The daylights out!

They can’t imagine what it will be like to fix the true world, to shock the clouds when Chen Han dies. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what they should do.
"Yi Hao, please help him, please …" A group of red beads actually pleaded with Yi Hao.
"Come on, our friend!"
Yi Hao hurriedly motioned for her not to be so heavy, saying, "Chen Han is my best brother, and he will spare no effort to rescue you even if he has put his life down. Whether you please is the same … This is the first time I have seen this situation, even if no one has the slightest reference, let alone is not sure."
It took hundreds of thousands of years for the body of absolutely yin and pure yang to come out of Chengtian, a powerful man who blew himself up and caused two kinds of energy, namely absolutely yin and pure yang, to invade other yuan gods.
I am afraid that this situation has never been seen in hundreds of millions of years, and hundreds of thousands of years of recorded history are used for reference?
"absolutely yin and pure yang are two extremes and the source of Taoism. Maybe I can give you some advice." It turned out to be Mo Zhai.
"Mr. Mo has a suggestion to speak as soon as possible."
Yi Hao’s understanding of this person comes from Chen Han. Although the other party is the core member of the original Kunlun Daomeng, it is still because of Chen Han’s entry into the core layer, but that is only because the cultivation time is still short. This is a person who even respects Chen Han.
The creator of Mohist school is the most proficient in machine design and Ghost Valley, among which wizards are like saints in the eyes of later generations of the Yellow Emperor.
Mo Zhai didn’t refuse lightly, saying, "However, since ancient times, the extremes of absolute yin and pure yang have been reversed, saying that the cathode gave birth to Yangyang’s extreme turn to yin, and all things were negative, while holding Yang’s Taoist method naturally. This is also the reason why absolute yin and pure yang are powerful, and the state of palm teaching is not absolute yin and pure yang, so we can also control yin and yang, so we are attacked by two kinds of energy, which leads to the mysterious cavitation soul blazing and burning gods."
"Sir, I wonder if there is a crack?"
"When you see it, you can clear the main yin, guide the yin and yang, and if it is unexpected, you can solve the dangerous situation."
"It means that yin guides yin and yang and sparse yang?"
"It is necessary to rob six scattered immortals, one woman is strong in physique, and one woman is cold in physique, and the other two women are both involved in sex with the palm of your hand. Taking the opportunity to absorb the unique yin and pure yang respectively should be able to solve the crisis and get two kinds of extreme qi to recuperate the two women, which will also benefit a lot."
"Red Pearl …"
"Ice pupil …"
Everyone’s eyes fell on the red bead and the ice pupil. They are just two symbols, one ice and one fire, and they are the best among the six robbers.
Yi Hao did not care about their shyness and asked, "This matter is about Chen Han’s life. Let me ask you now, but are you two?"
Although in a high position, after all, it was a woman who was asked in front of so many people. The two beautiful women couldn’t wait to find a crack in the ground. However, as Yi Hao said, it was a matter of death and death, and they could also resist shyness and nod.
Kou Xun suddenly came out and cried out, "Ice Pupil and Chen Han are indispensable, or Chen Han will be frightened out of his wits if he breaks the oath!"
This matter was explained in three or two sentences when several parties knew Kouxun’s most concise way.
In this way, the ice pupil is excluded for the first time, and that oath is the biggest limit. If she breaks the oath, Chen Han will die faster and more thoroughly.
There are many people with special cold constitution in the field of repair.
This kind of person usually practices the same attribute mental method.
There are many people who meet these two conditions. However, on this basis, they must also reach the realm of six robberies and scattered immortals, and the gap between the best of the six robberies and scattered immortals and the Red Pearl is very small. This is not so simple.
In addition, you must be in the body, so this requirement will brush off most of it again
These are not the most important keys. Although the number of people who meet these requirements is small, they are not of great status. The strong will make them a tool for healing the cold, and chastity will be exchanged for the cold life. No matter his cold status, few people are willing to do so.
"What would be like this … what …"
Ice pupil is pale. She doesn’t really want to have that kind of skin kiss with Chen Han, but she also doesn’t want Chen Han to have an affair with other women.
If you don’t meet the requirements, you will be replaced by another woman to do that with her beloved man. Which woman can accept this result?
"Can anyone be willing to help the door palm teach escape?" Yi Haoyin echoed in the void.
Hundreds of ancient fairy wares!
Those super powers sent ancient immortals only three or two pieces, and there will be no more than two hundred pieces of ancient immortals in the whole fix-true world at most.
Obviously, this is an extremely amazing price enough to make the strong move.
However, this is not an ordinary thing, but to dedicate one’s innocent body to a man who has no feelings and hatred. If one is an ordinary master, I’m afraid there are many forces who are eager for the key. This person must have strong cultivation, and which one of these people is not high?
If someone does such a thing, her reputation will be completely stinky in the future, and her reputation will become stinky in the wind for a lifetime, and the whole field of fixing things will be based on her again.
Meet the requirements, but only a few people are not respected or real elders, and their status is high, so it is impossible for them to face hundreds of ancient fairy wares with dignity and face.
"No … there is a crack in Yuan Shen!" Kouxun frightened to disgrace call way
"How did this happen … no! He can’t die can’t … "
Ice pupil woke up from the pain and suffering of the heart and suddenly turned his attention to Cai Ying’s body. "Cai Ying’s palm teaches you that you should be as mysterious as me, right? Wanhua’s younger brothers rarely get married. If I guess correctly … "
Choi Ying couldn’t help but frown, and a little red cloud flew up on her cheek. She said, "Ice Pupil Fairy, you used to help others. It’s unforgettable. If you don’t do your best in the future, I don’t want you to talk about it again. It’s a matter of a lifetime’s fame, and it’s a matter of my dignity. Don’t say that even a thousand pieces of ancient fairy wares are impossible!"
Several other qualified beauty experts found that when Bing Pupil turned to them, they didn’t even explain it. They directly stepped on the flying sword and disappeared.
Although the magic weapon is eye-catching, what are the pills to get these magic weapons?
It’s nothing more than a stronger reputation. If people who do that kind of thing with this benefit fall behind the predecessors as’ shameless, selling their bodies and easy virtue’, it’s really notorious all over the world. If it weren’t for stupidity, they wouldn’t do it.
In all the people’s surprised and inexplicable eyes, Bing Pupil kneels down at Cai Ying. "If Cai Ying Zhang teaches him to make amends for his offense before Chen Han, I am more heartbroken than anyone else. Bing Pupil never denies that he loves Chen Han deeply. I also know that he has me in his heart, but we can’t be together because of our vows … I personally beg others for this kind of thing … Please also ask Cai Ying Zhang to teach poor Bing Pupil to teach him to promise that Bing Pupil is willing to do things for you!"
Ice pupil and Chen Han are ambiguous. Many people know it, and it is strange that they are not together. The answer is not revealed until today.
For some reason, Chen Han, who had not fallen in love at that time, vowed never to be with the ice pupil. As time flies, the two hearts will be close unconsciously.

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