"So that’s it. Let me see Super Dream so quickly," said Longye excitedly.

"Come with me."
Dr. Fuji brought Longye to the dream room. Once Longye came here, he saw the copied Charmander, Squirtle and Miao frog species. This time, there was another giant nutrition cabin in it.
In this nutrition cabin, Longye saw the newly born super dream. At this time, the super dream is very small and almost as big as the dream. I have to say that the super dream is very cute at this time.
On the other side of the room, several infographics are displayed on the screen. These infographics represent the consciousness of Charmander No.2, Squirtle No.2, Miaofrog No.2 and Xiaoai No.2 respectively. These images are constantly fluctuating, indicating that they are engaged in ideological activities, but the infographics are very stable at this time. At this time, the dream can not be said to have been born because it has not produced direct consciousness, which means that now the nutrition cabin is just an exorcism.
"If we expect it well, it will have its own consciousness if we dream it today," Dr. Fuji explained to Longye.
Longye nodded his head. He was all white.
At this time, Longye suddenly remembered that they disappeared one by one on Charmander II shortly after the dream came into consciousness. At the beginning, Longye was very sad when he was watching the theater.
"Do you have any way to save Charmander II?" Longye silently asked in my mind
"Charmander No.2, Squirtle No.2 and Miaofrog No.2 all belong to gene replication products. The instability of somatic genes caused by adding some extra genes in the manufacturing process is expected to disappear soon due to the collapse of somatic genes."
"I didn’t ask you to give a report. I wanted to ask you if there was any way to save them," Longye said grumpily.
"It has been identified that there are two ways to save them. The first is to make the elves recover, and the second is to make them sacred. Both methods can repair their somatic genes and eliminate the hidden danger of gene collapse."
"Are these two methods really? You didn’t cheat me this time, did you? " Longye asked uncertainly that he had taken precautions against Tong since he was trapped. Longye knew that Tong would not lie to him and might hide something, so he would have this question.
"There are indeed two ways."
After listening to the unified explanation, Longye was lost in thinking, but it was no problem to save these three elves, but what should be done? It is definitely not possible to make the elf rehabilitation instrument directly. If Longye takes out the elf rehabilitation instrument, these rocket team researchers will definitely study it carefully. Since the elf rehabilitation instrument is used, then they can choose the method of sacred ash. But how to make these three elves sacred ash?
Just tell Dr. Fuji that you three copy elves are going to die. Can I save them? Longye shook his head. It would be considered crazy to do so.
But what should I do if I don’t do this? Longye knew that the three elves were running out of time.
That’s right Longye suddenly thought of a way. Now people in the lab are absolutely not paying attention to these elves, but have not yet produced a conscious dream. If the dream attracts everyone’s attention, it can create an accident and let everyone die of gene collapse.
"All the time to detect these three elves, once there is danger, immediately transfer them to your warehouse." Longye still gave Tongda an order, which is just to be on the safe side. Will the lab people doubt it?
"By the way, you haven’t told me how many points this sacred ash is?" Longye suddenly thought of one of the most important problems.
"One thousand points each"
"Why would I be so expensive? It’s okay to repeat the elf rehabilitation instrument, but now your disposable is so expensive. Do you think it’s appropriate?" Longye bite a tooth and said
"Although it is a disposable thing, it is impossible to buy this kind of thing in the game. If you want to get a full map search place, its price is much higher than that of the rehabilitative agent."
It seems that Long Yeyan will spit out more than half of the points he won before attending the league meeting. "Give me three copies," Long Yenai said
"Host, you must never admit that you have been cheated again this time. The gene collapse caused by these three elves is due to the fact that after being copied, some dream genes are injected, and the conflict between the two genes will lead to the collapse of the body. After the sacred ash, their body genes will be stable, but the potential is very high after coming to these elves." Tong explained to Longye.
There is such a situation. Ryuno’s mood suddenly improved. I didn’t expect that there would be unexpected gains when doing good this time. It seems that good people are rewarded.
Just when the dragon was ambitious, the dream suddenly had a reaction. When Dr. Fuji saw this sample, he rushed to the front of the nutrition cabin where the dream was located. At this time, the screen representative dream information map had a little fluctuation, which gradually increased and soon reached the normal elf level.
"Stop staring blankly at Longye and come quickly," Dr. Fuji shouted at Longye.
Chapter 57 Super Dream Telepathy
The little dream in front of Longye doesn’t seem to have changed much, but the information map does show the dream. It is qualitatively different from before. It is no longer a shell-driving dream, but it has its own consciousness.
Just as everyone high-fived each other to celebrate the dream change, the fluctuation of the information map suddenly changed.
"What’s the matter?"
"This is … this is a dream to communicate with Xiaoai 2 and other replications."
"Is it telepathy?"
"It’s not certain, but it’s very possible."
The researchers carefully observed the screen monitoring data, and no one found that Longye had been staying in front of the super dream nutrition cabin at this time.
Longye, although he also has strong superpowers, has always been able to communicate through telepathic elves, but just when he dreamt of consciousness just now, Longye suddenly found that his consciousness came to an unknown place.
It’s dark here, but there’s a consciousness like a little dream in Longye. It’s made of a dream. A dream with a dream gene has already shown great super power at this time.
"It seems that someone is talking about me, but what are they talking about?" The meaning of Super Dream was accurately handed to Longye’s mind.
"Those things called’ language’ are human communication things," said Longye, looking at the dream in front of him.
"Who are you?"
"Human Fujiwara Ryuno"
"Human … am I human?"

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