Everyone applauded the emergence of such a brave man in their community.

Mu Rong and La Lin Cheng "go home and sit down". Lin is going to talk to Hua Xiaogang all day, but we have to know in advance what price Hua Xiaogang has demolished. No one has moved. What price do you want to give? These things don’t know what to talk about. Mu Rong and La Lin Cheng Lin Cheng also agreed.
Lin Cheng and Mu Rong entered the building hole in everyone’s note.
I was beaten before I got home. "Wow, brother-in-law, I admire you so much. It’s so handsome." Mu Nan jumped up and down as if he welcomed Lin Cheng into the room as if he were a hero.
Mumu also got up and waited for Lin Cheng and Murong to come back on the sofa in the living room. Few people can fall asleep with such a big firecracker.
"Brother-in-law you practice iron sand palm? How so powerful? " Mu Nan asked Lin Chengbian twittering and dancing as if she were a chivalrous woman.
"Hehe, I don’t practice iron sand palm, I practice Tai Ji Chuan."
"Brother-in-law deceives people. My mother also practices Tai Ji Chuan. Why haven’t I seen how powerful she is?" Mu Nan pursed her lips and decided that Lin Cheng was lying to her.
"That’s not practicing according to my method. If a good teacher follows, even if you can’t break fine steel, it won’t be a problem to deal with three or five people."
"Wow brother-in-law really? I want to learn so much. "
"Did you graduate? Can you spare at least four hours a day for boxing? If you can’t, even if Sun Wu comes to teach you, it won’t work. "
"I’m Sun Wu and I don’t play Tai Ji Chuan," Munan argued.
"In fact, you don’t have to fight Tai Ji Chuan. You just have a good master and then take enough time to practice every day. No matter what boxing you practice, you will achieve something."
"Really?" Mu Nan happily asked, "Our school has Taekwondo and hands. I’ll sign up later."
Lin Chenglai wants to say that there are too many good boxing methods in our country, and we must go to the Japanese ghost and the Korean ghost to study. However, Lin Cheng also knows that at present, schools are all about Taekwondo and martial arts promotion, and even if we want to learn martial arts, we can’t find a place.
Our country’s development is not good, and we can’t find anything to learn foreign boxing. This cannot but be said that the whole Chinese martial arts people are sad.
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215 doors seek revenge
[Text Reading] Lin Cheng wanted to educate Mu Nan to learn martial arts, but when the words came to his mouth, he didn’t have enough confidence to say them.
Lin Cheng communicated with Mu Rong’s mother and learned that everyone’s desire for demolition is actually very simple. If you don’t give money, just give me a set of the same big house to live in, but if you want to move to the shelter, don’t look for money at home or give money to the outside. The average house price in this lot is already more than 20 thousand, which is more than 100 square meters and more than 200 square meters. Where can I buy it at this salary level now?
After understanding everyone’s wishes, Lin Cheng got up to leave, but Mumu kept Lin Cheng again and again and agreed to stay here. It was not appropriate for a host to resolutely not let him go. Finally, Lin Cheng said that he would live on the sofa and let Mu Rong and Mu Nan live in their own rooms.
Mumu saw that Lin Cheng really didn’t mind adding two big girls to live in the living room, and it was really not like that, so she agreed.
In fact, Mumu insisted that Lin Cheng stay here because Mu Rong said, "Lin Cheng also owns a real estate company in Yanwei."
Actually, Mumu’s impression of Lin Cheng is still based on Lin Cheng’s being a fruit vendor, but although he is a fruit vendor, he can’t do business if he wants money, and he is willing to give something to himself, which is tens of thousands of dollars. And just now, Mu Nan also said that Lin Cheng gave himself this mobile phone worth more than 4,000 yuan, which shocked Mumu. Why did she think that a mobile phone could be sold so expensive?
Although Lin Cheng’s parents’ conditions are not good, although his business is a dirty fruit business, at least some money won’t make his daughter suffer. In fact, where did she know that Lin Cheng was a master friend Li Qianggang who dared to spend one million when he got married? At that time, Lin became a freight company, and his books might be one or two million working capital. Lin Cheng dared to send one million gifts. What is this handwriting?
Lin Cheng doesn’t value money.
If Lin Cheng is a fruit vendor, Mumu will not live or die. Only when Lin Cheng has the closest relatives can he be qualified to stay at home. Generally, Mumu will not stay at home. It is no different from personally admitting Lin Cheng’s formal identity as a son-in-law. Of course, there are not so many complicated ideas in Lin Cheng’s heart. He is recognizing Mumu as such a good guest.
Mumu did this by listening to Murong’s accidental words and learned that Lin Cheng is also a real estate company boss. In Mumu’s eyes, he can do real estate, and at least he must have no qualifications. In this international metropolis of the sea, if he wants to touch real estate, there is no hundreds of millions of funds, even buying land is a problem. Even the bidding meeting will not even qualify.
Although Yanwei is a small city, it’s all hand-eye to do real estate. The most important thing is to have money, and Mumu observed that Lin Cheng is a very simple child. Although he is rich, he doesn’t make public at all and agrees with his low-key status.
Only in this way can people treat their daughters well and honor their mother-in-law.
For this reason, Mumu didn’t want to leave Lin Cheng anyway. Before she lived at home, she recognized Lin Cheng as a son-in-law. Now Mumu sees Lin Chengwei’s black face and has a faint joy.
Look how distinctive this child is.
In fact, Lin Cheng is not very dark, but it is especially dark when sitting with two very white people, Mu Rong and Mu Nan.
Only by comparison can we identify.
Lin Chengjue, when he is asleep, he is also controlling his qi and blood flow one by one to exercise his thoughts and meridians.
In fact, it is precisely because of Lin Cheng’s practice in this time and place that Lin Cheng’s skill has advanced by leaps and bounds to the level of a master of chemical strength in just six or seven years.
Lin Chengqi got up early the next day, but Mumu got up not too late. "Xiao Lin got up so early? Don’t sleep much? "
"Ha ha, sleep well, sleep well." Lin Cheng looked at the window and his legs were slightly bent. He turned his head and replied when he heard Mumu’s words.
"You see, your uncle drank so many people of this age yesterday and didn’t know how to control his alcohol consumption."
Lin Cheng ha ha smiled and said nothing.
"Xiao Lin, you sit down first, and I’ll buy some soy sauce fritters for a while." Mumu hummed a ditty and went downstairs.
Mumu is in a particularly good mood today. She didn’t sleep well last night until dawn.
Now Mumu has treated Lin Cheng as her son-in-law. Although she likes her daughter to look for it in Haiti, how can it be so good to find a real estate company boss in Haiti? That’s gay. There’s no hope.
Besides, isn’t his old man a native? Although the northeast men are grumpy, aren’t they also given posts by their own fingers? In people’s minds, Dongshan people and Northeasters all have an Eastern character, and their personalities are similar.
The most important thing is that the daughter likes it and has money, and the daughter likes it, which is a great good thing.
Don’t waste Mumu’s heart for Lin Cheng.
Mumu bought fried dough-strips soya-bean milk when she came back. Murong and Munan didn’t get up yet. Last night, they slept too late. Two girls felt that Mumu had finished breakfast with Lin Cheng.
Before breakfast, I came outside and shouted, "Who dares to hit me and is impatient?" Get out of here! "The propaganda is that a dozen buildings around the megaphone can be heard.
Lin Cheng prone on the window to have a look. Hey, Hua Xiaogang, an acquaintance, is here. It’s so easy. I won’t go to him myself.
Last night, Hua Xiaogang received his own security minister saying that he had been sent to persuade the demolition people in the fruit market community to be beaten and asked if Hua Xiaogang sent someone to deal with it.
Hua Xiaogang should be grateful if he doesn’t bully others in the sea. I didn’t expect that someone would dare to provoke himself instead of bullying others.
Hua Xiaogang immediately ordered more than a dozen security guards to look for another project together.
Say it’s a security guard, but it’s actually a Hua Jian Tuan thug.
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