The farther we go, the more lifelike the wall dragon becomes, and the dragon looks very huge, as if it had been waiting for someone to show up.

From the dragon’s tail to the dragon’s head, we suddenly froze our steps and became familiar with our eyes. Where have I seen these eyes? Chapter 21 Disaster arrival 8
Gongsun slapped me hard, and I woke up from my stupefaction.
After a pause, the dragon on the wall is still in his eyes. It is already a god. Just now, this dragon suddenly came to life, and his eyes were staring at me.
Looking back, I still have a feeling of Mao Mao. Looking at those eyes, I feel very familiar, as if I were looking at myself.
The terrifying man walked in front and said, This is the tomb gate.
It has reached the end, but I don’t see that there is no way to say that there is nothing in front of the tomb door.
Gong Sun took a look and said, You are always joking with us. This dead end, you say, is the tomb door. How do we get in? Do we have to blow it up?
Let’s go. I’ll blow up Tang Linger. He came from behind and pushed Gongsun and I, and the terrifying pointed to the ground and said that the door was in this position.
Into you all step back a little Tang Linger knocked on the ground and touched your bag.
Shine carefully spend unbeaten said
Don’t blow this place up. Can you be sure? Gongsun asked worriedly. I don’t want to die again.
I turned my head and said to Gongsun that even if it collapses, you won’t be stunned.
Of course not, but my body will be finished, Gongsun said
My grandfather came behind and said, although we are all dead, we are all mortal now. When a large group of people in hell suddenly come, it will easily lead to chaos of fate. The terrifying thought of this way to reshape our flesh.
I took one look at my grandfather and one look at Gongsun, saying that your bodies are all inflatable dolls.
Before I finished, Gongsun covered my mouth and said it would be nice to know.
What is what? Flowers are unbeaten. He is always more curious than others.
Nothing is just the body, said Gongsun, making fun.
What? It’s not like a god of death. The secret flower is unbeaten and muttered
Gong Gongsun looked at the front Tang Linger and changed the subject. It’s going to blow up. How about finding cover for your woman?
Glared at flowers unbeaten GongSunGong said shine technology good words.
Yeah, hahaha, Gongsun yin is laughing.
Then Hua unbeaten froze, and at this time he smelled a burnt smell.
Flowers unbeaten shouted a shine, be careful.
Then we were shocked by a huge force and fell back. With a loud noise, the peace was finally restored here for a long time.
Hua unbeaten was the first to get up and run to the front and crawl to Tang Linger’s side. Tang Linger was completely damaged, patting his own ashes and saying that this thing still won’t beat me. I’ve tried the exact bombing method again.
When we got up and walked to the bombed place, we saw a square hole on the ground, which was impressively stepped.
The stairs turned a corner as they walked.
It seems that the design of this place depends on explosives, and the soil is gone. It is a very clean soil ladder.
I’m still at the forefront with the terrifying. This time, Hua unbeaten and Gong Sungong have to walk behind us, and Kyubi no Youko and Tang Linger are both behind us. The two of them are very excited and have long forgotten what we are here for. It is estimated that we are here to rob the tomb and Taobao.
In particular, Gong Gongsun, as he walked along, was eager to say that he didn’t know if it was a real fairy baby, and this time it was finally eye-catching.
While the unbeaten flowers are discussed with Gongsun. After going in, will we split the baby equally or give more to whom and less to whom?
Hua unbeaten said that you are already dead. If you go to reincarnate, you can’t take these with you and leave them to us.
Who said I could have a good time in hell if I changed these into paper money? Gongsun adamant4 said.
These words directly amused me. I said, do you know there must be treasures in it? Maybe there are monsters more terrible than the king of leeches.
This sentence didn’t scare Gongsun and Hua unbeaten, but it also caused two people to think deeply.
The two men were silent for a while and didn’t speak. Look at me and I’ll look at you.
My grandfather and Guan Tianqing smiled and said that these two children have no brains.

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