Shang Tang Lianwei frowned and looked at Huangfuying with a wry smile. That’s right, everyone didn’t read the wrong business queen, but frowned.

It is the queen of Shang who admits that she likes to look at handsome men, but this does not mean that she likes to look at obscene handsome men.
At the moment, the three Huangfuying people look at Shang Tang Lotus with a wretched smile. In Shang Tang Lotus’s view, small fresh meat should have a small fresh meat sample, such as youth, such as teasing, such as you can Fan Er, but you just can’t play hooligans with a wretched smile hanging on your face, which destroys your image and lowers your class style:
Chapter 567 See monkey being seen
So it’s no wonder that Shang Tanglian was not excited when she saw three small fresh meats in front of her, so they couldn’t tell a wretched face with a bad smile.
It happened that three people still didn’t realize that Oriental Qi was still excited to ask Shang Tang Lotus, "Shang Tanglian heard that if Yunxi confessed to you in public, you refused." A face of obscene looks like watching a good show.
Shang Tanglian, who looks like a flow, said that she dare not look straight.
Shang Tang Lian also has to admit that she likes watching the theatre very much, especially watching other people’s plays, but that doesn’t mean that she likes being watched by others. Although it’s not herself who makes a fool of herself, they mainly want to watch the theatre, and the protagonist is not herself, but there is always a feeling of entertaining others. Even so, Shang Tang Lian always feels as if she thinks that others have entertained her when she is watching the theatre. Don’t hit me, please hear me out. I have to say that it is really so secretly. Let me add that it is to watch the monkey trick turn into a meteor again.
Shang Tang Lian Gherardini at this "Yes, how do you want to experience this feeling?" She doesn’t doubt that the three of them know the source, but it doesn’t mean that she likes to be seen like this, although it’s not her shame.
Dongfang Qi now knows how to look at people’s faces, especially when she looks at the Queen’s face. She immediately paused and realized that the Queen was unhappy. She smiled wryly, "No, no, I actually came to Sister Xin." When her eyes turned, Dongfang Qi had an idea, and then she said, "In fact, I heard that you were bullied by Wang Pai’s gang to avenge you. Yes, Sister, what happened to your clothes?"
Speaking, Dongfang Qi realized that Shang Tang Lotus seems to be a little disheveled at the moment. Although he is sure that Shang Shang Lian is not so weak, those Wang Pais will not be so mean to Shang Tang Lian, but the acting still needs to be performed. Besides, Dongfang Qi’s heart is also in danger.
Dongfang Qi was very excited immediately. "Elder sister, did they bully you? We’ll avenge you. Wait for me to settle accounts with them now."
Seeing Dongfang Qi committed another crime. Although Shang Tanglian felt that Oolong didn’t need Dongfang Qi’s intermittent convulsions, she also let go of Dongfang Qi’s idea of watching a movie just now. She took her time to sort out her clothes, but there was nothing to sort out.
If I can tidy up Shang Tang Lotus just now, where will I wait until now? Just now, Shang Tang Lotus fought that fight, except for a little messy hair and a little messy breath. This dress is a little disheveled and nothing. It is already very good.
Shang Tang Lian is not ashamed of her messy clothes.
Shang Tang Lian has put on two clothes, so I don’t care about this dress. In Shang Tang Lian’s view, it is completely scrapped. I look angry and want to find someone to try my best. Oriental Qiyin said lightly, "Stop acting. I can’t believe you have so little confidence in me."
Oriental qi smell speech a frozen quick way "where there is I have confidence in elder sister elder sister is ok, then I’m relieved"
Huangfuying looked at Shang Tang Lotus, whose broken clothes were an eyesore, and immediately took off his coat and gave Shang Tang Lotus something to wear. As a result, both sleeves were torn in Shang Tanglian’s fight, and his white arms were exposed, which made him fantasize unconsciously.
Shang Tanglian saw a Huangfuying dress, but she didn’t refuse to wear it. Instead, she asked, "How did you come here to see my joke?"
"Elder sister, you think too much. How can it be? It’s not that you don’t know that we don’t agree with Wang Pai. It’s not that we heard that Wang Pai’s business is coming, and we also heard that Wang Pai’s people are facing you and are a little worried." Nangong Feng said with a smile.
If this is an ordinary girl, it will be dizzy directly. Unfortunately, this touch is that the Queen of Shang Tang Lotus saw that she took a faint look at Nangong Maple and spit out the same faint word "false".
Very incisive, highly generalized, and immediately choked Nangong Maple. I didn’t know how to pick it up. I couldn’t help but look at Shang Tang Lotus with some bitterness. Even if you know it’s fake, you don’t need to say it so bluntly.
Huangfuying answered, "We really came to see that although we know that you are very powerful, we are also worried that you will suffer if we don’t see it with our own eyes. Although Wang Pairen doesn’t know that Elder Sister is with us, we are also worried about whether they have any special channels to learn about it. If we really stutter with Elder Sister, can we not worry about it? Although Elder Sister is very powerful, if we don’t care about it, we will call a bunch of people. Elder Sister is also a hard-hitting opponent with fists. Of course, we also hope that Elder Sister can kill the quartet and suppress the arrogance of Wang Pai for us.
Shang Tanglian felt that Huangfuying’s speech was more like that, which was noncommittal. Well, it was a pity.
Although the emperor sent three people to express a pair of Shang Tang lotus hearts, it’s a pity that the Queen Shang felt very sleepy, so she didn’t intend to give the three people a chance to see the three people and clarify the incident. Shang Tang Lotus went back to the dormitory, and now it’s not as big as the Queen’s desire to sleep.
Shang Tanglian didn’t think it was not peaceful to go back to the dormitory.
When I came to school, this rumor was being broadcast at rocket speed. When Shang Lianlian returned to the dormitory, her three roommates were also playing mobile phones, talking, texting and texting in the dormitory.
When Shang Tang Lian took a shower, washed her clothes and got into bed, she was already sleepy. As a result, a girl screamed and the tone was high, and the Queen of Shang just slapped her to death.
Shang Tang Lian hasn’t slapped the girl to death yet. The girl accused Shang Tanglian there. Seeing Xiong Dailin, she stared at Shang Tang Lian with an unhappy face. "When will you do this?"
Shang Tanglian felt puzzled, and then Xiong Dailin was even more angry. He put his mobile phone in front of Shang Tang Lotus.
Shang Tanglian saw it, that is, someone went to the forum on campus just now. Shang Tang Lotus is really angry at the moment because of the clouds:
Chapter 56 Whoever disturbs me kills me!
Shang Tanglian looked at that and still didn’t know what Xiong Dailin was angry about, so she asked, "What’s with you?"
Well, Xiong Dailin is speechless. How can she say that if Yunxi is her own male god, she dreams in Xiang Xiao. How can Shang Tang Lian, a savage woman, deserve her own male god? How can she respect Shang Tang Lian? It must be Shang Tanglian’s seduction. This is the conclusion that Xiong Dailin made after brain supplement. There was the previous scene.
Xiong Dailin naturally won’t say that he has a crush on Yunxi, but sarcastically said, "What do you have to do with me? You have influenced our class reputation. What do you say with me?"
"I just hook up with you when I can represent our class. I don’t know when I can represent you again. I don’t know what it has to do with you if I don’t have it." Shang Tang Lian is super upset and sleeps like a super handsome guy, so forget it. After all, opposites attract each other. We can’t violate this natural law, can we? If you despise her, you will make excuses for your lewdness.
But the same sex repels you, even if you are a beautiful woman, you are not so beautiful as to make the gods cry. You are more beautiful than yourself, and so on. Why can you disturb my sleeping place? Shang Tanglian’s patience is not much, and she doesn’t excuse it at the moment. Of course, according to her ex-nature, she won’t excuse it, but Shang Tanglian’s speech is relatively severe at the moment
Choke Xiong Dailin immediately didn’t know how to answer, because she really despised Shang Tanglian, let alone representing her class, and she felt unqualified.
After saying this, Shang Tang Lian waited for a while and Xiong Dailin didn’t speak. Shang Tanglian said coldly, "I have nothing to say. Don’t bother me again or you won’t want to know the consequences."
Xiong Dailin couldn’t help shrinking her neck when she heard Shang Tanglian’s threat. Well, she finally remembered that Shang Tang Lotus was tough. She didn’t learn it on the first day of school, but she witnessed it with her own eyes during the military training period. This is what you can do to challenge the instructor.
No matter how much resentment and jealousy there is in Xiong Dailin, I can’t get mad at this moment. I can’t touch a person with superior force and dare to say and do it without any scruples. Can Xiong Dailin be afraid?
Say it. She hates this kind of force. It’s worth the barbarians in off the charts. Anyone who threatens people with fists, huh?
When Shang Tang Lian saw that Xiong Dailin had no objection, she happily lay down and planned to go to sleep to find the Duke of Zhou for a date.
YunYunZhu and Song Muyang were also scared by Xiong Dailin’s screaming. They were also very dissatisfied that Shang Tanglian didn’t care about them, but they were not so accommodating. They were also curious about what made Xiong Dailin scream or had something with Shang Tang Lotus.
Song Muyang was very dissatisfied, saying, "Xiong Dailin, what’s your name?" Then he asked curiously, "What’s the matter, Xiong Dailin? Did you see anything or did you have it with Shang Tanglian?"
YunYunZhu also looked at Xiong Dailin curiously, but she showed her dissatisfaction. "Xiong Dailin, you don’t know that scary people will scare people to death. What’s the name so late? Can you be quiet?"
At this moment, when Xiong Dailin saw Yunyunzhu, it was like seeing a savior. He immediately took what he had just seen to Yunyunzhu and asked, "By the way, Yunyunzhu, look at this. You said yourself that this Shang Tanglian is very important. See if this is true. Aren’t you a cousin of Yunxiong? Do you know this thing?"
"What’s the matter?" Yunzhu curiously took the phone and looked at it. Then the headline made Yunzhu freeze.
Song Muyang doesn’t mind not showing her the cloud beads. Anyway, she won’t gather together to see them. She is really curious about what can make Xiong Dailin, who claims to be a little lady, lose her temper.
When I saw Song Muyang, Shang Tang immediately praised "Wow, the Queen is really handsome, and even the school grass is worshipped at the bottom of the pomegranate skirt of the Queen. It is really amazing."
YunYunZhu looks ugly. "When did this happen? Where did this post come from? It’s simply how can it be that it slanders my cousin?" This sentence was swallowed back by YunYunZhu before it was finished. YunZhuLai wanted to say that YunXi, if she likes Shang Tang Lianqian, still dislikes her very much. Fan groups are still looking for trouble with Shang Tanglian. How can she like Shang Tang Lianplus her cousin, such an outstanding person as Shang Tang LianTo put it bluntly, she is a grassroots person. Even if she is well-dressed, how can she say that her family is not a big-name family even if she is rich?
However, on second thought, Yunyunzhu thought it might be because she remembered her cousin’s lewdness. Maybe it was because she was beautiful in Shang Tang. Maybe it was really possible.
But this isn’t a key, it’s when Shang Tang Lian hooked up with her cousin. Why didn’t she know, and Shang Tang Lian was shameless.
Zhejun, do you want to stop looking at this cloud bead children’s shoes? Is this a hook?
Yunyunzhu felt even more angry when she saw the back. If she felt that Shang Tang Lotus was really shameless enough to hook up with her cousin, she had the nerve to face her so frankly. What is the logic of Shang Tang Lotus? Don’t say that there is no hook-up. Even if there is you, it is not his lover. I can’t face you frankly.
What the hell is more angry when I see Yunzhu behind me? In the circle, so many girls have caught a handful of Shang Tang Lotus so lucky to be seen by their cousin. It should be flattered to dare to abandon her cousin. Yunzhu is simply outrageous. "Shang Tang Lotus, get up for me."
"What’s the matter?" Shang Tang Lian’s face stinks. Today, this is the second time that she has been woken up. Now the Queen is in a bad mood. If you don’t tell me to come on 215, I will let you go.
Shang Tang lotus directly looks bad after sitting up this time, staring at the clouds and beads. If you don’t make it clear to yourself, I won’t let you stay up all night.
Yunyunzhu doesn’t care if Shang Tang Lian doesn’t look good. She doesn’t look good. She wants to be angry.
YunYunZhu immediately took Xiong Dailin mobile phone and asked, "What’s going on?":
Chapter 569 I am koo
Xiong Dailin is gloating. You deserve it. If you don’t bother her, someone will bother her.
Shang Tang lotus eyes dolly, don’t say so close, that is, you can see what a person’s expression is like from a distance. This Xiong Dailin is so close to swing into his sight, Shang Tanglian thinks that unless he is blind, how can he not see it?
Shang Tang Lotus looked at the cloud bead and handed it to the bedside mobile phone, pretending to pick it up. As a result, it seemed that one did not pay attention to one hand, accompanied by Shang Tang Lotus’s sentence "Oh, Jiao Hu". In the eyes of Yunzhu and Song Muyang Xiong Dailin, the mobile phone turned into a beautiful arc and flew into the distance, and then the whole mobile phone was directly torn apart.
Xiong Dailin screamed again, "Ah, my mobile phone, Shang Tang Lian, is at odds with you." She was about to cry. She just bought the mobile phone not long ago, or she rubbed her father for a long time, and she promised to study hard and behave well when she entered school. If she didn’t have a new fashionable mobile phone when she entered school, it was not easy to find a good husband. The equipment was not good enough for you to be attractive. Her father was finally persuaded by her and gave her another mobile phone.
Of course, it’s not that Xiong Dailin’s family doesn’t have the money to change Xiong Dailin’s mobile phone. The main reason is that Xiong Dailin changes her mobile phone too quickly. In fact, she doesn’t study mobile phones deeply. She just catches up with a fashion model, so this one has a new high-end machine, and she has changed it to another one with a new high-end mobile phone.

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