After everything is busy, two people lie back on the sofa and watch Xia Dan suddenly ask such a sentence.

Li Xiangkun remembered that he had to go home. He had been confused during this time.
"The day after tomorrow."
"Go in such a hurry? Won’t you stay a few more days? There are many interesting places in Magic Capital! "
Xia Dan’s heart rose with a reluctant thought. Maybe getting along with her for a few days made her feel warm and used.
At this time, it happened that the hero wanted to leave his friend’s house in the TV play, so he learned to say it as the hero did.
"After all, that’s where my family is. I have my lover and people who love me."
Xia Dan was covered with a layer of goose bumps. She rubbed her arms with her hands and said, "It’s disgusting! Can you not show me love in front of single dog? "
"Ah, there is no way! Who made me so good! " Li Xiangkun dumped her micro-long bangs with a proud face.
"get out!"
The second day early in the morning, after three people ate the leftovers, Xia Dan and Xia Qiang sent Li Xiangkang to the airport.
"I’m afraid I don’t know when we’ll meet again." Li Xiangkui looked at two people at the gate of the airport and sighed with emotion.
Xia Qiang pushed his glasses and said seriously, "If so, we will meet again in a month or two. After all, you are a regular employee of our company."
Li Xiangkun just realized that he has been employed by Yasheng Company, and he has a basic salary of tens of thousands of yuan every month to shoot advertisements and will have additional endorsements.
"Then goodbye! Xiaoqiang, please persuade your sister to let her find a boyfriend quickly. She has been running for three people and has no personal company yet. "
Xia Qiang chicken pecked at the rice sample and nodded. He had this idea in his heart for a long time, but he was afraid to come out under the pressure of kiddo. This time, Li Xiangrui came out and he had enough confidence.
"Smelly little you mind your own business! Can’t a young lady just like being single? "
Xia Dan suddenly became very bad tone, pulling Xia Qiang and turning to the car.
"How can this woman change like the weather?"
Li xianglian looked at the back of two people in confusion and didn’t know that his words had provoked her.
Forget it. Anyway, we’ll have to study it later.
The most important thing now is to go home!
Outside the airport, two people leaned by the car and watched the sky fly by a plane.
"Sister, if you like him, just tell him!" Xia Qiang saw kiddo that don’t give up eyes nai said.
"Who likes him! That stinky little slob doesn’t suit your sister’s type at all! " Xia Dan back line of sight a fist knocked Xia Qiang head shouted at.
"But what but? Car! " Xia Dan mercilessly stared at Xia Qiang, who weakly opened the door and sat down.
"Smelly little devil can’t kill you when you come back!" She looked at the distant plane and said something to herself. She got back to the car and drove away.
It was already noon when the plane landed in H city.
When Li Xiangrong became familiar with the land, that kind smell once again awakened his memory of this land.
"ah! Haze is still good in my hometown! "
In order to give Lin Mo a surprise, Li Xiangkang didn’t call her, but took a taxi directly and hurried back to the apartment.
After the car, Li Xiangyu threw a piece of Mao to the driver’s master in an excellent mood and whistled and said, "Keep it!" Then left the driver a handsome back.
"It’s quite rich!" The driver looked at the number "12" in the meter, and all the joy just disappeared.
"hey! Brother, you don’t have enough money! "
However, at this time, Li Xiangkun had already entered the apartment building. He didn’t know that the driver’s eldest brother was looking for him everywhere with a stick.
"Think about what my little baby is doing! I won’t get up yet! "
Li Xiang took out his key with alacrity and prepared to open the door. Suddenly something fell in the door, which made him speed up the door opening.
When he opened the door, the scene inside stunned him.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four See a doctor
In the living room, there are seven cabinets and tables on the ground, and Lin Mo is lying in pain, and there is a ladder next to it.
"What’s wrong with you!"
Li Xiangkui immediately rushed into the house and looked at Lin Mo and asked anxiously.
Lin Mo turned pale and covered her other arm tightly with one hand.
"How did you come back?" She asked in some surprise, and it was a little difficult to speak.
"It doesn’t matter. How are you now? I’ll take you to the hospital! " Li Xiangkui looked at Lin Mo’s body, legs and arms were blue and purple, especially covering that arm, which was swollen like Kirin’s arm.
"I’m fine. It’s not so much trouble!" Lin Mo struggled to give a hand.
Li Xiangkun has just come back. She doesn’t want him to be so tired.
"Say what silly! I’ll take you to the hospital now. "Lee Sang-soo couldn’t help but pick her up gently by her sophistry, deliberately avoiding touching the door where she was injured and rushing downstairs directly.
The taxi driver was still looking for Li Xianglian everywhere. I didn’t expect to see him at a glance. He immediately wanted to settle accounts with him with a stick.
However, when he saw a girl still in Li Xiangkun’s arms, the girl looked very ugly and asked with some tenderness, "What happened to your girlfriend, young man?"
"Master, please take us to the nearest hospital. My girlfriend is injured."
Li Xiangkun recognized at a glance that the driver was in front of him just now.
Well, the driver’s master is an honest man. He didn’t immediately expose the lack of money. Instead, he helped Li Xiangkun open the car door and reached out to block the roof for him so that people in his arms wouldn’t bump into him.
"Young man, you just lost me in your car. Don’t be so confused this time!" When the taxi stopped at the hospital building, he casually woke up when he thought of the car.
"It’s okay, master. This is 1. I’ll give you 3 yuan later. Could you please wait for me in the hospital building?" Li Xiangkun took out a piece of grandpa Mao and handed it to the driver’s hand and asked.
"Look at your nice guy, I’ll go with you. This car is my own big deal. I won’t do business today." The driver’s master is also enthusiastic to see that it’s too hard for Li Xiangkun to hug and hug alone, so he proposed to accompany him.
"That will trouble the master!" The driver’s master helped Li Xiangkun successfully carry Lin Mo out of the car.

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