When the young lady and her party left the housekeeper, they were puzzled and asked, "Sir, do you trust that the young lady is alone in the crew?"

"Isn’t there Chi Bin?" Gu Zhenglin leaned back and looked at his hand. The tone seemed to be in no hurry.
As soft as that kid’s personality, can you note little miss?
The housekeeper is a little tangled.
Gu Zhenglin seems to have guessed what he was thinking. "If it’s a mistake, how can it stay for a month?"
At least this is the longest one who stayed with his daughter in half a year.
The housekeeper sobered and said in surprise, "Is this Chi Bin pretending in front of the young lady?"
Is that kid such a schemer?
"Then you still let him stay with the little lady. Isn’t that inviting the wolf into the room?"
Butler immediately nervous.
The young lady has just experienced an abortion, which hasn’t come out of a scar in case.
"That also depends on whether he has the courage." Gu Zhenglin put his mobile phone on the table and showed no concern for the other party. "His personality is not necessarily to please the girl at most. If Xiao Cong can really make this girl happy, I have to thank him."
I’m afraid he didn’t have that thing.
"Sir Zhong is right" is that he thinks too much.
But before he could calm down, the man in front threw him another heavy thunder.
"I heard that Tang Shiyan returned to China?"
"I don’t know this yet." It’s hard for the housekeeper to form herself. Now she has been silent for a long time and suddenly realized, "Mr. Suo just pushed the boat and sent the little lady away?"
"If he wants to check, can’t he find it?"
Gu Zhenglin got up from his chair, stretched himself and patted himself. He quickly said to the housekeeper, "We’ll have the house in Suzhou cleaned up later and we’ll go there for a holiday."
Although he can’t stop Tang Shiyan from checking his daughter’s itinerary, he can stop them from meeting.
By the time the crew arrived, it was already noon, and before Shen Xinyu and Chi Bin came to see the director, they were each assigned a play by the staff and assigned a place to live.
Because they are close to the scenic spots, they are assigned to a hotel near the film and television base. The two rooms are connected, and the scenery is not bad. One window can see the whole Suzhou landscape like a painting.
I don’t even want to decorate the room. It must have been arranged by her good father. It was a great effort to promote her to fall in love with Chi Bin.
Sister Jin took out the clothes in her luggage, hung them up, and changed them into Shen Xinyu’s usual sheets, quilts, cups and other checks, so she pushed the door and went out.
Before dinner, Shen Xinyu looked at the scenery for a while and planned to sleep, but the doorbell rang.
She hit Chi Bin’s shy and happy smile. He raised his hand and said, "Xiaoyu plays the male No.2 and we have many opposite plays."
Speaking of this, Shen Xinyu can’t help but feel ashamed to let him come to the novel "Actually, I can’t act"
It’s just that Gu Zhenglin is so determined to let her, a person who has never acted or studied acting, directly play the heroine. What should she do?
Resisting Gu Zhenglin’s root is not good for her. A good father is simply a overbearing president.
Chi Bin also smiled. Peach eyes bent into a crack. "I have learned and I will teach you."
"Well, then you wait for me."
Shen Xin Yumen turned to get the play.
Chi Bin curiously looked at Shen Xinyu’s room and then sat down on the sofa with a play.
"Would you like something to drink?"
"water will do. I’ll do it myself."
Seeing him up, Shen Xinyu no longer simply took a bottle of coke out of the refrigerator by himself. He just hit it and was taken away by Chi Bin. His ears turned red and he said, "Before coming, Sir Zhong told me that you can’t drink cold on the 10th to 20th."
The 10th to 20th are counted together before and after Shen Xinyu’s period, because after the abortion, the doctor specially told us to pay attention to keeping the baby in the palace, otherwise it would have an impact on the later childbirth.
She forgot, and she didn’t pay much attention to it for half a year. I didn’t expect them to even tell Chi Bin about it.
"You know?"
Shen Xinyu looked at the teenager and was more shy than her. She asked curiously.
Chi Bin put the drinks away and nodded "Yes".
"You don’t mind?"
This Shen Xinyu was a little surprised. It turned out that the former boys knew her experience and should not hide it from Gu Zhenglin. If she is really interested in who, it will be bad to know such a thing.
Section 372
"I like you no matter what you are."

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