Qiao Xinwei was trapped inside and Jiang Hao was still in the cabin. When he bowed his head and lifted his sleeves and looked at his watch, he still stayed last night. He frowned and didn’t know if Captain Shen could receive the signal after this thing crashed.

He turned his ears a few times and it seemed nothing.
At this moment, he heard someone get off the boat outside. "Take people to the boat quickly. The boss said that Jiang Hao should not die so happily."
By the time the man arrived and walked ahead, Scar man had already knocked on the cabin door. He saw that Jiang Hao stepped back two steps firmly. "Put your hands up and turn around." Scar man pointed a gun at Jiang Hao. "Turn around and hear … squat."
Jiang Hao did as he was told. It’s not time to resist. His cold eyes stab them like two sharp knives. They just bullied Joe on the deck. He glared at them and waited for the bill. I’ll figure it out with you slowly.
"What are you looking at?" People who are afraid often make a hullabaloo about. Scar man is like this. "You two tie Jiang Hao up and go."
Section 65
Jiang Hao smiled a simply stretched out his hands tied by them.
"Blindfolded" Scar man instructed again.
The two strong men were afraid when they saw Jiang Hao’s obedience. "Second brother, you come closer and hold the gun steady."
"That’s a lot of nonsense. Hurry up."
Jiang Hao was blindfolded and taken out. Xiao Tianai hasn’t woken up yet. She was left in the cabin. No one was worried that she would run away.
Wood, sand, mud, hard rocks, steps, granite, every step, Jiang Hao carefully remembers the touch of the soles of his feet, and then uses these to infer the complex architectural structure of the high-end buildings on the high seas. With these elements, he can almost conclude that this must be Xu Risheng’s camp.
"Go in" he was pushed by manpower and then "slammed" the door. "It’s awesome to stay with the big head. I’ll take it for you."
A string of footsteps faded away. Jiang Hao cut the rope and pulled the black cloth. Sure enough, as he thought, this is a secret room.
He looked down at his watch, although the pointer was inaccurate, but it had turned. He put his arm down and turned to look for it, then smiled slightly at the probe in the corner.
He just set the ceiling on his head and suddenly shrank in from the interruption to both sides. He looked up and saw Xu Risheng looking down at him from the other side.
"Hao, we meet again."
Jiang Hao smiled calmly. "You are really loaded here. It’s really worthy of being the world’s largest drug Lord camp. You dare to build a palace underground in Rendao."
Xu Risheng’s eyes showed admiration. He clapped his hands and praised, "You are thoughtful enough, smart enough, courageous enough and knowledgeable enough. It is also his doom that my father can be planted in your hands. Jiang Hao, how about I make a deal with you?"
Jiang Hao looked at him with interest. "You said."
"I don’t want revenge. I can let Xiao Tianai and Qiao Xinwei go. I can let you have these two women at the same time. I want you to help me and we can sit on the wealth together."
This is Xu Risheng’s real purpose.
Chapter 52 What kind of good man is he?
Chapter 52 What kind of good man is he
This is Xu Risheng’s real purpose.
Jiang Hao smell speech couldn’t help laughing. "Xu Daikuan left me alive until now because he wanted to show me the way, right?"
Xu Risheng recognized the irony in Jiang Hao’s speech, and he knew that it must not be so smooth, so he said, "You have your care, I know you can continue to be your chief, you can continue to work hard in your country, and you are respected and commended by the state, which will not affect your reputation. What is your annual salary now? I can guarantee that you will earn 1 million every day. I believe that we will be perfect together."
"Make 1 million a day, right? That’s more than my annual salary."
"What I said, people are rich, birds eat food, and I want you to help me. You can have whatever you want. This kind of thing can also be fair and square. If you give enough sweetness, you won’t care if you are outside."
Jiang Hao smiled and said, "It’s really a big temptation, but I’m afraid I’ll have no money to spend."
"Hum don’t know something good or bad, then you should be prepared for a generation of prisoners to have some physical torture from time to time."
Xu Risheng showed a sinister smile. Seeing that he retreated, the ceiling slowly merged and restored a secret room. Jiang Hao picked up the blade hidden in his sleeve, and they blindfolded him with a bag of black cloth. Then they aimed at the probe in the corner, deftly flung the blade and inserted it directly into the top board, and the hanging black cloth just covered the probe.
He doesn’t like being watched.
Then he dragged a black button the size of a fingernail from his shirt and stuffed it into a small gap in the door frame.
Everything happened in his plan.
As soon as the gangster in front of the monitor saw that the probe was blocked, he sent someone to come over. Jiang Hao pushed the door in the corner farthest from the door, and a loud bang of the button directly blew a hole in the secret room.
Scar man poured Jiang Hao on the spot, took out the sticky paper, stuck it on Scar man’s thumb, and then folded it a few times to make a simple finger sleeve and put it directly on his thumb. With the fingerprint of this "second master", he can walk around this bottom palace.
He came in blindfolded, and everywhere he passed, he heard "beep, beep" to verify that the locks here were fingerprint locks.
Because the probe is covered, people can’t see what’s going on here, and they must be more flustered when they hear it.
Jiang Hao wore a scar male fingerprint sleeve and shuttled around this palace. Every time he entered a door, he pressed the watch button until it was drawn into a complete plan. But he didn’t see anyone along the way. It seems that Xu Risheng was stationed in the camp and there were not many people. No wonder he was eager to find help.
The helicopter Shen Xing has received the signal from Jiang Hao. Staring at the map displayed on the brain screen, he secretly lamented that Xu Risheng’s poison warehouse was as big as a football field. If these poisons flowed into the society, it would be a national disaster. Thanks to Jiang Hao’s plan, he could find this hidden place.
Shen Xing took the walkie-talkie and said, "There are still two kilometers away from the target location. The target has five hostages and two are ready to cooperate with Governor Jiang."
Qiao Xinwei looked everywhere but couldn’t find the ladder button. She realized later that she was trapped here.
There is a glass cupboard in the living room filled with trophies and medals of all sizes. That’s where she learned that Xu Rijia’s brother’s name was Xu Risheng. No wonder Xu Rijia knows everything about running, swimming and boxing. Xu Risheng also won prizes for everything. Alas, what a good brother and sister if he didn’t go this way.
Suddenly an alarm sounded, and she looked up in a panic, but I don’t know where the alarm came from, and I think it was in the head.
"Hello, is there anyone?" She shouted. "Is Jiang Hao your Jiang Hao?"
The alarm kept ringing, and Qiao Xinwei held her chest. She felt her heart beating very fast.
At this time, the ladder door opened, and Xu Risheng walked out of the ladder with a black face, regardless of Qiao Xinwei, who directly tore his shirt and showed strong muscles of wheat color.
"Ah, what are you doing?" Joe closed his eyes and retreated repeatedly. Once bitten, twice shy. She was almost scared to death when she saw him act like this.
Xu Risheng ignored her. He simply took out his bulletproof vest from the secret compartment to wear and took two submachine guns, aiming at her one by one.
Joe’s heart is weak. "Go where?"
Xu Risheng lifts the "ladder"
Joe only thought that he had found a guy. It must be Jiang Hao coming. Great, thinking that she couldn’t help laughing silently.
This expression did not escape Xu Risheng’s eyes. He stared at her and asked, "Do you think I will let Jiang Hao succeed? If Jiang Hao destroys this place, I will have no way out?"
At this time, Joe only looked up with straight back and courage and said, "So it was Jiang Hao who came. Hum, I think when can you be arrogant?"
Xu Risheng pointed a gun at her temple and gnashed her teeth. "Aren’t you afraid to offend me and I’ll shoot you now?"
"You have a gun. If you have a gun, Jiang Hao will have less concern and more chances of winning. How can I catch you as a drug Lord if I die?"
"Shut up" Xu Risheng pointed at her at gunpoint and forced her into a corner. "You are such a cruel woman. You cursed me after I saved you."
Qiao Xinwei looked up and stared at him and asked, "Would I suffer these crimes without you?"
Xu Risheng’s eyes were deep and gloomy, and suddenly he leaned into her ear and lowered his voice. "Where do you come from to be confident that Jiang Hao would care so much about you? He didn’t come out to save you in the cabin. Do you really think he loves you?"
Qiao Xinwei was asked wait for a while, "What did you say … Jiang Hao is in the cabin?"
"That’s right, and he’s already woken up. He’s been pretending to arrest me. He’s even willing to gang rape his wife."
"No, Jiang Hao won’t."
"Why didn’t he come out at that time? I really believed him. He was still in a coma. I didn’t expect to pretend that I was a drug Lord when I was born. I had no choice, and he was a righteous man like him. He arrested me and watched his wife face gang rape. He took credit for it. He even sacrificed his wife. What kind of good man is he?"
Joe’s heart just stood there with glassy eyes and repeatedly said impossible.
"Are you silly? Do you still believe that Jiang Hao will come to save you? He’s here to save Xiao Tianai and arrest me by the way. You don’t have a copy." Xu Risheng took a bulletproof vest from the secret compartment and gave her a "walk into the ladder".
Chapter 53 Do you really care about me?
Chapter 53 Do you really care about me?
"If you take credit for arresting me, he can even sacrifice his wife. What kind of person is he?"

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