Everyone here is famous, or a magical doctor, Wan Jiasheng Buddha, even the government should respect three points, or a martial arts tycoon, a troll, a famous man, can stop children from crying at night

But at this moment, everyone’s face is pale and sad, their eyes are confused and frightened, and their bodies are stiff and numb. Until now, they still feel trapped in a nightmare that they will not wake up, but they can’t figure out what happened.
It’s not particularly shocking that the imperial doctors were robbed suddenly, but for those martial arts giants who dominate each other, the fear of being almost equal to the power of ghosts and gods can never be erased. In that person’s eyes, martial arts are as weak as babies, and the strong training of masters is just like the disillusionment of smoke. Such a powerful force is simply not something that human beings can hold.
Everyone is wondering who that man is. What kind of conspiracy is hidden in his actions against all forces? Is another devil going to dominate the Jianghu?
But in fact, the origin of this disaster seems to be because that person needs them to treat a person, and this sexual act has a far-reaching impact on the martial arts medical community in Qin State, and no one could have thought of it at that time.
After the ship was hijacked, they were ordered acupuncture points on the deck, which made kawakaze cold.
The young man stood beside them and talked about the patient’s condition one by one.
It is said that the patient is withdrawn and impatient to deal with the doctor’s problems, and he should wait for the situation to everyone first, and ask the patient for treatment again and again, but he will go for a pulse check and a gas check.
It’s the information that is reported, but it’s pitiful. It’s not that you have peerless martial arts and then suddenly lose your martial arts. Everything else is often hidden in the dark. What are the characteristics of that person’s martial arts practice and under what circumstances? These important reference bases are the same.
The imperial doctors may want to cure the man quickly, but they have got rid of some Jianghu strongmen earlier, but they are not so easily broken.
People are shouting that they would rather die than treat people with their hands, but strangely, they will be brought into that cabin, and the yelling will stop in a flash, and then they will be dragged like dead fish after a long silence.
Occasionally, someone will mumble a few words. He is not a person. He is not a person.
Similarly, when the doctors come to the cabin to treat people, they are often pale, stumbling and dull-eyed, and they will repeatedly say that this is not a person, and this cannot be a person.
I have been watching this scene on the deck, and even the most fierce and brave in Wulin will gradually rise in fear. I am afraid that even the most daring Jianghu hawkers can’t help but want to shrink in when they are looked at by that young man.
Young eyes swept away some chat and said hopelessly that a Shennong would be a big farmer.
He grabbed his face directly in the crowd before striding, and it was hard to see the pole, so the farmer dragged on and left.
Shennong Club is a big farmer. It’s fifty-three years old this year. Because of its extremely high martial arts and medical skills, it’s normal to keep in good health. If you look at 30 people on weekdays, you will be unusually haggard because you are ten years older. One big house is abruptly dragged into the hatch by a famous junior as a dead dog, and then you are surprised that a finger wind suddenly hits your chest and never touches acupuncture points, but your body is suddenly shocked and blocked by more than a dozen acupuncture points at the same time.
The disparity in strength forced farmers to give up their desperate thoughts, and after a brief pause, they straightened up and felt a freezing cold.
He knew that it was as cold as snow, coming from the white man standing by the window.
The man casually stood in the cabin, which made a cabin become a world of ice and snow, which was freezing to the bone.
Come and feel your pulse.
This spring stone is like ice crystals hitting each other, both female and male. When I first heard it, I felt so heavy that I couldn’t even forget the biting cold.
The farmer looked at it, and then he thought he saw a thousand kinds of colored glasses blooming at the same moment. He saw the appearance of the gods.
That man is sitting in white with black hair and fairy looks too beautiful to be like a real person. Even the most skillful painter can describe it. Even the most beautiful dream of a passionate daughter can’t dream of such a peerless man.
The man standing by the window in the snowsuit is the scariest demon in the depths of hell, which is more frightening than the words. This man is the nine-day lotus Tsinghua gods, which makes people want to worship him and get close to him.
Farmers finally got quiet as soon as they entered the hatch.
Faced with such a character, everyone will naturally want to help him and hope to be his friend.
It took a long time for the farmer to go over and sit next to Sex Germany and put his hand on Sex Germany’s right wrist.
At this moment, he is sincere and doesn’t care about hatred. He wants to try his best to cure sexual morality, and then he finds out that this is absolutely impossible.
He came to rely on his medical skills to recognize that it is not too serious to lose his martial arts. The problem is not caused by several kinds of poisoning or prohibition, but it is most likely that he is possessed by the virus or the true qi is diverted. If you find the root cause, you should treat it.
However, the pulse of sexual virtue is not like a living person who is as straight as a dead person.

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