Shen Xinyu smiled and typed a good word, but before she sent it, Tang Shiyan came in

"Still waiting?" Men are full of magnetic bass. Come here.
Shen Xinyu looked at the front and said, "There is someone in front of me."
Tang Shiyan nodded and then asked, "Why don’t you add me?"
"What?" Shen Xinyu didn’t understand and asked, "What adds you?"
Tang Shiyan ""
"Didn’t you see that I sent you a message?" There’s something wrong with someone’s voice
"Micro letter?"
In hindsight, Shen Xinyu felt that there was a spark in her brain. Maybe she just ignored the helmet. Is it Tang Shiyan?
Tang Shiyan "Well, have a good exam"
Hang up the phone. Shen Xinyu found the person who just ignored it for the first time. Sure enough, when adding a friend request, he said, "Come on, big baby exam."
The girl sobbed at the corner of her mouth. At this time, she can’t be added, so she can remember the other party’s number and search again and add it again.
This time, the other party quickly agreed.
Shen Xinyu changed the remarks to Tang Shiyan and looked at the other person’s head and laughed. "Do you also play WeChat?"
She always felt that a serious president like Tang Shiyan wouldn’t play with these things.
Tang Shiyan "just registered as an assistant. He said it would be convenient for you."
Sure enough, this painting style is normal.
Shen Xinyu hooked her mouth and couldn’t help but raise "Then how do you know my account number?"
Tang Shiyan replied quickly, "I have your mobile phone number."
Shen Xinyu ""
"Remember to call me after the exam."
Shen Xinyu is "good"
Tang Shiyan’s "Yao Yao Da"
Shen Xinyu looked at those three words and almost dropped the phone.
After repeatedly confirming that they were three dry fonts instead of the recommended expression pack, the girl rubbed her and suppressed her impulse to laugh.
This won’t be another secret assistant giving him random advice, will it?
One day, she heard Auntie Wu chatting with several servants and said that Mr. Tang had changed a lot recently. He would not have done anything before, but he had listened to the company’s secret or assistant’s advice, including Ma Tuan. Otherwise, the man couldn’t have wanted to give her a cat for no reason.
At that time, after listening to Shen Xinyu, I instantly understood what it was like for him to feel disobedient sometimes, and when I felt incredible, I felt sweet in my heart
Thought of this Shen Xinyu also sent a message back to the mobile phone in the past.
Near noon, the invigilator finally called Shen Xinyu’s name "No.35"
Mrs. Tang and Liao Jingjing walked around the campus for a while and found the examiner’s teaching building. "Do you want to give Xiaoyu a message?"
Mrs. Tang waved her finger at the door chair and said, "That girl may be taking an exam. Let’s sit here for a while."
Section 16
Liao Jingjing helped her to sit beside the old lady Tang, and many students who had finished the exam passed by the old lady and suddenly sighed, "I remember that it has been more than ten years since you first came to Tang."
"Yes," Liao Jingjing followed at that time is that people can never stay.
Mrs. Tang gave her a look and suddenly said, "Jingjing, you and your grandmother have been telling the truth for so many years. Do you still like it in your heart?"
"Grandma" Liao Jingjing shook her head and didn’t answer this question. "Grandma, now he has found someone he likes. Isn’t it hard for me to say this again?"
Mrs. Tang patted her knees and got up. "Let’s go and have a look at our building. She said that this girl was reported to Jiaocheng Opera Academy. Let’s go to that test center."
Liao Jingjing bowed their heads and helped her walk.
There are about six or seven teachers sitting in the examination room. After Shen Xinyu played a song, one of them asked her a few professional questions. These teachers should be quite satisfied.
The next thing is that when Shen Xinyu calms down in the corridor, he will plan to call Tang Shiyan.
When the girl went forward with her erhu on her back and turned out the number to send a message first, someone suddenly stopped her at the back, "Shen Xinyu?"
Women turn around
The examiner in a white shirt waved to her, "Come on, it’s your turn."
Shen Xinyu paused. "Didn’t I just finish the exam?"
"Isn’t your name Shen Xinyu?"
Shen Xinyu "Yes"
"Want to test music?" The invigilator added another sentence
Shen Xinyu said "yes", but she applied for erhu today, but she is going to transfer later. How does this person know?
Seeing that she was still stunned, the invigilator took her erhu and urged, "Come on, it’s noon. Go in and sing a good song and go home for dinner. The teachers are tired of waiting."
In this way, Shen Xinyu was inexplicably pushed to a music examination room, which was different from the previous teachers.
Is it difficult for Tang Shiyan to know that she is interested in music? Is this his arrangement?
"Classmates can be". One of the 50-year-old male teachers is full of doubts about Shen Xinyu’s plan for the girl.
On the stage, there were a group of teachers, Shen Xinyu, who were waiting for her to sing. She was forced to think deeply about the reason and ordered a song.
This is a word she has often heard recently, and I remember it as a cover by that guy Lu Yanzhou.
The score teacher is quite professional. After she ordered it, she knocked on several venues to bring in the atmosphere of the room, followed by Shen Xinyu’s cantata.
Capricious or to play with
Wash your hands of the storm
I don’t love the world of mortals but I can’t give up my memory.
Every fault has you.
After a day of examination, in fact, these teachers are a little tired, waiting for the last one to want to eat. They are all a little perfunctory, but no one expected that such a little girl would walk into the classroom just when everyone was a little impetuous.
It’s even more amazing to look attractive without saying a word.
The girl’s shallow lip cantata soon brought people into the artistic conception of this song when she got the microphone.
hard to come by
exceed one’s expectation

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