The Ponte held the shield all the way to resist the arrow rain and push forward. The Ponte’s resistance to the Garland people was much smaller because of the deterrent force behind him

The Garlands occupied one area at a faster rate than they wanted, and many Randall swords were never lost, so the area was blocked in the German control area of Garland.
Go to the Red Lion Temple and inform the garrison commander of Karlslon, so that the Germans can cross the Karlslon Mountain Road soon. Knight said in the side.
Leon pondered and said, Do you want the Garlands to raid Frinia or do you want them to occupy Karlsland?
Obviously, it is impossible for the eastern continent to mobilize troops to participate in a battle. All they can do is to pass on information. If Garland takes Frinia, it will pose a direct threat to the eastern continent, but if it takes Carlson, the threat will temporarily stay on Ponte’s side. That is what Leon means.
Leon was also selfish when he said these words. After all, he didn’t want Randall to get into trouble. No matter how the eastern mainland helped, there was no way to stop the dispute between Garland and and the former Tasmania. Aasland’s chaos and dragon knights led the hard work, which had already exhausted the eastern mainland army.
What should we do now? Knight said.
Leon looked at a female dragon knight beside him, and then said that the information of Karsland should be sent back to the temple of Osland, so that all countries can prepare for a big war. Now so much can be done.
Just after flying back, Bridget crossed the dragon and didn’t come to wait for Bridget to start flying to the east again.
Knight will choose Pontepin as the venue for the decisive battle, which should be more beneficial to the eastern continent. Leon said to Knight.
Even if you leave a message, it will become a driving force. Come on.
Chapter 9 Attack
While the Karlslund Mountain Road was controlled by Garland German army, Ponte’s capital, St. Zelente, was still in a stalemate. Ponte’s general residence, Ponte General Linfarrero, Luke was pacing back and forth anxiously in Linfarrero’s office.
Master Luke, you don’t have to be so anxious. The Garlander’s goal may not really be Karlsland. A man with a silver eagle mask is holding the bar beside him and saying
Silver Eagle even said that to you. Luke retorted impatiently that if those guys who are afraid of death said that, they would forget it. Now even you say that.
Master Luke, my position is different from that of those people. They want to ask for it, but now the situation is what the Garland people want Ponte to talk about the Silver Eagle. They analyzed that they pretended to attack Karlsland, but they didn’t pile up their troops, but counted them in front to convince us that they wanted to take Karlsland, so that Ponte could tie up his troops near Karlsland.
Luke also thought about it. He seemed to think that Silver Eagle had made some analysis. He continued to ask Silver Eagle, what do you think Ponte should do now?
Silver Eagle released his hand and said, "Forget about those provincial bastards, and hurry to Thun to mobilize and make sure to hold Karlsren’s troops and defend Karlsren, and then send them to the eastern mainland to put pressure on both sides of Frinia at the same time, so that the Garland Germans have to target Karlsren, which is our strongest shield, so that we can win."
You said it was a private soldier, Luke asked
When those provincial people react, I’m afraid Garland has won a battlefield victory in two areas of Karlslunfrinia. The Silver Eagle replied that they all had Karlslund for three months, but they obviously underestimated Randall’s strength. If Karlslund was not breached in three months, Garland could also attack Frinia.
Silver eagle, you’re right. Lin Farrero suddenly knocked on the door and said
See General Silver Eagle saluting respectfully.
Osk, the bastard, has been refusing to transfer the military documents to me, just because he doesn’t want me to get a large army at this juncture. He is still saying that other officials, Adiagallan people, have entered the house and are still fighting for the Ministry. I really don’t know what a stupid pig thinks, Lin Farrero said angrily
In the first week of Randall’s raid on Karlslon, Ponte had already prepared an army to send food and grass. After all, it was no secret that Garland wanted to fight back at Ponte, but it was because the civil and military officials of the Ministry did not have a fixed number until now.
After the death of Ponte King Patrockas, the new king Pakenbel’s ability has never been recognized by everyone. The split between Ponte’s civil and military factions has seriously made it a headache for the new king to cope with these civil and military officials. When Ponte’s general Kwachet was alive, the balance of civil and military affairs was relatively balanced. However, when Paster’s surprise attack failed, Kwachet died, Dragon kopis lost his harem, and the civilian forces rose. Without soldiers, they won Kwachet’s aides, that is, General Adia was injured. With a little support, they even expanded their power.
Silver Eagle will follow me to Thun, and I will force my troops to arise. Lin Farrero said to the silver eagle around me.
It’s your honor, Silver Eagle, who respectfully answers. Thoughts are spinning in his mind.
The smoke in Karlslon Mountain Road is gradually calming down. The Garlander people have taken it here and paid a great sacrifice. I have to say that Ponte garrison is really a group of heroes. Even if they kill the last drop of blood, no one surrenders. Randall is watching the Karlslon fortress at the top of the mountain. Now he just occupies an important passage into the fortress, and he has not already held the victory in his hand.
Many generals who successfully entered the Karlslon fortress from the mountain road were eventually dumped in the Karlslon fortress and never came back
We have succeeded in pressing the Karlslund Mountain Road for Diawi Army and our army. Now we turn to Karlslund Department to move Randall to issue an order.
A Karsland fortress is the only accessible road among the natural forts in the two mountains. If Randall attacks the northern card first, the southern card will be attacked on both sides. Similarly, if the southern card tries to enter Pontepin directly, it is likely to be attacked by the northern card. The theory of force attack is not sure which way will win.
What mountain road was occupied by Garland? Resto couldn’t seem to believe his ears. Did Pavre sell Ponte?
This idea is quite common. After all, Pavel moved back to the fortress through the mountain road, and Randall also pretended to be Pavel’s department and mixed into the mountain road.
Now that the Garland Germans have been able to go deep into the fortress, General Resto will have to attack the Garland Germans in the fortress.
Go and check the one-plus-landers’ next move. Resto said cautiously
Soon the soldiers came, and the Garland Germans tied the news at the side of the mountain road in Karlslen fortress. Resto couldn’t help but scratch his scalp and sigh that his opponent was also a cautious person
Occupy the entrance to the mountain road is to prevent it from retreating once it is attacked from both sides. Of course, Resto is very clear about this.
Let’s just watch them move. The bonfire told the southern garrison commander to be at the disposal of the bonfire at any time, Resto said
Randall’s operation was unexpectedly fast, and Randall’s troops took action when the situation was handed over to the south by the Restory bonfire.
Garland Germans are coming. It’s South. Their goal is South-South defenders shouting.
Pass the news to General Resto quickly.

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