Shang Yin swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, and suddenly his mouth spread and he was thirsty to the extreme. Looking at Yi’s eyes changed like watching a ghost.

However, the offensive at hand did not slow down, but it was twice as fast and brought out a strong murderous look.
Seeing that Yi’s face is getting redder and redder, even the flame in vitro can be concealed as if he were drunk and the offensive suddenly stopped roaring. A powerful sword potential suddenly came out.
Shang Yin got a fright, and when he was distracted, he saw a harsh red light coming and dodging, and he couldn’t block the nod.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and ninety-four Just tackled the worry.
Shang Yin’s tactic of pinching the fire ball seems to be to enlarge the trick, but the fire ball hesitates to keep spinning as if it doesn’t work.
At this time, Yi smiled instead, and saw that he had the same pinch and two fingers on his right hand, so there seemed to be a slight flash of light.
At the same time, a golden rune flashed easily and waved to Shang Yinyi and shouted "Come here"
This move is purely unnecessary, but it makes Shang Yin’s body tremble and his face is white. He clung to the fire bead and didn’t let it go. It seems that he still feels unsafe to send it to his mouth. He was just about to swallow an external force and suck it away.
Yi inadvertently waved his hand and the fire bead swept away with him.
What’s the biggest money left in the body? Sang-yin is going crazy and howling to catch the fire bead, but she can watch it be swept away.
He landed heavily with asthma, such as Niu Yi, whose eyes were bloodshot. I don’t know whether he was scared or hated. His right hand pointed at Yi’s body and kept shaking. Kouga bit his teeth and kept ringing for a long time before he uttered a word "mutually assured destruction."
"Ha ha … mutually assured destruction?" The tip of the sword is easy to laugh at Shang Yin and hum a "You are the explosive Yuan God, and there won’t be a hole in this place! Bow down and escape. I’ll let you live for the time being, or you’ll suffer. "
Shang Yin, who can believe that Yi’s voice just fell, he quietly pulled out a black pill, whisked his hand at Yi, and then quickly retreated.
I saw the black light flashing, the deafening explosion sounded, and a burst of smoke drifted away. After that, I was still hiding on the ground and quickly got up and looked at the figure ahead.
Shang Yin just wanted to laugh. Yi Yin came from all directions. "Shang Yin has something to do, but you can make it out. Besides that, there are magic dragons waiting for you. Haha …"
"Come out … come out … you come out for me …" Shang Yin shouted out a series of vigorous gas, which was as crazy as swinging out of his hands, hitting around …
Yi looked at lying on the ground as if it were burnt. Shang Yin bowed his head and kicked him. Shang Yin was motionless as if he had lost consciousness. It was a pair of hole eyes that glanced at Yi Yi.
Yi said to Gu Ming and others behind him with hatred, "In the past three years, this thief has made waves and made a good group. Let him hit the edge of disintegration and kill him. Xiao Qi’s eldest brother said earlier that if he was caught, he would let you scrape him alive. Now he has no resistance. Let’s do it with you."
Don’t look at Wen Xiaoqi’s softness and weakness. You know, before Wen Xiaoqin easily controlled them, she was hanging out in the northeast, and she had been doing murder for money and killing people.
Although it is a necessity, it is also somewhat self-indulgent. In addition to the clean body, the heart has long been dyed black. For the world of the world, it is a comparison between Menqing Guming, Ye Yao and Xu Rou, but it is absolutely inferior.
In the past three years, the two sisters have been running around because of this culprit, and they have been ambushed several times, so they are dying. Now the enemy is lying like a dead dog, and the joy in his heart is different.
Daily WenXiaoQi dream already don’t know how many times the man behind the scenes to pieces, the existing easy to promise her face with a human skin mask immediately show some murderous look Xie Yi this eldest brother conjured up a dagger is about to start work.
Wenxiaoqin suddenly took her arm and finger to the ground, and it was still hidden. Suddenly, he closed his eyes like a faint.
"Don’t be busy, eldest brother. This person can’t be killed." Wen Xiaoqin said urgently.
"oh? Keep it? " Easy to doubt asked
"Eldest brother wants to torture the whereabouts of the old flame thief and get rid of him?" WenXiaoQin rhetorical question
"It is this meaning" easy to nod.
"Little sister worried that getting rid of him rashly would make the flame old thief notice whether the other thing today is the old thief’s assignment has not been determined … although the eldest brother is now a Yuan God, he can still compete with the old thief. Little sister worried that if today’s thing is still private, he will be angry and very hateful when he was removed. After all, it is still hidden as his first disciple regardless of his daily feelings, if he has to retaliate! This is bad for us. "WenXiaoQin said with a face of concern.
Guming asked doubtfully, "Xiaoqin, what makes you think so? How many people have been involved in his revenge for three years? How can the old thief know! "
East opened his eyes with some doubts and said coldly to Wenxiaoqin, "He has been back and forth from all sides, Ma Bu and tight encirclement."
"The old thief of fire is refining the realm of virtual harmony. Little sister doesn’t know much about this realm, but it was said that it is very difficult to kill such people in those years. Even if the level of the same realm is too different, it will never be killed, and there will be different treasures to accompany him. I am afraid that the other party will be in two places at once, but it will be poor in the future."
Yi wants to say that he will be trapped, and he can’t be tempered to death, but this is just thinking about it.
At the beginning, a palm gang was sent from the rear of the time-saving flame honour person. The body was protected by the sun ring and the green curtain, and it was so sweet that I really wanted to fight face to face. That was a run, and there was no chance of winning unless the other side underestimated the carelessness and fell into an ambush.
It’s easy to lose confidence in dealing with the Venerable Flame. Don’t look at the demon monk who has overwhelmed his hand, but after all, the Venerable Flame of the Demon Monk is separated by a wall, which is a world of difference.
However, Yi often thinks in his heart that if the flame venerable is trapped in the dragon array and bound by runes, he will be regenerated and burned fiercely, and the red sword will be forced to attack again. Can he be punished?
It’s all unknown. It’s extremely difficult to trap such a real-life old devil, but confidence is seriously lacking.
The fourth volume Gankun copulation Chapter four hundred and ninety-five The whole story
After listening to Wen Xiaoqin’s suggestion, Yi Yi frowned and said with relief, "It’s the eldest brother who neglected that this man can live or die. Anyway, he is also the master of the old thief, so he has a handle on the old thief. I can’t tell when he will arrive."
The more you say, the clearer your thinking is. It’s easy to pat Wen Xiaoqin’s sweet shoulder and pinch it to express your gratitude.
WenXiaoQin secretly qiao face a red gently down a shoulder Guming glanced at two people said nothing.
Later, it was easy to remove the dragon array and scan the square, but when I saw a faint flash of sword light in the distance and flew to the north, I was worried if I didn’t pay attention to the movement.
All the people carefully cleaned up the traces of fighting in situ, and went home when the magic array was arranged outside Shangyin.
Talking about this matter on the way, everyone was glad that Shang Yin’s arrangement was tantamount to making a wedding dress for himself and others, or else attracting others’ attention, it’s impossible to say what will happen.
Shang Yin was put into Wenxiaoqin snakeskin bag, and everyone went into Tianlong Mansion unnoticed.
The moonlight will make the Tianlong Mansion peaceful. After the gatekeeper stayed up all night, six people returned to the Mansion, and Yi ordered, "Today’s business should not be told to others. When Yu Biao and others ask about you, they will say that the hidden danger has been eliminated, especially when they guess about the Tianlong Large Array." The expression was somewhat severe. Qinqi and her two daughters, Dong and Tianli naturally understood the meaning and nodded and agreed, and then they dispersed separately. Anyway, the rest of the things are easy to worry about. It is good for them to do things according to their orders. These luxury or less exercise.
However, when the four people returned to their respective residences, they all felt that the fire dragon test text watermark 1 was not called Tianlong according to the easy name.
The original dragon is already powerful enough, but I didn’t expect it to be attached to Jinzhu today. How can four people not see that Jinzhu Tianlong?
In the past, no matter how dangerous Yi was, I never offered this array. Now I think that apart from Pei Yi’s ability to hold his horses, I feel more and more mysterious. I don’t know how many magical powers and magic weapons have not been revealed.
"Tea son, wash and sleep. Tianma will be bright, have a good rest and have the energy to accompany your uncles and aunts."
Gu Ming was also deeply tired. Hearing this, he nodded and asked, "Brother Yi, what about you?"
Yi’s right hand went to a snakeskin bag and said, "I’m going to interrogate you for a while."
"Well, then, such a magic man is very cunning. You should be careful." Gu Ming then put his arms around Yi’s neck, kissed his cheek gently, took a deep breath, let go, turned around and twisted his waist, and left in the direction of the bedroom.
Yi looked at Guming’s back and smiled gently, then hurried into the prison with a snakeskin bag.
After some interrogation by torture, it is easy to hold the center of the earth tightly and finally fall into the abdomen.
As Wen Xiaoqin guessed, this time it was a private action, and it has been acting secretly for three years to keep the flame honour person in the dark.
He began to plot revenge because of his hatred for repeatedly attacking his division’s reputation. The men were hired and a group of fugitives. His behind-the-scenes commanders had no idea of their identity and did it in the dark.
Even his younger brothers didn’t know that they usually encouraged him to retaliate against Yi, but they were all turned away by him. It was cautious.
Those who respect the flame hate it and don’t seek revenge because their enemies have been fighting tooth and nail in the past few years and the major factions are staring at it so tightly that they will be ambushed as soon as they show up.
Flame honour person which dare to act alone more don’t come to the qin province revenge to know qin province but too a camp for a moment can swim the province he didn’t The Hunger.
Since the flame honour person saw that the genial smile that he gave up his lair and fled overseas overnight with his disciples and grandchildren, he saved his life. However, on weekdays, he was angry and angry, and his temper became more and more surly and moody, and people around him were afraid to breathe.
On weekdays, I am still hidden as a flame-honored person. I have many eyes and ears, and my travel status is changeable. I can be free and unfettered. I don’t like the brother of the flame-honored person to stay overseas and dare not step into the mainland.
Nowadays, the specific side of the flame venerable is still hidden, but I have no idea that the flame venerable is also wary of it. After all, even the first disciple can’t believe it.
It’s easy to know that things are very annoying, especially if you don’t ask the whereabouts of the flame venerable person, otherwise you can’t get rid of this great misfortune by informing the leaves from the Xuan factions.
Shang Yin was tortured by Yi Yi in all kinds of ways, and he had already breathed a sigh of relief after being interrogated. I’m sure he can’t hide anything. Besides, Yi Yi has also done a lot of secret skills, so he naturally believes in what he says.
There is also the fact that the green-faced snake mi expresses his ambition. He is still in cahoots, but it is not the case.
At first, the person who started the trouble was really hidden, but then he felt that there were others behind him who followed suit, and it was hard to investigate and punish the green-faced snake. Later, he changed his identity and made more efforts to encourage the green-faced snake.
Like today, the green-faced snake was hidden in the bones and was going to borrow his hand to get rid of Yi. How can I think that with the variables of ancient tea and cracked yellow flag, I can deal with Yi Da array and bury himself?
Yi also got educated youth’s face snake. In recent years, it has been caught by a mysterious force. This revenge is to use the help of contacts to give it freely. Specifically, the force’s green face snake is taboo, such as deep mouth and tight mouth, but it is still hidden to spy.
Anyway, this matter has finally come to an end. The death of the green-faced snake is still hidden and it has changed hands, which is equivalent to grasping a small handle of the flame honour person.
If he really comes to seek revenge in the future, in case things go wrong, it will be easy to push Shang Yin out and believe that the Venerable Flame always has some scruples, which may save the crisis.
It’s hard to relax now, but I feel exhausted. I think there are still three women’s parents to entertain in the day, and I can’t help but have some brains. I hope they don’t name themselves.

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