"Well …" Squeeze your nose early. I’m not satisfied with it. "Your body is hard, but it’s much better than this bed … I’m still very light lying on your body, right? How about sleeping like this? "

Where does Liang Juanbang disagree with patting her head and girding her waist?
I was too tired to lie on his body early and soon fell asleep. I snored slightly. Liang Juanbang looked at it and thought that she slept like a child. Huanhuan is the same gene. It’s amazing.
There is a red signal flashing in the window, and the frequency and intensity are familiar to Liang Juanbang.
He carefully grabbed the bed and put it on the surface early, but he got up and twisted his eyebrows and went to the door to beat the door. Sure enough, Longteng was there with his arms in his arms.
Liang Juanbang saw his one eye twist eyebrow didn’t speak.
"Come on, go home with me! After this matter is settled, I will naturally help you … You will make things worse and worse. "Longteng advised him not to wake up early.
Liang Juanbang gave a sneer and went to Longteng milli omen, raised his arm and smashed it with a fist! Longteng was caught off guard and hurt his leg, and he knocked him to the ground.
"Liang Yibang!"
Longteng stunned and struggled to get up, but Liang Juanbang fell to the ground. Liang Juanbang raised his fist to fall again. Longteng raised his arm and kept staring at him. He repressed and growled, "Are you crazy enough?" You are in a situation where you still have to wave your strength on me? "
"I don’t want to!"
Liang Juanbang’s eyes are slightly convex and his breath is rough. He picks up Longteng tie and pulls him up a little.
"I ask you what’s your mind about early? Don’t perfunctory me, I’m not early, I’m not that stupid! "
"…" Longteng alpha males don’t know what to say with his mouth open.
"Hum!" Liang Juanbang hook lip hissing "words to say? There is no wind in the cave! You have a bad idea about her. If I still work for you, wouldn’t I write the word’ idiot’ on my forehead? "
He even asked, "When did you have this idea? Have you already made an abacus! "
"What are you talking about?" Longteng struggled to break free from Liang Juanbang, but the two men were evenly matched and turned out to be intertwined. Liang Juanbang, don’t make me do it! "
"Do it!" Liang Juanbang smiled evilly. "Am I still afraid of you?"
"I know you are not afraid!" Longteng retorted, "But are you going to wake her up?"
Early again! Liang Juanbang’s anger soared and his fist fell again. The fist fell to the floor, and both of them were shocked by the sound of "dong"
"Longteng you listen to clear she is me! Don’t be wishful thinking! " Liang Juanbang hates gnashing his teeth.
"No one said it wasn’t you!" Longteng nai shook his head in a bitter expression "others don’t know, don’t I know? You should know how long I’ve been following you and watching you! How does she see you and me clearly! "
Liang juanbang was slightly discouraged.
"Yes …" Longteng nodded and sighed. "I admit that she is really charming. I can’t tell what’s good about her, but it’s so attractive …"
"Are you special?" Liang Juanbang breathed again.
"But" longteng hurriedly interrupted him "I don’t even have the appreciation? I admit that this is not to accept your accusation! I didn’t do anything wrong to my friends frankly. I don’t think I did anything wrong! "
What he said made Liang Juanbang angry.
"Or …" Longteng laughed. "You have so little confidence in yourself? What will she do to me? "
"You fart!" Liang Juanbang worried stare longteng curse to "don’t even think about it! It’ s a dream! "
"Isn’t that enough?" Longteng laughs at "do you have this confidence? Let me see what’s wrong? What if you think about it? It is you who can’t take it away! "
Liang Juanbang looked up and the two men fought and sweat flowed.
Longteng saw him calm down a lot and said, "You shouldn’t worry about this little problem now. If you want to get out of the current predicament, you can marry her back!" Justified, give her happiness and stability! "
"…" Liang Juanbang lost. Yes, what he thought was right by Longteng.
Longteng pushed him to sit up with his arm propped up against the wall and put one hand on his knee. "Go back when you are crazy enough … I brought her here to reassure you, not to see you so crazy."
The wooden door creaked and rubbed his eyes at the door early, like talking.

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