No way, it’s so expensive. I just saved you. Even if you don’t give me a cheaper price, you shouldn’t let me have the money. Dragonfly is very dissatisfied with Ziyue’s accounting, and immediately bargains with the businessman. However, Ziyue said with her hands akimbo that the princess is pure and clean, and it’s already very cheap for you to let you touch and calculate 5 thousand.

Looking at the face with the purple moon written on it, what else can Dragonfly say? After a long time, Dragonfly just took a breath and said, Forget it. I’ll pay you back. Let’s let my brother go. Let’s say we can’t spend money this time.
Hee hee, if you are willing to lose money, everything is easy to discuss, but Ziyue carefully hides the abacus in a sudden tone, but how much does it cost this time? Longfei’s patience seems to have reached its limit.
However, the princess has already said that the princess’s mansion is just going into the place casually, or if you want to save your partner, you should defeat the princess Ziyue first, and you can’t wait for the dragonfly to reflect and wave your hand before it hits the dragonfly.
It can be said that hitting is the best stunt of the dragonfly, but this trick is even more powerful when it is in the hands of Princess Ziyue. However, it is strange that although there is no magic breath in the air, the dragonfly is surrounded by a strong wind, which was previously shattered by Carol. Those stones have been swept by this strange wind to the dragonfly.
What’s going on? I’ve carefully explored her body’s qi reaction before. Don’t be honest. Pneumatic doesn’t even have a reaction. Now it will produce such a strong breeze. Although the dragonfly can easily cope with those broken stones and arrows, it dare not easily move to fight back against Purple Moon.
Hey, hey, you know it’s amazing. You can’t walk in front of me. The princess won’t let your friend go easily. Purple Moon teased her mouth, but she was thinking, hey, hey, it’s rare to find a stupid, stupid and rich sheep. If you don’t order more blood, the princess’s research will not fall.
Violent wind makes it more and more difficult for dragonfly to parry. He doesn’t care about Ziyue’s words, but he knows very well what Ziyue can easily drive the theory of wind. Is this a kind of magic that doesn’t need mantras or a trick that is extremely fast? Wu Longfei wants to make it white. This may be a bad habit.
I can’t go on like this before I know her strange ability. I’m going to be air-dried. I waved my hands at high speed and even hit the melee stones and cut the arrows. Dragonfly knew that his parry was extremely exhausting, so he was ready to fight back.
When Ziyue enjoyed her unique ability to play with the dragonfly at her fingertips, suddenly a large smoke burst from around the dragonfly surrounded by a strong wind. The dragonfly had already beaten these stones to no avail. This strong wind was just like life. When the dragonfly hit the stones, it quickly rolled it back and then attacked the dragonfly again, gradually whitening the enemy’s attack style. After that, the dragonfly decided to fight back.
First of all, the dragonfly gradually strengthened its strength in his palm to hit the stones further and delay the attack cycle of the gale. When his palm force gathered to a certain extent, the true qi poured from his palm. These stones may be a threat to ordinary people, but how can they hurt the soldiers of this level? When the true qi stones collided, the stones immediately collapsed, so the powder formed smoke and the stones burst into the ears of Purple Moon.
I didn’t expect that it was really bad to recommend him to grandpa. Oh, Ziyue didn’t know the identity of the dragonfly at the moment. Although she hasn’t made a strong wind yet, she can still cope with it and gradually develop a sense of admiration for the dragonfly. However, Ziyue will never relax her offensive with this little admiration. On the contrary, Ziyue’s best stunt is slow after determining the weight of the dragonfly.
See purple moon didn’t read magic and didn’t make a mark. After closing her eyes slowly for a moment, when she opened her eyes again, her light blue eyes turned purple. Violet inferno can hold purple. In the rare change of purple moon, the pressure around dragonfly is getting bigger and bigger. Gradually, he moves slowly. His shoulders, hands, legs and backs are cut by those broken but still sharp arrows.
Slowness is another trick. Dragonfly barks in his heart, saying that body scars won’t do him much harm, but the heart influence can’t be written and printed. Girl, if you want me to die, I won’t let you live happily. Gradually, I will be beaten and forget that the magic school once warned me to fight back regardless.
An ancient magic, sluggishness, in which all elements will move slowly and the same power will be greatly reduced. However, forcing magic in sluggishness will cause irreparable damage to the body rather than completely crushing the body method under external double pressure in an instant.
A magician can give in easily unless he can crack the enemy’s ability when he is slow. However, the dragonfly is still a dragonfly. After seeing him drink a lot, a violent qi surges from all parts of his body and isolates the wind from the body in an instant.
Forget everything. Dragonfly tries to gather energy in that slow time. When his hands are tightly closed to form the seal of Vulcan, listen to him say softly, "The flame in the ups and downs". Accept my command, listen to my guidance, gather around me, gather my will, and your strength will create the fury of God.
Mantra completed in a moment, the strong wind tightly around the dragonfly was blown away by the furious flame magic, and the huge fire dragon was like a sudden cage beast rushing to the slender body of Purple Moon.
This kind of magic doesn’t seem to worry me when facing the oncoming fire dragon. Seeing that she quickly raised her left palm against the fire dragon, she shouted, "Scattering purple moon has great faith in her own ability, and she firmly believes that dragonfly’s magic will be scattered by her own ability. However, this time she was wrong, which is outrageous and costly."
The fire dragon that was hit by Purple Moon’s peculiar ability was a slight meal in the middle, and then it rushed to Purple Moon at a faster speed. The situation changed. Super Purple Moon imagined that the fragile heart hidden in that arrogant big princess mask was suspicious at this moment of life and death. However, on Purple Moon’s screaming at the top of her lungs, the fire dragon didn’t stop for a moment. Magic is magic, that is, there is no thought or passion. The fire dragon still growls and rushes to Purple Moon, and it seems that it will never turn back unless it melts into its fiery body.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Black Killer
Wow, when the fire dragon was close to the purple moon, it couldn’t stand the great fear. Purple moon screamed and fell to the ground, screaming like a real dragon. The huge fire dragon seemed to release its anger and complain that its owner failed to show its strength. When the fire dragon was close to the purple moon, the dragonfly skillfully changed its direction and flew to the sky.
The red light gradually disappears, and the purple moon slowly opens its eyes. The red dragon is no longer in front of it, and a pair of dragonfly palms surrounded by a faint golden light.
You, you, you, what are you going to do? Purple Moon trembled and asked, which made her feel scared. It was not the true qi around the palm of her hand, but the dragonfly eyes, which released the anger like a beast.
Carlo was quiet. When Purple Moon panicked, the strange enchantment that bound him disappeared at the same time. At this moment, he stood quietly beside the dragonfly and looked at the familiar and strange friend. I don’t know why Carlo always felt that the dragonfly made him feel more intimate and intimidating than going to the dragonfly at this moment.
Dragonfly’s eyes are glued to Purple Moon’s tearful eyes, but his hands are shaking gently. It seems that he is hesitating and struggling for something. After a long time, a warm light shines again. Now, after a long time in his eyes like a god of death, Dragonfly gently puts his hands to show his charming smile and says to Purple Moon, Hey hey, frequent fights are getting more and more ferocious unconsciously. Don’t mind, don’t mind not scaring you.
Pulled up by a dragonfly, Purple Moon looks at the dragonfly slapping clothes and dust by him. What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt there? Looking at Purple Moon without saying a word, Dragonfly can’t help but feel nervous. After all, Purple Moon has different identities. Generally, if anything happens to her, the dragonfly will be in big trouble.
Dragonfly’s common words are like a catalyst at this time. When the sound of Dragonfly has not yet fallen, Purple Moon’s charming eyes drop the first tear. Don’t cry. Men may never know women, let alone women who live in greenhouses like Purple Moon. If Dragonfly doesn’t comfort them at this moment, maybe Purple Moon will be hindered by sobbing a few times. However, when the comfort of Dragonfly rings, Purple Moon will burst into tears like a runaway reservoir.
In fact, it is no wonder that Ziyue’s reaction has been living in the royal family and won the favor of Kane III. Once upon a time, the princess was wronged. Think about yourself as a joke, but Dragonfly looks at herself like a murderer. But a princess is more and more sad, and Ziyue cries more and more.
Looking at holding on to yourself and crying, Ziyue Longfei can look back at Carol for help, but Carol shrugged her shoulders and shook her head to show her ability. Nai Longfei can stay in the ground. The stupidest and most effective way is to wait for Ziyue to finish crying.

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