After the Fulham game, Tomlinson called Adriano back to the first team, just a week after the Brazilian was released to the reserve team.

Returning to the first team, Adriano looked all right. Robinho went to say hello at the first time, and Adriano responded normally. At ordinary times, coach Tomlinson didn’t deliberately look for Adriano’s ideological worker again. Ariel would naturally help him do well. Tomlinson was slightly surprised that Adriano was praised by Robert, who was in charge of the reserve team. But Tomlinson was relieved when he thought about it. That is why Adriano didn’t think too much about making mistakes and didn’t think too much about correcting them. To put it mildly, he simply said it was a lack of brains.
Perhaps this is the biggest difference between Adriano and Robinho. Everyone wants to be smart, but no one likes to be with people who can’t eat at all.
On October 29th, Manchester City sat in the City Stadium to welcome its 16th opponent in the Carling Cup. Unfortunately, Newcastle Linsen cashed in for a few days and started Robinho’s press conference.
Perhaps it was Lin Sen’s "stimulus" to the game. Robinho was particularly excited from the beginning. Several wonderful moves on a bicycle caused applause in the stands. When the Brazilian helped Manchester City score the first goal in the 31 ST minute, the stands sounded very loud. Manchester City fans specially wrote songs for him in the season.
It’s a pity that the enthusiasm of the fans didn’t infect Robinho. After Robinho scored, he didn’t celebrate. His expression was as cold as a goal. The commentator called Robinho’s move to write his unhappiness on his face, but for Linsen on the sidelines, he knew exactly what Robinho wanted to say.
Either demonstrate to yourself.
The league seems to be in a strange circle, and the draw doesn’t seem to be in the cup. Wright-Phillips helped Manchester City seal the game in the 77th minute. After the game, Linsen had to face Robinho’s question again. He simply refused to answer the question again.
However, at the press conference, Lin Sen was silent at the club, but Lin Sen couldn’t be silent because Ribeiro upgraded his moves this time.
On the second day after the Carling Cup, it has been very lively in recent days, and another person came into Linsen’s office.
It was this man who arranged Robinho’s joining Manchester City from Real Madrid last summer, and now Manchester City manager Gary Cook is yet to be continued.
Chapter 50 Curse
Gary Cook doesn’t feel bad about Lin Sen, but he must admit that he didn’t have a good impression on Lin Sen at first. Although he had been working for Nike before, he didn’t know much about football. But since football has also become a business, it is the general trend for football to follow the business model and separate the transfer workers from the coaches. For asking for a transfer to Lin Sen as soon as they meet, Gary Cook can’t like it.
Even after winning so many titles in Italy, Mancini didn’t dare to ask for a transfer to Linsen during the negotiation. With what? With his king’s cup? However, the person who made the decision was not him, but Mubarak. When Mubarak made the decision, he put his personal opinion to respect the club’s decision.
Although it wasn’t what he wanted most, the acceptance process was particularly simple. In the final analysis, no one was born to block others’ way, and the head coach and general manager were equally happy. Although Luo and David Silva were the signing targets set by Lin Sen, Cook still tried his best to facilitate the deal. Of course, Lin Sen didn’t let Cook work hard. It is said that Luo and David Silva are the best players in Manchester City at present.
The impression of Tomlinson Cook should be said to be changing for the better. At this time, Ribeiro’s visit is a bit out of place, but Cook still can’t refuse.
Frankly speaking, Lin Sen has some doubts about Gary Cook’s arrival. If he put Robinho in the cold, then Cook may still have reason to ask, but now? He really can’t figure out what Cook can do. Is it difficult for him to guarantee Robinho’s position? If that’s the case, then Linsen is really not afraid to turn against him
Fortunately, Cook also knows which side he should be on.
First, they had a false greeting, and then Cook said what he wanted. He immediately told Linsen Ribeiro that he had come to see him to express his dissatisfaction with Linsen’s way of making Robinho, and then he introduced Robinho to the top of the club and promised to help him ask.
It’s that simple? It’s that simple. On behalf of the club, Cook hopes that Linsen will properly handle Robinho.
When Lin Sen heard these two words, he frowned. What is proper? It’s simple that both sides are satisfied and it’s called proper, but frankly, Linsen doesn’t think it’s proper, because it’s been in a death from the beginning because of Robinho’s attitude
Obviously, it is impossible for Tomlinson to ignore Adebayor, which means that he can’t ignore Robinho, but Robinho and Adebayor are different. Adebayor can accept his punishment, even if he puts the reserve team in, but Robinho can’t accept it. Not only can he not accept it, but he doesn’t even want to listen to Tomlinson’s nonsense. As soon as Tomlinson opens his mouth, he gets up and opens the door to leave.
People call this a lamella, and that is Robinho’s lamella. Once uncovered, there is no scar because it will never heal.
Tomlinson believes that he has been accommodating Robinho enough in this matter, and he has also given up a long enough step to make the other side stand up, but now it seems obvious that his accommodation has not brought the other side understanding, which has caused the other side to misunderstand Robinho’s move in yesterday’s game, and today Cook’s arrival does not prove this.
Then there is a saying that it is easier for Lin Sen to understand things without that layer of understanding. A person who insists on nirvana can’t be stopped by others.
"I don’t think there is any proper way to handle this matter," Lin Sen said while Cook was waiting for Lin Sen to nod. "If there is, it is the best way for me to handle it now. Ask a question that may not be appropriate. Mr. Cook, do you think Robinho played less last season?"
"My opinion doesn’t matter." Cook was stunned, but obviously he couldn’t give an attitude to this question.
"Let the facts speak for themselves." Tomlinson had long expected that although Cook promised Ribeiro, he would definitely not get mixed up in this muddy water. He said, "Robinho played a total of 16 games on the third line of Manchester City this season, which means that he missed no more than three games at the very most. I think the so-called problem is not there."
Cook didn’t expect Lin to remember Robinho so clearly when he played. He was a little surprised and then thought for a moment and said, "Robinho’s dissatisfaction is the way to make it."
"That’s not my problem," Linsen shook his head and spread out his hand. "Don’t say I’m arrogant, but Manchester City hasn’t lost even one game so far. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my way."
Cook was silent.
Obviously, Tomlinson’s toughness is somewhat unexpected, but if you think about it carefully, Tomlinson said that there is nothing wrong with it. For example, in this matter, head coach Tomlinson is not appropriate, but Ribeiro is somewhat unreasonable. He knows that the outside media has heard about it, but whether it is true or not, even if it is true, it is obviously impossible for Robinho of Manchester City to imagine the season again.
At the thought of this, Cook suddenly felt that it was not a clever decision to promise Ribeiro, so he forced a smile on his face to explain to Linsen that his purpose was not to put pressure on Linsen, but that the top management of the club had to ask about it and the club would remain neutral in this matter.
After sending Cook away, Linsen had no heart.
Being an executive is really smart and so decisive, but the club remains neutral. Neutral, okay?
Talking to Cook, Linsen said beautifully that Manchester City is the only unbeaten team in the Premier League at present, but now Linsen has to consider solving an increasingly urgent problem for this team.
This trouble is not Robinho’s Brazilian problem, but also a personal problem, especially after Linsen no longer regards him as the core of attack in the tactical system.
The trouble Lin Sen has to face is that he is not so confident in winning a game. The reason is not how strong an opponent is, but that the recent league draws have really puzzled him, so he wonders if this is really the law of conservation of human beings, because Manchester City won a match against Athletic Bilbao, and God made Manchester City unlucky for several games to balance one.
Whether it’s the club’s top management or the fans, Manchester City is still in the stage of being able to tolerate the team, but it’s just bad luck, but Lin Sen knows very well in his heart that this kind of tolerance is before and after, that is, Manchester City’s league ranking is still high and three points behind the top in the first round, so the league ranking can cover up many problems.
It is not so difficult to predict the future. If Manchester City continues to go like this, other league opponents will not wait for Manchester City to slowly get out of the strange circle. Because it is not every round, Manchester City’s ranking will inevitably drop. Once the ranking drops, head coach Lin Sen will have to face pressure from all sides, but the pressure is not always the driving force, and it may become a reminder. If Lin Sen is smart enough, he should take the initiative to solve this problem as soon as possible.
But the problem starts with the hand?
One draw was an accident, and two draws were coincidences. What about the third game? What if there is a fourth game? Manchester City must have encountered some kind of difficulty, or rather the bottleneck, but for the head coach, the problem is that this difficulty can’t be seen or touched, which makes Linsen feel so difficult.
Lin Sen has enough confidence in his own tactical body, which is also proved by Manchester City’s previous six-game winning streak. This confidence is not without reason. After that game, Lin Sen communicated with Tang Hua to eliminate the objective factors at that time. At that time, he concluded that he was not prepared enough for his opponent’s winger attack, while the second game against Wigan was wary of both the coach and the players because Wigan beat Chelsea before, but even so, the game ended in a draw. This post-game analysis directly expanded to the entire coaching staff.
What made Lin Kenai the most was the third draw against Fulham. Lin Sen really didn’t understand it except God’s will.
It can be seen from the treatment of three draws that Linsen didn’t want to make excuses for himself at all. For him, there are two kinds of results, one is expected and the other is unexpected. It’s nothing strange for the expected results, even if they fail, but if they are unexpected …
Lin Sen’s self-admission theory is tactical or psychological. He has never despised his opponent, but God is so fond of joking. Somehow, it seems that there is always a force preventing you from winning, which makes Lin Sen’s language more limited to the league. Because of the draw in the league, Manchester City is much smoother in the cup, and it is within sight that the League Cup will successfully enter the strong Europa League.
It seems that all this can really be attributed to luck
Lin Sen believes in luck, but he can’t leave his fate to luck. He decided to gamble that the opponent in the eleventh round of the league was Bo Hanlinsen and made a small change in his starting lineup.
At that time, when the TV commentator Charles got the starting list of Manchester City, he couldn’t help but stare big eyes.
Four, four, two

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