Ye Guchen is not afraid of Tiger King’s visit this time. It is very simple to get some news from this Tiger King’s mouth. It is convenient for him to hunt in this celestial world. Of course, it is more important that Ye Guchen wants to kill the tiger king to enhance his strength. Now he is still at this level for half a month in the middle of the fairy king. Yuzryha Guchen is very dissatisfied. He wants to kill the master to enhance his tiger king’s suspicion. Even if the other party is a fairy king, he will kill him in the middle. It’s much better than your hard work for half a month. If the other person is a master of the late Xianjun, it would be perfect. Although it is not enough to get promoted immediately, it is not as good as this late Xianjun, but it is enough to get a lot of promotion, so Gu Chen will set his sights on the tiger king.

The poor little tiger naturally won’t know that Ye Guchen’s idea is to agree to Ye Guchen’s request according to his own calculations and take Ye Guchen to Tiger Mountain.
The so-called Tiger King Mountain is actually one of the highest peaks in the mountains. It is this Fiona Fang Wan Li demon overlord Tiger King who lives on this mountain. It is very desolate around it. There is not even a tree around it. The mountains and plains are full of huge beasts. The bones look worse than the cold and gloomy, especially those wet blood are even more disturbing. When people come here to see this scene, they are actually weak by three points.
This Tiger King Mountain demon clan is not a lot of Ye Guchen’s observation from a distance. There are probably hundreds of tiger clan masters, about ten pick Jin Xian level masters, and others are not strong. Most of them are Luo Tianxian, one of whom has some fairy level masters, but for Ye Guchen, these are not worrying. The only thing worth noting is probably the owner of this Tiger King Mountain, Tiger King.
After coming to the Tiger King Mountain, Ye Guchen raised a flame and directly turned this little tiger into ashes without giving the other party a chance to resist. The other party turned an energy shunt into Ye Guchen’s body, while most of them were absorbed by the laws of the world and entered Ye Guchen’s body less than one tenth.
After handling all this, Ye Guchen took a deep breath in this cloud and shouted at the distant Tiger King Alexander, "Who is the Tiger King? Get out and die! "
Sound moments resounded through the sky, and all around Tiger Mountain trembled. Hundreds of demon families on this side of Tiger Mountain were silenced one by one at a moment, and then a cold breath rose in this Tiger Mountain. An imposing manner containing extremely overbearing and bloody breath appeared directly in front of Ye Guchen, and a second later, a tiger head with a mace appeared in this half, and the demon family was more than three meters tall. His eyes shone bloodthirsty and his nose moved. Then he squinted at Ye Guchen and said coldly, "Just now, it was you." I felt his breath, but now there is no human. Did you kill him? Wrong novel network many words "
"Yes, I’m not. Who else can I be? What, you want to avenge him? If it is, then shoot it! " Leaf solitary Chen laughed coldly and then stretched out his hand to the front of the tiger king you didn’t care and said
This made King Tiger’s face extremely ugly. The ferocious face showed a trace of anger and immediately looked at Ye Guchen in front of him and said coldly, "You dare to break into the demon clan territory and kill my demon master? Do you want to die if you openly violate the overlord’s agreement? "
"Overlord agreement? I really don’t know how I remember that this world should be the law of the jungle and the survival of the fittest. Can’t my Terran kill your demon race? " Ye Guchen responded coldly, but he was curious about the overlord’s agreement that he had been to the world. He knew the situation there very well. This celestial world was an upgrade of this world. In Ye Guchen’s view, the rules here should be the same. Is there any difference?
However, Ye Guchen didn’t ask more, not because he didn’t want to ask, but because he asked people, he wouldn’t say anything, but he would expose himself. This is not what Ye Guchen wanted. He used a mocking tone to take advantage of this matter.
Of course, if Houye Guchen defeats the Tiger King and takes him, Yeye Guchen will naturally interrogate him, but the other party is a master at the same level as Yeye Guchen, and there is no magic weapon to make him not fully sure that he can easily take the other party. Otherwise, there will be a direct shot, that is, where is there so much nonsense?
But it’s a pity that this tiger king obviously didn’t let Ye Guchen hear this as he wished. He didn’t say much, but he suddenly roared, "You damn human broke our peace agreement and immediately killed my demon master. I’ll kill you today and then report to the overlord to conquer mankind!"
Yell at the tiger king, who suddenly rushed straight to Ye Guchen, and went to an instant. The huge mace went straight to Ye Guchen, who had no weapon in his hand, but his arm was comparable to the fairy instrument. Now Ye Guchen’s whole body strength is comparable to that of the fairy instrument, but he is not afraid of the tiger king’s weapon. But it’s a good fight. Ye Guchen’s arm resisted the other weapon and suddenly felt a Taishan coping momentum. That seemingly small mace weighed ten thousand kilograms. This can be Yuzryha’s solitary headache. The whole arm was numb.
The mace with a weight of over 100,000 Jin is not counted in the hands of the Tiger King. After the first attack, the second attack of the Tiger King here immediately came like a storm. The mace shadow is constantly attacking all parts of Ye Guchen all over the sky. Ye Guchen also dare not fight hard. After the first attack, Ye Guchen’s arms are numb. How dare he fight against the second attack? After this first attack, Ye Guchen evaded when facing the other side’s second attack, and refused to follow King Tiger to smash his body and touch the weapon. Even if Ye Guchen’s body is of the earth again, it will be a loss. Ye Guchen is not stupid and naturally refuses to do such a thing.
But Ye Guchen’s speed is somewhat faster than this Tiger King’s. Although this Tiger King’s attack is fierce, it can’t chase Ye Guchen. Even if there is a fateful force, it is against Ye Guchen, but there is no way to keep roaring and attacking Ye Guchen.
Here, Ye Guchen is burning a deep and blue flame, which is not other flames but this ghost fire. This ghost fire keeps burning around Ye Guchen, causing the surrounding gas to evaporate constantly. If it is not because Ye Guchen is constantly attacked by this tiger king, he can’t seize the opportunity. It is enough for this tiger king to drink a pot with Yuzryha Guchen’s strength and this ghost fire horror.
This scenario means that two people are in a stalemate, and both of them are constantly attacking themselves to consume each other. The tiger king relies on his own earth strength, his own demon king’s peak strength, and what Ye Guchen relies on over there is actually very simple, that is, the earth body, the ghost fire, is repairing and strengthening, and he does not have an advantage.
"Damn this guy isn’t tired? Who can stand it like this? " See the tiger king this touch kind of continuous attack Ye Guchen frowning while dodging in the heart so think of this to yourself sooner or later is to suffer.
Both of them are constantly dealing with each other, and there is no real confrontation. However, in the eyes of those small demons of Tiger King Mountain, it seems that it has been earth-shattering, and those experts who are engaged in the practice of picking up Jin Xian are dumbfounded. After all, although there is no substantive confrontation between the two people, it has caused the sky to fall apart, and the mountains around here have been destroyed. Every attack by Tiger King will make the earth shake and break the wind, and every flash of Ye Guchen here will cause the small demons to be rolled up and fly away for hundreds of miles.
In the eyes of those who are not strong enough, the confrontation between these two immortals has been earth-shattering. Although they know it in their own hearts, in fact, everyone is dealing with it, but there is no positive impact confrontation.
Ye Guchen and this tiger king are constantly dealing with each other. The tiger king is constantly attacking, which is somewhat tired. After all, such a high-intensity attack lasts for a while, but if it persists in attacking, people can’t stand him, and the tiger king is no exception. He is the peak of the demon king, not the peak of the demon god. How can he limit his persistence? At this time, he is a little tired.
Once he is tired, he will be slow to move, and slow to move will naturally reveal flaws. This tiger king is no exception. At this time, he revealed flaws. Although it is a little flaw, he was caught by this leaf solitary Chen. Ye solitary Chen has been watching the tiger king all the time. This time, naturally, it will not be an exception to see each other with flaws. Without saying a word, a flicker rushed to the tiger king’s back, mixed with a ghost fire.
After the boom, the Tiger King let out a scream, and the mace fell from the sky in his hands. Then it broke the soil and stone chips fell into the ground. The mace was too heavy, and its weight increased several times from high throw. Although the strength and pressure of this celestial world are ten times higher than that of this celestial world, everyone here will be able to exert one-tenth strength and the ground is extremely hard, but the mace still fell to the ground 100 meters below that of this tiger king, who was violently beaten and vomited blood by the blow of this solitary leaf.
In fact, this attack doesn’t count. He was hit by Ye Gu Chen’s force, but it won’t be too serious. But the problem is that Ye Gu Chen’s body is still mixed with this ghost fire. It is the most horrible flame in the underworld, which can burn the body and soul, causing a double blow to the body and soul. Even a strong body like King Tiger can’t stop this ghost fire.
It’s natural that the tiger king was seriously injured, his soul and body suffered double trauma, and his body was burned by flames, leaving a miserable scar on his face. But Ye Guchen didn’t miss such a good opportunity. It’s impossible for him to simply let the tiger king go at this time.
The master pays attention to the fact that every second counts. At this time, Ye Guchen naturally won’t yell at you when you are not in a wave, and then rush over like a fool. In that case, the strength of the tiger king will be reflected soon when you are in a wave. At that time, Ye Guchen even regretted that it was too late. At this time, Ye Guchen rushed over directly when there was no wave, and then attacked this tiger Wang Zhan again, giving full play to the spirit of "killing you while you are ill" and dealing a series of blows to Tiger Wang Zhan.
"Crash" an attack sounded Ye Guchen took this opportunity to restrict the free play of left hook, right hook, kick, kick, tan fade, knee impact and so on. There were no moves that seemed messy, but they were all the most effective and practical fighting methods, and they were also mixed with terror. The attack on the nether fire was horrible all the way here. King Tiger suddenly fell from this half and his body was burned by this nether fire, and his soul was badly damaged. This body was not damaged. A huge tiger with a length of about 150 meters appeared in front of Ye Guchen, but he did not have the ability to fight back.
He imagined in the positive method how Ye Guchen did it so simply that he defeated his own eyes. This human being is not as good as himself, but his fighting capacity is so strong that he was completely defeated by the other side when he caught a small gap, especially the blue flame, which is even more painful.
Seeing this leaf solitary Chen slowly falling in front of his face from this half, King Tiger’s eyes revealed a trace of fear. He knew that it was about to happen. At this time, his heart was full of fear. After all, no one wanted to die. He lived for so long and he didn’t want to die. Ruling Fiona Fang, Wan Li and so on? How can he be willing to die so easily?
"No, don’t kill me. You can’t violate the overlord’s agreement, or you will be hunted down by the overlord. You can’t" said the weak and hoarse voice of the tiger king over there in front of Ye Guchen with a face of fear.
Ye Guchen laughed coldly and didn’t say a word with a wave of his hand. He abruptly cut off the tiger king’s two huge claws with a size of five meters. He looked at the blood pouring out in front of the tiger king’s fear scream and said with a smile, "overlord, we agreed?" I didn’t know that was you. Tell me about it. Also let my people be in vain? "
This made King Tiger’s face change. He didn’t recognize this leaf solitary Chen. I really don’t know this overlord agreement. After all, who in this celestial world doesn’t know the overlord agreement? When the incident was so big, he thought Ye Guchen did it on purpose, but he didn’t dare to say that his life was in each other’s hands. How dare he say more? At Ye Guchen with a wry smile, he said slowly, "This overlord agreement is that after we have agreed with other overlords of all ethnic groups, we are not allowed to enter the demon race field easily to hunt the demon race, otherwise it will be hunted by the overlords."
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Overlord? Xiaobai?
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Overlord? Xiaobai?

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