Liang Juanbang unmoved "don’t put! You be honest! "

"Junbang!" Struggle early may not burst into tears "our state you don’t drive me away! Do you know that when I said I couldn’t find you, they all said that you had … and then they said that you could never come to the Imperial Capital? Do you know how I got through it? I can’t go on without joy! "
Liang Juanbang one leng living stopped.
"Our country" stretched out his hand around his neck early and begged carefully, "Please don’t drive me away and let me go with you! I don’t know what’s dangerous and not dangerous, just think of me as making trouble! I can’t stand being on tenterhooks again! I want to see you, good or bad, and I want to be with you! "
She has said a lot about Liang Juanbang for so long, and her eyes are already wet.
As soon as his arm was loosened, he put it on the ground early.
"Our state, I believe you can protect me for weeks … let me go! I promise to listen to you, "Tears will drop early." "I don’t have much courage, but I feel safer than worrying about you being with you."
Liang juanbang’s voice is hard. He can’t refuse her when she says so.
Blink and suck the bridge of the nose. Junbang holds the early hand. "Ok … I’ll take you."
"Hee hee" immediately broke into tears and smiled into his arms. "I knew you were the best."
Two people go hand in hand to the front yard bright blind longteng eyes longteng pointed to early surprise with wide mouth "Liang Juanbang you your honeymoon? Still with your wife? "
"hey!" Liang Juanbang sneered at him and held out his hand to him early. I don’t know what to put into his mouth.
Longteng stare big eyes was about to vomit, but early hand blocked his mouth "don’t vomit! If you dare to vomit when workers raise eggs, do you know what the price is? "
“?” Longteng is going to be sick to death and let him eat eggs!
It has been discovered early these two days that Longteng does not eat eggs! She just stuffed eggs into his mouth on purpose! But he didn’t dare to vomit. Think about the scary compensation theory early. Longteng braved the nausea in his stomach and swallowed the eggs.
But after swallowing it, the whole person is not good
"Ha ha" in a good mood early clap your hands pulling Liang Juanbang car.
"Hey girl, you really go!" What do you think of Longteng’s protest? It’s a burden to bring a girl with no place at all!
Look back at him smiling early. "I still have egg dragons in my bag. Haven’t you eaten enough? Junbang grabbed him and fed him another one! "
Liang Juanbang is very cooperative and rolled up his sleeves. "Good!"
"Uh-huh!" Longteng was so scared that his face changed. He quickly covered his mouth and shook his head. He said vaguely, "Don’t eat, don’t eat, aunt. You don’t have any opinions?"
"I’ll let you go."
Endure to laugh early and Liang Juanbang sat in the front row.
As soon as the car started, Longteng’s hand suddenly leaned in and asked early, "Does Miss Xuan Si have any eggs?"
"Yes!" Nodded early and took out a food bag from his bag and handed it to him. "Are you hungry?"
"Well, thank you, Huei-fang" took the hand and began to eat contentedly.
Just smelling this smell, Longteng will vomit and stare and shout, "Is it delicious? Smells like chicken shit! Is chicken shit so delicious? "
Hand was he training all dare not eat the front seat early shady laughed "delicious, of course, or just how did you swallow the dragon less? Ha ha … "
"ouch!" Longteng couldn’t stand it. He stuck his head out of the window and vomited. He thought he would be tortured crazy if he stayed with this girl for a few more days! Even if it’s not crazy, there’s no human form
The car will have to walk when it reaches a certain place.
The mountain road is definitely not easy to walk. Liang Juanbang locked the car and threw the backpack to Longteng. "You hold the bag for me!"
Longteng glared. "Then what are you doing?"
Liang Juanbang ignored him and squatted in front of him early. "It’s not easy to walk. I’m afraid you’ll fall."
Longteng’s mouth twitched and muttered, "Made of your wife’s glass?"
Two people can ignore him bent down on Liang Juanbang back kissed him early, but didn’t want him to back "now don’t need to don’t know what will happen behind the physical strength! I can still go. Just take me … "
Liang Juanbang warmly holds the early hand "Good I will hold you"
If two people go forward next to each other, it’s really like taking a walk after dinner. "Hey! Liang Juanbang doesn’t carry your wife’s own backpack! "
But who cares about him?
Chapter 2 Juan Zao Xiao Long
It rained only two days ago, and the road is not easy.
Liang Juanbang took it early and felt that she had a hard time walking, but she tightened her mouth early and didn’t say it. Liang Juanbang felt bad for her and growled at the front, "Hey, Xiaolong, take a break and walk again."
Section 59
Hear this call the parties longteng along while all have no reaction to come over.
Seeing that Longteng was still walking with his head in the pit, Liang Juanbang was too high. "Hey, Xiaolong, did you hear that?"
Longteng hand Lala Longteng "Long Shaoliang seems to be calling you"
"Huh?" Longteng surprised, suddenly, to react immediately blown up. He turned back and stared at Liang Juanbang. "What are you yelling about? Xiaolong? " What the hell is that? His hair stood on end!
Liang Juanbang a calm sample "don’t you name is dragon? I don’t know your name. Do I have to call you … Hey, that dragon? Xiaolong is quite good. "
"Don’t shout!" Longteng pinched his hands. "I have a name!"
"Less dragons!" Always stay xi xi hand suddenly stopped longteng.
Longteng stopped when he was shocked, and his face was still not very good. He snorted, "What are you calling me for?"
"hey!" Liang Juanbang sneered at "I say we take a break"
"Huh?" Longteng is at bluffing "have a rest? Have you made a mistake? " He looked consciously and frowned early and said, "Is it because of her? I told you not to bring your wife! Where can I take my wife to do business? "
Early unhappy retorted, "what are you doing? Junbang or I’ll lend it to you. Don’t yell at me! "
"You …" Longteng wanted to go back but found himself unable to fight back with his mouth open.
Liang Juanbang came straight over and took his backpack from Longteng’s hand. He took out the plastic poncho and laid it on the stone. He sat down early. "Come and ignore Xiaolong. You can’t walk well by road. We’ll go when the day breaks and the soil is dry."
"Liang Yibang!" Longteng to fire nu way "why are you so mother-in-law? Fear you! "
Liang Juanbang is disrespectful nodded and smiled. "I am so afraid. What’s the matter? If you are lame, you can go by yourself. I love my wife anyway. I won’t go now! "
After that, I sat next to her early and hugged her and asked in detail, "Is it cold? It’s cold at night, I hold you! "
Cooperate early to drill into his arms "Well … you will be warm if you hold me"
"You … you!" Longteng gas method to see them so very much in love, and then look at his leg that has not healed, and can sit down and help him lay the poncho with a smile on his face.

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