"Capturing the core of Zygarde is the key to our plan. Now we are in a hurry. Research institutes all over the world are speeding up the research on the evolution of mega, just in case Kusselowski, you should consider a backup plan during this period."

Kuserowski is confident in himself. He doesn’t think that the arrest of Zygarde will fail, but he won’t say anything against Lysandre.
On the other side, after leaving the Lysandre laboratory, Nazi immediately expressed her doubts to Longye. She recognized that Lysandre suddenly hoped that it was not simple for Longye and Alain to play against each other. Women’s intuition is sometimes so accurate and terrible.
"Lysandre, he won’t do anything meaningless. He asked me to play against Alain, but now we know that refusing to play because of such an unconfirmed guess obviously won’t work."
It’s not that Longye wants to die, but that he knows that there are many ways to force a person to fight an elf. Very often, you can’t refuse if you want to.
Nazi bit her lip and wanted to think. Suddenly her eyes lit up. "Why don’t we directly tell Dr. Fatong about Alain? If Alain leaves Lysandre, there will be no such concerns. "
"Afraid of the possibility is very small" Longye shrugged his shoulders "Ailan Chaojin fossil and evolution keystone were lent to him by Lysandre from Lysandre, which means losing these. You yourself have experienced the amazing effect of mega evolution on elf strength. That kind of thing is not easy to give up.
Especially according to Lysandre, Alain should be in the stage of rapid strength rise now, and it is almost impossible for him to give up mega evolution at this time. "
Nazi agreed and nodded, "It is really difficult to get rid of the evolutionary attraction of mega unless the strength is enhanced to a certain extent."
"Forget it, don’t think about these worries. It’s not long since we traveled in Carlos. You’d better think about how to decorate the wedding," Longye said with a smile.
At the wedding, Nazi’s face immediately smiled. During this period, Nazi didn’t think less about this matter. She had made a detailed plan. When she traveled before, Nazi recorded all the beautiful scenery in her photo album. She wanted to wear a wedding dress to re-commemorate those places.
The wedding made everyone forget the worries brought by Lysandre for a while, but the real crisis will not disappear. A severe challenge awaits Longye and its elves in the near future!
Chapter 744 Longye VS Alain
They left Longye, Lysandre Research Institute, and they left their unfinished Carlos trip. Because their current location is far from Baike City, Longye directly took the Super Arrow Turtle No.3 to travel to Yukikaze Town.
Yukikaze town is a beautiful small town near the city of Miere. The whole town gives people a sense of ease and peace. When they enter the town of Longye, they can see classical buildings similar to churches everywhere.
Although it is compared with the bustling city of Miarey, it has unexpectedly won the favor of Nazi.
In fact, the prosperity of big cities is almost high-rise buildings and feasts. On the contrary, this small town retains its own unique flavor
However, before Longye and them were quiet enough to enjoy the wonderful time in the town, Alain dialect called.
"Hello, Mr. Longye, where are you now? I’m going to find you at once."
"I don’t know how long I will stay in this place in Yukikaze Town. Please contact me when you get here." Longye directly quoted his address.
Excluding the fact that Alain is under Lysandre’s command, Longye is very optimistic about his talent. This is a young man who can make great achievements.
Alain may suffer a lot from his obsession with strength, but this belief is the driving force for his continuous growth.
"Great! I’m just leaving Aromatherapy City and heading for Yukikaze Town. I can reach Yukikaze Town in half a day." Alain said excitedly.
Some time ago, I suddenly received an order from the representative of Lysandre that Alain travel around Carlos to challenge those who have mega evolutionary elves.
Former Alain never thought that there would be so many evolutionary elf trainers with mega in the world. This time, he opened his eyes.
While increasing his knowledge, Alain also realized that he was not strong enough, and he was still far from his goal.
Alain’s trainers have won and lost the battle, no matter what the result, the experience of the battle process is imprinted on Alain’s mind.
I have to admit that Lysandre has an accurate eye for people. Although he is suspected of encouraging Alan, Alain has successfully withstood this pressure, and his strength is growing rapidly.
"This time, you must learn something during the inspection of Mr. Longye’s elf body," Alain thought full of fighting spirit
When I heard Alain for a long time, I could feel that Longye in Yukikaze Town had to spit out that there was such a coincidence in this world.
Now that the words have been spoken out, naturally I’m sorry to change my mind. Longye can hang out with Nazi in Yukikaze town while waiting for Alain to arrive.
Alain said that it would take him half a day to get there. In fact, if he was really on his way, the time would be much shorter. Although there was no transportation in Alain, he flew a fire-breathing dragon for a while and took a rest flight. In less than two hours, Alain arrived in Yukikaze Town.
Once again, I received Alain dialect, Longye and Nazi, and they came directly to the front of Yukikaze Town Theater. This is the place where the Triple Crown Satellite Race is held once a year, which is regarded as a landmark building in Yukikaze Town.
When I saw Alain, he looked more capable than when I first met him. It should be no exaggeration for Lysandre to say that he was training hard.
"Let’s have a competition, Mr. Longye," Alain said directly.
Longye waved his hand. "You must be very tired to come here directly. Take a rest first. I won’t run away again."
"That’s all right." Alain simply sat down on the next step. He released his fire-breathing dragon and fed it some water and food
When Alain pulled out the elf ball, Longye noticed that there was an elf ball around his waist and asked, "Alain, do you have a fire-breathing dragon elf?"

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