"When I go to your house in the morning, I will hug a big watermelon." Ma Liang pinched Ning Meng Meng’s face and moved naturally.

She nodded with a red dot on her face.
Su Yu Yao was held by Mengmeng and barely able to walk slowly and sit for dinner.
"It’s rare for Teacher Su to eat more of this boar’s belly," said Ma Liang, doing his best.
Then I scooped a spoonful for Mengmeng. She needs these things to grow up.
Mengmeng didn’t mention it, eating honestly.
Su Yuyao, a wild boar belly, has heard that the effect of treating stomach diseases is very good. Anyway, it’s too late to be polite. In fact, she is quite annoyed that those polite and familiar friends are more casual.
"Mengmeng, were you not in bed after midnight last night?" Su Yuyao asked and didn’t pay attention yesterday.
"I’m sleeping with Teacher Ma," said Ning Mengmeng’s novel.
"Mengmeng, although you like Teacher Ma very much, you have grown up slowly."
"I know, but I still like to be with Teacher Ma," she replied slowly.
Su Yu Yao is a little depressed. Is he worse than Ma Liang?
"Miss Su, don’t mind that Mengmeng’s father has passed away for several years. She needs a sustenance for her feelings." Ma Liang explained that this is also for Ning Mengmeng.
"I’m sorry" Su Yuyao understands that children from single-parent families are always different, especially if they are sensitive to emotions. If they identify a certain type, they are stubborn.
"It’s okay. Teacher Ma has always been very kind to me." Ning Mengmeng smiled sweetly.
After eating Mengmeng, you have to take a bath. Su Yuyao’s own bath is a problem. Ma Liang wiped Mengmeng’s back.
Although Mengmeng is a beautiful embryo, some of her noodles have developed, and she is as tender as a white steamed bun, but Ma Liang’s brainchild is a mature woman like Sister Xianglan.
"Teacher, I saw you and Sister Xiang Lanjie today." Ning Mengmeng suddenly said.
Ma Liang’s hand stopped shaking and his head was big.
"Mengmeng you" Mengmeng has always been a model of a good boy.
"I, I watched it for a while, but I was afraid to disturb you, so I left first, but Teacher Su was in such a bad pain that I couldn’t call you. You won’t blame me, will you?"
"No, no, what did you see?" Ma Liang asked tentatively.
"My mother said that men like to take off women’s pants when I saw you take off your vanilla pants, but I didn’t expect the teacher to do the same." Ning Mengmeng’s tone was a little disappointed
"Mengmeng" he heard this Ma Liang heart a tight.
"Teacher" Ning Mengmeng turned around. "Don’t go to Sister Xianglan and wait for me to grow up in a few years."
She blushed and bowed her head a little embarrassed.
"Mengmeng, you are a good girl. Don’t think about it. You will develop greatly in the future. Maybe the first college student in the village will be you. Don’t think about delaying business."
Ma Liang looked at the crisp white steamed bun on her chest and thought that if she had a few years, she must be as natural and graceful as her mother’s great beauty.
This is really quite tempting.
Ma Liang sighed, "The teacher is not a good person. You continue to wash when you have finished wiping."
Say that finish Ma Liang got up and left.
"Teacher, I’m sorry I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that." Ning Meng Meng Hua got up from the basin and hugged Ma Liang from behind.
"It’s okay. Teacher Mengmeng is not angry. You should know that the teacher is a very ordinary man. Don’t think too well of the teacher."
"In my heart, the teacher is always the best."
"Okay, okay, it’s almost clean. Change clothes. We have to grow vegetables later."
Hearing this, Ning Mengmeng let go.
When she changed the water and poured it, she was still worried about how anyone could interfere with him because she was not a teacher. The teacher must feel very annoying.
"I’m sorry, teacher," she murmured.
"Come on, Mr. Mengmeng still likes you very much. Will a teacher like you be heartless?"
Ning Mengmeng stared at Ma Liang’s eyes for a while and was very sincere. Finally, I was relieved.
"Let’s grow vegetables after it’s dark. Anyway, it’s a day off."

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