Wonderful jade-like stone got her arms around her. Where is she not angry? When Liu Yanzhou heard this, she hummed and smiled, "That’s you being a bitch."

Then he added, "I told you he doesn’t like you at all. It’s just a joke. You are serious, checking up and trying to have children with others."
If it weren’t for this, Liu Yanzhou wouldn’t be staring at Miaoying so tightly, and she would go to the crew for a visit in ten days and a half, and she was afraid that she would do something stupid behind his back.
Miaoying was choked by him, and his face turned white and turned his head immediately.
But only quiet for a moment Miaoying turned back and asked Liu Yanzhou, "Is that little friend of yours calling you?"? Tell you I’m here and let you take me away? "
"Did she say if she saw Sir Zhong? Isn’t she Tang Shiyan’s fiancee? Does Tang Shiyan know about this? "
Lu Yanzhou didn’t answer her question and said, "Xiaoyu is not the kind of person you think."
"No?" Wonderful jade-like stone smile "do you know Mr Never take a woman home for the night? It has been more than ten years since he returned to China. This is the first time to make an exception. Do you dare to say that they are nothing? "
Section 335
Liu Yanzhou thought about the scene in the hospital yesterday, but he still didn’t think Shen Xinyu could betray Tang Shiyan. He stubbornly argued that "he is older than Tang Shiyan and won’t see him."
"What do you know is popular now, but you are rare in the circle of old wives and young wives?"
Miaoying sneers, although she can’t speak ill of his friend in front of her younger brother, but her heart is really blocked. After staring at him for so many years, the man was pried by others. If she can be comfortable and not vomit blood, it is already her life.
"Forget it, you won’t have a result without Xiaoyu."
Liu Yanzhou stepped on the foot brake and turned a crossroads with the steering wheel.
Miaoying took a white look at this elbow, and the younger brother sighed heavily with his cheeks in his hand.
Shen Xinyu’s health has not recovered well. The doctor suggested that she had better lie in bed and do less exercise, otherwise there would be a risk of miscarriage at any time. But where she lies is like being tortured. Gu Zhenglin can’t bear to see her feel ill. She invited several experienced doctors Shen Xinyu to check it again.
The examination results are almost the same, but the treatment plan is somewhat different. The new doctor said that if the child can’t stay and lie still every day, it will still fall off. In this case, it is better to do some proper activities every day to let yourself worry and add a pair of fetal medicine every day. Whether you can hold the child depends on these three months.
These two days Calvin finally passed. Try to write more nn.
Recommend Aotu Man Wen Jun Ye Liao wife can’t help but high-energy military favorite.
I heard that Shen Shengfeng, the first general of the empire, has a quirk that people are not allowed to touch their bodies!
And one day, I was not only touched but also slept!
I heard that the imperial celebrity Xiao family has been a general for generations, but she Xiao Jing is a daughter.
You have to dress up as a man and be a little soldier
The Shen family can’t reveal the secret, and everyone can’t touch Shen Shengfeng’s skin because he will die.
Xiao Jing accidentally touched it all over!
Shenyang knows that Shen Shengfeng’s hands are like strong sulfuric acid. Once they touch bones,
Xiao Jing is a careless touch!
Shenyang tacitly understood that the imperial general was physically special and could not marry and have children in this generation.
And this general suddenly announced one day that he was going to marry a "soldier"!
Chapter one hundred and one Liao is not allowed to enter (a)
Shen Xinyu’s attitude is very calm. It can be said that from the moment Gu Zhenglin saw her in the hospital, the girl’s reaction has been very calm and calm. It is unreasonable that Gu Zhenglin thought carefully after excitement, and finally remembered something that had been ignored by him.
When the doctors have all gone out, there are three men left in the room, Shen Xinyu, Gu Zhenglin and the housekeeper. The girl who is silent at the window walks over and touches her head and says, "Baby, dad hasn’t asked you what happened that day?"
Shen Xinyu looked up and looked like Gu Zhenglin. She was afraid to put her arms around her and patted her on the back. She said, "It’s okay. It’s over. Don’t talk if you don’t want to. Dad wants to know if someone bullied you. After taking it out on my baby, no one will hurt you again, and no one will give you a little injustice. You are our family princess and deserve the best thing in the world."
Shen Xinyu was inexplicably hugged and disgusting, and she said a lot of things. To tell the truth, her consciousness was to push, but her hand reached out against that powerful shoulder, but she couldn’t make any effort.
There is a faint Long Xianxiang at the tip of the nose. Although it is not the same as the breath of Yan Lin in Tang Dynasty, it can also give her a kind of stability, which she has never experienced before.
Even if the soul is different, this body is the blood of this person after all. This is a denial of the fact.
"I’ve got it out. Now it’s her who can’t move in bed, not me."
The girl finally gave up her struggle and compromised, saying, "And how can you vent your anger on me when someone has dealt with this matter without authorization? Why stab her twice on the basis of the disabled?"
Gu Zhenglin is a bit puzzled. He looked at his clever and pure daughter. After meeting him, her speech became more and more bloody.
But it’s also like he doesn’t suffer.
After two quick smiles, Gu Zhenglin looked up at the housekeeper and nodded and said, "Sir Zhong, someone did handle this matter first. Liao Jia withdrew the complaint against the little lady this morning and the previous blood test report was destroyed earlier. We went late."
It is also Gu Zhenglin who indulged in the joy of recognizing his daughter and slackened a little in the follow-up treatment. Besides Tang Shiyan, there should be no second one who handled this first.
But this doesn’t mean that the father and daughter forgave Tang Shiyan. Gu Zhenglin stared at the girl and then asked, "What’s the situation of that person in the hospital?"
"The situation is not very good. It is said that it is almost impossible to resume walking upright with multiple fractures of both legs, and the left eye is badly scratched. If you want to restore your vision and transplant your cornea, Mr. and Mrs. Liao also came to Beijing in the afternoon and were still arguing."
Butler said that he hesitated to look at Shen Xinyu and looked after Zheng Lin a little don’t know how to say it.
Gu Zhenglin frowned and sneered, "What else do they want to do?"
"That’s right. After Mr. and Mrs. Liao came, they were noisy and fierce. They also went to the family to say that they wanted to let the little lady pay for this cornea."
The housekeeper didn’t finish Shen Xinyu’s words, but he wasn’t angry. Gu Zhenglin suddenly became angry, and his eyes narrowed and he was full of rage. "I see who dares them."
"But I heard that it was Tang Shiyan who stopped people. In the end, I don’t know what conditions they reached." The housekeeper’s cheek was shaken and the words were completely added
Gu Zhenglin’s eyes were dark and Shen Xinyu didn’t disperse. This would probably push his hand towards the door.
Gu Zhenglin was shocked and immediately shouted, "Baby, where are you going?"
It won’t be this that moved you to find that bastard Tang Shiyan, will it?
Shen Xinyu looked back at him.
Gu Zhenglin immediately changed his mind and said, "Daughter, are you not well yet?"

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