"Then let’s prepare?" Professor Teng asked

"good!" Chef eldest brother promised to have a kind of pleasure as a leader.
Professor Teng nodded and was willing to call him.
"Oh, no wonder the wealthy family told me to wait patiently. Fortunately, I stayed, otherwise I might not be able to touch you as a great professor for a generation."
"What do you mean?" Professor Teng bowed their heads and asked curiously.
"At that time, my wealthy family didn’t always eat at your place with manager Teng, so I couldn’t go. As a result, my wealthy family kept me and said that you and Professor Yuan would move in soon. You also said that you liked the kitchen very much and asked me to wait for you to come. I didn’t stay here until recently, but I wanted to go again and was persuaded by everyone. Now I think it’s a good thing that I didn’t have the urge to take my bedding and leave."
Professor Teng smiled twice. He had long wanted to pick him up with Professor Yuan. He was a little sad to think about what had happened over the past year.
Apart from Teng Mei, he is really too gentle.
But tenderness never complained about him, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.
Looking at the little guy in bed with Professor Yuan, I couldn’t help but sigh. How fast it was! In the blink of an eye, he was clean and lying beside us, crying and laughing.
"Yes, you were so thin when you were five or six months old, and I was always worried that the child would be malnourished. Now watching us grow up so healthily is also a sigh that you have not suffered in vain."
Gentle chuckle is that she feels that this crime has not been in vain, because the little guy is so hard, and such a cute fleshy little face makes people fondle it.
"After that, we have to love our mother well, you know?" Professor Yuan said softly at the little guy’s place
Gentleness is smiling and watching the little guy’s mouth move.
Later, Professor Yuan went upstairs with her child in her arms, and she lay alone in bed, resting and rummaging, but she couldn’t look in and then looked at it.
Even if I really want to know what he is doing, I can’t help but think of the invitation.
He must go there in person, and he must be able to get away at least if he loses it.
Whether you can get Anli’s father is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that they can always come back safely in front of her.
Gentle suddenly found himself really don’t care about those infighting, want him to be by her side.
It’s not yet day. General Heiteng personally drove to pick up the children from school after work, but I didn’t expect the little guys to see him as a little disappointed.
To be exact, I was a little disappointed to see his car.
"Dad is older than us?" The little girl looked up at her father and asked
"Isn’t it good to take Dad’s car?" Teng always wrings his eyebrows in great distress.
"It’s okay," the little girl said, lowering her head and feeling a little lost, but it didn’t seem to be amazing.
Manager Teng looks down at the two little boys next to him. You don’t like them either?
"So-called," the two boys said, and led their sister to his car.
He, they must have got tired of the car in three or two days, but he seems to have made a mistake because they seem to like it very much.
Tengyun went to give them the car door and watched them climb the car.
As long as the children will sit in the car.
Two little boys love to be cool. Why does my daughter love to be cool?
Must have been taught by two brothers, right?
Teng is always a little unhappy, but he told them to sit still and leave before starting the car.
The three little guys sat down, looked up at the car, and then looked at each other. Suddenly, they were lazy and didn’t look out of the window. It seemed very comfortable.
"We won’t do that car after Dad."
Teng always looks at the big son in the rearview mirror and opens his mouth to talk. What can’t help but wonder?
"It’s too big. My sister fell down early today."
"No seat belt?"
Teng Baoxin thought it was too bad to spill the beans.
The little girl kept her head down, and her brother was swollen. Why did she tell Dad about the fall? Will Dad laugh at me?
Tengbei’s so-called is expected to look at my sister.
Teng always looked at those little guys with emotions in their eyes, and even Nai smiled at the car and soon got home. Teng always led the three little guys to walk slowly inside.
Professor Yuan is waiting at the door with a baby in her arms, watching her coming with three grandchildren, and she can’t help laughing at the novel. Dad is back with his brother and sister.
I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m listening with my eyes wide open

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