"What person?" Gerty asked, but a white mud pill suddenly threw a piece of white fog from this man’s hand. In the night, Ran Ran rose and blocked the sight of Mongolian soldiers!

"Isn’t this the fog-hidden ninja Yagyu Naoki?" Ling Feiyang was surprised that the figure quickly rushed over and grabbed Ling Feiyang’s arm!
To Ling Feiyang’s surprise, Ling Feiyang’s skin is in contact with each other. This hand turns out to be smooth and delicate. It is a girl’s delicate hand!
This girl is obviously fighting skill, and she draws Ling Feiyang to her back and then quickly runs to the distance! The young girl ran out of the white fog in one breath and Ling Feiyang saw her face by moonlight!
It turns out that this girl is actually a firefly butterfly ninja sunset glass!
Mongolian soldiers rushed out of the white fog one after another, but at dusk, the colored glaze and the flying figure had already disappeared into the night!
Sunset coloured glaze with ling Feiyang continued to gallop forward and ran for miles before ling Feiyang was released in a rocky pile.
Sunset coloured glaze, after all, is a girl who is too tired to sit on a stone panting for a long time before she can calm down and go to Ling Feiyang’s side to untie the tendon rope for him. The two of them are very close to each other, and the girl’s hair flutters in front of Ling Feiyang, and her body fragrance seeps into Ling Feiyang’s heart and lungs. Ling Feiyang immediately feels that her mind is rippling and even her body pain seems to have weakened a lot.
Ling Feiyang immediately felt relaxed when the rope was untied, and quickly said, "Thank you for your glass!" "
"You don’t thank me. I saved you today because you saved me that favor …" Sunset coloured glaze turned around and said simply.
Ling Feiyang’s heart was slightly disappointed when suddenly a figure flashed outside the rocky pile!
"Sunset glass really made me guess right!" With the voice, this man slowly walked over. It was the puppet ninja’s ghost-bending pill!
"Royal ghost gentleman! Why are you here? " Sunset coloured glaze is almost got a fright.
"I have long seen that you have betrayed the emperor’s heart. I saw that you stole Yagyu’s fog-making mud pill and slipped out alone. I have been following you …" Imperial Ghost Pill said with a smile.
"I didn’t betray the emperor! I’m here to save Ling Feiyang and return his favor! " Sunset coloured glaze shouted
"Ling Feiyang is our enemy. If you want to save him, you will betray the emperor!" Imperial Ghost Pill suddenly asked, "Are you emotionally attached to this Ling Feiyang at sunset?"
"no! What are you talking about! I have been trained as a ninja for so many years. How can I be emotional about men? " Sunset coloured glaze hurriedly defended himself.
"I wish I didn’t!" Imperial Ghost Maru’s face suddenly softened and said, "Liuli, do you know what Fujita will do with you if he knows about today’s events?"
Shibing Wei Fujita, a cunning ninja, is a ninja leader personally appointed by Emperor Shunde, although he is also a ten-forbearing one in Fusang country. His killing methods are extremely cruel and he is famous in Fusang country for punishing female ninjas, which is particularly outrageous.
If the female ninja makes a mistake, Fujita Shibei will strip her naked and rape her in a dozen abnormal postures, and at the same time, she will be stabbed and flogged. After the rape, she will be put naked in the mud pile and sprinkled with sugar water on her breasts and private parts to let ants and insects bite her for three days and three nights.
Since the ten soldiers of Fujita took this punishment measure, most female ninjas will commit suicide by breaking their stomachs because they can’t stand this humiliation. Only a handful of them have survived, and because of this, hundreds of ninjas have been trained in Fuso, and almost no one dares to quit the ninja organization, and Fujita ten soldiers have been valued by the emperor.
Hearing the name of Fujita’s ten soldiers and guards, Liuli’s face immediately showed fear. Imperial Ghost Pill looked in her eyes and suddenly said, "Liuli wants you to promise me one thing. I promise not to tell Fujita about your today!"
"What do you say!" Ri mu Liu Li Dao
"I have liked you for a long time. I want your body!" Imperial ghost pill with her smile said bluntly.
"shame!" Sunset coloured glaze suddenly pulled out a sword and pointed it at the throat of Imperial Ghost Pill!
"Do you still want to kill me?" Imperial ghost pill sneer at a way "you scold me shame? Are you pure yourself? Are you a virgin yourself? Have you ever received charm training before? "
The biggest difference between female ninjas and male ninjas is that they want to confuse the enemy with beauty. The so-called charm training means that when each female ninja is twelve years old, the coach will break the melon, and then ten male ninjas will be selected for multiple intercourse. In the process of intercourse, the female ninja will learn various sexual skills to master the method of pleasing men.
I don’t know why when Imperial Ghost Pill heard the word "charm training", Ling Feiyang’s heart was like being hit by a heavy hammer!
"Coloured glaze looks so pure and pure, just like a piece of leisure white jade, but actually I don’t know how many men I share a bed with …" Ling Feiyang thought to herself.
"But these are not her voluntary. Although she * * has long been defiled, her heart is pure …" In Ling Feiyang’s heart, she didn’t have the slightest dislike for Sunset Glass, but she loved and cherished it a little more.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is full of mixed feelings, but the glass has already said, "Even if I have slept with many men, I am afraid it will not be your turn!"
"Coloured glaze, maybe you are not too white. I really like that you are completely different from those men. If you are willing to do it with me, I will treat you gently and bring you an unprecedented happiness!" Imperial ghost pill said.
"Are you? But you are not my type! " At sunset, Liuli suddenly giggled and continued, "I want to think about it. If you don’t want Fujita to know about this, there is actually a simpler way!"
"Do you want to kill me?" Royal ghost pill immediately asked
"Let you guess right!" Sunset coloured glaze said that efforts were made to stab the sword at the throat of Imperial Ghost Pill!
Ps: Ling Feiyang’s life is in danger, but she is rescued by the butterfly ninja Sunset Glaze. However, the puppet ninja Yugui Pill secretly follows this matter and threatens Sunset Glaze in an attempt to possess her body. How should Sunset Glaze face this crisis? Will the cruel, vicious and cunning ninja Fujita become a powerful opponent of Ling Feiyang after ten soldiers defend him? Is it true that the charm training of the female ninja who exterminates humanity has already happened in the sunset glass body? Fantastic and beautiful butterfly ninja, what is her real identity? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 25 Sunset Glass VS Royal Ghost Pill
"You won’t kill me!" Sunset coloured glaze sword tip has resisted the imperial ghost pill neck skin imperial ghost pill but root don’t hide don’t avoid is smile and said.
Sunset coloured glaze indeed admitted the sword look very dim.
"As far as I know, there is one novice among our ten forbearance who has never killed anyone, and that is you!" Imperial ghost pill stretched out his right palm and slowly dialed the sunset coloured glaze sword from the front of his neck.
Sneaking into the Central Plains to catch Zhao Hong is the first one who came out of the sunset glass. She has never killed anyone before, unlike other ninjas who have already killed people like hemp.
Even after years of ninja training, her kind character has not changed because of this. At the beginning, she did not treat Ling Feiyang killer, which also has this reason.
Imperial ghost pill took out the baby-shaped puppet from the bosom and then said, "We ninjas are like this puppet that is attached to one end of a silk thread but is held in the hand at the other end. These silk threads can also be cut by a knife, but we can never get rid of others …"
"Glass be careful!" Ling Feiyang next to him suddenly shouted, at the same time, a piece of white powder spilled out from behind the baby doll and immediately turned into a white smoke!
Sunset coloured glaze root didn’t expect the Imperial Ghost Pill to sneak up on himself. Fortunately, when I heard Ling Feiyang calling, I quickly pulled myself back, but I still took a sip of white smoke.
Sunset glass immediately felt a little dizzy, and her eyes were slightly astringent, but suddenly the Imperial Ghost Pill flashed from behind the baby doll and quickly rushed to the front of Sunset glass to cut her shoulder with a wild knife!
At sunset, the glass reacts very quickly, and the sword quickly moves to the first gear, and then the imperial ghost pill knife continues to retreat and pulls out a gold mesh bag from the wide cuff!
A colorful butterfly flew out of the net bag for a moment and wrapped the sunset glass body!
Imperial ghost pill cold hum a hand baby doll more and more will block his whole body behind!
Imperial Ghost Pill releases white smoke, which is a psychoanesthetic aimed at the human body. It can’t do harm to these magical butterflies. Hundreds of butterflies emit gorgeous flashing fluorescence. Imperial Ghost Pill has a dazzling and difficult to identify the position of sunset glass.

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