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"It’s level 26, and the level is within the range I just mentioned. Of course, it’s no problem, and I won’t lose money if I buy one for one." I pointed to the long sword being rubbed in the martial arts school, and NPC said slowly, "Let’s go as soon as possible, and then we’ll go to the leveling after the word is over, so as to strive for three days to get your department off the ground."

Just after the end of the policy of "buy one get one free", the spokesman of death on the other side suddenly got up the courage and said, "I learned from the teacher for the sake of 10 thousand experience after I started my career, so it’s not true that we can be regarded as a transaction this time."
"No problem, everything depends on you." Anyway, my apprenticeship is just a reward for mentoring. It’s better if you don’t want my help. Anyway, why not take the reward for nothing after starting school?
After our tripartite department negotiated, we applied to the old man for mentoring instructions.
Since you have reached level 4, the player’s death spokesman is willing to learn from you from your teacher. Do you want to accept this student? 》
As you have reached level 4, the player’s favorite is willing to learn from your teacher. Do you want to accept this student? 》
"Player Dragon Soul" Because you have reached Level 4, players are not afraid of God and are willing to learn from you. Do you want to accept this student? 》
The three unified command departments chose to accept my personal title immediately after I confirmed my apprentice, and immediately added three titles, namely, "Death Spokesman Educates Teachers", "Emperor Favourite Educates Teachers" and "Not Afraid of God Educates Teachers". Hey hey, I didn’t expect that there was a good title of Instructing Teachers.
"Well, Dragon Soul, your level is so high, take us to a high-level place to train quickly." The death spokesman immediately said with a big smile just after the master’s ceremony. "Well! I remember that there is a hidden valley near Xuanyuan Imperial City. There is a sword burial forbidden area in the valley. Why don’t we go there and have a look? If I remember correctly, the experience there is not bad and the strange strength is not very high, which is only about level 3. "
Emperor’s favorite carefully recalled it and finally Naidi said, "Hidden Valley? Sword burial forbidden area? I have been practicing near Xuanyuan Imperial City for about half a month. Why have I never heard of these two places? Can it be that it has been revised when it is open beta? "
The spokesman of death nodded firmly and said, "This place can’t be cancelled because it is the only access to Xuanyuan Mausoleum, and the valley and sword tomb are relatively secret, so no one has ever discovered it until now. We also found out that it entered Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"And according to the Ministry, it is reported that there is a super artifact Xuanyuan Excalibur in Xuanyuan Mausoleum." The spokesman of death immediately said with encouragement when he saw that everyone didn’t believe it. "We are limited in time, so we haven’t finished finding out how Xuanyuan Mausoleum is exciting. Let’s go together. If the super artifact happens to be available to the dragon soul."
Chapter three hundred and three Sword Tomb Forbidden Area ()
"Super artifact?" No one will yearn for the super artifact, and I am no exception. After all, the symbol of the super artifact is a double glory.
"The lowest-level monsters in Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb also have level 5, and higher fairy beasts, monster beasts and beasts of Warcraft all want to get Xuanyuan Excalibur, but it is not so easy for everyone to give up this idea now."
The spokesman of death once entered the Xuanyuan Mausoleum and knew something about it, so he didn’t let his teammates find the Xuanyuan Mausoleum passage in the forbidden area of the sword burial and woke up immediately. "His own level didn’t reach level 7. Entering the Xuanyuan Mausoleum is purely a death wish. This is the three major deaths in China."
"Three major deaths?" Emperor Favourite was surprised to hear this new ranking and asked, "What are the three major deaths?"
The spokesman of death said slowly, "When the three major deaths are the side, our side players divide the mainland of China into three most dangerous places, among which Xuanyuan Mausoleum is the second, and Houyi Temple is the Tianwu Temple again."
"Xuanyuan imperial tomb in the super artifact Xuanyuan sword so hou yi temple and tianwu temple? They can be as famous as Xuanyuan mausoleum, and the treasures in it should not be much lower than Xuanyuan sword, right? " Emperor’s favorite today can be described as an eye-opener. These are all hidden and rooted. It is only through years of game experience that we can understand the information from the Internet.
This time, before the spokesman of death spoke, I smiled and said, "There should be a super artifact shooting the sun bow in the temple of Houyi;" If nothing unexpected happens in the Temple of Tianwu, it should also be a super artifact-Tianwu Armor. "
"ah? Dragon Soul, where did you know these secrets? " This time, it was the turn of the death spokesman to be surprised. He knew very well that he could know these secret things, because he was the founder of Shuo World, and at the same time, he was lucky enough to know them. Otherwise, these very hidden things could not be known by himself.
"Hehe, I found out in the game" that the data of the seven super artifacts in China area of the world are told by the Ankylosaurus. Although I can’t talk about it, it should not be wrong to say so.
But this answer is death, but the speaker obviously doesn’t believe in asking? Hum, how can an ordinary NPC know about the seven super artifacts in China? For those high-level people who know a little about some NPC, I believe they won’t confide in him.
So how on earth did he know these secrets were unknown? Is this small behind the hacker attack a month ago? If it is’ he’, the virus has invaded the main system, and the data can be understood more or less.
Hmm! It must be the so-called Avenger Dragon Soul. It must be the guy who launched a hacker attack on the main system of Yanlong a month ago and spread viruses at the same time. He installed virus equipment and must have been confirmed and marked by him. sharingan appeared directly at the beginning of the game, which made him lead all the way from now on.
Unconsciously, the spokesman of death has identified the Avenger as the hacker who launched the hacking attack a month ago and is also behind the virus.
Alas, poor dragon soul, poor sharingan’s successor was mistaken for a hacker just after he met him. Is this his luck or his disaster? No one knows this problem, even others may know that the wheel of fate has turned, and it is the law for ordinary people to stop him again
"Sword burial forbidden area strange? Is there really a level 3? " Although the former death spokesman once said that there are about three levels of monsters in the forbidden area of Sword Tomb, what do you think of guarding the forbidden area of Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb is not so little?
The spokesman of death nodded and said, "Well, I’m sure the forbidden area of sword burial is definitely about level 3."
"In this case, all right, let’s go to the forbidden area of Sword Tombs." Since the spokesmen of death have already confirmed it, let’s go to the forbidden area of Sword Tombs and have a look. Anyway, after the super artifact Xuanyuan Sword, I’m still going to break into Xuanyuan Mausoleum. Just think of it as finding my way now.
Under the leadership of the spokesman of death, the four of us formed a team and soon left for the east of Xuanyuan Imperial City.
On the other side, I waited for a long time in the martial arts school of Nuwa City. After seeing the team from the master for more than half an hour, there was still no figure of the avenger dragon soul, and gradually I didn’t believe it.
A small number of suspicious players have returned to Xuanyuan Imperial City because they suspect that the second message just released by Dragon Soul may be that the real place of worship is still Xuanyuan Imperial City Martial Arts School.
It’s a pity that these people reacted too slowly, because four people in the Xuanyuan Imperial Palace martial arts school have left the imperial city and gone to the east, where there are three major deaths-the entrance to Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb-the sword burial forbidden area.
"Wow, death spokesman, is this what you call a level 3 monster?" In the forbidden area of sword burial, a small team of four people is killing the flying eagle here at the moment. The second lowest level in the team is not afraid of God, while dodging the flying eagle attack, it puts medicine in its mouth and complains from time to time.
The death spokesman looked at the flying eagle pecking at him quickly and dodged aside. At the same time, he replied with a wry smile, "I’m sorry, I don’t know why this happened. At one time, it was about level 3, but when it was unexpected, it became level 45."
That’s right. I met a monster in the forbidden area of Sword Tomb. Up to now, one kind of monster is the 45-level flying eagle. This monster is a giant eagle. The giant eagle in The Condor Heroes seems to be a little smaller than the giant eagle.
There are two ways to attack the flying eagle. One is to attack the opponent with powerful wings, and the other is to knock and peck with a sharp beak. Moreover, the flying eagle seems to inherit some characteristics of the god eagle, which makes it extremely defensive and vital.
In the forbidden area of the flying eagle sword tomb, the sculptor has powerful wings, sharp tips, sharp mouths and hard skin. It is 45 health points for making leather armor and other materials, 5 active skills and short-term flying ability.
The shovel sword quickly killed the flying eagle in my hand, and I still came without rest. Mochizuki Ayumu, a drunken fairy, quickly used his direct help to stop the flying eagle chasing him around the world. These beasts are really troublesome to prevent high skin and thick skin, and it hurts like hell to attack.
"Death, this is what you call level 3 flying sculpture? And can you look at my eyes not so evil as if I have a deep hatred with you? "
After chatting all the way, the spokesman of death and I got to know each other, so the oral address changed from the original name to death, but the other characteristics of death puzzled me, because every time he looked at me, it always made me feel creepy and chilly, as if I had a deep hatred with him
"I don’t know why these flying sculptures will suddenly become so powerful, but anyway, with you here, our speed of killing monsters is not much lower than that outside." The death spokesman walked over and said, "You see, I have upgraded to level 15 now, and I can change my job when I wait for level 2."
The spokesman of death has hostile eyes, but in other respects, he seems to be a brother who has not seen for a long time. Generally speaking, it is a very contradictory state. If he hadn’t shown hostile eyes many times, I would have been presbyopic a few times ago.
"Level 2 to change your job? Really? What career do you want to change? It’ s so troublesome? " I haven’t asked the death spokesman yet, and Emperor Favourite has taken the lead in being surprised.
He is an angel, and his occupation is purely close combat. The machine does not pay attention to the technical content, so he can talk easily while fighting, unlike when we are fighting, we should always be careful and wait until the end or smoke before we can talk.
Chapter three hundred and four Sword Tomb Forbidden Area ()
"Master, it’s good to train here, but the consumption of medicine is too fierce." It was played in the forbidden area of the sword burial for less than half an hour. The emperor’s favorite has carried half a package of medicine, which shows how fierce these 45-level flying sculptures are.
"Death Emperor’s favorite is right. Although the experience is good, the attack is too high and the speed of consuming potions is too fast." Even if I never use potions, I have to consume a lot of life potions now. What’s worse, the level of life defense roots can’t compare with me and them?
For the sake of the team’s profit, I also improved the speed of the team’s leveling. I am so eager to wake up to the god of death. I hope he can understand the current situation. "If we go back and re-purchase, we will not have much experience in fighting monsters in other places."
"Don’t worry, Dragon Soul." The spokesman of death dodged a flying eagle and pecked at it with a sly smile. "Although the flying eagle in the forbidden area of the sword burial is much stronger than I thought, it’s a hindrance to my plan. After all, I don’t want you to come here to play tricks."
"You’re not going to let our small group enter the Xuanyuan Mausoleum, are you?" Although I have long seen something wrong with death (hostile eyes), I still seriously asked, "Didn’t you say that it is purely a matter of dying to enter the Xuanyuan Mausoleum before reaching level 7?"
"Stop, stop, stop," said the spokesman of death. "I know the situation inside Xuanyuan Mausoleum very well. I didn’t say I wanted you to accompany me into Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
The spokesman of death said and pointed to a smooth cliff and a small cave in the forbidden area of sword burial. He said slowly, "Dragon Soul, you fly with your sword, I’ll go there. My goal is in the cliff cave, which is too low for the emperor’s favorite and not afraid of god. You’d better be safe on the surface."
It is natural that the forbidden area of sword burial is similar to the rocky cliffs in deep mountains and valleys, but there is a small cave on the smooth cliff, and it is nearly 400 or 500 meters above the ground. You can’t see the small cave clearly without looking at the roots carefully.
What will be in this small cave?
"Is there anything in it?" Looking up at the small cave about 500 meters from the cliff, I said inexplicably, "Level 27 is not afraid of God, but the strength of Emperor Favourite is still good. It’s level 34, and even he can’t go to the face. What is it? And … "
I looked at the death spokesperson with suspicion and said curiously, "And your level is only 15. Although your strength is a little, but you haven’t changed your job, maybe your fighting capacity is worse than that of the emperor’s favorite. What can you do but he can’t?"
Players who have not changed their jobs at level 15 actually say that level 34 masters can’t enter, but they can enter themselves. What is this world? Can it be said that the difference between 15 grades and 34 grades is 19 grades, and the former is already stronger than the latter?
"that is, if you don’t even go to my cousin, why can you go by yourself? Don’t forget that your rank is lower than my brother’s. "I’m not afraid that God doesn’t seem to have a good impression on the spokesman of death. At this moment, I can’t help sneering," It’s no longer your side players’ day if you don’t want to be a side player. "
Death spokesman sneered, "Yes, my level is indeed 15 levels lower. For now, the world is already at a medium level, but hum, although my level is at a medium level, it doesn’t mean that my combat effectiveness will be much lower than that of you so-called masters."
"Really? If you can win my brother, I believe that you have real talent and practical learning. "I’m not afraid of God’s showing that I don’t believe that a player who has not changed his job at level 15 can win the angel career at level 34. At this moment, I even disdain to say," Otherwise, you will admit that you are a braggart. "

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"Capturing the core of Zygarde is the key to our plan. Now we are in a hurry. Research institutes all over the world are speeding up the research on the evolution of mega, just in case Kusselowski, you should consider a backup plan during this period."

Kuserowski is confident in himself. He doesn’t think that the arrest of Zygarde will fail, but he won’t say anything against Lysandre.
On the other side, after leaving the Lysandre laboratory, Nazi immediately expressed her doubts to Longye. She recognized that Lysandre suddenly hoped that it was not simple for Longye and Alain to play against each other. Women’s intuition is sometimes so accurate and terrible.
"Lysandre, he won’t do anything meaningless. He asked me to play against Alain, but now we know that refusing to play because of such an unconfirmed guess obviously won’t work."
It’s not that Longye wants to die, but that he knows that there are many ways to force a person to fight an elf. Very often, you can’t refuse if you want to.
Nazi bit her lip and wanted to think. Suddenly her eyes lit up. "Why don’t we directly tell Dr. Fatong about Alain? If Alain leaves Lysandre, there will be no such concerns. "
"Afraid of the possibility is very small" Longye shrugged his shoulders "Ailan Chaojin fossil and evolution keystone were lent to him by Lysandre from Lysandre, which means losing these. You yourself have experienced the amazing effect of mega evolution on elf strength. That kind of thing is not easy to give up.
Especially according to Lysandre, Alain should be in the stage of rapid strength rise now, and it is almost impossible for him to give up mega evolution at this time. "
Nazi agreed and nodded, "It is really difficult to get rid of the evolutionary attraction of mega unless the strength is enhanced to a certain extent."
"Forget it, don’t think about these worries. It’s not long since we traveled in Carlos. You’d better think about how to decorate the wedding," Longye said with a smile.
At the wedding, Nazi’s face immediately smiled. During this period, Nazi didn’t think less about this matter. She had made a detailed plan. When she traveled before, Nazi recorded all the beautiful scenery in her photo album. She wanted to wear a wedding dress to re-commemorate those places.
The wedding made everyone forget the worries brought by Lysandre for a while, but the real crisis will not disappear. A severe challenge awaits Longye and its elves in the near future!
Chapter 744 Longye VS Alain
They left Longye, Lysandre Research Institute, and they left their unfinished Carlos trip. Because their current location is far from Baike City, Longye directly took the Super Arrow Turtle No.3 to travel to Yukikaze Town.
Yukikaze town is a beautiful small town near the city of Miere. The whole town gives people a sense of ease and peace. When they enter the town of Longye, they can see classical buildings similar to churches everywhere.
Although it is compared with the bustling city of Miarey, it has unexpectedly won the favor of Nazi.
In fact, the prosperity of big cities is almost high-rise buildings and feasts. On the contrary, this small town retains its own unique flavor
However, before Longye and them were quiet enough to enjoy the wonderful time in the town, Alain dialect called.
"Hello, Mr. Longye, where are you now? I’m going to find you at once."
"I don’t know how long I will stay in this place in Yukikaze Town. Please contact me when you get here." Longye directly quoted his address.
Excluding the fact that Alain is under Lysandre’s command, Longye is very optimistic about his talent. This is a young man who can make great achievements.
Alain may suffer a lot from his obsession with strength, but this belief is the driving force for his continuous growth.
"Great! I’m just leaving Aromatherapy City and heading for Yukikaze Town. I can reach Yukikaze Town in half a day." Alain said excitedly.
Some time ago, I suddenly received an order from the representative of Lysandre that Alain travel around Carlos to challenge those who have mega evolutionary elves.
Former Alain never thought that there would be so many evolutionary elf trainers with mega in the world. This time, he opened his eyes.
While increasing his knowledge, Alain also realized that he was not strong enough, and he was still far from his goal.
Alain’s trainers have won and lost the battle, no matter what the result, the experience of the battle process is imprinted on Alain’s mind.
I have to admit that Lysandre has an accurate eye for people. Although he is suspected of encouraging Alan, Alain has successfully withstood this pressure, and his strength is growing rapidly.
"This time, you must learn something during the inspection of Mr. Longye’s elf body," Alain thought full of fighting spirit
When I heard Alain for a long time, I could feel that Longye in Yukikaze Town had to spit out that there was such a coincidence in this world.
Now that the words have been spoken out, naturally I’m sorry to change my mind. Longye can hang out with Nazi in Yukikaze town while waiting for Alain to arrive.
Alain said that it would take him half a day to get there. In fact, if he was really on his way, the time would be much shorter. Although there was no transportation in Alain, he flew a fire-breathing dragon for a while and took a rest flight. In less than two hours, Alain arrived in Yukikaze Town.
Once again, I received Alain dialect, Longye and Nazi, and they came directly to the front of Yukikaze Town Theater. This is the place where the Triple Crown Satellite Race is held once a year, which is regarded as a landmark building in Yukikaze Town.
When I saw Alain, he looked more capable than when I first met him. It should be no exaggeration for Lysandre to say that he was training hard.
"Let’s have a competition, Mr. Longye," Alain said directly.
Longye waved his hand. "You must be very tired to come here directly. Take a rest first. I won’t run away again."
"That’s all right." Alain simply sat down on the next step. He released his fire-breathing dragon and fed it some water and food
When Alain pulled out the elf ball, Longye noticed that there was an elf ball around his waist and asked, "Alain, do you have a fire-breathing dragon elf?"

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Qiao Xinwei was trapped inside and Jiang Hao was still in the cabin. When he bowed his head and lifted his sleeves and looked at his watch, he still stayed last night. He frowned and didn’t know if Captain Shen could receive the signal after this thing crashed.

He turned his ears a few times and it seemed nothing.
At this moment, he heard someone get off the boat outside. "Take people to the boat quickly. The boss said that Jiang Hao should not die so happily."
By the time the man arrived and walked ahead, Scar man had already knocked on the cabin door. He saw that Jiang Hao stepped back two steps firmly. "Put your hands up and turn around." Scar man pointed a gun at Jiang Hao. "Turn around and hear … squat."
Jiang Hao did as he was told. It’s not time to resist. His cold eyes stab them like two sharp knives. They just bullied Joe on the deck. He glared at them and waited for the bill. I’ll figure it out with you slowly.
"What are you looking at?" People who are afraid often make a hullabaloo about. Scar man is like this. "You two tie Jiang Hao up and go."
Section 65
Jiang Hao smiled a simply stretched out his hands tied by them.
"Blindfolded" Scar man instructed again.
The two strong men were afraid when they saw Jiang Hao’s obedience. "Second brother, you come closer and hold the gun steady."
"That’s a lot of nonsense. Hurry up."
Jiang Hao was blindfolded and taken out. Xiao Tianai hasn’t woken up yet. She was left in the cabin. No one was worried that she would run away.
Wood, sand, mud, hard rocks, steps, granite, every step, Jiang Hao carefully remembers the touch of the soles of his feet, and then uses these to infer the complex architectural structure of the high-end buildings on the high seas. With these elements, he can almost conclude that this must be Xu Risheng’s camp.
"Go in" he was pushed by manpower and then "slammed" the door. "It’s awesome to stay with the big head. I’ll take it for you."
A string of footsteps faded away. Jiang Hao cut the rope and pulled the black cloth. Sure enough, as he thought, this is a secret room.
He looked down at his watch, although the pointer was inaccurate, but it had turned. He put his arm down and turned to look for it, then smiled slightly at the probe in the corner.
He just set the ceiling on his head and suddenly shrank in from the interruption to both sides. He looked up and saw Xu Risheng looking down at him from the other side.
"Hao, we meet again."
Jiang Hao smiled calmly. "You are really loaded here. It’s really worthy of being the world’s largest drug Lord camp. You dare to build a palace underground in Rendao."
Xu Risheng’s eyes showed admiration. He clapped his hands and praised, "You are thoughtful enough, smart enough, courageous enough and knowledgeable enough. It is also his doom that my father can be planted in your hands. Jiang Hao, how about I make a deal with you?"
Jiang Hao looked at him with interest. "You said."
"I don’t want revenge. I can let Xiao Tianai and Qiao Xinwei go. I can let you have these two women at the same time. I want you to help me and we can sit on the wealth together."
This is Xu Risheng’s real purpose.
Chapter 52 What kind of good man is he?
Chapter 52 What kind of good man is he
This is Xu Risheng’s real purpose.
Jiang Hao smell speech couldn’t help laughing. "Xu Daikuan left me alive until now because he wanted to show me the way, right?"
Xu Risheng recognized the irony in Jiang Hao’s speech, and he knew that it must not be so smooth, so he said, "You have your care, I know you can continue to be your chief, you can continue to work hard in your country, and you are respected and commended by the state, which will not affect your reputation. What is your annual salary now? I can guarantee that you will earn 1 million every day. I believe that we will be perfect together."
"Make 1 million a day, right? That’s more than my annual salary."
"What I said, people are rich, birds eat food, and I want you to help me. You can have whatever you want. This kind of thing can also be fair and square. If you give enough sweetness, you won’t care if you are outside."
Jiang Hao smiled and said, "It’s really a big temptation, but I’m afraid I’ll have no money to spend."
"Hum don’t know something good or bad, then you should be prepared for a generation of prisoners to have some physical torture from time to time."
Xu Risheng showed a sinister smile. Seeing that he retreated, the ceiling slowly merged and restored a secret room. Jiang Hao picked up the blade hidden in his sleeve, and they blindfolded him with a bag of black cloth. Then they aimed at the probe in the corner, deftly flung the blade and inserted it directly into the top board, and the hanging black cloth just covered the probe.
He doesn’t like being watched.
Then he dragged a black button the size of a fingernail from his shirt and stuffed it into a small gap in the door frame.
Everything happened in his plan.
As soon as the gangster in front of the monitor saw that the probe was blocked, he sent someone to come over. Jiang Hao pushed the door in the corner farthest from the door, and a loud bang of the button directly blew a hole in the secret room.
Scar man poured Jiang Hao on the spot, took out the sticky paper, stuck it on Scar man’s thumb, and then folded it a few times to make a simple finger sleeve and put it directly on his thumb. With the fingerprint of this "second master", he can walk around this bottom palace.
He came in blindfolded, and everywhere he passed, he heard "beep, beep" to verify that the locks here were fingerprint locks.
Because the probe is covered, people can’t see what’s going on here, and they must be more flustered when they hear it.
Jiang Hao wore a scar male fingerprint sleeve and shuttled around this palace. Every time he entered a door, he pressed the watch button until it was drawn into a complete plan. But he didn’t see anyone along the way. It seems that Xu Risheng was stationed in the camp and there were not many people. No wonder he was eager to find help.
The helicopter Shen Xing has received the signal from Jiang Hao. Staring at the map displayed on the brain screen, he secretly lamented that Xu Risheng’s poison warehouse was as big as a football field. If these poisons flowed into the society, it would be a national disaster. Thanks to Jiang Hao’s plan, he could find this hidden place.
Shen Xing took the walkie-talkie and said, "There are still two kilometers away from the target location. The target has five hostages and two are ready to cooperate with Governor Jiang."
Qiao Xinwei looked everywhere but couldn’t find the ladder button. She realized later that she was trapped here.
There is a glass cupboard in the living room filled with trophies and medals of all sizes. That’s where she learned that Xu Rijia’s brother’s name was Xu Risheng. No wonder Xu Rijia knows everything about running, swimming and boxing. Xu Risheng also won prizes for everything. Alas, what a good brother and sister if he didn’t go this way.
Suddenly an alarm sounded, and she looked up in a panic, but I don’t know where the alarm came from, and I think it was in the head.
"Hello, is there anyone?" She shouted. "Is Jiang Hao your Jiang Hao?"
The alarm kept ringing, and Qiao Xinwei held her chest. She felt her heart beating very fast.
At this time, the ladder door opened, and Xu Risheng walked out of the ladder with a black face, regardless of Qiao Xinwei, who directly tore his shirt and showed strong muscles of wheat color.
"Ah, what are you doing?" Joe closed his eyes and retreated repeatedly. Once bitten, twice shy. She was almost scared to death when she saw him act like this.
Xu Risheng ignored her. He simply took out his bulletproof vest from the secret compartment to wear and took two submachine guns, aiming at her one by one.
Joe’s heart is weak. "Go where?"
Xu Risheng lifts the "ladder"
Joe only thought that he had found a guy. It must be Jiang Hao coming. Great, thinking that she couldn’t help laughing silently.
This expression did not escape Xu Risheng’s eyes. He stared at her and asked, "Do you think I will let Jiang Hao succeed? If Jiang Hao destroys this place, I will have no way out?"
At this time, Joe only looked up with straight back and courage and said, "So it was Jiang Hao who came. Hum, I think when can you be arrogant?"
Xu Risheng pointed a gun at her temple and gnashed her teeth. "Aren’t you afraid to offend me and I’ll shoot you now?"
"You have a gun. If you have a gun, Jiang Hao will have less concern and more chances of winning. How can I catch you as a drug Lord if I die?"
"Shut up" Xu Risheng pointed at her at gunpoint and forced her into a corner. "You are such a cruel woman. You cursed me after I saved you."
Qiao Xinwei looked up and stared at him and asked, "Would I suffer these crimes without you?"
Xu Risheng’s eyes were deep and gloomy, and suddenly he leaned into her ear and lowered his voice. "Where do you come from to be confident that Jiang Hao would care so much about you? He didn’t come out to save you in the cabin. Do you really think he loves you?"
Qiao Xinwei was asked wait for a while, "What did you say … Jiang Hao is in the cabin?"
"That’s right, and he’s already woken up. He’s been pretending to arrest me. He’s even willing to gang rape his wife."
"No, Jiang Hao won’t."
"Why didn’t he come out at that time? I really believed him. He was still in a coma. I didn’t expect to pretend that I was a drug Lord when I was born. I had no choice, and he was a righteous man like him. He arrested me and watched his wife face gang rape. He took credit for it. He even sacrificed his wife. What kind of good man is he?"
Joe’s heart just stood there with glassy eyes and repeatedly said impossible.
"Are you silly? Do you still believe that Jiang Hao will come to save you? He’s here to save Xiao Tianai and arrest me by the way. You don’t have a copy." Xu Risheng took a bulletproof vest from the secret compartment and gave her a "walk into the ladder".
Chapter 53 Do you really care about me?
Chapter 53 Do you really care about me?
"If you take credit for arresting me, he can even sacrifice his wife. What kind of person is he?"

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He applied for a loan at the moment when the bank’s loan function came out. Fortunately, he got a loan of ten thousand gold coins, which can completely remove the cheating attribute of Flame Gong.

But what makes him desperate is that the desire for flame work after Dacheng is not as freely controllable as the introduction of achievement method. Not only can it not be controlled at will, but it is even hotter than just practicing flame work.
Except for the ice qi cultivated by his wife Shelley, he can almost suppress it by will, so life is miserable for him!
I feel burning all the time, struggling with desire and reason all the time.
"Fight, fight, fight to suppress the disadvantages of the achievement method. Let the fight let me temporarily throw my desire out of my head." Lin Dad said with great friendship
Behind him is pale as paper and fat, practicing the flood of history in the Spring and Autumn Period and ten thousand generations. Now he almost dies every day, even if he doesn’t practice gas, he will spontaneously run.
Once you practice cold and hot hurricane thunder, all kinds of attributes of true qi constantly conflict in meridians, and it is impossible to practice without vomiting blood for three liters per time.
After each practice, the true qi will inevitably increase one or two attributes, and the conflict of true qi will become more intense in the abdomen.
However, although daily practice is like torture, after each practice, the dark wounds suffered by the body during practice will be completely healed and the true qi will be more powerful.
Fat is not that I didn’t want to ask Wang Gang for advice in the past, but Wang Gang seems to have completely disappeared in H city, and I can’t find anyone at all. Even when I see him, I look crazy.
"Is it possible that Wang Gang became like this because of practicing the historical torrent Dafa in the Spring and Autumn Period and Ten Thousand Generations?" Such scary thoughts often appear in the fat brain, making him cold all over.
He asked for help, prayed to the temple, and received feedback that everything was normal and there was no problem. He could continue to practice martial arts, but he never promised it to others.
Fat is also a lot of peace of mind. "Although the practice is painful, the injury will be healed after the practice, and the skill will be greatly improved. God said that there is no problem, so I will continue to practice!"
I don’t want to be a fat self-comforting word, but I am very satisfied with the historical torrent of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Ten Thousand Generations.
I secretly took a look at my loyal dad. He thought that if he did it himself, even if his dad practiced flame and reached Dacheng, he could put his dad down to the ground with up to 5 strokes in his own hands.
Of course, this fat will never be said to hurt his father.
"Who? Who else is going to challenge me! " Duel field Zhao Gang has a dark dagger in his hand, and his face is screaming with grief and madness.
At his feet is a corpse that has lost its life and is slowly disappearing into the light.
"I’ll meet you!" Dad Lin’s eyes shone hot and he jumped into the field.
If a man, regardless of age, whether he is honed by reality or not, there will inevitably be a heroic dream in his heart.
But in reality, there is no chance for the dream root to come true, but it will be very different in the future.
Even if you die, you won’t die in reality, you won’t be unnecessarily troubled by reality, and you won’t bring grief and unbearable disaster to your family because of blood and impulse.
See Zhao Gang that moment has been burning in the bottom of my heart, Lin Dad. The desire disappears instantly, and there is full fighting spirit in the hot fire in my eyes.
Fight! Fight the hero in your heart!
War comes out of the surging blood in my heart!
"Are you? I remember that you died at my hands ten times less in the battlefield! Do you still want to die now? " Zhao Gang’s eyes are more emotionless than cold and harsh.
"It’s too early to judge who will die. Today, I’ll let you see the power of a flame." Dad Lin’s fake smile on the businessman’s face has disappeared. He stared at Zhao Gang with a serious face and clenched fists. The horrible temperature seemed to ignite the surrounding gas.
At this level of cultivation, Dad Lin has experimented on the battlefield. If he hadn’t touched the heavy weapon player, his hands would be more efficient than the hot weapon.
At this time, it is not that he doesn’t want to despise the weapon field, but that taking duel field to duel at this level will not be a burden at all.
The cultivation of true qi is not really the cultivation of true qi, which strengthens the body’s ability to respond and to predict.
All parts of the body to practice will be strengthened one by one, speed, strength, perception and vision are several times higher.
Now, if Dad Lin moves rapidly, Dad Lin believes that there is absolutely no one who can aim at him when he moves.
What’s more, facing or practicing the intellectual man fit skill, Zhao Gang firearms are even more useless.
"Hey hey!" Zhao Gang sneer at a body directly into the phantom tear gas, a look has arrived in front of Lin dad hands dark dagger across a wonderful arc flint light directly appeared in Lin dad neck.
Lin Dad narrowed his eyes deeply, and his hand quickly caught Zhao Gang dagger with a pale red palm and a horrible heat wave.
Flaming red!
In an instant, the Zhao Gang dagger seemed to be burned at a high temperature of tens of millions of degrees and generally turned red! Can Zhao Gang let go of the dagger and quickly retreat to pull out several phantoms in front of Lin Dad?
At this time, although Fat saw his father pull back a game, his eyes were still very nervous. Even if he had some confidence in his father, Lin Dad was recognized as a strange enemy, Zhao Gang.
Even if let the fat field at this time, he has no absolute confidence to defeat this man like God of War.
Because centaurs are players, there are also many Americans with different skin colors at this time. These first people who were elected to the base are violent maniacs. When they saw that the battle between Lin Dad and Zhao Gang was so crazy and fierce at the beginning, they suddenly roared wildly.
Fortunately, although these players speak English that most Chinese people can’t understand, they communicate with each other in spirit. Although they are in different languages, their meanings are still white.

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"What person?" Gerty asked, but a white mud pill suddenly threw a piece of white fog from this man’s hand. In the night, Ran Ran rose and blocked the sight of Mongolian soldiers!

"Isn’t this the fog-hidden ninja Yagyu Naoki?" Ling Feiyang was surprised that the figure quickly rushed over and grabbed Ling Feiyang’s arm!
To Ling Feiyang’s surprise, Ling Feiyang’s skin is in contact with each other. This hand turns out to be smooth and delicate. It is a girl’s delicate hand!
This girl is obviously fighting skill, and she draws Ling Feiyang to her back and then quickly runs to the distance! The young girl ran out of the white fog in one breath and Ling Feiyang saw her face by moonlight!
It turns out that this girl is actually a firefly butterfly ninja sunset glass!
Mongolian soldiers rushed out of the white fog one after another, but at dusk, the colored glaze and the flying figure had already disappeared into the night!
Sunset coloured glaze with ling Feiyang continued to gallop forward and ran for miles before ling Feiyang was released in a rocky pile.
Sunset coloured glaze, after all, is a girl who is too tired to sit on a stone panting for a long time before she can calm down and go to Ling Feiyang’s side to untie the tendon rope for him. The two of them are very close to each other, and the girl’s hair flutters in front of Ling Feiyang, and her body fragrance seeps into Ling Feiyang’s heart and lungs. Ling Feiyang immediately feels that her mind is rippling and even her body pain seems to have weakened a lot.
Ling Feiyang immediately felt relaxed when the rope was untied, and quickly said, "Thank you for your glass!" "
"You don’t thank me. I saved you today because you saved me that favor …" Sunset coloured glaze turned around and said simply.
Ling Feiyang’s heart was slightly disappointed when suddenly a figure flashed outside the rocky pile!
"Sunset glass really made me guess right!" With the voice, this man slowly walked over. It was the puppet ninja’s ghost-bending pill!
"Royal ghost gentleman! Why are you here? " Sunset coloured glaze is almost got a fright.
"I have long seen that you have betrayed the emperor’s heart. I saw that you stole Yagyu’s fog-making mud pill and slipped out alone. I have been following you …" Imperial Ghost Pill said with a smile.
"I didn’t betray the emperor! I’m here to save Ling Feiyang and return his favor! " Sunset coloured glaze shouted
"Ling Feiyang is our enemy. If you want to save him, you will betray the emperor!" Imperial Ghost Pill suddenly asked, "Are you emotionally attached to this Ling Feiyang at sunset?"
"no! What are you talking about! I have been trained as a ninja for so many years. How can I be emotional about men? " Sunset coloured glaze hurriedly defended himself.
"I wish I didn’t!" Imperial Ghost Maru’s face suddenly softened and said, "Liuli, do you know what Fujita will do with you if he knows about today’s events?"
Shibing Wei Fujita, a cunning ninja, is a ninja leader personally appointed by Emperor Shunde, although he is also a ten-forbearing one in Fusang country. His killing methods are extremely cruel and he is famous in Fusang country for punishing female ninjas, which is particularly outrageous.
If the female ninja makes a mistake, Fujita Shibei will strip her naked and rape her in a dozen abnormal postures, and at the same time, she will be stabbed and flogged. After the rape, she will be put naked in the mud pile and sprinkled with sugar water on her breasts and private parts to let ants and insects bite her for three days and three nights.
Since the ten soldiers of Fujita took this punishment measure, most female ninjas will commit suicide by breaking their stomachs because they can’t stand this humiliation. Only a handful of them have survived, and because of this, hundreds of ninjas have been trained in Fuso, and almost no one dares to quit the ninja organization, and Fujita ten soldiers have been valued by the emperor.
Hearing the name of Fujita’s ten soldiers and guards, Liuli’s face immediately showed fear. Imperial Ghost Pill looked in her eyes and suddenly said, "Liuli wants you to promise me one thing. I promise not to tell Fujita about your today!"
"What do you say!" Ri mu Liu Li Dao
"I have liked you for a long time. I want your body!" Imperial ghost pill with her smile said bluntly.
"shame!" Sunset coloured glaze suddenly pulled out a sword and pointed it at the throat of Imperial Ghost Pill!
"Do you still want to kill me?" Imperial ghost pill sneer at a way "you scold me shame? Are you pure yourself? Are you a virgin yourself? Have you ever received charm training before? "
The biggest difference between female ninjas and male ninjas is that they want to confuse the enemy with beauty. The so-called charm training means that when each female ninja is twelve years old, the coach will break the melon, and then ten male ninjas will be selected for multiple intercourse. In the process of intercourse, the female ninja will learn various sexual skills to master the method of pleasing men.
I don’t know why when Imperial Ghost Pill heard the word "charm training", Ling Feiyang’s heart was like being hit by a heavy hammer!
"Coloured glaze looks so pure and pure, just like a piece of leisure white jade, but actually I don’t know how many men I share a bed with …" Ling Feiyang thought to herself.
"But these are not her voluntary. Although she * * has long been defiled, her heart is pure …" In Ling Feiyang’s heart, she didn’t have the slightest dislike for Sunset Glass, but she loved and cherished it a little more.
Ling Feiyang’s heart is full of mixed feelings, but the glass has already said, "Even if I have slept with many men, I am afraid it will not be your turn!"
"Coloured glaze, maybe you are not too white. I really like that you are completely different from those men. If you are willing to do it with me, I will treat you gently and bring you an unprecedented happiness!" Imperial ghost pill said.
"Are you? But you are not my type! " At sunset, Liuli suddenly giggled and continued, "I want to think about it. If you don’t want Fujita to know about this, there is actually a simpler way!"
"Do you want to kill me?" Royal ghost pill immediately asked
"Let you guess right!" Sunset coloured glaze said that efforts were made to stab the sword at the throat of Imperial Ghost Pill!
Ps: Ling Feiyang’s life is in danger, but she is rescued by the butterfly ninja Sunset Glaze. However, the puppet ninja Yugui Pill secretly follows this matter and threatens Sunset Glaze in an attempt to possess her body. How should Sunset Glaze face this crisis? Will the cruel, vicious and cunning ninja Fujita become a powerful opponent of Ling Feiyang after ten soldiers defend him? Is it true that the charm training of the female ninja who exterminates humanity has already happened in the sunset glass body? Fantastic and beautiful butterfly ninja, what is her real identity? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 25 Sunset Glass VS Royal Ghost Pill
"You won’t kill me!" Sunset coloured glaze sword tip has resisted the imperial ghost pill neck skin imperial ghost pill but root don’t hide don’t avoid is smile and said.
Sunset coloured glaze indeed admitted the sword look very dim.
"As far as I know, there is one novice among our ten forbearance who has never killed anyone, and that is you!" Imperial ghost pill stretched out his right palm and slowly dialed the sunset coloured glaze sword from the front of his neck.
Sneaking into the Central Plains to catch Zhao Hong is the first one who came out of the sunset glass. She has never killed anyone before, unlike other ninjas who have already killed people like hemp.
Even after years of ninja training, her kind character has not changed because of this. At the beginning, she did not treat Ling Feiyang killer, which also has this reason.
Imperial ghost pill took out the baby-shaped puppet from the bosom and then said, "We ninjas are like this puppet that is attached to one end of a silk thread but is held in the hand at the other end. These silk threads can also be cut by a knife, but we can never get rid of others …"
"Glass be careful!" Ling Feiyang next to him suddenly shouted, at the same time, a piece of white powder spilled out from behind the baby doll and immediately turned into a white smoke!
Sunset coloured glaze root didn’t expect the Imperial Ghost Pill to sneak up on himself. Fortunately, when I heard Ling Feiyang calling, I quickly pulled myself back, but I still took a sip of white smoke.
Sunset glass immediately felt a little dizzy, and her eyes were slightly astringent, but suddenly the Imperial Ghost Pill flashed from behind the baby doll and quickly rushed to the front of Sunset glass to cut her shoulder with a wild knife!
At sunset, the glass reacts very quickly, and the sword quickly moves to the first gear, and then the imperial ghost pill knife continues to retreat and pulls out a gold mesh bag from the wide cuff!
A colorful butterfly flew out of the net bag for a moment and wrapped the sunset glass body!
Imperial ghost pill cold hum a hand baby doll more and more will block his whole body behind!
Imperial Ghost Pill releases white smoke, which is a psychoanesthetic aimed at the human body. It can’t do harm to these magical butterflies. Hundreds of butterflies emit gorgeous flashing fluorescence. Imperial Ghost Pill has a dazzling and difficult to identify the position of sunset glass.

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No way, it’s so expensive. I just saved you. Even if you don’t give me a cheaper price, you shouldn’t let me have the money. Dragonfly is very dissatisfied with Ziyue’s accounting, and immediately bargains with the businessman. However, Ziyue said with her hands akimbo that the princess is pure and clean, and it’s already very cheap for you to let you touch and calculate 5 thousand.

Looking at the face with the purple moon written on it, what else can Dragonfly say? After a long time, Dragonfly just took a breath and said, Forget it. I’ll pay you back. Let’s let my brother go. Let’s say we can’t spend money this time.
Hee hee, if you are willing to lose money, everything is easy to discuss, but Ziyue carefully hides the abacus in a sudden tone, but how much does it cost this time? Longfei’s patience seems to have reached its limit.
However, the princess has already said that the princess’s mansion is just going into the place casually, or if you want to save your partner, you should defeat the princess Ziyue first, and you can’t wait for the dragonfly to reflect and wave your hand before it hits the dragonfly.
It can be said that hitting is the best stunt of the dragonfly, but this trick is even more powerful when it is in the hands of Princess Ziyue. However, it is strange that although there is no magic breath in the air, the dragonfly is surrounded by a strong wind, which was previously shattered by Carol. Those stones have been swept by this strange wind to the dragonfly.
What’s going on? I’ve carefully explored her body’s qi reaction before. Don’t be honest. Pneumatic doesn’t even have a reaction. Now it will produce such a strong breeze. Although the dragonfly can easily cope with those broken stones and arrows, it dare not easily move to fight back against Purple Moon.
Hey, hey, you know it’s amazing. You can’t walk in front of me. The princess won’t let your friend go easily. Purple Moon teased her mouth, but she was thinking, hey, hey, it’s rare to find a stupid, stupid and rich sheep. If you don’t order more blood, the princess’s research will not fall.
Violent wind makes it more and more difficult for dragonfly to parry. He doesn’t care about Ziyue’s words, but he knows very well what Ziyue can easily drive the theory of wind. Is this a kind of magic that doesn’t need mantras or a trick that is extremely fast? Wu Longfei wants to make it white. This may be a bad habit.
I can’t go on like this before I know her strange ability. I’m going to be air-dried. I waved my hands at high speed and even hit the melee stones and cut the arrows. Dragonfly knew that his parry was extremely exhausting, so he was ready to fight back.
When Ziyue enjoyed her unique ability to play with the dragonfly at her fingertips, suddenly a large smoke burst from around the dragonfly surrounded by a strong wind. The dragonfly had already beaten these stones to no avail. This strong wind was just like life. When the dragonfly hit the stones, it quickly rolled it back and then attacked the dragonfly again, gradually whitening the enemy’s attack style. After that, the dragonfly decided to fight back.
First of all, the dragonfly gradually strengthened its strength in his palm to hit the stones further and delay the attack cycle of the gale. When his palm force gathered to a certain extent, the true qi poured from his palm. These stones may be a threat to ordinary people, but how can they hurt the soldiers of this level? When the true qi stones collided, the stones immediately collapsed, so the powder formed smoke and the stones burst into the ears of Purple Moon.
I didn’t expect that it was really bad to recommend him to grandpa. Oh, Ziyue didn’t know the identity of the dragonfly at the moment. Although she hasn’t made a strong wind yet, she can still cope with it and gradually develop a sense of admiration for the dragonfly. However, Ziyue will never relax her offensive with this little admiration. On the contrary, Ziyue’s best stunt is slow after determining the weight of the dragonfly.
See purple moon didn’t read magic and didn’t make a mark. After closing her eyes slowly for a moment, when she opened her eyes again, her light blue eyes turned purple. Violet inferno can hold purple. In the rare change of purple moon, the pressure around dragonfly is getting bigger and bigger. Gradually, he moves slowly. His shoulders, hands, legs and backs are cut by those broken but still sharp arrows.
Slowness is another trick. Dragonfly barks in his heart, saying that body scars won’t do him much harm, but the heart influence can’t be written and printed. Girl, if you want me to die, I won’t let you live happily. Gradually, I will be beaten and forget that the magic school once warned me to fight back regardless.
An ancient magic, sluggishness, in which all elements will move slowly and the same power will be greatly reduced. However, forcing magic in sluggishness will cause irreparable damage to the body rather than completely crushing the body method under external double pressure in an instant.
A magician can give in easily unless he can crack the enemy’s ability when he is slow. However, the dragonfly is still a dragonfly. After seeing him drink a lot, a violent qi surges from all parts of his body and isolates the wind from the body in an instant.
Forget everything. Dragonfly tries to gather energy in that slow time. When his hands are tightly closed to form the seal of Vulcan, listen to him say softly, "The flame in the ups and downs". Accept my command, listen to my guidance, gather around me, gather my will, and your strength will create the fury of God.
Mantra completed in a moment, the strong wind tightly around the dragonfly was blown away by the furious flame magic, and the huge fire dragon was like a sudden cage beast rushing to the slender body of Purple Moon.
This kind of magic doesn’t seem to worry me when facing the oncoming fire dragon. Seeing that she quickly raised her left palm against the fire dragon, she shouted, "Scattering purple moon has great faith in her own ability, and she firmly believes that dragonfly’s magic will be scattered by her own ability. However, this time she was wrong, which is outrageous and costly."
The fire dragon that was hit by Purple Moon’s peculiar ability was a slight meal in the middle, and then it rushed to Purple Moon at a faster speed. The situation changed. Super Purple Moon imagined that the fragile heart hidden in that arrogant big princess mask was suspicious at this moment of life and death. However, on Purple Moon’s screaming at the top of her lungs, the fire dragon didn’t stop for a moment. Magic is magic, that is, there is no thought or passion. The fire dragon still growls and rushes to Purple Moon, and it seems that it will never turn back unless it melts into its fiery body.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Black Killer
Wow, when the fire dragon was close to the purple moon, it couldn’t stand the great fear. Purple moon screamed and fell to the ground, screaming like a real dragon. The huge fire dragon seemed to release its anger and complain that its owner failed to show its strength. When the fire dragon was close to the purple moon, the dragonfly skillfully changed its direction and flew to the sky.
The red light gradually disappears, and the purple moon slowly opens its eyes. The red dragon is no longer in front of it, and a pair of dragonfly palms surrounded by a faint golden light.
You, you, you, what are you going to do? Purple Moon trembled and asked, which made her feel scared. It was not the true qi around the palm of her hand, but the dragonfly eyes, which released the anger like a beast.
Carlo was quiet. When Purple Moon panicked, the strange enchantment that bound him disappeared at the same time. At this moment, he stood quietly beside the dragonfly and looked at the familiar and strange friend. I don’t know why Carlo always felt that the dragonfly made him feel more intimate and intimidating than going to the dragonfly at this moment.
Dragonfly’s eyes are glued to Purple Moon’s tearful eyes, but his hands are shaking gently. It seems that he is hesitating and struggling for something. After a long time, a warm light shines again. Now, after a long time in his eyes like a god of death, Dragonfly gently puts his hands to show his charming smile and says to Purple Moon, Hey hey, frequent fights are getting more and more ferocious unconsciously. Don’t mind, don’t mind not scaring you.
Pulled up by a dragonfly, Purple Moon looks at the dragonfly slapping clothes and dust by him. What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt there? Looking at Purple Moon without saying a word, Dragonfly can’t help but feel nervous. After all, Purple Moon has different identities. Generally, if anything happens to her, the dragonfly will be in big trouble.
Dragonfly’s common words are like a catalyst at this time. When the sound of Dragonfly has not yet fallen, Purple Moon’s charming eyes drop the first tear. Don’t cry. Men may never know women, let alone women who live in greenhouses like Purple Moon. If Dragonfly doesn’t comfort them at this moment, maybe Purple Moon will be hindered by sobbing a few times. However, when the comfort of Dragonfly rings, Purple Moon will burst into tears like a runaway reservoir.
In fact, it is no wonder that Ziyue’s reaction has been living in the royal family and won the favor of Kane III. Once upon a time, the princess was wronged. Think about yourself as a joke, but Dragonfly looks at herself like a murderer. But a princess is more and more sad, and Ziyue cries more and more.
Looking at holding on to yourself and crying, Ziyue Longfei can look back at Carol for help, but Carol shrugged her shoulders and shook her head to show her ability. Nai Longfei can stay in the ground. The stupidest and most effective way is to wait for Ziyue to finish crying.

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At this moment, Shen Yuyin rose high. "Shallow water is clear and doesn’t listen to military orders, arrogance, killing, stopping water, and making enemies. Although it’s a small achievement, it’s arrogant to repeatedly violate the national laws and regulations. In Chishui Town, his longitudinal department borrowed food to make trouble, which led to the death of the flag. In Daliangcheng, he distributed inscriptions for ladies-in-waiting halls and pillars, and regarded the emperor’s products as things. When he returned to the empire, he borrowed illness and did not return, but now he returned to the rear of the sun and the moon, and It’s an insult to Tian Chende not to say that the general rewarded him and sealed him or let him stay in the DPRK! "

"Exactly!" An echo sounded.
Gong Sunshi also sneered, "Shallow water leads ten thousand people to level the sky, everything in the war needs etiquette, and military affairs have always been two things in conflict. It’s okay for Shen’s adult to cultivate self-esteem, be humble, be gentle, be virtuous, and not know the art of war, but you should be an idiot of art of war like you by boasting so much to cover up his fame and fault?"
That gentle and courteous is to form a request for women. This moment is obviously ridiculed by Gongsun Shi. Shen Yu can’t help sighing that Jiang is indeed great.
Shen Yu shouted angrily, "Gong Sunshi, you fart!"
Shenqi immediately replied, "Does Lord Shen mean that you really don’t know the art of war as much as you do?"
Shen Yu didn’t notice that GongSunShi HuaLiYouHua was ShenJi so one by one. He just denounced and finished another meaning. The sentence "That’s not what I meant" lost its original prestige.
In the court, there was a giggle. Gong Sunshi struggled in officialdom for a long time. Even though he was away from the court for more than ten years, it was still body of work who pushed his opponent to an awkward position with a few words. It is rare for Shenqi to have this talent to seize his opponent’s mistakes and give a sharp counterattack.
At this moment, Gong Sunshi said with a smile, "Since that’s not what I mean, the adults just think they don’t understand the art of war. Since they don’t know the art of war, they will make fallacies here. If they don’t leave everything to the emperor to deal with, there will be arbitration. Speaking of it, if the generals are in a strong city outside, they can enjoy the wealth of the city. The number of cities can be scraped all the way to the bag, but their mind is that the great cause of the empire will leave no part of their income to contribute to the empire. Therefore, do you accuse the generals of leading the troops Do we have to let the treasures go into the hands of thieves? Or are you jealous of his merits and turns into a villain’s slanderer? !”
These words are not sharp and really hit the opponent’s key.
Refuting the endless stream of wild ambitions is getting ugly.
This court battle was not unexpected to him, but the intensity of the dispute far exceeded his imagination.
Zhu Danxin, the military military commander, hummed, "When Shen’s adult is in charge of the heavenly rites, he should do it himself, but he has repeatedly said that he is rude. Even we rude martial artists can’t look past the celestial corpses. There are many vegetarians with both ability and political integrity, and there are not a few people who steal their place. Now it seems that Shen’s adult is such a leader."
"Zhu Danxin you you you! ! !” Shen Yu has told you three times that fart is afraid to say it again after all.
The excitement of the imperial court is still going on, and no one will give in if you kill me.
This is a doomed Korean struggle, but it is only not the end.
At that time, in the increasingly heated debate in this court, shallow water and clear thoughts suddenly drifted into the distance.
Brother Qi, what you said is really right. This official has made a big deal, but it’s not interesting at all.
If I can, I hope I can take Yun Ni away from this court forever. It is definitely not my interest to quarrel every day.
At that moment, he felt a little sigh with emotion, and at that moment, he was at a loss for the debate words in the court, and he could not hear the angry roar of Cang Ye Wang.
"That’s enough!"
To bring him back from the soul flying outside.
It turned out that Cang Yewang finally spoke.
Chapter 10 The Debate (Middle)
This is a battlefield where you can never see the smoke of gunpowder, but sometimes it is more difficult to guard against the angry words every day than the real swords and spears on the battlefield.
The difference in the battlefield is that the living will always be the winner, but here there is a powerful person who is above the law and above all else as the notary.
In feudal times, the form of court debate was very similar to that of today’s social court, and the defense judge was as sacred as the emperor and had absolute advantages. However, compared with the latter, he had a healthy system, paid attention to evidence and handled everything according to law, while the former lacked this system and norms, and at the same time, there were a large number of participants, so the scene was prone to chaos.
Here, the emperor needs his absolute power to deter and reduce chaos to an acceptable level when it reaches a limit height.
Here, I have to say that there will be disputes, quarrels and fights in such a formal meeting, and all of them need to safeguard their own interests and viewpoints. People will always try their best to believe in themselves and play down the influence of their opponents’ words, so almost everyone can’t be said.
The purpose of the meeting is not to make everyone agree with a certain view, but to establish a correct direction in the final dispute. Here, people in later generations have come to a conclusion in long-term research that when the two sides of the debate have the ability to communicate with each other, the final result is that no one can say anything about each other and it is easy to cause personal attacks on each other, and mutual abuse is common, which leads to a great decline in the communication function of the meeting.
In court defense, the prosecution and the defense should not communicate with each other, but they can master the meeting. It is at this conclusion that the correctness and importance of its conclusion are proved, thus becoming a basic feature of modern courts. Two people who quarrel with each other will never have an opponent to talk to the judge.
However, the DPRK has no such restrictions.
This chaos was doomed from the moment Shen Yu participated in the shallow water Qing gongsunshi’s straightforward defense.
Even if the emperor speaks, unless they don’t ask for a bite, it will definitely trigger a new round of war of words.
In the face of this situation, the only thing we can rely on is the prestige of the emperor.
Fortunately, Cang Yewang’s prestige is still enough
At this moment, Cang Yewang, that’s enough. Let the court finally be quiet for a short time. After a short time, the Imperial Academy calendar came out and said
"Positions today is not because of the shallow general stationed in Huaishu Hutong. The shallow general stationed here is just to donate money to the country. So early, send someone to collect money and enter the palace, and then order the shallow general to withdraw. I will let the ministers in the DPRK do so much fighting. "

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When the young lady and her party left the housekeeper, they were puzzled and asked, "Sir, do you trust that the young lady is alone in the crew?"

"Isn’t there Chi Bin?" Gu Zhenglin leaned back and looked at his hand. The tone seemed to be in no hurry.
As soft as that kid’s personality, can you note little miss?
The housekeeper is a little tangled.
Gu Zhenglin seems to have guessed what he was thinking. "If it’s a mistake, how can it stay for a month?"
At least this is the longest one who stayed with his daughter in half a year.
The housekeeper sobered and said in surprise, "Is this Chi Bin pretending in front of the young lady?"
Is that kid such a schemer?
"Then you still let him stay with the little lady. Isn’t that inviting the wolf into the room?"
Butler immediately nervous.
The young lady has just experienced an abortion, which hasn’t come out of a scar in case.
"That also depends on whether he has the courage." Gu Zhenglin put his mobile phone on the table and showed no concern for the other party. "His personality is not necessarily to please the girl at most. If Xiao Cong can really make this girl happy, I have to thank him."
I’m afraid he didn’t have that thing.
"Sir Zhong is right" is that he thinks too much.
But before he could calm down, the man in front threw him another heavy thunder.
"I heard that Tang Shiyan returned to China?"
"I don’t know this yet." It’s hard for the housekeeper to form herself. Now she has been silent for a long time and suddenly realized, "Mr. Suo just pushed the boat and sent the little lady away?"
"If he wants to check, can’t he find it?"
Gu Zhenglin got up from his chair, stretched himself and patted himself. He quickly said to the housekeeper, "We’ll have the house in Suzhou cleaned up later and we’ll go there for a holiday."
Although he can’t stop Tang Shiyan from checking his daughter’s itinerary, he can stop them from meeting.
By the time the crew arrived, it was already noon, and before Shen Xinyu and Chi Bin came to see the director, they were each assigned a play by the staff and assigned a place to live.
Because they are close to the scenic spots, they are assigned to a hotel near the film and television base. The two rooms are connected, and the scenery is not bad. One window can see the whole Suzhou landscape like a painting.
I don’t even want to decorate the room. It must have been arranged by her good father. It was a great effort to promote her to fall in love with Chi Bin.
Sister Jin took out the clothes in her luggage, hung them up, and changed them into Shen Xinyu’s usual sheets, quilts, cups and other checks, so she pushed the door and went out.
Before dinner, Shen Xinyu looked at the scenery for a while and planned to sleep, but the doorbell rang.
She hit Chi Bin’s shy and happy smile. He raised his hand and said, "Xiaoyu plays the male No.2 and we have many opposite plays."
Speaking of this, Shen Xinyu can’t help but feel ashamed to let him come to the novel "Actually, I can’t act"
It’s just that Gu Zhenglin is so determined to let her, a person who has never acted or studied acting, directly play the heroine. What should she do?
Resisting Gu Zhenglin’s root is not good for her. A good father is simply a overbearing president.
Chi Bin also smiled. Peach eyes bent into a crack. "I have learned and I will teach you."
"Well, then you wait for me."
Shen Xin Yumen turned to get the play.
Chi Bin curiously looked at Shen Xinyu’s room and then sat down on the sofa with a play.
"Would you like something to drink?"
"water will do. I’ll do it myself."
Seeing him up, Shen Xinyu no longer simply took a bottle of coke out of the refrigerator by himself. He just hit it and was taken away by Chi Bin. His ears turned red and he said, "Before coming, Sir Zhong told me that you can’t drink cold on the 10th to 20th."
The 10th to 20th are counted together before and after Shen Xinyu’s period, because after the abortion, the doctor specially told us to pay attention to keeping the baby in the palace, otherwise it would have an impact on the later childbirth.
She forgot, and she didn’t pay much attention to it for half a year. I didn’t expect them to even tell Chi Bin about it.
"You know?"
Shen Xinyu looked at the teenager and was more shy than her. She asked curiously.
Chi Bin put the drinks away and nodded "Yes".
"You don’t mind?"
This Shen Xinyu was a little surprised. It turned out that the former boys knew her experience and should not hide it from Gu Zhenglin. If she is really interested in who, it will be bad to know such a thing.
Section 372
"I like you no matter what you are."

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Although there are many churches in the East, it is far from enough. They want to completely break the idea that the oriental people believe in Buddhism and let them all believe in the emperor.

Now that they have merged with the magic road, why talk to themselves?
Wanted to think Qin Shaojie said, "you are not with the magic word? Why can’t you go back on your word? "
"You are clever, but you don’t cheat me," Michael said. "We reached an agreement with the devil, but it’s not a betrayal. I don’t trust them, and neither does the Pope."
"Yo-ho, this is really interesting." Qin Shaojie smiled very heartily. "I think they must not trust you. Haha, this is really interesting."
"Even they don’t trust us, and they don’t trust others." Michael nodded seriously and said, "So they found us as well as those powers."
But they don’t know that the temple is our church organization.
"What? Is the temple your organization? "
Michael’s words surprised Qin Shaojie. Looking around, it turned out that these powers were cultivated by the church, so things would be great.
He has seen some things of Christian origin. They defeated Zeus by the angel corps, and the Nordic gods let the church occupy the whole western continent. They are paranoid that the emperor is the only god in the world, and they are not allowed to believe in others.
But since this is the case, how did they make such a batch of powers?
According to theory, power is another kind of god.
"It doesn’t matter," Michael said, as if he knew what Qin Shaojie was thinking. "Our church is looking for you because it knows that you are much more reliable than the magic way."
"Let me guess," Qin Shaojie said, "Your condition is to let me be a Tiandan and order all the orthodox sects to help me kill the magic way, and your requirement is to let you enter the East, right?"
"I told you you were smart," Michael nodded and said, "That’s what we want."
"Ha ha, don’t be ridiculous" Qin Shaojie laughed as if he had heard a funny joke.
"You also too naive? Do you think I will promise you? " Qin Shaojie said, "The magic way is a tiger, and you are also tigers. Now there is a magic way that is always right with me. Do I need to raise another tiger cub? There is an old Chinese saying, would I be so stupid to raise a tiger? Besides, I can’t let you enter the eastern continent. "
"I knew you wouldn’t agree." Michael didn’t seem to care about Qin Shaojie’s refusal. "So we caught you."
Qin Shaojie asked blankly, "What do you mean?"
Michael didn’t answer, and then another seven paladins, who were also wearing white robes like Michael, came from the passage and looked at Michael and said, "Here she comes."
"Well, it’s a little slower than I expected." Michael nodded and said, "Come on, let’s go and have a look."
Then Michael and Hebrew turned around and ignored Qin Shaojie’s yelling behind his back.
"A bunch of bastards shit emperor don’t let little ye I get a chance" Qin Shaojie HSS cursed.
Chapter 539 Magic Sound
It wasn’t long before the torch light flashed through the passage again, and then Hebrew and Michael came again, but there was another person behind them, Dou Ruomei.
Why is she here? Qin Shaojie was surprised and thought, has she colluded with the church for a long time?
"Bah bastard, don’t look at me like that." Dou Ruomei looked at Qin Shaojie and said, "I’m here to redeem you as a hostage."
Qin Shaojie’s face turned red and he was very embarrassed. He secretly scolded himself for being so oversensitive, but fortunately, the dark light in this place naturally covered his face with embarrassment.
"Redeem me, what do you take to redeem me? Take yourself? "
"Dogs can’t spit ivory." Dou Ruomei looked at the silver chain that tied Qin Shaojie firmly to the cross and said, "It’s all a slap in the face, and I’m still in the mood to joke."
"All right," Michael interrupted the conversation, "you want to meet someone. I brought you here. Did you bring what I asked for?"
The more Qin Shaojie listened to it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Why did Dou Ruomei still have what they wanted?
"What do they want? What do you have in your hand? " Qin Shaojie anxiously asked.
"Of course it’s this," said Dou Re-mei, taking out a dracula token and waving it in her hand. "I brought it and didn’t give it to them."
Say that finish into the plum, then threw the token to Michael.
"Where are the six pieces left?" Michael checked the token over and over again to make sure that Dou Ruomei didn’t fool him with a fake before looking at Dou Ruomei and saying, "Give me all six more pieces."
Qin Shaojie knew when he heard Michael speak faster that he was anxious to get the remaining six Dracula tokens. It seems that this card is really big for them, but Qin Shaojie hasn’t figured out what it is yet.
"When you are an old lady, I am the kind of woman with a good chest and brain?" Dou Re-mei quit and shouted at Michael, "Do you know what a fair deal is? I gave you the card, so you let me go. It’s only fair. We’ll give you the remaining cards after we install them. "
"I tell you, don’t be afraid of you," Dou Ruomei shouted, pointing to Hebrew and Michael with a shrew. "Can you catch him as well as me? Bah, dream on. Don’t rub my patience with me. I don’t care if he lives or dies. I have to raze you. "
Speaking Dou Re-mei’s dress has turned into her long black dress and black silk around her arm, as if Michael would kill her if he didn’t agree.
Michael felt a great pressure coming on him with a quiver, and immediately took a step back to stabilize his body. The Hebrew was even worse than sitting on the ground with a soft leg, pale as a vampire.
This is the magic sound of Dou Re-mei’s spell
The magic sound of both offensive and defensive attack can shock the enemy’s heartstrings, make the enemy afraid, cause his heart to beat too fast and then die suddenly, which is also commonly known as scaring himself to death. The code can confuse the enemy and let the enemy kill each other.
Dou Re-mei’s magic sound didn’t want to kill anyone, but it just put a little pressure on Michael. Even so, the archbishop of the red, Hebrew, almost died. It took a long time for the magic sound to get up from the ground and his legs were still swinging. It was only by holding the cage that he could stand still.
"Okay, I’ll let you go." Michael hesitated for a moment, then pressed the silver chain and it faded. A piece of Qin Shaojie who fell to the ground from Qin Shaojie also had to be free.
"Give" said Dou Re-mei and threw three tokens to Michael.
"I mean what I say. Now let’s go out and I’ll give you all the tokens left."
"Good" Michael agreed to come, regardless of whether he was still holding the cage and swinging. Hebrew turned and walked to the passage.
Dou Ruomei glanced at Qin Shaojie and asked, "How are you?"
"Very good, very good." Qin Shaojie nodded and looked at Michael’s back. I really wanted to lift the steel cross that helped him just now and give him a blind look at Michael’s hips to let him know what chrysanthemum residue is.
Seeing that Qin Shaojie was all right, Dou Ruomei called Qin Shaojie and said, "Don’t be impatient and play it by ear later."
Qin Shaojie one leng but immediately reaction to come over heart andao also this woman has changed sex, unexpectedly to get a card in exchange for yourself instead of willy-nilly, feelings are still left behind.
Fixed nodded Qin Shaojie followed beside DouRe mei walked to the channel.
This passage is not long, but it is steep, with a slope of almost 60 degrees. If there are no steps, it is really difficult for ordinary people to climb.
Out of the passage, Qin Shaojie didn’t see the entrance of this passage until Michael got through the door and went out. The archbishop of the church, that is, Hebrew, was behind a shelf in the church lounge.
"Give" Dou Ruomei threw three cards to Michael.
"There’s another piece," Michael said.
"I can count," said Dou Ruomei. "Now we won’t give you the last card until we get out of here safely."
Michael, as always, chose to believe Dou Ruomei, but he clapped his hands.
Then the lounge door was hit from the outside, followed by six other paladins came in.
"Shall we go now?" Michael looked at Qin Shaojie two people laughed
"Are you afraid that we will run away if you return to the messenger of God?" Qin Shaojie disdain said
"Ha ha" seems to have six cards. Michael was in a good mood and laughed.
"Just because we are the messengers of God, we are not allowed to make any mistakes, which will bring trouble to God."
Said a line of people then turned several corners into the church hall.
The hall was very quiet, and no one came to confess when it seemed that it was not yet time to go to church. Qin Shaojie looked at the statue of Jesus in the front and center of the hall, which was depressing. It seemed that he had just been tied to the surface and his shape was similar to this statue.
Qin Shaojie thought with disdain that these foreigners are probably mentally ill and have done bad things, so find a corner to hide and go, and it happened that they ran to the church to find a priest to confess. It’s really enough. The police didn’t catch you, so you first revealed all your things.
"All right, you can go out that door," Michael said, pointing to the gate.
Douremei also took out the last card very happily.
Michael was about to stretch out his hand to pick it up, but Dou Ruomei quickly drew his hand back.

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Be pulled up blade master some uncomfortable, but he is not difficult bamboo male is very uncomfortable said "go go! The competition is over, and we should go to that vice. "

Everyone else followed behind blade master angrily, but after killing God seven times, they made a face at Zhugong and said with a smile, "Hey, well done!"
Say kill god seven decapitated also don’t go back to chase blade master and others in front.
After the rescuer team left, Zhugong directly sat down on the ground.
Three duels in a row, which is really a little tired for him.
This kind of fatigue is not only physical but also mental.
Just as Zhugong was sitting on the ground to rest, suddenly a dagger crossed his neck.
"A sword seals the throat!"
Critical strike 17466
This blow directly made Zhugong enter a state of dying weakness.
In this weak state, Zhu Gong saw clearly that the killer was an assassin with a straight face.
The assassin was none other than the Dark Hand who was killed by the Night Emperor.
Night Emperor’s killing has always told him to defeat Jugong as the strongest assassin, and this time he killed Zhugong because he wanted to send a signal to Jugong, that is you!
The night emperor killed the dying weak bamboo male and said, "Tell Jugong that the night emperor killed him and went back to find him. One who was killed is him."
Say night emperor killed directly stealth left here.
After talking about Ye Yezhu’s duel, let’s talk about the duel between two people in the west Capricorn.
Capricorn sting two people duel location in a small forest.
Capricorn, the sniper, has an advantage in this small forest, but Stinger doesn’t care about it.
Capricorn "Are you sure you want to choose here?"
Stinger "The so-called terrain doesn’t mean much to me!"
Capricorn "You are still so arrogant"
Stinger "I am arrogant because I have money"
Capricorn "Since you are so confident, I will be you."
As he spoke, Capricorn drew his bow directly at close range and shot at the stinger.
Capricorn’s arrow directly pierced the stinger’s body, but the body immediately dissipated in the air, and it turned out to be a member.
I was very impressed by the stinger’s split Capricorn. A large part of the reason for losing to the stinger was that I had a split.
Capricorn knew that the situation was not good when he found that the stinger was behind him.
Sure enough, in a second, the stinger appeared behind Capricorn with a blink of an eye and hit Capricorn on the back.
"Thunder palm!"
This palm directly knocked out half of Capricorn’s blood volume and put him into paralysis for 15 seconds.
When the stinger was ready to kill Capricorn paralysis, it moved a little half a step, and the stinger stepped into a trap and entered the same 15-second stationary state.
Capricorn was the first to get rid of paralysis, but he did not rush to attack the stinger, but quickly retreated from the stinger to pull the fighting distance.
Stinger is wondering how he was trapped just now.
Suddenly a centipede climbed up to her leg and bit her hard.
The stinger, who had just been freed from the fixed state, once again entered a state of paralysis for 1 second.
This second is not long, but it is enough for Capricorn.
"Broken skull!"
Capricorn first blessed himself with a state that will give Capricorn a 1% chance to trigger a critical strike with an attack.
Then Capricorn developed his own strongest attack skill.
The arrow shoots this skull-breaking skill directly at the stinger’s head, which will trigger crit when shooting in the head. After adding frustration, this double crit effect will add 1% attack damage to crit damage by default.
Critical strike 476
The blow was very shocking and the stinger collapsed directly.
Stinger paid the price for her arrogance, but she still doesn’t know how she fell into Capricorn’s trap
In fact, the trap was not set by Capricorn, but by Capricorn’s centipede pet.
Capricorn’s centipede pet name "poisonous centipede" is a variation of the spirit beast, which has the ability to be poisonous and design various traps, and the stinger is the way to go.
Back to the resurrection point, Stinger was very angry. She felt very angry at losing, but when she thought about it again, Capricorn seemed to have lost the duel in the end. Capricorn was in the same mood as herself today. She finally understood why Capricorn was so angry at that time.
Think of this sting and some relief.
So the stinger sent a message to Capricorn, "I lost this time. I won’t lose to you when we fight again after four turns."
Capricorn replied, "Don’t worry, after four turns, the final victory will still be me, but I think we need to make some bets in a duel!" "
Stinger, "What bet do you want?"
Capricorn "I’m afraid you won’t say yes."
Stinger "Don’t worry, if I can take it out, I will promise."
Capricorn "OK, it’s a deal. If I beat you next time, you will be my wife!" "
Stinger was silent.