-year-old genius alchemist. You can refine five Dan at will, and you are also a master of terror and external cultivation. Haha, you will become an emperor. When you find it here, it can be a war. Six-star-level Xingqi spelled with serious injuries and even hit the brakes. There are also some six-star-level masters who also died quite strangely
There’s another point. After two days, I witnessed the tenacious and terrible life of Xingqi, and the body of the candle collapsed abruptly. The purple mansion was broken and the soul breath was almost dissipated. Not only did I survive for a month, but now I’m alive and kicking again, and there’s a faint black gas that can suppress the terror …
Anyway, Xingqi’s feeling for two days is mysterious, which is warmer than looking at Xingqi with a ferocious scar face and feeling a smile on his face.
Well, all of a sudden, two days are as white as their own, and san huang is an iron cow. No wonder this young man himself still didn’t understand the emperor’s level. Why did a two-king-level human sign an ancient spirit-beast equal contract? Now he has to admire his own emperor’s eyes.
"Ha ha, the spirits of the two heavens are good, and the image of the emperor is not bad." Starkey looked at the two heavens and smiled and pointed back at the two corners of his finger.
Well, I was stunned for two days, and it was very gratifying that I reached the imperial level. I was still happy and wanted to make Xingqi happy. Let this promote myself to the imperial level, but I didn’t expect to be praised by Xingqi.
What a good spirit? I’ve been in high spirits since the emperor’s level. It’s not a handsome man, it’s also a spirited man. What’s the good image of myself? Well, it’s finally clear that Xing Qi smiled and said that his image is good.
I have worshipped Tiexia Ridge san huang Iron Bull since I was a child, and now I have another Star Qi, especially when I see Star Qi’s scar face, I feel very manly and wild, so I make a big scar on my face. This image is very similar to that of Iron Bull, but I am a young man with a long oblique scar on my face.
It’s even more ugly than crying when you have your own face blushing and trying to express your smile, so you can open your mouth and sip your words.
"It’s okay, but it’s not okay. I don’t want to talk about my injury. Thank you for taking care of me during this period. Please call me Mr. Xingqi later. I like this name. Hehehe." Qi Zou raised his brow and felt that more and more flies were gathering around the same side, glancing at the sky again.
"How so a face of crying and frustrated is detrimental to your current status as an emperor? These flies are facing the emperor. You have no threat, right?"
Well, two days have completely defeated my heart, and a little bit of imperial pride has disappeared, but how did the words just now involve this side?
Squeak Haha, once again, Xingqi’s shoulder is screaming in sign language, and he is also confused. Looking at the two days, he can get along with Haha for a long time, but now he thinks that he is not white, because Haha just said that he is as timid as a mouse. Haha, it is a small shadow mouse.
He stopped talking for two days. Did Starkey make up his mind by looking at him with his eyes? Did he stop or go?
Xingqi saw that all the strong people were greedy and fearless, and then he thought that just two days ago, the imperial brake gas broke out. He was puzzled and looked at haha again. "What did you do when you two healed the injury? How did you make public anger?"
Haha, this time, I shook my head in unison. I can’t tell Xingqi that I have two protections. If I don’t chase the brakes out of the forest, let those strong people gather more and more.
"Hum! Brake! " It’s not to save the oil lamp when you see all the people rushing to Xingqi like tigers. No matter what these people are rushing to, it’s not bad to think that if you are still healing now, your stomach will be as angry as anger, just to take this opportunity to see how high your body is this time.
"Haha, don’t shoot!" Attached entrust haha-unless you have to, Xingqi doesn’t want haha to be known by others. Haha, special * * may bring any trouble again.
Boom The violence of Xingqi jumped like an eagle’s house and really rushed to the front of a master. The violence of Xingqi took off before tearing apart.
Lindsey Lindsey’s body is like ten thousand trees, and the muscles of her body suddenly explode and tighten, and the muscles collapse. After that, she can hear the friction between her body and bones like thunder and tigers roar, and she is full of explosive force.
Hoo hoo! Feel the sudden rush of Xingqi, and the violent fist will lead to the sound of gas quiver, which will make Han with a knife rush forward and see Xingqi want to punch instead of fighting, which will make Han feel a little scared, but he will be furious with joy in his heart.
If you look down on yourself too much, you don’t look down on people so much. If you want to die yourself, then don’t blame me for being cruel. So quick-fisted Han knew at first sight that he couldn’t hide, and he made a determined effort.
With a bright aperture, the fish-white blade is wrapped in a layer of red quarrelling.
Ding-brittle, broken and ringing. In the eyes of Han’s soul, Xingqi Iron Fist smashed an arc fist with a bow and missed the knife. The blade flashed cold light and hit the back of the knife.
Hey! Make a clean break at the hilt, slamming Han’s strong arm with fist strength, and Xingqi’s fist hit Han’s back with a punch shadow.
Hum! Han was shocked, and his eyes fell down. It was not white. Why did he follow his knife for more than a hundred years, so he was smashed? Either he died now or he was the scar in front.
Yu Guang glanced at Han’s face and his face showed a sneer. "The first one!" Light corners of the mouth become warped become warped light stereo eyes but left to be hit by yourself fly is humming a broken blade.
"The second one!" The language of Xingqi is as good as breaking the blade when death is signed, and it is as humming as roaring when hearing the praise of Xingqi. The tree really broke through.
Straight through the shadow behind the tree. Bang! Shadow blood straight away.
Boom Once again, Xingqi suddenly exploded a big tree to meet more strong people. Haha, like a spectator, he tightly buckled Xingqi’s shoulder so as not to be thrown away by Xingqi’s sudden speed.
Xingqi just fought in the blink of an eye, but he was still seen by all the strong people in front. This scar has a powerful outbreak force with terrible speed.
Brake! As a result, the stars and wonders in front are now the enemies of all. Of course, everyone wants to solve this imperial master first.
Drink! Howl! Thousands of dazzling apertures lit up the dense forest, and the road was overbearing, and the sword and the sword were flying fast, and hidden weapons was overwhelming towards Xingqi.
Boom Boom! Boom! Xingqi, like a phantom of the opera, walked through the shadows of swords and swords, and all of them were missed by Xingqi risks.
"I depend!" I am in high spirits, and I am soaring with the emperor’s level of quarrelling. I have been scared by this place for two days. Grandma herself has just been stunned by the outbreak of Xingqi. How much strength does it take to make the fist fly straight through the giant wood and break the six-star king’s level of quarrelling?
I didn’t expect myself to face so many sharp edges! Two days, like holding a giant umbrella to block the number of hailstones falling from the sky, seem to be constantly hit by hundreds of peaks and peaks. Don’t be depressed.
I don’t want to be killed by this, but I saw that Xing Qi was wearing a * * in thousands of attacks, and one by one, the strong people spoke again in two days. Is he an emperor or is Xing Qi an emperor?
Hum! Furious for two days, I endured the injury and rushed to all the strong people. The emperor level has the dignity of the emperor level, and not just soft persimmons can be pinched every time.
【 Chapter 216 】 The brakes are endless and everyone is crazy.
Turquoise quarrels with two days of anger and crazy operation. The first two sharp corners are even more like two light bulbs flashing suddenly and violently.
Two days, one foot backwards, the whole body leans backwards, and behind it, two green wings grow. The green wings make the body do ultra-fast arc movement, but it can stop and enter smoothly without shaking.
Hum! Finally rushed to the strong 20 meters double big sword lit up the green quarrelling again.
Boom Boom Huge swords and mang roots don’t chase someone to attack, and enemies are everywhere around them. Double-day swordsmen dance like giant winds and jump up in the jungle. Random attacks will brake the enemy.
Braking is an art, and it also has a beautiful charm. It shows the charm of braking to everyone with actions.
Starkey howls constantly flashing close-fitting all kinds of attacks and violence swept by his close-fitting one by one.
Boom A punch flies close to the broadsword, and a man flies high, and the strong man collapses, and a bloody flame is scattered in the sky.
One left side of Xingqi missed the other strong man, but his right leg drew a big nine, but it was a little better. At this time, Xingqi just finished a thousand birds spreading their wings, but I wonder if anyone appreciated this dance.
Ling turned over two sharp sword mans and went straight to the sky. He put on his face and flew forward rapidly, flying purple and gold, swinging lightly and banging! Flatten your fingers and play ten broken branches into a fast-moving mountain * * thinking about Xingqi sideways and feeding it to Xingqi. Four people with one knife, two points and four eyes crashing down and brushing. Whenever Xingqi has a strong person around him, you will find that a mouse will jump out of the body and return to this shadow with several ID cards. It is haha
Ten, twenty and thirty stars are odd, and one by one, they are knocked down by themselves. The figure is like remembering their great achievements. The bloody battlefield stimulates the people. The brutal art brakes make the strong people more crazy but lose their rational cooperation. The scene is more chaotic, but it makes the stars more like a duck to water.
Boom Once again, Xingqi slammed his fist and flew against the body. The two strong men suddenly felt a crisis and suddenly fell. The head of this war, Xingqi, wanted to fight hard and cultivate his sense of crisis. He should be in danger of death to make himself more excited. That strong man could feel a sense of crisis and did not release his mind.

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