Although there are many churches in the East, it is far from enough. They want to completely break the idea that the oriental people believe in Buddhism and let them all believe in the emperor.

Now that they have merged with the magic road, why talk to themselves?
Wanted to think Qin Shaojie said, "you are not with the magic word? Why can’t you go back on your word? "
"You are clever, but you don’t cheat me," Michael said. "We reached an agreement with the devil, but it’s not a betrayal. I don’t trust them, and neither does the Pope."
"Yo-ho, this is really interesting." Qin Shaojie smiled very heartily. "I think they must not trust you. Haha, this is really interesting."
"Even they don’t trust us, and they don’t trust others." Michael nodded seriously and said, "So they found us as well as those powers."
But they don’t know that the temple is our church organization.
"What? Is the temple your organization? "
Michael’s words surprised Qin Shaojie. Looking around, it turned out that these powers were cultivated by the church, so things would be great.
He has seen some things of Christian origin. They defeated Zeus by the angel corps, and the Nordic gods let the church occupy the whole western continent. They are paranoid that the emperor is the only god in the world, and they are not allowed to believe in others.
But since this is the case, how did they make such a batch of powers?
According to theory, power is another kind of god.
"It doesn’t matter," Michael said, as if he knew what Qin Shaojie was thinking. "Our church is looking for you because it knows that you are much more reliable than the magic way."
"Let me guess," Qin Shaojie said, "Your condition is to let me be a Tiandan and order all the orthodox sects to help me kill the magic way, and your requirement is to let you enter the East, right?"
"I told you you were smart," Michael nodded and said, "That’s what we want."
"Ha ha, don’t be ridiculous" Qin Shaojie laughed as if he had heard a funny joke.
"You also too naive? Do you think I will promise you? " Qin Shaojie said, "The magic way is a tiger, and you are also tigers. Now there is a magic way that is always right with me. Do I need to raise another tiger cub? There is an old Chinese saying, would I be so stupid to raise a tiger? Besides, I can’t let you enter the eastern continent. "
"I knew you wouldn’t agree." Michael didn’t seem to care about Qin Shaojie’s refusal. "So we caught you."
Qin Shaojie asked blankly, "What do you mean?"
Michael didn’t answer, and then another seven paladins, who were also wearing white robes like Michael, came from the passage and looked at Michael and said, "Here she comes."
"Well, it’s a little slower than I expected." Michael nodded and said, "Come on, let’s go and have a look."
Then Michael and Hebrew turned around and ignored Qin Shaojie’s yelling behind his back.
"A bunch of bastards shit emperor don’t let little ye I get a chance" Qin Shaojie HSS cursed.
Chapter 539 Magic Sound
It wasn’t long before the torch light flashed through the passage again, and then Hebrew and Michael came again, but there was another person behind them, Dou Ruomei.
Why is she here? Qin Shaojie was surprised and thought, has she colluded with the church for a long time?
"Bah bastard, don’t look at me like that." Dou Ruomei looked at Qin Shaojie and said, "I’m here to redeem you as a hostage."
Qin Shaojie’s face turned red and he was very embarrassed. He secretly scolded himself for being so oversensitive, but fortunately, the dark light in this place naturally covered his face with embarrassment.
"Redeem me, what do you take to redeem me? Take yourself? "
"Dogs can’t spit ivory." Dou Ruomei looked at the silver chain that tied Qin Shaojie firmly to the cross and said, "It’s all a slap in the face, and I’m still in the mood to joke."
"All right," Michael interrupted the conversation, "you want to meet someone. I brought you here. Did you bring what I asked for?"
The more Qin Shaojie listened to it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Why did Dou Ruomei still have what they wanted?
"What do they want? What do you have in your hand? " Qin Shaojie anxiously asked.
"Of course it’s this," said Dou Re-mei, taking out a dracula token and waving it in her hand. "I brought it and didn’t give it to them."
Say that finish into the plum, then threw the token to Michael.
"Where are the six pieces left?" Michael checked the token over and over again to make sure that Dou Ruomei didn’t fool him with a fake before looking at Dou Ruomei and saying, "Give me all six more pieces."
Qin Shaojie knew when he heard Michael speak faster that he was anxious to get the remaining six Dracula tokens. It seems that this card is really big for them, but Qin Shaojie hasn’t figured out what it is yet.
"When you are an old lady, I am the kind of woman with a good chest and brain?" Dou Re-mei quit and shouted at Michael, "Do you know what a fair deal is? I gave you the card, so you let me go. It’s only fair. We’ll give you the remaining cards after we install them. "
"I tell you, don’t be afraid of you," Dou Ruomei shouted, pointing to Hebrew and Michael with a shrew. "Can you catch him as well as me? Bah, dream on. Don’t rub my patience with me. I don’t care if he lives or dies. I have to raze you. "
Speaking Dou Re-mei’s dress has turned into her long black dress and black silk around her arm, as if Michael would kill her if he didn’t agree.
Michael felt a great pressure coming on him with a quiver, and immediately took a step back to stabilize his body. The Hebrew was even worse than sitting on the ground with a soft leg, pale as a vampire.
This is the magic sound of Dou Re-mei’s spell
The magic sound of both offensive and defensive attack can shock the enemy’s heartstrings, make the enemy afraid, cause his heart to beat too fast and then die suddenly, which is also commonly known as scaring himself to death. The code can confuse the enemy and let the enemy kill each other.
Dou Re-mei’s magic sound didn’t want to kill anyone, but it just put a little pressure on Michael. Even so, the archbishop of the red, Hebrew, almost died. It took a long time for the magic sound to get up from the ground and his legs were still swinging. It was only by holding the cage that he could stand still.
"Okay, I’ll let you go." Michael hesitated for a moment, then pressed the silver chain and it faded. A piece of Qin Shaojie who fell to the ground from Qin Shaojie also had to be free.
"Give" said Dou Re-mei and threw three tokens to Michael.
"I mean what I say. Now let’s go out and I’ll give you all the tokens left."
"Good" Michael agreed to come, regardless of whether he was still holding the cage and swinging. Hebrew turned and walked to the passage.
Dou Ruomei glanced at Qin Shaojie and asked, "How are you?"
"Very good, very good." Qin Shaojie nodded and looked at Michael’s back. I really wanted to lift the steel cross that helped him just now and give him a blind look at Michael’s hips to let him know what chrysanthemum residue is.
Seeing that Qin Shaojie was all right, Dou Ruomei called Qin Shaojie and said, "Don’t be impatient and play it by ear later."
Qin Shaojie one leng but immediately reaction to come over heart andao also this woman has changed sex, unexpectedly to get a card in exchange for yourself instead of willy-nilly, feelings are still left behind.
Fixed nodded Qin Shaojie followed beside DouRe mei walked to the channel.
This passage is not long, but it is steep, with a slope of almost 60 degrees. If there are no steps, it is really difficult for ordinary people to climb.
Out of the passage, Qin Shaojie didn’t see the entrance of this passage until Michael got through the door and went out. The archbishop of the church, that is, Hebrew, was behind a shelf in the church lounge.
"Give" Dou Ruomei threw three cards to Michael.
"There’s another piece," Michael said.
"I can count," said Dou Ruomei. "Now we won’t give you the last card until we get out of here safely."
Michael, as always, chose to believe Dou Ruomei, but he clapped his hands.
Then the lounge door was hit from the outside, followed by six other paladins came in.
"Shall we go now?" Michael looked at Qin Shaojie two people laughed
"Are you afraid that we will run away if you return to the messenger of God?" Qin Shaojie disdain said
"Ha ha" seems to have six cards. Michael was in a good mood and laughed.
"Just because we are the messengers of God, we are not allowed to make any mistakes, which will bring trouble to God."
Said a line of people then turned several corners into the church hall.
The hall was very quiet, and no one came to confess when it seemed that it was not yet time to go to church. Qin Shaojie looked at the statue of Jesus in the front and center of the hall, which was depressing. It seemed that he had just been tied to the surface and his shape was similar to this statue.
Qin Shaojie thought with disdain that these foreigners are probably mentally ill and have done bad things, so find a corner to hide and go, and it happened that they ran to the church to find a priest to confess. It’s really enough. The police didn’t catch you, so you first revealed all your things.
"All right, you can go out that door," Michael said, pointing to the gate.
Douremei also took out the last card very happily.
Michael was about to stretch out his hand to pick it up, but Dou Ruomei quickly drew his hand back.

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