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But …

It seems that Song Anqiao not only loves but also has it. Now that she is so happy, he should give it up.
Knowing that she had a car accident, he went to see it, but he saw that her clothes were puzzled and her eyes were full of grief. Chu Fei was far away and he left again.
It turns out that someone really loves her.
At the same time, Chu Fei-yuan of Luhai Villa on the other side of Linan got the information.
Zhuo Wen whispered in front of him, "Tang Heng has been recuperating in a nursing home since she lost her child, and Shen Sike visits her every day."
ChuFei far turned over the documents with photos of nursing homes in them, sitting in a wheelchair with a patient’s face dull and stupid.
"On the day of the accident, Tang Heng took a lunch break in the hospital, and Shen Sike stayed with her in the hospital all day." Zhuo Wen gently explained that "the nursing home video can be kept for three months, and we can’t check the monitoring on that day. We can find out from the nurse’s weekly diary that the nurse on duty is indeed in the hospital."
Chu Fei-yuan’s facial expression is slightly condensed, and the documents in his hand have been turned to the last one. This photo is Shen Sike pushing Tang Heng for a walk on the lawn. It looks like a couple and a familiar face Lin Yan is behind them.
Slender fingers point to some photos. "Why is she here?"
Zhuo Wen opened his eyes and explained, "Oh, she is a good friend of Mrs. Shen Sike. She seems to be pursuing him after Shen Sike every day for more than a year."
Chu Fei raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled "a little interesting"
Active pursuit of this is different from Song Anqiao, who is passive, and she will not give her heart easily if it is not established by the other party.
I’m glad I woke up and took the initiative to pursue her, otherwise there would be no happiness now.
Zhuo Wen is at a loss
"Chu always sees that Shen Sike and Tang Heng have nothing to doubt from the results," Zhuo Wen continued. "Besides, Tang Heng’s nerves are out of order, and now she can’t take care of herself. If Shen Sike didn’t take care of her, I’m afraid she wouldn’t live very well."
ChuFei far lip-synching silence.
If it weren’t for them, then there is a possibility that another kidnapper has not been found today.
But …
What is it? What would have asked him to leave Song Anjiao?
If this requirement were changed to Song Zhuowei, he would believe that it would be a Song Anqiao.
Perhaps, as the Wang team said, because Song Zhuowei was arrested, he felt uneasy, and people were forced to do it even by dogs.
Lin Yan came to Luhai Villa at noon the next day.
Song anqiao looked at her and she rubbed her head as if she had a headache.
"Headache?" Song Anqiao frowned softly. "Did you catch a cold?"
Lin Yan shook his head. "No, I drank a little wine last night."
Song anqiao knows clearly
After rubbing for a while, Lin Yan pleaded, "Anqiao, please go shopping with me. I want to do some shopping."
Song Anqiao listened to the side eyes and looked at the little rice cake playing. "What are you going to buy?"
"It’s not the Spring Festival soon. I want to buy some gifts for my family," Lin Yan explained.
Song Anqiao thought for a moment, "All right, I’ll go with you."
ChuFei far eyes a deep picked up his daughter "I go with you"
"Ah?" Song Anqiao face collapsed to "what are you going to do? When we were girls, you couldn’t follow a man well. "
Chu Fei can’t say why. "There are two choices: either I go with you or you are not allowed to go anywhere at home."
Song anqiao duzui
It’s really unreasonable to bully.
In the commercial square, Song Anqiao pushes the stroller and Lin Yan in front, while the father of the child walks behind with the child in his arms.
Lin Yan sticks his head to Song Anqiao’s novel "He sticks to you so much that he never leaves his feet. Look at his eyes staring at you and not even looking at the road."
Song anqiao startled turned to look behind him.
Four eyes relative indeed as expected, as Lin Yan said, he looked at her without looking at the road.
Song Anqiao’s expression is slightly condensed. "Don’t drop the child if you fall down."
Chufei drew a cigarette out of the corner of his eye. What do you mean, he fell? Is he okay?
Yijia man specialty store
Lin Yan carefully selected men’s shirts and Song Anqiao stared at her for a long time. "Did you pull me out to buy a gift for Shen Sike?"
Lin Yan zheng shan shan smiled "yeah, I don’t say that, I’m afraid you won’t come out."
Song anqiao language
"An Qiao, please help me to refer to which one to choose." Two shirts are hard to decide.
"This one" Song Anqiao said, pointing to Lin Yan’s left hand.
Lin Yan’s eyes are delighted. "I also think this one is the best."
Song anqiao smiled and looked at Chu Feiyuan’s small rice cake. He was interested in models and his father held her to study models.
"An Qiao, can you ask your family to help me try it?" Lin Yan said imploringly with his hands folded.
Song Anqiao raised eyebrows stepped aside and picked out two shirts. He took Lin Yan’s hand and said seriously, "Chu Fei looks good in anything, even if it can’t help you try it out."
"…" Lin Yan black line.
Chufei went far away to try on shirts and rice cakes, and played in the stroller. Song Anqiao chose those two, which she wanted to buy for Chufei, and she wanted to match a tie.
I chose a tie before I knew it, so I was so fascinated that she forgot to push the stroller and chose it.
When I was fascinated, I suddenly felt a black shadow out of the corner of my eye. When I was stunned, the black shadow had picked up the little rice cake in the stroller and ran out quickly.
The shopkeepers froze for a moment. They are customers.
"Little rice cake!"
The shrill Song Anqiao chased him out immediately without thinking and with a tie in his hand.
Lin Yan froze.
The fitting ChuFei far put on a good shirt and heard his face suddenly sink and quickly closed the door.

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Who would believe that the famous evil queen in the underworld was left hanging outside by him? !

But I thought she was dead. Why is she here again?
Thought of here, the old man finally frowned and then stepped up.
There was silence in front of the magic dragon Temple, and suddenly there was a sound in my head. "It was quite like it."
"Shut up and don’t break my old lady’s work!" Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit way
"I praise you also not line? !” Xiao asked koo tunnel
"Louis this is coming out! If you break my plan, see how I can clean you up later! "
"Well, you continue to wait …"
After a while, the old man finally appeared in front of the temple again and said to Purple Yan, "Purple Yan girl, come with me."
Purple Yan honestly step by step to follow the old man disappeared in the door of the temple.
At this time, the guards outside the temple are sighing again, especially the old guards!
That was their queen just now. This magic dragon Temple used to be her. Every time she comes back, whether she flies in or teleports in, they have to bow down without hesitation! Now, they actually watched the evil-hearted queen go step by step …
The world is changing so fast …
The queen of evil spirit has lost power and influence, which is already in front of her eyes
I just don’t know what she did this time. Look, it’s not like singling out at all, but like going to the new owner of magic dragon Temple …
Isn’t that to say that this great beauty, which ranks first in the underworld, will fall into …
In the main hall of magic dragon Temple, a man with purple armor and dark skin sits high on the throne. The man is extremely magnificent, with black skin as black as charcoal and a bald head. At first glance, he looks like a humanoid monster!
However, the imposing man has a pair of calm eyes, and the purple Se eyes look at the purple Yan step by step into the temple, but the eyes have not changed at all.
It was not until Ziyan decided in the temple that the man with purple armor and dark skin finally revealed his only white place, that is, his teeth, and his voice was as calm as his eyes. "I knew you weren’t dead."
This situation, this discourse, this person is naturally suspected of Louis!
The throne is on the steps of the main hall. At this time, Ziyan still has to look up at the throne, but the dragon wing sneers, "But haven’t you occupied this palace of evil spirits?"
Louis purple eyes stay in the face of purple Yan as if thinking about the true thoughts of purple Yan for a while before saying, "Come to me first if I’m not wrong."
"You want to make a comeback?"
"Can’t you?"
Louis smiled "you know"
Then Purple Yan said something unexpected that made Louis listen to Purple Yan’s generous tunnel "Then I give up."
"Then why did you come to me?" Louis frown way
"I want them both dead" Purple Yan extremely cold sound track.
Louis finally sat up straight and said seriously, "You should know that I’m not your genus now, and I won’t talk to you about friendship. What do you want me to help you kill them both?"
"If I want to kill them, there is actually a better choice." Purple Yan looked at Louis and sneered.
Louis Zheng and then quickly reacted, "Then why don’t you just take refuge in the war demons and come to me?"
Purple Yan took a look at Longyi with a smile and asked, "Do you really want me to take refuge in war demons?"
Two people line of sight through more than ten zhangs touch together, who also refused to compromise before the old man stopped at the door of the temple dozens of zhangs outside still feel the danger! If they don’t agree, his fate will change!
After a long time, it turned out that Long Yi was defeated first. Although he thought of some possibility, he shook his head and said, "If I believe you?"
"It’s very simple. Now I can’t make a comeback, but I want revenge."
"Even if you and I join hands, are we opponents of war demons?"
"Little the whole thing is caused by him. I won’t commit myself to him even if I die. Don’t you know my feelings? !”
Louis nodded and stretched out his right hand on his dark bald head and murmured, "I see what you mean."
"You and I killed them both together, and then you and I won’t go to the war demon for a while, so it should be enough for him to compete."
Louis once again thought about the possibility that xing couldn’t help but look at the purple Yan face again, but this time it didn’t stop for too long and soon moved to see the purple Yan chest, waist and slender legs blocked by robes …
It is very good that he has been hiding this kind of eyes since he met Ziyan. This is the first time he has looked at Ziyan unabashedly.
Louis withdrew his eyes and pinched his eyebrows. He was struggling. "Why would you choose me?"
"The other two are women who have always been jealous of me, and the other one is a wretched old man who likes to play with women and half feet in the coffin. What other choice do I have? !” Purple Yan sneer at a way
"Let me think again."
"I’m waiting"
Then the hall was quiet, and after half a column of incense, the dragon wing finally looked up.
Look straight at Ziyan Longyi with anger and say, "I want to see your sincerity, or you’ve fooled me and didn’t get any interest."
Purple Yan disdainfully left the pie mouth. "Do I still have the qualification to play you in the present situation?"
Louis seems to have put a burden on his heart. Suo Xing told the truth. "To tell you the truth, I have always felt that it is worthwhile to get you in addition to this life."
"You won’t be disappointed. After killing the two of them, we kept a low profile. I hope we can kill the magic of war with you." Purple Yan calmly tunnel.
Then Longyi coldly uttered a sentence that made Ziyan’s face Se slightly changed, "I want you today!"
Purple Yan looked up and stared at Louis, but Louis did not let the purple Yan look at him.
This time it was Ziyan who lost the battle, but it was Ziyan who frowned and sneered, "How can I trust you?"
Purple Yan means very white. What if I let you sleep but you don’t recognize it …
Louis angrily tunnel "is this your sincerity?"
"Don’t you treat me like a fool? ! You will see my sincerity, but a little bit … "
"Then I can’t go with you to kill them both."
"I didn’t ask you to do that either. Just try to hold them steady first." Purple Yan said.
"Are you going to live here today?"

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He got up and put his hands on her, his fingers clasped, and then he looked at her with indescribable eyes.

At that moment, she suddenly seemed to be poisoned in her chest, but she didn’t dare to look at him again.
For a long time, she didn’t face, but she couldn’t help but burst into tears.
At that moment, maybe it was too lonely in the room. He suddenly bowed his head to block her mouth, but suddenly stopped kissing and hugged her tightly when she was sad and crying.
After that, she raised her hand and hugged him tightly. She could no longer bear the sadness in her chest and cried.
As if a little girl who can’t stand torture is so kind and helpful.
It’s like falling into the river and being entangled in a mass of aquatic plants. When I saw the life-saving straw, I chased it and held it tightly.
She was wronged in her heart, and it was only after sharing the bed that she inadvertently failed to control her emotions.
She pretended that nothing had happened.
Mother once told her that husband and wife should endure each other.
She doesn’t know what this tolerance includes.
At that time, even the mother’s father’s infidelity could be regarded as invisible to maintain the superficial peace, so that their four brothers and sisters could grow up in a healthy family.
And she obviously can’t be as good as her mother.
It’s not bad to live at home after Tengmei moved out.
I heard that Teng Mei will call Professor Teng every two days, otherwise Professor Teng will call her.
"What are you busy with? Have a meal together? "
"I’m busy. I’ll call you out for dinner when I have it."
Teng Mei said
Professor Yuan Nai sighs and listens, the other end has hung up and can’t help frowning. Is she so busy?
The woman sitting next to her playing with her grandson couldn’t help but hum. Isn’t that what you want?
Professor Teng stopped talking. He thought maybe.
Tengmei no longer cares about losing people, but works hard. It seems that there is a fire in her heart to stop her roots.
Gentle but more leisure, go to school for a while every day and then have tea with Yun Xiang.
At noon that day, two people were eating in a restaurant, and Yun Xiang sighed. I’m afraid I can’t escape that robbery?
Gentle didn’t speak is to look up at her.
"My father is in poor health and wants me to join the company with Wang Pingyu," said Yun Xiang.
Tenderness can’t help but hang my eyes. It’s also a shame to think about it
Allow home that archduke is definitely not going to pick up his father’s class, so this weight will naturally be handed over to the couple.
"What don’t you want to? He has considerable experience to get familiar with your family business, and it should be easy for him to be your good helper. "
"I’m not afraid that there will be too much gossip, and he won’t go to my house much except for the Chinese New Year holiday." Yun Xiang is worried again.
In fact, gentleness is also white. A normal man’s self-esteem should be quite strong, and no one wants to be said to eat soft rice.
Moreover, if Wang Pingyu’s talent is thrown at Wang, even if it is done well, unless he is more domineering, he will want to be an outsider. If he goes, he will definitely not be able to stand those gossips.
"Your husband? What did he say? "
"He said follow me. If I have to, he will go."
"Then why are you sighing?"
"But he doesn’t agree in his heart. He is very unhappy in his heart. What does it matter if he agrees?"
Gentle can’t help but smile.
"If he didn’t think so much? Or does he really want to help you overcome all difficulties? "
"Will it be like this?" Allow xiang twist the eyebrows is finally a little loose.
"I need you two to communicate specifically, and I’m just a bystander."
Yun Xiang heard that she was in distress situation. Mrs. Teng, you are getting more and more cunning. You have to save your hand with your best sister.
Gentle wants to say that she doesn’t want to add unnecessary troubles to people, and she doesn’t want to mislead.
They were chatting when they saw Meng Lin coming to dinner with a boy and a girl. Yun Xiang couldn’t help looking over there and greeting a Meng Lin.
Meng Lin, wearing a white coat, turned her head when she heard the sound, and immediately smiled with a confused face and said a few words to her peers, then walked forward.
"Allow Mrs. Teng, Sister Xiang." She is still so polite.
"Boyfriend?" Allow Xiang couldn’t help but wonder.
"Just ordinary friends," Meng Lincong said.
Gentle hanging eyes don’t talk much, leaving her to take care of tenderness, which they are not familiar with.
And if someone really has a boyfriend, it’s not appropriate for her to talk too much now.
So she is quietly listening to allow xiang chat with Meng Lin.
"Ordinary friends? By the way, this young man is not as good-looking as us, but he is really an ordinary friend? " Allow xiang sure asked again.
Meng Lin’s face was obviously uncomfortable when she was gentle.
The word "true" is simple, and it seems that you can’t say goodbye.
I don’t know what will rise in my heart, and something hot in my chest will make her want to ask, how is he recently?
But I can’t say anything.
"Then I’ll go to Yun Xiang’s sister, Mrs. Teng. Goodbye."
Gentleness is 100% smiling and looking up at her goodbye.
Meng Lin’s gentle eyes are always ineffective.
She knows that tenderness is not a nosy person who likes to gossip.
The advantage of this kind of person is that he won’t gossip, but the disadvantage is that he doesn’t know what to talk about, and he always feels that what he says seems redundant in her place.
Meng Lin left Yunxiang and couldn’t help sighing that the pigeon had just let go.
Smile gently. Do you think Miss Meng is a pigeon?
"What’s that? Meng Lin is also a pigeon in your brother’s place. "
Gentle …
I can’t agree with you and I don’t want to say more.
I don’t know what the little one is thinking.
On Saturday night, Wen Yi went home with Wen Liang, who was cooking. Wen Yi was eating, and after a gentle thought, she went to the kitchen. I met Meng Lin at dinner that day.
Wen Liang was chopping vegetables, and when he heard the sound, he looked back at the tenderness but didn’t speak. It was a smile and seemed a little uncomfortable.
"She’s with a boy, and the boy is quite delicate." Gentle continued, leaning against the door like an idle person, like chatting.

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"Kill …"

Muhai waved his hand and tens of thousands of wolves rode like wolves and rushed into the skeleton army to kill them.
The whole scene is completely one-sided
Ghost Dan leads millions of skeleton legions, and he is no match at all.
The whole scene is completely one-sided
"Ah …"
Muhai chews the flame of the ugly soul while running.
There is no other way to die of ugliness than to scream.
After a few mouthfuls, the ugliness was swallowed up by Muhai, and then there was no interest
From this moment on, Muhai’s soul flame has added a mark as if he had been the default Lord of this world rule.
This self-proclaimed feeling is quite unusual.
His eyes swept away and he possessed the oppression of the poor.
"damn it"
Ghost Dan saw this scene and couldn’t help but roar with anger. In his hand, the red mans flashed and slowly formed a red flash ball.
The power of terror is rolling up
Seeing this scene, Muhai jumped up and a sword in his hand flashed in his hand.
"No …"
Seeing this scene, the ghost revealed in his eyes to suppress his panic
But no.
In Muhai, this sword stimulates the flash ball to burst instantly.
"Boom …"
Terrorist explosions continue
The earth shook with terror.
A series of air currents rolled up with tearing force.
Beside Ghost Dan, the Skeleton Legion was instantly torn to pieces like shredded paper.
Even the South Youjun Corps, which is close, was blown to dust by air billow, and its soul disappeared from now on.
Muhai ghost Dan was in the center and was hit by the first time.
Muhai’s soul flame is blown by shock waves and will break at any time.
And the ghost Dan that is even more horrible.
Everything except his skull is still intact.
Even the soul flame in the skull is on the verge of destruction.
The dust cleared away and the peace was restored.
"Ah …"
Bathing in the sea is like a soul torn apart and can’t help crying out.
Fortunately, he has one arm left, otherwise it will be really finished.
Muhai took out the repair hammer and beat it on himself desperately.
The terrorist injury quickly recovered after a few breaths.
Seeing this scene, the ghost can’t help but panic. "No, this … this is impossible …"
Chapter 63 Become a king
Muhai strode forward and stepped on it.
"Click …"
A crack in the bone causes the skull of Ghost Dan to break instantly.
Then Muhai devoured the flame of his soul in the terrible scream of Ghost Dan.
"It tastes good, but it’s a pity that there are only a few left in the flame of my soul …"
Muhai said and walked to the front of Nanyou Legion.
At this moment, the war is over, and the South Youjun Corps has lost only one thousand, while its opponents are all dead.
Now, one Chengdu of the South Deep and Remote Legion has reached the order, and its strength is better than terror.
"Lord, what should we do when we get here?"

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Lying in front of the lean chest, the heart pounding should also belong to the regular.

In particular, this kind of physical distance contact makes her daydream about several pictures that children are not suitable for.
I can’t help but feel timid, nervous and afraid, but it seems like a little expectation.
Suddenly, she seemed to feel something was wrong, and she came back to her head with a pair of playful eyes.
I don’t know when he has carried her into the outer hall and stared at her Gherardini.
Shen Suer personally woke up when he touched Mujing’s eyes.
Dark scold yourself thinking about what a man who has lived for almost twenty years and is still so naive. It’s not like she hasn’t met two or three boyfriends in the first century. A woman is also a half-baked woman.
When the emperor arrives, please let me come. The sound is so soft that it floats into people’s hearts like water and gently moves.
Mu Jing’s arms are tight
Deep eyes are hiding something strange, and suddenly I smell it near her ear, and my voice is very vague and low, announcing that I will stay in Chaofeng Palace tonight.
Shen Su’s heart is trembling. I didn’t want to be a honey trap to achieve my goal
What should I do? I didn’t reach my goal. Section 147. A kiss of rage and passion. 7
Shen Suer’s beautiful and lovely eyelashes twitched slightly, like a breeze sweeping and quivering in people’s hearts. She looked up at Mujing with a shallow smile, but it was more like a fascinating whisper. Emperor Jiao Daohuang hasn’t answered the question whether the male and female servants want to perform a program or promise a request. Of course, what program you want to perform is also ordered by us.
Simple words, no matter which performance Mu Jing chooses.
Or seeking an ending will make it the same.
Mu Jing questioned what the performance was.
Does the emperor choose to perform? She didn’t answer directly.
No, I want to know what kind of performance you will make me do. When you say this, Mu Jing’s eyes are warm and his mouth is smiling, which also implies a certain desire. The big hand is touching her back through the clothes.
Make sb. nervous.
The emperor let me go first, and then she’s as soft as a bone, relying on his gentle breathing, which is as fragrant as an orchid.
Mujing was intoxicated by her cheek and smelled deeply.
I’m not going to let it go. I’m going to outline a crooked smile on my lips.
Suddenly Mujing held her through the round arch of the room, and the bead curtain collided and made a crisp sound. Soon after, a misty rain and hazy landscape screen passed through the heavy curtain.
Finally, I saw a big bed inlaid with red wood carvings and moire patterns.
He still holds her as if she were addicted, but he is still not in a hurry to let her go.
Staring at the delicate and charming red lips with desire, it is tempting to talk one by one, but you are reluctant to pick up beautiful things. You should appreciate enough and wait until the time is right.
Shen Suer’s head is buzzing with danger.
You won’t really lose your innocence, will you
This is too exaggerated.
Do others have to do this?
Whoops, dozens of lives. What’s wrong with her
She doesn’t know them.
Besides, at that time, they were weak guards and almost let her die at the hands of assassins. Section 148 A kiss of rage and passion 8
The emperor’s game is not over yet. Shen Suer seems to wake up. A pair of pink arms took the initiative to climb Mujing neck for the first time.
They sacrificed their hue for a while.
MMD, who do I owe?
Cheeks are close to his neck, and his skin is faintly breathing hot air, which is like asking the emperor lightly. Do you think it’s a performance or a courtesan who is very persistent in the game? I can’t sleep at night if I’m not finished.
The temperament is fragrant, the blue tone is feminine, and it feels like the deepest part of the cloud is teasing the heartstrings. She is not a novice, and she can only attract men to burn.
Usually disdainful, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand that modern media is a very good teaching material. What kind of information can’t be found? A few seemingly random movements or hook fingers can make most men unable to move their eyes if they slightly open their lips.
Hao Zhen Xuan Qiu
Is it safe to ask again?
To be within my permission.
Hearing this, Shen Suer’s heart sank a little, and the old fox actually left a way out. How do you say this allowable range?
It is reasonable and I am willing to do it

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"quick! Desperate to attack, the Nanzhou People’s Department will send it in a moment, and Dongxuanzhou will perish! "

Muhong roared again and again.
He, Yang Chen and Hu Chun are the main forces to contain Zhao Bai.
Three people are only a thin line away from the realm of virtual fairy. Joining hands can really create a lot of trouble for Zhao Bai and let the rest of the monks hope to destroy the array.
Crazy attacks make Zhao Bai slightly embarrassed.
Fortunately, one seal is guarding the square, so that all monks can get close to the array, let alone destroy it.
Xia qi at this time at a side and didn’t fight.
He looked at the scene quietly, his eyes cold and his eyes dull.
He doesn’t care that Dong Xuanzhou is sober at this time and can clearly see the current situation.
Muhong several people want to destroy the sender in Zhao supercilious look, which is impossible. At this time, it is just futile to die and create a little trouble for Zhao Bai.
However, I know that Muhong and others will destroy the southern state and the strong will come soon. Xia Qi did not leave, but still stayed here.
From time to time, he watched Fang shrink the blood lake.
The mysterious blood shadow said to leave him a chance to leave a part of the blood lake for the blood dragon to devour Xia Qi. I believe that the blood shadow will definitely do it!
Blood shadow strong strength Xia Qi believes that staying here should not be life-threatening.
However, it would be a great disaster if Friar Nanzhou invaded Dong Xuanzhou and angered the blood shadow.
The bitter fighting continues.
Zhao Bai’s nine-story tough repair of the imaginary fairy realm made him firmly grasp the situation at this time.
On the contrary, many monks in the three gates are facing extinction, and every time Zhao Bai makes a move, he kills one less monk.
This is a one-sided massacre!
Just instantaneous three big door elders died more than 50 people!
These elders are the mainstay of the clan, and even the top clan can afford to lose so much at this time.
Muhong, who took the lead, soon woke up and saw the present situation clearly.
"Everyone to retreat! Spread the news immediately! "
Mu Hong drank Yang Chen and Hu Chun at the same time and retreated from Zhao Bai’s side. He fled in the distance to return to Zongmen.
As soon as the three men retreated, no one contained Zhao Bai. Immediately, Zhao Bai broke out with great power and killed more than a dozen elders of three large doors in a flash.
The rest of the elders naturally dare not stay in panic and flee in panic.
Just at this time, the array was shining again, and more than 20 strong people in Nanzhou were sent over, including Chen Rong, the temple.
This more than 20 south states the strong unexpectedly are all virtual fairy realm the strong!
So many strong people come at the same time, the momentum is overwhelming, and the world seems to bear it!
The three monks are even more horrified and desperate.
"The plan of killing all the fugitives will not be leaked!"
Zhao Bai made a big order to let the strong in the virtual fairy realm immediately kill these godsworn.
This is a hunting.

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"I said that the old man is not a monk!" Monk Rouge got a little angry, blew his beard and stared, and his face was dripping with rouge powder. It seems that he actually hates being called a monk. "What’s wrong with me not coming here to get a wife for my unworthy apprentice?"

"If your apprentice wants to find a wife, he won’t come to the platform by himself. What are you doing?" A good man laughed and asked
"Bullshit! What does that little Wang egg care if he wants to come to the old man himself? " Rouge monk is even more angry. "Besides, most of the women in this world are easy virtue. What should I do if I don’t personally review and cheat my stupid apprentice?" This strange theory of rouge monk is a bit confusing to everyone. Maybe he has been stimulated before, and there is something wrong with his mind. Judging from his attitude towards women, it is very likely that he has been cheated by women
Rouge monk words like a bolt from the blue hit the desire for soft psychology, as he said, fickle easy virtue women don’t mean yourself? After all, I am personally engaged with Dongfang Feng for a lifetime (when Dongfang Feng came out, Mu Rou didn’t refuse). Why do you have another man now? This is a sin to say this plainly! Mu Rou’s face was pale and almost unstable. Fortunately, Gongsun’s love helped her beside her.
"Sister Mu, what’s wrong with you?" Wrong novel network does not jump words. Sun Qing guessed the reason faintly, but it was inconvenient to ask directly, so he tried to say
"I’m fine. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep yesterday." Mu Rou squeezed a weak smile from her mouth. "I suddenly want to go back to my house and have a rest."
"Is the east peak? There are many words in the wrong novel network. "Sun Qing stared at her eyes and asked gently, with sincerity in her eyes."
Chapter 21 secularizing colleagues
"I’m so miserable." Mu Rou turned her back and didn’t dare to look into Sun Qing’s eyes. "I really don’t know what to do. I really felt that it was easier not to cure me at that time, so I kept sleeping and didn’t know anything." Her voice choked up as if she were sobbing in a low voice
"In fact, I don’t care what that crazy monk said just now. He just talked nonsense." Sun Qing was exquisitely carved, and the horse spoke out.
"He’s absolutely right." Mu Rou looked back and her eyes were full of tears. "No matter who he said, how can a girl be half-hearted?" Mu Rou buried her head deeply, fearing that her embarrassment would be blocked by outsiders at this time. "How sad are you? Let’s all go inside and say, please, sister, don’t be so desperate now?" Although we have known each other for a long time, we have regarded Mu Rou as our closest sister because of our love for the same male Sun, and we don’t want to see her make a fool of herself in public.
"Oh, I’m white." Mu Rou secretly wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes, and her eyes were swollen with tears. Then she looked up and watched the scene. The stout young man named Yang Wenyu had been invited to the challenge by the rouge monk Muyu, and she had just said a few words. The challenge had changed hands several times, and the rouge monk did nothing but knock on the wooden fish. It is reasonable to say that people knocked on several young Yingjie dizzy without moving their feet. There should be nothing to dare to Taiwan again, but the principle of rouge monk is to retreat from the enemy and not hurt people. The main reason why people are worried about their lives is that everyone who is knocked on the stage by the rouge monk is unconscious, but his face is smiling and serene, as if he saw and dreamed the best things in the world at that moment. The most wonderful thing is that all the people except the parties watched the rouge monk knock on the wooden fish mouth and murmured, but he couldn’t hear the wooden fish sound! Why doesn’t such a mysterious and strange scene make people want to try? Even if you can’t beat the rouge monk, you must always feel the secret of the wooden fish, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network
But the fact is that how many people in Taiwan have chopped off a halberd besides a Yang Wenyu? Since then, people have been knocked to death before they were stable. Even when they reported their names, they didn’t go there one minute at a time and saw young people being carried away one after another. Is this rouge monk already cultivated into a Buddha, and this time is to return to the world to come to transcend? Or is it that he has already degenerated into a demon, but he is wearing a cassock and taking a wooden fish for a vest to harm people?
Seeing the Rouge Monk’s successive victories, Muting’s face became more and more ugly. The Rouge Monk didn’t know how he suddenly appeared here, and his purpose was not really unpredictable. Muting certainly couldn’t believe his so-called coaxing words of finding a daughter-in-law for his disciples, but he couldn’t figure out where he had recently received an enemy to attract such a difficult person to make trouble, and Muting didn’t want to go and drive away the uninvited guest, but the martial arts displayed by Rouge Monk was so mysterious that he couldn’t make up his mind whether to wait and see for a while.
And everyone is regretting that the departure of those three first-rate young masters just now caused people to control this strange monk in front of them. Another young man with bare head and no eyebrows hobbled to the ring, and a huge bat on his right shoulder made this young man who had already been very distinctive look even more different. I don’t know how much pain he endured. The cloud finally came.
"oh? There seems to be another interesting guy. Why don’t you lend the bat on your shoulder to the old lady for a few days? A lot of words in the wrong novel network "rouge monk saw Yunxueer coming over and the horse became interested in being very good and collecting blood at the moment."
"Why is this master in the ring? Isn’t this a contest to recruit relatives?" In fact, his ribs were inserted upside down and his lungs were injured, and he was unable to speak any more.
"Hum, why can’t you come when a young monk comes?" Rouge monk proudly said to the cloud, it’s really hard to find someone as heterogeneous as himself. Even that stupid apprentice is a prude all day. How interesting is this guy without hair and eyebrows?
"I am no longer a monk?" How does this sentence sound deja vu? It turns out that Rouge monk made similar remarks just now. So this young man is the second secularist in Shaolin for decades. The notorious cloud of deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors?
"ah! ?” Rouge monk seems a little surprised. "Are you the cloud?" When he said this, he looked at the cloud. "What do you think is similar to my mountain? Such a simple person is said to be so guilty, but some people believe that it seems that Shaolin Temple is still the same after so many years!"
"Maybe," Yunqing replied. His thin body is particularly fragile at this moment. It seems that a breeze can blow him down. "Do you want to ask the master to take part in this contest again?"
"Little brother is more arrogant than I was. Why should I stay with you?" Rouge monk knocked on the wooden fish and blew Hu stare at the cloud and drink a way.
"No one can stop my younger generation from offending." Cloud slowly straightened his waist and patted his shoulder. Blood motioned for him to get away from it for a while. Blood surprisingly ignored the cloud, but kept staring at the rouge monk’s hand. The wooden fish claws and claws were deeply caught in the shoulder meat of the cloud and kept trembling.
Except when the blood was just collected, when the blood was crazy, the blood was very Ting Yun dialect. At this moment, the blood claw had scratched the cloud, but he didn’t care about himself and looked at the blood earnestly.
Blood is still staring at the rouge monk, as if afraid, angry and a little excited. At this moment, blood is unbelievable and humanized, which makes the cloud confused.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
"Little beast, I can’t believe it’s been so many years. You seem to remember the old man!" Monk Rouge looked at the blood and smiled again. "Little brother, this blood has eaten me out of the Jianghu. You got it from everywhere. It seems that you are not simple!"
"It’s no wonder that I’ve seen you before." Cloud smiled bitterly, which was a goof.
Sure enough, it was already a dead silence. In fact, when I heard that the man was a cloud, many people already had some ideas in their hearts. However, the rouge monk had caused too much shock before, and people could not return to their senses. At this time, he said that the vicious beast in the smell was "blood-eating". This powerful new impact finally dispelled the depressing and suffocating atmosphere created by rouge monk.
"Did you hear that? That’s the terrible vampire bat king, the powerful weapon of Tianlong Sect!"
"It is said that there are two leaders in the Wuyue Sword Sect who were bitten by blood and then buried in the hands of Suzaku Venerable Master. This is not an ordinary monster, and it may not be resisted!"
"This is a blood-sucking life. Why don’t you eat when you are hungry? It seems that this cloud is really evil!"
"Master Rouge, the scum of Wulin, must not let go of this time, so I will not show mercy!"
Cloud looked at his shoulder, trembling with blood, and stared at himself with eager eyes. He nodded his head to show that he was coming, not worried, and then cast a glance at the challenge, glared at himself, cursed the crowd, shrugged his shoulders and smiled more bitterly.
Chapter 22 Fried urgent
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"Hey, hey, little brother, the situation was even worse than when I was young. I remember that at that time, I was just spurned by people everywhere, and you actually got everyone to shout and kill." Rouge monk looked at the clouds with pity and understanding, and his gradually blurred eyes seemed to have passed through the circulation time. I saw that I was smiling at my eyes a few years ago. Will the teenager be as lost as he used to be?
"The truth is often a long or short distance away." Yun gently caressed mo’s bloody head to comfort him not to be too nervous, and replied with a smile that he ignored the storm. "It’s a pity that I seem to understand it a little late."
"It’s not too late! Very good! " Rouge monk laughed heartily. "Little brother, it seems that you are not slightly injured. Do you still insist on fighting with the old man?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"A lot of things in this world come from choice," the cloud nodded and replied gently, "but I don’t want to escape from today’s contest to get married. I must win!" The cloud talk attracted a hush from Taiwan. Many people believed the words of the troublemaker just now, and heard that the rouge monk was hurt by the cloud. Many people had the idea of rushing to Taiwan to get this Wulin villain. They clamored for a psychological blow and were already hurt by the cloud.
Mu Ruan Gongsun finally waited until the cloud appeared before he personally felt that the cloud was so bad in Wulin that he couldn’t imagine its name. Although he was shocked to hear that the cloud was injured, both of them were interested in going forward, but the move was a suspicion that they had been convicted of "Yunzao had an affair". In the contradiction, both of them chose to bow their heads and remain silent against their will.
"DuDu" rang. This time, the wooden fish was heard by everyone in the place. It was not very loud, but it seemed to knock on the heartstrings, which made the place quiet. "If anyone has any dissatisfaction, don’t hesitate to compete on that stage. What’s the noise?" Rouge monk’s eyes coldly swept the field, saying that his strength had been seen by everyone before, and who dared to provoke him face to face? Taiwanese can’t be jealous and hate at the moment, and they can’t glare at Taiwanese.
"Let’s do it. I’m afraid I’ll be unstable in a while." Yun slowly said, his eyes are sharp. Maybe he has never cared so much about a competition, even when he faced Chen Shisan Lang before. He was usually passive.
"I won’t be merciful, so be careful!" The rouge monk said that knocking on the wooden fish will knock off the wooden fish handle. At that moment, the blood shot from the cloud’s shoulder like a left arrow, which made the cloud stumble and retreat a few steps, affecting the wound and cloud felt unbearable pain.
Before the wooden fish sounded the blood, it jumped in front of the rouge monk and opened its mouth. It bit the rouge monk’s throat at an unimaginable speed. It seems that the rouge monk did not expect that the ability to see blood for more than ten years has increased so much so fast!
But the rouge monk didn’t panic too much. The handle of the wooden fish in his right hand stopped ringing the wooden fish in his left hand, but turned around and hit the blood on his forehead!
Blood is afraid of Guanyin palm. Do you still care about a small wooden handle? Keep your head down and face it hard! Rouge monk gently moved the wooden fish handle a little, and the tip of the handle was greeted by Xueer’s right eye. When the time came, Xueer suddenly bit the tip of the handle with his mouth, but the impact momentum did not decrease. Rouge monk felt that a strong force came from his right hand, and the strong penetration was no less than that of a martial arts expert!
Rouge monk didn’t prepare in advance. At this time, if the blood is rammed, there will be a broken bone, and the land can be turned around and retreated quickly. At the same time, his left hand has enough force to smash the wooden fish into the blood with a wooden stick.
The movement happened in a flash, and the cloud has taken this opportunity to adjust its state. When it gritted its teeth and resisted the pain, it condensed its physical strength. In the right hand, it pointed to the rouge monk’s wooden fish, and it was late, but it was first hit by the "one thought" strong support cloud before the wooden fish hit the blood.

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"Come on!" Lu Xiusi is going to carry Shen Nuo through this section of the road.

"No, I’m too heavy!" Shen Nuo repeatedly waved Lu Xiusi carrying two people on the beach will be very difficult.
Lu Hugh thought back a command eyes saw his one eye Shen Nuo good darling jump to his back.
I was held by him again and again before, and this time I felt a sense of security on his back.
Feel the landing, Hugh’s strong back, Shen Nuo, as if for a moment I felt like I was a child, and my mother’s arms couldn’t help swinging back and falling asleep …
☆ Chapter 5 Everyone chooses to abandon her.
Lu Hugh thought carrying Shen Nuo unaware that she had fallen asleep and said something.
"You’re not at home, and you’re not sticky at all. It seems that she likes you!"
"Did Han Dongcheng bully you? If he bullied you, you must tell me!"
"Catch …" Shen Nuo said talk in a dream on his back.
Lu Xiusi realized that she had fallen asleep and couldn’t help laughing at the little fool.
Lu Xiusi said goodbye to his friend and drove Shen Nuo back to the hotel.
Shen Nuo sat in the co-pilot all the way and fell asleep quietly like a quiet little sheep.
Lu Xiusi glanced at her while driving. She saw her fall asleep and fell to one side, so she quickly held her with one hand.
"This little fool is still so dishonest when he sleeps." Lu Xiusi laughed at this lovely Shen Nuo secretly, but he still had to cheer up and drive.
Slowly Shen Nuo no longer leans to one side and quietly continues to sleep.
Although there are not many cars after midnight, the dazzling lights will always wake Shen Nuo up a little whenever a car comes.
Looking at Shen Nuo kept being shaken by the headlights, Lu Xiusi covered Shen Nuo’s eyes with one hand to prevent her from being shaken up again.
After a long time, Lu Xiusi’s arm turned sour, but watching Shen Nuo no longer be awakened by the headlights, Lu Xiusi’s heart was finally released.
When he arrived at the hotel, Lu Xiusi held Shen Nuo and carefully put Shen Nuo on the bed. He took off Shen Nuo’s clothes and shoes and carefully covered him.
Lu Xiusi will get up early and go back soon after dawn, but now he can’t sleep, so he lies beside Shen Nuo’s bed and leans his head to have a good look at this person who makes him miss him day and night.
Listening to Shen Nuo breathing evenly, looking at her childish face and the seductive red mouth Lu Xiusi couldn’t help swallowing.
His body can react, but looking sleepy, Shen Nuolu Hughes really can’t bear to wake him up.
Just watch her sleep quietly! Lu Xiusi wished that this moment could stay forever, because he rarely had a chance to have a good look at Shen Nuo’s sleep.
Shen Nuo didn’t know how long he had slept. When he woke up, he found himself lying in a hotel bed while the people around him jumped.
Shen Nuo was disappointed. She left Lu Xiusi.
I didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to come out from washing her hands just now.
Shen Nuo lying under the covers looked at Hugh Lu with a face of shyness.
Section 42
"Good morning" Shen Nuo buried his head in half and revealed half.
"Good morning," Lu Xiusi climbed into bed and kissed Shen Nuo in the face. "Did you sleep well?"
"Good. I remember we were at the seaside last night, and then I fell asleep." Shen Nuo was sorry to disturb Lu Xiusi’s elegance last night because of his sleepiness.
"Last night, I was very upset." Lu Xiusi lay prone on the bed looking at Shen Nuo’s face and couldn’t help but feel that she put her hair on both sides.
What did Shen Nuo do to him last night? His face turned red as soon as he brushed it.
Lu Xiusi was amused by her small appearance, got up and dressed, and said to her, "You go to sleep for a while. I have to go back now."
"Do you have to go back today?" Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi with a little tired eyes and asked, "Didn’t you have a good rest last night?"
Lu Xiusi didn’t tell her that he didn’t sleep all night, but told Shen Nuo to sleep a little longer and then got up early and left B city.
Lu Xiusi is in such a hurry to go back because he wants to clarify his press conference with Bai Lulu today. He pays special attention to this matter.

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Muqiao saluted, "It is girls’ literature that abides by the immortal law and must protect our camp and never let heaven organize people to take advantage of it."

The lecherous fairy stretched out his hand and drew a cloud of gas. Sunday and others took it in turn. The lecherous fairy urged the gas to "shout" and quickly went to the northwest, much faster than the fastest fighter.
Everyone just looked at the gas slowly disappearing into the distant horizon. Everyone’s mood was heavy. Everyone was Bai Wan’s demon king, who was the strong man they imagined. The challenge they faced was enormous and could not be safely returned to everyone’s hearts.
On the road, Wang Xing said to Sunday strangely, "Brother, how did you know that the demon king in ten thousand was going to be born? We didn’t see or feel it."
The lascivious fairy said, "That’s because your practice is not enough and you don’t have any special powers. It’s normal for Zhou Tianxiu to be more advanced than all of you, and it’s also normal to introduce the’ eye pupil technique’."
Sunday seemed to suddenly remind of something and said to the lecherous fairy, "lecherous fairy, please tell us what happened to the devil in ten thousand, so that we can also know ourselves and ourselves."
The lecherous fairy looked at the distance and was silent for a long time before sighing, "I also heard a girl literature from a predecessor who had practiced for tens of thousands of years. In ancient times, the demon king was a mighty man who had practiced for many years. In a big robbery, the mighty man did not escape and was rejected by heaven and earth and refused to enter The six great divisions in the wheel of karma."
"So when the catastrophe came, the almighty felt that heaven and earth didn’t feel resentful and saved his life. He signed a life-and-death contract with Asura, but it was unexpected that Asura finally betrayed him and made him suffer more than hell. There was no way for him to self-destruct and escape the punishment, and he did not hesitate to go into the magic road to restore it."
"In the ancient world war, he absorbed the grievances of heaven and earth and made continuous progress, surpassing his heyday and becoming a veritable master of the underworld. The literature of girls was updated for the first time. Even when the fiend saw him, he had to be respectful and dare not disobey."
"Revenge the heavens and the earth. He led all the forces in the underworld to show the decisive battle for life and death. It was a big battle. Finally, his atrocities annoyed several uniting giants. They joined forces to seal his magical days in the northwest border."
"Thousands of years have passed, and the world has almost forgotten him. In some ancient books, he still remembers his life. It is strange to know that the place where he sealed turned out to be the mainland channel to communicate with the modern world, which once again pushed him to the stage of heaven and earth. In the past 100 years, the organization has tried its best to destroy the magic day Inca. After thousands of years of cultivation, he has refined many magic days and seals, and it is no longer difficult to control him."
On Sunday, Zou Tao frowned. "It seems that when the demon king of ten thousand was born, he could have stopped him, and the whole day was really in his control."
The lascivious fairy said, "It can be said that the ten thousand-year-old demon king built a strong forest in ancient masters such as Linyi in the forest, but it is not obvious that he built a strong and terrible forest. Don’t say that I am not his opponent when he was born, or that I am not his opponent when all the practitioners in the modern world are put together."
Zhou Tiandao "lecherous fairy, what should we do next?"
The lascivious fairy said, "If you can re-seal the demon king in ten thousand, look at the strange magic heaven in the northwest just now with signs of rupture, but the demon king in ten thousand has not yet broken free from the control of the magic heaven seal, and we still have a chance to re-seal him."
Sunday gave a long sigh, and he had a very ominous premonition in his heart. It seemed that this time the root method prevented the organization from plotting.
If you want to re-seal the ten thousand-year-old demon king, it’s easy to talk about it. Even if they have a lascivious fairy on their side, they can organize the martial arts practice of the Eye of the Eye, which is unfathomable, but it’s not the lascivious fairy.
But also their No.2 leader has "the eye pupil of extinction", and his strength has not yet come out. If no one knows whether he can have such a big power as "the eye pupil of extinction", his physical strength will be poor there.
This time is really doomed?
For the first time, as in Sunday, I had a pessimistic thought. It seems that the organization is unable to deal with the devil in ten thousand. It is suspected that throwing straws against the wind is a seasoned road.
He can feel that everyone’s mood is heavy and full of depression for the future. Even a lecherous fairy has unspeakable pessimism and heaviness in her heart.
Perhaps in his mind, he also believes that the crisis in the practice world is too great, and the current strength of the practice world is hard to escape.
"Don’t you really do nothing?" Zhou Tianxin silently thought, "No, absolutely not, even if there is a chance, you have to fight." Eyes showed firm eyes, no longer depressed, no longer pessimistic, and there was a strong fighting spirit.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Magic Day Seal
Girls’ literature
When the lecherous immortals and Sunday people arrived at the northwest border, it was just noon. This season is already a cold winter season. The northwest wind roared and blew people’s skin faintly. Guan Feng was the worst person to repair. One person could hardly stand in the cold northwest wind and was blown away by the wind.
The lascivious fairy urged the gas to land in a small town, which came and went, so many people seemed very desolate and ruined, and it was surrounded by desert all around, and the northwest wind blew all over the sky with yellow sand, which added a little sense of depression
Looking at the town on Sunday, I was surprised and said, "How can we stay here, lecherous fairy? Is magic seal the girl literature here?"
The lascivious fairy said, "Yes, the magic seal is one of the four great artifacts, and almost equal artifacts. Most people can’t sense where it goes. Liu Refeng and Yan Dihan are currently guarding the magic seal to prevent people from taking the opportunity to sneak attack."
On Sunday, it dawned on me and said, "No wonder this town gives me a different feeling. There are many masters hidden around it, and their repairs are not low."
The lascivious fairy said, "The people in this small town are experts sent by the National Security Bureau to dress them up in disguise, which does not attract the attention of overseas terrorists. What’s more, girls’ literature has taken root here and is trying to integrate into local life."
Suddenly, when I heard a ring, I saw the official family official Feng and the white windbreaker running out. Both of them were rivals on Sunday, and they were better than Sunday in recruiting exams at the National Security Bureau. If Sunday didn’t rely on strong spiritual strength to support themselves, maybe the story behind them wouldn’t develop.
And I may be a second-generation ancestor. Sometimes it’s really wonderful in my life. A small accident has changed the fate of many people. Whether it’s good or bad depends on personal choice and perseverance.
It’s far beyond the official maple and the white windbreaker, or the master’s late realm, and the martial arts emperor’s early practice is also one step away. In today’s world, it’s really rare to be a strong man, but it’s doubtful that the real practice of the strong is a practitioner who has just started.
Guan Feng and Bai Feng coat soon recovered their faces when they saw Sunday’s slight astonishment. Guan Feng said, "Fairy, you finally came back. What’s the situation over there? Has my family been damaged?"
"Brother" Guan Feng turned out from behind Sunday. She just hid behind Sunday. Guan Feng didn’t look carefully, but she didn’t find that she was waiting to hear a familiar girl’s literature update for the first time. Looking back, she saw that it was Guan Feng. "Feng Feng, how did you get here? Is everything okay at home?"
Guan Feng laughed. "Everything is fine at home. Mom and Dad are fine. The family lost several elites, but the overall strength is still in the elder brother. Rest assured that everyone is fine and there is not much loss. Whitestorm’s conspiracy has been shattered by Sunday and the lecherous fairy."
Guan Feng looked a little moved and suddenly found that the gap between him and Han Yu was getting bigger and bigger on Sunday. He used to be a younger generation in a family, and the second person was only in Han Yu, and the gap between them was not very big.
But who knows that girls’ literature has only been updated for the first time for a short period of six months, and their cultivation distance has far exceeded that of him. This gap is obviously widening, and his heart is lost and he is full of bitterness.
It took Guan Feng a long time to calm down his heart and walk up to Sunday with a smile. "You have finally become an object that makes our young people surpass the law. I admire you on Sunday. You are my goal. I will keep moving towards this goal and practice hard. One day I will become a strong person."
Zhou Tianshen knew the world clearly and saw the performance of Guan Feng’s heart activity from surprise to decadence. Everything showed that Guan Feng had made great progress in his state of mind cultivation during this time. Maybe he didn’t feel the benefits of this state of mind progress himself, but when he reached a certain level in his future practice, he would realize that state of mind cultivation was more important than others.
Sunday said with a smile, "I believe you will ask you to keep this perseverance all the time. It is only a matter of time before you become such a person. Believe in yourself and you will be able to do it."
Official maple rest assured that the burden and shackles haha laughed. "Thank you for Sunday. From today, I am willing to be your brother. Will you live and die together?"
On Sunday, I held out my right hand and decided to laugh in the middle. "It’s my pleasure to have a brother like you. What don’t I want?"
"Ha ha" Guan Feng laughed. Holding the right hand on Sunday, he couldn’t say how happy and relaxed he was. "Good brothers live and die together."
The lecherous fairy saw a cold sweat on her face. "Smelly little boy, are you here to recognize your brother or what? If I had known, I wouldn’t have brought you here." Cough "That brother’s matter will be put aside. Now it’s urgent to be the Almighty Devil. Everyone knows that the Almighty Devil was born extraordinary. I want to know what the current situation is like. Is there any movement in the organization for the first time to update girls’ literature?"
The white windbreaker respectfully said, "Tell the immortal that the magic seal is much louder than before, and there are cracks on the magic seal. It is estimated that if we don’t carry out new sealing, the Almighty Devil will break free, but it is strange that the organization is quite calm these days and no one has been sent to harass or sneak attack."
The lascivious fairy listened to the frown and said, "It’s a little strange that the seal power of the magic seal is declining step by step. The organization thinks about it day and night, that is, breaking the seal of the magic seal and releasing the eternal demon to get through the mainland channel of the modern world. At present, the situation is very unfavorable to us. It is impossible for the girls’ literature to update for the first time. What do they really want and what tricks are they playing?" Thinking there is still not enough.
Zhou Tiandao said, "The lecherous fairy might as well go and see what the magic seal is all about here, which is also very helpful for us to take a step."
The lecherous fairy said grumpily, "I knew it, but I would have said it if you hadn’t interrupted me." I looked at Sunday with a wry smile.
On Sunday, a face of cold sweat appeared on his forehead, saying, "The lecherous fairy has seen Lai and never seen you so lai. I think you always refuse to admit it."
The lecherous fairy grunted, "Little stinkers can’t respect the elderly." With a serious expression, he said, "On Sunday, now I’ll take you to the magic seal place. After hundreds of years of research by our team, I found a new seal method. I need your help to re-seal the devil in ten thousand. I can’t let heaven organize people to take advantage of it."
On Sunday, when the horny fairy said that she was serious and knew it was not a joke, she nodded and said, "Don’t worry, we will do our best."
"Good" lecherous immortals directly attract air masses, together with Guan Feng and Whitestorm, to fly to a mountain in the northwest.
The mountain is bare, and a large area of bare pale rock is flying with black sand. I can’t tell you a kind of horror. The lascivious fairy just flew to the top of the mountain with an air mass, and suddenly there was a faint ghostly wind, which made everyone feel scared and timid, and the official phoenix clung to Sunday’s arms and her eyes were red and almost cried.

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Mestalla was drowned by warm cheers.
Amid great cheers, Ibrahimovic excitedly took off his jersey and then ran to the camera in the corner flag area to do a bodybuilder’s move
Then he raised his arms and waved his fist at a VIP box in the stands.
He knew that the man must be looking at himself at this time!
See? This is my ability!
Raiola watched the game in the VIP box accompanied by Ibrahimovic’s father.
His face smiled when he saw Ibrahimovic waving his fist at him.
This is a little interesting!
Then he turned to his father, who was cheering for his son, and said, "Your son has done a great job. I think we can talk about the details."
Selfik, Ibrahimovic’s father, can’t believe that he is quite fat among brokers.
He didn’t expect his son to touch Aiola in this way.
"You have raised a good boy, Mr. Selfik." Laiola nodded with a smile.
Changsheng didn’t know what happened in a box at the Mestalla Stadium. He was surprised when he scored a hat-trick in Ibrahimovic.
As I said before, Ibrahimovic is not the kind of super striker who can score 30 goals in a season.
In fact, it is true. When Ibrahimovic played in the Swedish first division in Malm? in 2 years, he scored 12 goals in 26 games in the first season, which attracted the attention of other teams.
In the second season, he didn’t finish his appearance and scored three goals.
And then Valencia bought it.
He will go to Ajax if there is no constant victory.
Then he made 24 appearances in Ajax’s first season and scored six goals.
He made 25 appearances and scored 13 goals.
Next, whether in Ajax or Juventus, he didn’t score many goals, and none of them reached twenty in a season.
Until he went to Inter Milan.
In his first two years at Inter Milan, his performance in scoring was no different from that at Juventus, except that the number of league goals did not exceed 20.
Until the 9 th season, a very important person came to Ibrahimovic this season.
Mourinho coaches Inter Milan.
In fact, people later criticized Ibrahimovic a lot, such as calling him a bully.
In fact, Ibrahimovic didn’t dominate the ball at all before, whether in Ajax or Juventus, or even in the first two years of Inter Milan.
It was only after Mourinho came that Portugal turned him into a bully.
The team was asked to match the Swedes with Ibrahimovic, so the number of goals scored by Ibrahimovic in the league broke through 20 for the first time that season, reaching 25.
Of course, more goals, more fame, higher status, bigger temper, and bigger ambitions for Ibrahimovic.
Everyone knows the following story-he won the Champions League and ran to hug Barcelona’s thigh, but he didn’t know his position clearly. In Camp Nou, he still wanted to be a bully and dared to compete with Messi for the core. Naturally, he died miserably.
Later, I went to AC Milan. At that time, the temperament of the ball bully had been completely developed. Of course, the number of goals was also increased. In the second season of AC Milan, there were 22 league goals.
This shows why Ibrahimovic’s hat trick will surprise Changsheng so much now.
He wouldn’t be surprised if he knew that Ibrahimovic was famous after the ball bully, but he was surprised if he knew what Ibrahimovic was like before he became famous.
Chang Sheng buys him not because of his scoring ability, but because of his excellent ball control skills and ball range, he is a suitable candidate for his "mad dog" tactics.