Chapter 52 SPA Meaning

A few people talked and laughed and ate lunch, and the atmosphere was fairly harmonious. If you look for a willow, you can feel that Xiaoyou is not so afraid, and her heart is also relieved.
After eating Chinese food, Linda led several women to the famous original ecological sa Pavilion in Los Angeles. The biggest feature of this sa Pavilion is the combination of man and nature, whether it is artificial rockery or transported from other places, and the rocks and rocks are added from the mountains to attract clear springs and grass.
Even the massage sa room has humanistic characteristics, with wood built in the house and Indian flavor. The tribal illusion flutters with the wind, and the veil is combined with natural language, which is a perfect combination of nature and modernity.
The mountains are flowing with green vegetation, and there are hot springs in the middle of the mountainside. There are many specifications to choose from in Tang Chi. There are three people side by side, and there are many people in Tang Chi.
Xun Ruoliu chose four people side by side. Although Tang Chi said that it was summer in Los Angeles, there was still a cold feeling in their mountain location, and it was not too hot to soak in hot springs.
Before the hot springs hit the skin of Xunruliu at will, she was quite afraid that someone would see her shoulder uneven skin, and she was always awake because of these imperfections and those ferocious scars. Who caused all this?
She let Linda see what kind of pain she had suffered by defending Ji Yu, and that man was unforgivable and absolutely unforgivable.
Red rose petals rise with the hot springs, and the water flutters, listening to comfortable music and the dense fog is somewhat like dream a dream.
Although Linda returned to send Rui and Xiaoyou saw those ferocious scars on the shoulders of Ruoliu, no one had the mouth to ask her. After the three of them exchanged eyes, they all understood it, but they didn’t know what to do in their hearts, and they were very distressed to find Ruoliu.
Because yesterday, except Xiaoyou, several people drank a lot of wine in such a comfortable and comfortable environment, everyone felt a little sleepy, and several people closed their eyes and got up.
After soaking in the hot spring, several people had a massage to sweep away the fatigue of last night.
After all this, it’s past 3 o’clock in the sa project, and Linda has prepared another lunch dessert.
"I didn’t expect this place to be quite thoughtful and have such exquisite afternoon tea." Gui Ruirui could not help but sigh.
The three of them sat in the private room, eating delicious sweets and feeling comfortable.
"It’s my first time to come to this place, too." Xiaoyou Nunu said with some finals. Then she seemed to think of something and scolded Linda lightly. "Sister Linda, you have never brought me to this place before. You are only willing to bring us here if Liu comes."
"Yes, yes, if Liu may occupy different places in Linda’s heart, she is much taller than us." Gui Ruirui couldn’t help but chime in.
Linda looked a little unnatural and said, "Where is this place? I just found it soon."
"Yo yo, look at Linda’s face. It turns out to be red. You can’t be a woman, can you?" In recent years, I have learned to play tricks on her without learning anything. I can’t help but tease Linda.
"What is a girl?" Xiao You couldn’t help asking, and her face was full of doubts like a curious baby.
If you look at Linda’s face with a blush, you can’t believe that such a wise woman will show such an expression.
"Well, Sister Linda’s face will naturally turn red because she has just been in the hot spring for too long. Don’t make a wild guess and ask Lede if you don’t believe me again." If you find a solution from Liu Linda, this topic will be stopped.
"By the way, if you are injured, what’s going on?" Xiaoyou was in front of the hot spring pool. Reagan didn’t see Linda’s eyes. Even if he saw her, he didn’t know what was going on. When everyone was unprepared, she suddenly asked.
Because Xiao You’s words seemed to be still, Rui and Linda’s face expression froze.
I can’t hear the response. Xiaoyou keeps looking back and forth at Gui Ruirui and Linda. She doesn’t know why the atmosphere will become so weird. Did she say something wrong? She smacked her lips and didn’t know what to do.
"Nothing followed me when I was a child, and I didn’t know what was going on." Compared with the two people who were nervous and looked for a willow face, they were indifferent.
"Oh, I’m sorry, did I ask something I shouldn’t have asked?" Now Xiao Youcai feels how stupid he is and how beautiful he is when asked about such a thing.
I feel that I am a lot closer to finding a willow. Xiaoyou is a little afraid that if I ask questions, I will not care if I find a willow. Her weak eyes aim at finding a willow from time to time.
"It’s okay. It’s been so long. I’m used to it. You don’t have to blame yourself." If Liu finds a faint smile to comfort Xiaoyou.
Linda and Gui Jirui looked at each other. Today, they are ready to talk, and their hearts are hard to say.
The four men were eating cakes and drinking with their own worries. At that time, the atmosphere was relatively awkward.
Linda sighed, although she knew that her words would touch the point of searching for lightning, she still wanted to say that because she didn’t want to see two people in love tormenting each other, and they were both her close friends.
"Ruoliu, I know that you have always hated Ji Yu and these scars are also caused by him, but it took him three years to repent and I know that you all love each other and don’t try to forgive each other."
With Linda’s words, the atmosphere of the whole room became very strange. Suddenly, the temperature in the room seemed to drop by more than ten degrees and the gas became condensed.
Gui Rui’s gung-ho personality is extremely uncomfortable with this atmosphere, but she dare not break the silence at this time. She is worried that she will secretly observe the face and look at her face. Her heart is even more worried.
"Sister Linda, I think you just asked me out today. Let’s just say that, otherwise you wouldn’t pull Xiaoyou and choose the sa Hall with such a good atmosphere. Are you tired of doing this?"
Full of sarcastic words spilled mercilessly from Xunruliu’s mouth, and then she seemed to think of something again, adding, "By the way, Sister Linda, what benefits did you receive from Jiyu? It’s also good for Jiyu. He is your boss’s, and you are so obedient to him."
If you look for Liu, it’s like a boulder hitting Linda’s heart with a dull pain. I didn’t expect if you look for Liu, you would respond to her with such barbed words.
She hung her head and felt terrible. She was always calm. She didn’t know how to answer the words.
"Ruoliu, how can you say that about Sister Linda? I know you don’t like these words, but you can’t say that about Sister Linda." Gui Ruirui looked at the injured Linda and couldn’t help but argue.
"It seems that Linda is not the only one who wants to help Ji Yu as a lobbyist. Do you also want Ji Yu? I remember before, you didn’t like Ji Yu so much. How can you turn enemies into friends now?" It is merciless for people in Ji Yu who are looking for a willow. A man who can even have the heart to push her into the abyss with his own children is qualified to talk about forgiveness. If he is on the same front, everyone will be looked down on the enemy. How can such a heartless man say that the guests will be better?
"We are not lobbyists. Outsiders see that you all still have love and are good friends. Say that about you, do we love to say that? What kind of life have you lived in these years? We are all obvious to all, and you are still deeply loved by that man. Since they all love each other, there is no need to forget the past." Gui Ruirui felt bad in her heart. Although Xunruliu’s words to her were not so sharp, she still lit her up. She didn’t like it now. If Xunruliu was good at Jiyu, she could not help but erect a hard thorn to attack each other even though those people used to
"Don’t make so much noise, I’m so scared." Xiao You looked at the tense three people and showed her scared eyes. She was afraid to resist.
"Well, I also ate Chinese food and sa, and I also said that you should talk. I don’t think I need to stay here." If Liu finished, he picked up his bag and got up neatly, and he didn’t look back and took a quick step.
"If you live, you will find a willow." If you are angry, you will get up and stop, and you will already go to the door to find a willow.
If Liu stopped but didn’t turn around.
"Don’t anyone owe you. No one owes you. Pack up your body and stab you. Don’t see anyone who wants to stab you. You want to bite someone. Dogs bite Lv Dongbin. You don’t know how to be good." To send Rui is a little angry about finding Liu.
"If you don’t mind, you’d better mind your own business." Cold words floated from your mouth and left the room without looking back.
Xiao You’s eyes are flashing with tears. I don’t know what to look at now. She is so sad, not only because of fear, but also because of sadness.
"What’s the matter with Xiao You? Don’t cry. It’s all because we called you out. If Bai Yifan knows that this one won’t scold us to death today," he said, looking at the corner of his eye with tears, Xiao You returned to send Rui to change his angry face and pet him, coaxing and deceiving Xiao You.
"I won’t tell Bai Yifan that I feel so sad that I don’t know what." Xiaoyou doesn’t know what he will suddenly surge. Sitting there without saying a word, Linda never shared her mood.
Linda knows that the gap between her and Xunruliu should be getting bigger and bigger.
Chapter 53 Wandering on the brink of death

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