When Mrs. Tang came back, she slept first. When she got up, it was almost time to see her, so she ordered the servants to clean and prepare dinner.

Although I still have some doubts about the little girl around Tang Shiyan, I still have to do enough to entertain people.
"Where should the old lady put this potted flower?" The servant asked the old lady Tang with a basin of bougainvillea.
"Let’s move to the greenhouse and move all the flowers," the old lady said while watering.
She prefers flowers and plants, but now people are sensitive to pollen, and these flowers will be removed when guests come.
"By the way, hasn’t that girl got up yet?" The old lady remembered something and looked at the building.
"Not yet." Aunt Liu, who often takes care of the old lady’s servant, said with a smile, "Miss Liao just went to bed at noon, so I didn’t go to tell her that this child has been tired of staying up late recently."
The old lady nodded. "It’s still early. Let her sleep."
Liao Jingjing lived in the Tang family for two years before, and her room has been kept.
"But Miss Liao woke me up before going to bed and said to wake her up before Master Yan and them came. She said it was inconvenient for her to be here." Aunt Liu hesitated.
When Mrs. Tang heard this, she glanced at Aunt Liu and asked, "Do you feel bad, too?"
Aunt Liu hesitated and said nothing.
"Yao son will be 29 in a few months and see 30 people, so it is very abnormal for a man not to get married. What’s wrong with having an ex-girlfriend? If my little girl doesn’t even have such a little tolerance, how can she be a Tang daughter-in-law?"
Speaking of which, Mrs. Tang is still very arrogant and protective. This child is different from the old one. That guy has been a lot of women since he was a child, but this one is too old to change.
"Master Yan has been steady since he was a child and believes that his vision will not be bad." Aunt Liu said with a smile to comfort Mrs. Tang.
"Let’s observe first. After all, this is the first time he has taken the initiative to bring people back. Even if I want to fix him up with Jing Jing, I have to wait for this novelty to pass."
Great aunt Wu was surprised. What do you mean?
Mrs. Tang smiled and wiped her hands at Aunt Wu’s novel, "You don’t know that I made a divination for Jing Jing and Mo Er this time. Guess what?"
"How about it?" Aunt Liu followed curiosity.
It is said that the net host divination of Haiyue Temple is the most accurate.
"Tianhe!" Mrs. Tang was satisfied with covering her mouth and smiling, and then she thought of something and said with some doubts, "But after the host, I didn’t quite understand what it was meant to be."
"Miss liao and master yan broke up for six years? Is this what you mean? "
Mrs. Tang nodded. "That’s what I thought. When he entered the army at the age of 16, the second year of Jingjing was more than ten years later. I can’t remember clearly."
Aunt Liu nodded, but when she saw a little servant in front of her, she immediately turned "don’t"
Shen Xinyu followed Tang Shiyan into the door and there were about five or six people sitting in the living room.
Give the things in your hand to the servant Tang Shiyan, hug her, and she introduces these people, namely, Uncle Tang and Aunt Tang’s own sister. The two people sitting in the most important position are Master Tang and Old Lady Tang.
Both old people are about seventy years old, but they are well maintained and look very energetic.
"Sit down quickly." Master Tang first said that he looked at Shen Xinyu with a kind eye.
The tension in my heart seems to have relaxed a lot. See Tang Shiyan looking at her with a smile. Shen Xinyu’s face turned slightly red and hurriedly sat down on the sofa.
Since coming back early, this man has been looking at her face, and he doesn’t know if this smile is genuine or acting.
"The little girl is really beautiful, Jarja, don’t you think? We have come to see the beautiful woman specially." Aunt Tang said with a smile holding a little boy.
The little boy probably just had a full month, and soon his eyes were very beautiful. He looked at Shen Xinyu from the moment he sat down.
Shen Xinyu was amused and looked at him and smiled.
As a result, there has been no expression, and the little boy suddenly grinned and snorted.
"Ouch, Jia Jia really likes beautiful women. He doesn’t even smile at people." Aunt Tang also leaned over to the little boy. "Jarja, I can’t see that you are still a small color embryo."

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