Finally, it took two weeks for Fontana Lazio players to establish a complete psychological file.

In this file, there are players’ mental health, green means that some players may have psychological problems, yellow means that some players already have psychological problems, and red means that they have psychological problems.
Look at the color of each player’s file card and you can easily know what his situation is now.
When Chang Sheng is considering the starting lineup, he will also try to communicate with Fontana and ask him which of these players are mentally ill and which ones are fine.
No problem players can be put into the starting list. If there are psychological hidden dangers, different countermeasures should be taken according to different situations. For example, if they lack self-confidence, they can’t be taken from the starting lineup. If they are under too much pressure, they may need to take a good rest.
Players who already have psychological problems can’t play without Fontana’s permission.
Some people will think that Chang Sheng makes a mountain out of a molehill by doing so.
After all, few of those big clubs have professional psychologists, and famous coaches have never heard of arranging the starting lineup according to the advice of psychologists.
But some winners know that they are doing the right thing.
The psychologist has a suggestion, and only he can make a decision. He can listen or not.
But it is always right to note the psychological problems of players.
The harm of psychological problems is not limited to depression, which kills people.
Some teams are in a state of ups and downs, and they can either stubbornly beat the strong teams or be defeated by the relegation teams. Some teams are always very nervous when facing teams with stronger strength than them. If they are not smooth, they may have a big crash in the game … Some teams are habitually underestimating their opponents, but they just don’t have interest in underestimating them.
There are also some teams that are world-class in training, and when it comes to the official competition, even the training is 50%.
These are actually psychological problems.
Keeping the players in a good state of mind helps them to maintain a good and stable state.
That’s why Changsheng must invite a professional psychologist.
In order not to collapse, to prevent those media from seeing jokes, and to truly regenerate, psychologists are essential.
In addition, after Fontana established a set of psychological files, Lin Mo finally told Changsheng that the puzzle was completed …
In fact, it has not been recognized that Chang Sheng has come to a conclusion through contact and observation with her during this period-this beautiful psychologist is not a vase but a reliable psychologist with real materials!
Chapter 40 Football makes us feel the same.
By the way, I forgot to mention that in Fontana’s psychological file for Lazio players, their second captain, Sey Passareira, seems to have the best psychological condition …
Lazio also played a league game and a Champions League game when Fontana’s team set up a psychological file.
Lazio beat Turin 31 away in the fifth round of the league.
Although cavani didn’t score in three consecutive rounds, he had a remarkable performance in assisting.
The Italian media can’t find any criticism that cavani doesn’t deserve this Lazio No.9 jersey.
Lazio fans will no longer shout "Tiger" to stimulate cavani during the game.
Everyone saw cavani’s effort.
For such a player who has worked hard and scored goals, there is really no reason for them to hack.
Lazio beat PSV Eindhoven at home 31 in the Champions League in midweek and won two consecutive victories in the Champions League group stage in the new season.
Six points are in hand, and their team’s qualifying situation is good.
At the same time, Atletico Madrid also beat Marseille 21 at home.
Judging from the previous two rounds of group matches, Lazio and Atletico Madrid should be the final teams in this group.
Then the most interesting thing is naturally the confrontation between Lazio and Atletico Madrid
The first match between the two teams will wait until Atletico Madrid plays Lazio at home on October 22nd.
It will be that Changsheng will return to Atletico Madrid home Calderon after four years.
The bet on this game has been made from now on.
Lazio beat Lecce 1 at home in the sixth round of the league.
The winning team has created the best league game in the 100 years since the establishment of the club, surpassing the season’s five wins and one draw, and now it is six consecutive victories!
"Corriere dello Sport" then wrote an article saying, "How is it that Lazio’s strength has declined after a summer sale? Six consecutive victories after the new season! If you count the victories in the last two rounds of the season, Lazio has won a winning streak in the league! This has tied the league winning streak they created in the 2627 season! "
During this period, the Gazzetta dello Sport has a lot less articles criticizing Lazio.
Pacheco rarely talks about Lazio in his column.
Because Lazio is really nothing to be dark about.
At the beginning of the league, he can also criticize Changsheng for selling Fa Erkao with cavani’s poor state.
As a result, cavani suddenly broke out and scored a key goal in the game against AC Milan, scored a goal in the game against Florence and scored a goal in the game against Turin … If you still say that others are not doing well and are afraid that those who feel that their IQ has been fooled, readers will angrily tear down the newspaper building of Gazzetta dello Sport …
No matter how much Pacheco gnashed his teeth, he could remain silent.
However, his malicious eyes will always be fixed on Lazio, waiting for Lazio to make a mistake.
He doesn’t believe in winning and making mistakes.
If you are human, you may make mistakes!
Even the brain has bugs!
After six rounds of the league, it was the national team competition day.
A week after the national team game, it is the seventh round of the league.
Lazio didn’t do its best in the league match against Bologna in the middle of the week because it was the away game against Atletico Madrid.
Lazio, the substitute team, drew 11-1 with Bologna away.
Lazio finally failed to break their own winning streak.
But Changsheng doesn’t care at all.
As soon as the match against Bologna was over, Changsheng flew to Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain.
He is really eager to hear Atletico Madrid fans hiss for a long time.
Lazio set off for Madrid one day after returning from Bologna.
They will train at Hertha Club training base in Madrid for two days and then go directly from the hotel to Calderon.

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