But now the situation is much better than the most.

Because the blood of the Jade Bell Immortal awakens, and it is the purest blood awakening, Jade Bell exudes a tyrannical force at this time, which is very special and full of coercion to suppress the younger brother who owns the blood of the Jade Bell Immortal and is thinner than the blood of the Jade Bell Immortal.
Yu Zhuo, Yu Wen and Yu Jiang, although they are of the earth, their blood is not as good as that of Yu Bell, which has been greatly affected. After the strength method is put into play, Xia Qi can’t do it for a moment without supporting it.
Xia Qi was badly beaten, his body was mutilated, his vision was badly damaged, and Yuan Shen was damaged. It can be said that this war has reduced his strength.
At this time, Xia Qi swallowed a big mouthful of life water!
I can’t help it. At this time, half of his body is almost smashed, and the blood is everywhere. Even if the life water is magical, it will make the effect of life water on Xia Qi smaller and smaller, and he has to swallow it.
I’m afraid even the immortal emperor is not so generous.
However, Xia Qi’s lifeless water, even the elixir, will not recover from the injury, even in the waves, it needs to be swallowed.
"kill! This little beast must be killed! This must be the treasure left by Tiandao Zongliu. If we get four families to dominate the cultivation of immortals, it will be just around the corner! "
Watching Xia Qi swallow the water of life with solemn eyes makes him feel distressed every time.
He can feel the powerful water of life, because just emitting a wisp of breath makes him feel like swallowing a panacea.
You can imagine how bad Xia Qi’s swallowing effect should be.
Of course, if not, Xia Qi would never attack and support six bodhi old zu for such a long time.
The Blood Dragon and the Lingshi Dragon once again attacked and roared to heaven, and it seemed that they were going to crash out of an escape route than hitting in front.
Xie Ping and Nangong Wei smashed the two dragons directly with one hand.
Xia Qi clearly felt that the two dragons returning to the acupoint were very weak and many of them hurt their vitality.
"It’s a pity that I’m not strong enough after all, or I’ll integrate the bones of millions of immortals into the town’s military station. If you come back to Yujia, several people in Yuzhuo can’t stop it unless there is a virtual bodhi old zu who goes against the strong."
Xia Qi sighed a gloomy eyes.
At this time, even if there is life water, he feels that the source of life is passing away in a short time, and it can only be restored when necessary.
"Little girl, wake up quickly, or you will escape even if I die."
Xia Qi prayed and hoped that Jade Bell would wake up soon. He is now desperate and can fight for the tearing of Jade Bell when he leaves.
"Don’t delusion! Today, you two are doomed to be inseparable from the jade family and the mysterious world! Don’t worry, when I force you to find out the treasure of Tiandaozong, I will make you a pair of yellow mandarin ducks! "
Yu Zhuo sen ran’s mouth and eyes sparkled with cold light, which made people feel chilling.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seven Slaughter out the dragon
Yu Zhuo’s several people made moves one after another, and Xianwei violently suppressed Xia Qi, but the body of Xia Qi was completely submerged.
A variety of visions emerged around Xia Qi, but all of them were annihilated and dissipated in an instant, and even the celestial fairy house was blown away.
"Force to! Jade bells will wake up, and we won’t have a chance until Xia Qi is solved! "
Behind Xia Qi, the jade bell was burning with golden flame, and a golden armor was automatically formed on her body surface, just like the scorching sun.
Jade bell body sends out that a coercion is more intense. In the distance, Yujiadi can’t bear to kneel directly in the soil resistance. Jade Zhuo, Yujiang and Yuwen all feel the pressure multiplied, and there is a kind of repression from the soul.
Yu Zhuo’s three people are more anxious than suddenly and violently yelling.
They have no way out. The only choice is to kill Xia Qi and Jade Bell!
Even Yan Zheng, Xie Ping and Nangong Wei all tried their best to dare not neglect them, and they didn’t want to see them whether they escaped from Jade Bell or Xia Qi.
Like a storm, it’s overwhelming!
Xia Qi at this time is like a shield to bear all the attacks. He has been beaten and his body is incomplete, and then his life water will recover quickly.
At this time, Xia Qi was numb and the great pain reached the limit, so that he could not feel it. At this time, Xia Qi did not find that he broke and reorganized his body again and again, and unconsciously became stronger again and again.
But no matter how strong the flesh is, there are no six bodhi old zu levels. All of them must be crushed.
"Give me destruction!"
Jade Zhuo suddenly and violently roared at the jade platform, and he looked ferocious like an evil beast attacking Xia Qi, and the jade platform boomed and suppressed Xia Qi.
Xia qi drink eyes peep out one silk despair.
He has resisted Jasper Taili’s efforts to suppress him, and the last scene was shattered.
"Didn’t you save the bell after all?"
Xia Qi corners of the mouth with a bitter look at the jasper platform that boomed like the sky collapsed, and there was little spare capacity to resist it, so I could watch it suppress.
"Ha, ha, ha, break it for me!"
Yu Zhuo’s carefree heart is too powerful than Xia Qi’s body. Adding life water makes them all attack very hard. At this time, I was delighted to see that Xia Qi’s body was about to disappear.
A loud bang shook the whole Yujia Xuanjie.
A hand of fine fine jade stretched out from behind Xia Qi to hold the jasper platform directly.
"This is impossible!"
Seeing this scene, solemn, Xie Ping and Nangong Wei exclaimed that the shock was more shocking than this Jasper Taiwan force blow, which could kill them in one fell swoop. How can they not be horrified by being held in one hand at this time?
"Little bitch!"
Yu Zhuo, Yu Wen, and Yu Jiang did not exclaim with horror like Yan Zheng, but there was a trace of fear in their eyes.
The shooter is the blood awakening jade bell!
She stepped into the peak of the virtual fairy, dressed in gold armor, her hair fluttering and her teeth shining. She was like the goddess of war coming from the celestial world.

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