I want to pay her debts more and more strongly in my heart, and at the same time I feel that I can’t let the other party help me pay back the money, otherwise I won’t be able to say for sure.

In fact, to put it bluntly, Guan Yuelan is determined to win, but they don’t want to break the friendship between brothers. But at this time, if they are given a direct choice between Guan Yuelan and brotherhood, don’t talk about it and listen to what they should do or how to do it.
For example, at this moment, if we tell each other that the friendship boat is guaranteed to turn faster than the speed of light.
However, before raising money to pay off Guan Yuelan’s debts, the Duke of Zhou was seldom clever once, and he can’t say that because of this, he will definitely fight if he doesn’t fight Liu Gong.
It was the Duke of Zhou who made up his mind faster. Of course, it was mainly the official month Lan Chen who made up his mind earlier. In the past, "What have you been doing recently? Are you okay? Why are you so busy? I haven’t seen you for days. What are you busy with?"
First, there was a greeting with Hala, and then the other party replied, "Yes, I’ve been very busy recently. Alas, my father recently arrested me. Something happened in the company and I have to deal with some troubles."
"Ah, so, really? Do you want help? It’s no big deal, right?" The tone is quite kind when you answer, but in fact, you can’t wait for the other person to be as busy as possible
"Ah, no, no, it’s just that there are some troubles. In fact, things are in the final stage. What about you? What have you been up to recently? It’s not even difficult to say a word. Something happened to your company." Speaking of this, I can’t help but feel a little tempted.
"I’m busy, too. See if you say we can be busy? That’s not my aunt’s back. My mother asked me to treat them well. I’ll be served by torture later." The sound seemed very bitter.
Sympathetic tone: "Oh, well, you are really pitiful. I’m fine. Fortunately, my aunt and they are also at home. Otherwise, if my mother asks me to entertain me, I won’t be able to stand it. I really don’t know what clothes to buy." Then there is a complaint, which is actually a relief.
In this way, it was only after Hara that the Duke of Zhou got down to business as if inadvertently or by the way, "What are you going to do with that woman once? Have you found a way?"
"Come on, I’m busy these days. Where can I think about this? But I can’t really pay her debts if I think about it at the moment. I can think about this, but I won’t even split the money between us by 1.5 million. When do you think we have done such a loss-making business and what women can’t find the money? Don’t you think so?" Liu Gong seemed really upset:
Chapter 74 Go your own way
"That’s what I think. It’s too much, three million. If it’s three hundred dollars, I’ll throw it away directly. Don’t give it to even this beautiful woman. By the way, what’s this woman’s name?" Duke Zhou agreed as if she really thought so.
"Three hundred dollars, three hundred dollars, if you don’t share it, I will throw it myself. Oh, I remember it as if it was an official or something." Liu Gong seemed to be unable to remember clearly
Duke of Zhou also looked like he was awakened. "Yes, yes, this surname is quite special. I remember that the name is also nice. It is a good name for Yuelan people, but it is too expensive."
"Yeah, if you ask me, anyway, we are so busy these days, why don’t we hang her first, or she will find out later that we are thinking of sitting on the ground and starting at a price? Besides, we should also think of a safe way. If it is too rude and so beautiful, I will feel distressed." Liu Gong suggested that it was sincere and loyal.
The Duke of Zhou felt that this suggestion won his heart and immediately nodded. "That can be the case. Alas, I don’t know that my aunt will leave in a few days."
"Ha ha, sympathy, oh, don’t say it. I’ll hurry over there and call it." Liu Gong hung up as if he were in a hurry. Actually, he saw Guan Yuelan’s words coming.
Duke of Zhou got a positive reply from Duke Liu, and he settled down. So did Duke Liu. But Duke Zhou came out first, but he still hesitated here.
After receiving a positive reply from Liu Gong, Duke Zhou actively sought Guan Yuelan to find out who owed the money and how to pay it back if he wanted to.
When the Duke of Zhou asked these questions, Guan Yuelan was still very alert. "What are you going to do? It’s none of your business. I don’t know anything." That kind of cheating made the Duke of Zhou love and hate, but he was able to wait for opportunities.
On the other hand, the Duke of Zhou is trying to find out who the official Yue Lan is going to pay back the money. On the other hand, he is trying to figure out how to raise money. To be honest, he really spent all his money, but he did have some of his own money. For example, he said that when parents and relatives gave red envelopes, he could also ask his mother to sponsor him from time to time. That’s how Duke of Zhou spent money before he was extravagant.
Duke Zhou thought for a long time that it would not cost him 350,000 yuan to come here except for his own hand, but the money is not enough. But if someone borrows some and asks his mother to coquetry and sponsor him, he will have to borrow another 1.5 million yuan if his mother can afford one million yuan.
That 150,000 yuan is really not enough. It’s such a thought that Duke Zhou thinks that he should ask his mother for all the remaining money. It’s also wrong. He should ask for 1.15 million first, and then borrow 1.5 million from his mother for an excuse. It’s also very simple that Duke Liu asks himself to borrow money because of a woman’s business and doesn’t want his parents to know.
Then I told my mother not to spill the beans about it, and there would be no problem.
With such a good thought, Zhou Gongma went to his mother to carry out this plan. It’s a big deal that he will not go out to play for a while in the future. Anyway, it’s almost the New Year.
At the thought of doing it, the Duke of Zhou finally collected the three million dollars the next night. At this time, he finally got the news he wanted through alcohol, but Guan Yuelan was drunk and sad. It seemed that he was more distressed than Guan Yuelan’s drunken confession and excited the Duke of Zhou. Perhaps it was because he was distressed that she really looked at her differently, or perhaps he felt that she had successfully received Guan Yuelan’s assurance that she was in the bag and could not run away. The Duke of Zhou did not take advantage of Guan Yuelan.
In fact, Guan Yuelan didn’t say anything. He said that he is now in debt. If he dares to like someone, he can pay the Duke of Zhou’s love by mistake.
Let the Duke of Zhou decisively determine that Guan Yuelan likes himself and thinks for himself. It’s a warm current in his heart.
This made the Duke of Zhou have no doubt in his heart and went to pay back the gambling debt. The other party also wanted to change from three million to one million, but the Duke of Zhou was not a vegetarian and directly told the other party that the original money was one million. Now they have earned another two million. If there is more, they should wait for someone to pay back the money.
The other party heard some words with a grain of salt. It is estimated that they are reluctant to give up the money, so they are hesitant and can finally say, "I want to make a message and ask our boss."
In the end, the deal was made. Guan Yuelan had no debt and paid back the money. Duke Zhou also felt refreshed when he was a hero. He told Guan Yuelan that he had done this great thing himself. Guan Yuelan just scolded the Duke Zhou for what mental derangement. He didn’t want the other party to pay with him, and so on. He allowed it, and so on. He was moved to tears and threw himself into Duke Zhou’s arms after scolding him with great anger.
Behind the nature is indispensable dedication drama, although the Duke of Zhou refused, Guan Yuelan insisted on giving himself to the other party, but the Duke of Zhou still refused, not his Liuhui, but felt that it was not a taste to see the Duke of Zhou unhappy, and Guan Yuelan did not say anything more, but it was even more innocent girl since then.
In fact, it’s not too late for Liu Gong to pay off the debt for the Duke of Zhou. He also thought of borrowing money from his mother, and the excuses for borrowing money are the same. Why did Duke Zhou see that a woman had to pay back the money for the woman? He didn’t dare to let his parents know that the bargaining drama was the same at such a time, and then he paid the debt.
When Liu was refreshed and told the news to Guan Yuelan, Guan Yuelan finally hesitated. He didn’t know whether to tell Liu that Zhou Gong had paid it back for himself, but Guan Yuelan was also very moved and threw himself into each other’s arms again after a while, which made Liu very satisfied.
However, when Liu Gong came back, he couldn’t satisfy "When did the Duke of Zhou repay you?":
Chapter 741 Complete
On the one hand, Liu Gong felt that he was cheated by the other party, and on the other hand, he felt that Duke Zhou didn’t say that he wouldn’t pay back the money for Guan Yuelan. Why did he pay it back again?
Here, Liu Gong was worried in his mind, but he didn’t think about how to deal with it. He was suddenly caught by Zhou Gong, who didn’t follow the common sense and came to give Guan Yuelan a surprise.
It can be said that Mars has hit the earth. The difference is that Mars and the earth are different. One is mercury and the other is Mars, while Duke Zhou and Duke Liu have been revolutionary friends for many years.
The mutual suspicion in the hearts of the two people muttered that the anger generated by the jealousy of women was burning at that moment, and then things broke out and the two brothers turned against each other.
Of course, it’s natural that Guan Yuelan can’t add fuel to the flames, but Guan Yuelan can act. The two of them don’t see it, and they still firmly believe that this woman is beautiful. All the treasures are defiled by Duke Liu of Zhou, the disgusting person. Everyone she likes is herself, and the other person is wishful thinking.
For three transgressions and two times, Duke Liu and Duke Zhou bumped into each other with Duke Zhou and Guan Yuelan, or with Guan Yuelan, can they not get angry every time, and Guan Yuelan also played a incisively and vividly as if he were such a good person.
No matter how deep the friendship between two people is, they can’t stand such destruction and questioning. What’s worse, they can stick to their trust in their friends. After all, most of them will shake with time. What’s worse, they just have ulterior motives in their hearts. It’s just five days’ work. It’s been exposed from the meeting between the two sides, and now they are like fire and water.
Things are really developing so fast that in the end, both of them started to fight like enemies of life and death, and even the forces behind them came to fight. It can be said that this development is very dramatic. At the moment, where are the two of them? I can’t remember that Song Muyang.
Moreover, at the moment, the two are enemies of life and death. Generally, they either hire people to monitor each other all day or send people to stop each other. They always try their best to stop each other from getting in touch with their hearts, and they also try their best to break through each other’s tight encirclement to meet their hearts.
Finally, when they were about to meet each other in life and death, things took a dramatic turn.
In Guanyuelan’s persuasion and efforts, the two of them don’t know how to understand, and finally realize that beauty likes not only their own feelings, but also a little affection for each other.
In the end, the two of them actually accepted this reality slowly, and they didn’t know how Guan Yuelan did it anyway. As a result, they thought that they had not experienced this before, but they gradually accepted this reality, but the gap between them has formed. No matter what Guan Yuelan did, it is impossible for them to recover.
And things broke out again when Guan Yuelan devoted himself to this night, and they somehow got involved with Guan Yuelan, and then things changed before they could react.
Because three people haven’t reacted yet, the situation was finally broken in by a group of people. Guan Yuelan knows the machine horse and hides on the side. There is also a cute bottom and a pair of shorts. It’s nothing unusual for people to walk outside like this in this era. Plus Guan Yuelan’s hiding angle is a dead angle, which is not easy for people to notice. After everyone comes in, her horse will sneak away and wear a corner coat before leaving.
At that time, the flash kept flashing, and the fact that Liu Gong and Zhou Gong didn’t react was doomed, and the result was doomed.
Pass the microphone for a moment. "Duke Zhou, do you really love Duke Liu?"
"Is this room Duke Zhou or Duke Liu?"
"Do your parents know about you and agree that you are together?"
Liu Gong reacted faster than Zhou Gong and knew that something was not good, but it was not good again. He did not expect that so many media would follow him, and Liu Gong could see his future situation.
Duke Zhou is not stupid to react, though slowly, but somehow he has seen the world, so he thinks it is very bad, but he doesn’t know how to answer it. At the moment, he feels overwhelmed in hell, and it is extremely difficult at the moment.
But at the moment, it seems that Guan Yuelan, who has lost her virginity, is no longer pure. Instead, she is capable of practicing. In fact, Guan Yuelan’s roots have not been that. She just gave them some medicine and added some hallucinations, which has caused the result that a car will pick her up as soon as she gets out of the hotel.
If the Duke of Zhou and the Duke of Liu were present at this time, they would never recognize that Guan Yuelan was the former man at this moment.
At this point, Guan Yuelan is retired. She can go to that woman to get a reward and see if she still dares to look down on herself with eyes, but she hasn’t forgotten to finish. How to say it, she should show a woman who has dedicated herself to repay her kindness incisively and vividly.
Guan Yuelan has made people ready. After three days, she sent letters to Duke Zhou and Duke Liu respectively. She is as kind as in romance novels. After all, the hostess can’t help but repay her kindness, but she can’t stand being sandwiched between two people. She has to leave and owe them money. One day, she will let them not remember her. She is not a good woman and is with two people at the same time. After she can’t stand it, she will find someone to marry her and wish them happiness.

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