Yin Chen saw that the atmosphere was very embarrassing, but his eyes flashed with a little appreciation and smiled slightly. "Well, I heard that the two of you came here specially to learn the skills and wanted to study the method of fixing the truth in Shushan. I don’t know but I am serious."

Doing sealing and I almost turned our heads into rattles. It took a long time for doing sealing to preempt us by saying, "It’s natural to see that the path is here to learn Taoism. My partner also wants to learn some fairy methods to strengthen her body and prolong her life. I hope that the palm teachers will accept us both and see if we can do it." Then I stared at the three palm teaching roots sitting there without looking at the appearance of the lonely heart people who just suddenly appeared in the Xuan door clause. I couldn’t help but burst aside.
"Doing seal you learn Yin and Yang Daoism and my Yang door clause is the closest, why don’t you follow me?"
Road flyover Yin Chen took the lead in grabbing people’s roots and didn’t give road flyover Mu Yang a chance. Road flyover Mu Yang was so angry that his roots itched and said, "Brother Yin Chen, whoever you like will follow you. You’ve already received more than 1,000 people, and my other hospital is only six brothers."
Road flyover Yin and Dust quarreled with each other. Obviously, as an ordinary person, they had no interest at all. I couldn’t help looking at the road flyover Ziyun, waiting for him to make a decision, and the woman in front showed a little smile, which made me feel in a trance, but after all, I had just lost my temper.
Road flyover Ziyun didn’t let me down. He slapped a table and frightened the people who were arguing about it. Road flyover Yinchen and road flyover Muyang turned their heads and looked at the road flyover Ziyun, waiting for him to talk. Road flyover Ziyun was not in a hurry. He smoothed his white beard and seemed to be waiting for them to calm down.
"Doing sealed with vulva clause, leaving Liu Yong with Yangmen clause"
Road flyover Ziyun, with that defiant command tone, decided that for the first time, Chen Yanfeng and I were separated and somehow felt a little lost.
"all right"
Road flyover Yin Chen and road flyover Mu Yang have no room for resistance, but from the management, while road flyover Chen Yan Feng showed a smug look. I just said, "Don’t be happy too early. This road to fix truth must be bumpy." I said that he waved to me and followed the road flyover Yin Chen.
Road flyover Muyang and I went back to our residence, and six senior brothers were in the room, concentrating on shaping. My eyes swept from their room. In Muyang, the real person took me to a chatting place and laughed. "You two are lucky, and the head of Shushan has promised that another ten people will participate in the selection ceremony two days later, and then it is confirmed that they will officially become a member of Shushan." His face is extremely amiable to me, although I am not as good as doing it, which makes him feel disappointed more or less.
Curiosity killed the cat, too, but I couldn’t help asking, "Master, can you tell us some stunts in the Shu Mountain so that we can increase our knowledge?"
Road flyover Muyang looked at me kindly, which changed my mind. His evaluation of me was white, but he didn’t expose it. He smiled slightly. "We have the best Xuanzhen Twenty-four Tactics in Shushan. This is that every disciple must practice the Dharma Tactics and be strong, and there are also waiting for you to practice the Xuanzhen Twenty-four Tactics."
Chapter ninety-nine Learning skills
I smiled indifferently than sincere. "I can learn anything by chance. That’s not important to me, Master. I don’t think I will let you down."
Muyang looked at me with a hint of praise. It is the most important thing to cultivate the truth. The spiritual cultivation master in Shushan pays great attention to his younger brother’s spiritual cultivation, but my performance is just in line with the essence of spiritual cultivation. Muyang real people like it
The population of Muyang Road laughed. "Hehe, Liu Yong, when the time comes, you will live in that house, and then you will formally learn from me after the recruitment ceremony."
Muyang said and pointed to a house not far away to let me go to bed early. I nodded and obeyed the past. The days passed fairly smoothly. Soon after two days, Taoist Muyang took me to participate in this selected activity.
At this time, the first building of Ziyun Road flyover No.4 Hospital, the head of Shushan, was already sitting in the room. There were ten young girls in the room, two of whom were beautiful girls of 16 or 17 years old, which attracted people’s attention. The rest of the men were also around 16 or 20 years old. The arrival of the horse attracted everyone’s attention. All eyes were on the two people, and I bowed my head slightly and tried my best to hide my aura.
The eyes of the four experts in Shushan stopped at me and Chen Yan, and finally the eyes of the other three people were fixed on Chen Yan, except the road flyover Ziyun. This time, the road flyover Ziyun was different from the first meeting, and he had been looking at me carefully. He finally had a strange feeling about me in his heart. In his feeling, a little breath around my body fluctuated slightly, which made him think that I should not be an ordinary person, but he looked carefully and did not feel that I was not a practitioner.
"What a strange thing."
Frowning slightly, Road flyover Ziyun slowly moved his eyes to look at doing, sealing my heart, and took a deep breath. But just now, I have clearly felt the detection of my own breath. Fortunately, I finally passed. I looked up slightly and looked at these people carefully. I deeply realized that these teenagers might be my classmates in the future. I only remembered their appearance characteristics and would identify them in the future.
I have read it carefully for a while and found that young men and women here are already people with a certain foundation. Everyone has a certain degree of cultivation. It is not ordinary people. It is also necessary to choose people who have no certain foundation to start from scratch. It also takes a lot of time, which has a great influence on the reputation of Shu Gate in the field of repairing the truth. Maybe every school of repairing the truth is like this. Except those who have adopted the door since childhood, the rest of the disciples have to have a certain foundation to recruit themselves. I am afraid it is one of the special cases.
After all the people have written down their names, they handed them in to a stone case in the hall, waiting for the four branches present to check and see everyone.
Ziyun Taoist said, "Now, let’s look at their results together and then choose. You are already familiar with this matter, so I won’t say much." After that, I looked at those outstanding brothers and saw a glimmer of expectation in their eyes.
The four heads of the other hospital approached the stone case together and slowly divided the wishes of the twelve selected brothers so that they could recruit the brothers they wanted. Among them, four wanted to enter the Xuanmen clause, four wanted to enter the Wumen clause, four wanted to enter the Yinmen clause, seven wanted to enter the Yangmen clause, and seven wanted to enter the Xuanmen clause. Of course, some of them wrote about two individual colleges, so there were so many people. Many of them were repetitive.
And all the selected brothers, except Chen Yanfeng and I, wrote one place, and the other ten people each wrote two other hospitals. At this time, those people are faced with choices, and the initiative is in the hands of four hospital owners
Road flyover Muyang pulled me to him with a smile and said to him, "After a long time, work hard, there must be a day when I’m still waiting for you. It’s better to wash away the glory of our Yangyang Hospital. For many years, our Yangyang Hospital has no outstanding brother, and your excellent posture is a good candidate to fix the truth. Although you haven’t started yet, I believe you will win glory for our Yangyang Hospital in the future."
I smiled. "Thank you, Master. I will try my best to win honor for Yangmen clause." Road flyover Muyang patted me on the shoulder and turned away. I followed him closely towards Yangmen clause.
The sound of insects and birds in the deep path adds some charm to Shan Ye. I am thinking that I will feel more at ease when I can stay in this place for a while in the future, maybe longer.
When Taoist Muyang and I returned to Yangmen Farewell Hospital, he specially took me into a room and said to me, "Then you will live in this room. There is a table in your room where you should master the twenty-four strategies of Xuanzhen. If you have no problems, I will leave first."
"Master, what is the real world today?"
I also know that Yangmen Yard is the weakest brother among several other hospitals, and there are at least seven people in it. I feel that since I have arrived at Yangmen Yard in Shushan, my new life naturally needs heart.
In this era, there are many mountain gates for practitioners, including seven gates and three mountains, and more and more monsters and ghosts are rampant. We should do our best to help justice. It is difficult for us to change the situation in the four colleges in Shushan alone. It is not long before Huashan talks about swords.
Road flyover Muyang analyzed the reality boundary and looked at me hopefully. I didn’t expect the Seven Doors to be here for such a long time, but now the situation in Shushan is particularly declining.
"All right, Liu Yong, look at the twenty-four strategies for getting started. If you encounter any problems, ask the teacher again. I have something to do and I’ll leave first."
I, a younger brother with the most ordinary qualifications, didn’t have a good talent. It’s natural that Taoist Muyang couldn’t spend all his time with me. It’s just that I also need to study and be quiet. It’s really hard for him to bother me, so he turned and left my room. A younger brother like me is bound to disappoint him.
I picked up the ancient blue cover of the table and went back to my bed to meditate. I turned over the "Xuanzhen Twenty-four Tactics" and read it carefully. "In fact, there are two kinds of methods, and this method is divided into Xuanzong Twelve Tactics and Zhenzong Twelve Tactics, which are collectively called the Twenty-four Tactics. It is very important to strengthen one’s self-cultivation and lay the foundation for the rest of Shu’s methods.
I also have an idea in my heart that I want to know more about it. I want to know what it is that Shushan can last for thousands of years in the realm of heaven, and I believe there is some truth in it.
Although I have only been here for two days this time, I have clearly felt that the views of the major factions in the field of repairing the truth are extremely heavy and far more intense than he imagined. Even the four private colleges in Shushan are full of infighting and competition with each other.
I don’t care at all about the "Xuanzhen Twenty-four Tactics" in front of me. For me, I can skip the Xuanzong Twelve Tactics and the True Sect Tactics and directly practice the later techniques. I acted too aggressively, because I just came here and needed to do something to show others. When I cultivated a stick of incense, I already easily jumped over the first tactic and reached the ninth tactic. In fact, there are still many disadvantages in this set of methods. I will help myself to repair these disadvantages by freezing my breath. The rest of us will form fatal defects at this stage and will be broken when the practitioners fight.
"Ah, I’m so sleepy."
I soon lost three minutes of heat for the "Xuanzhen Twenty-four Tactics" and went to bed and fell asleep.
Road flyover Muyang saw me lying in bed through the window. I shook my head and sighed. I was very annoyed at my lack of enterprising spirit.
A week later, I have mastered the "Xuanzhen Twenty-four Tactics", and I have further abandoned and made up for the earth-shaking changes in my body, and a sense of masculinity has just reached a subtle fusion with the frozen atmosphere in my body, which makes me more than happy.

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