"quick! Desperate to attack, the Nanzhou People’s Department will send it in a moment, and Dongxuanzhou will perish! "

Muhong roared again and again.
He, Yang Chen and Hu Chun are the main forces to contain Zhao Bai.
Three people are only a thin line away from the realm of virtual fairy. Joining hands can really create a lot of trouble for Zhao Bai and let the rest of the monks hope to destroy the array.
Crazy attacks make Zhao Bai slightly embarrassed.
Fortunately, one seal is guarding the square, so that all monks can get close to the array, let alone destroy it.
Xia qi at this time at a side and didn’t fight.
He looked at the scene quietly, his eyes cold and his eyes dull.
He doesn’t care that Dong Xuanzhou is sober at this time and can clearly see the current situation.
Muhong several people want to destroy the sender in Zhao supercilious look, which is impossible. At this time, it is just futile to die and create a little trouble for Zhao Bai.
However, I know that Muhong and others will destroy the southern state and the strong will come soon. Xia Qi did not leave, but still stayed here.
From time to time, he watched Fang shrink the blood lake.
The mysterious blood shadow said to leave him a chance to leave a part of the blood lake for the blood dragon to devour Xia Qi. I believe that the blood shadow will definitely do it!
Blood shadow strong strength Xia Qi believes that staying here should not be life-threatening.
However, it would be a great disaster if Friar Nanzhou invaded Dong Xuanzhou and angered the blood shadow.
The bitter fighting continues.
Zhao Bai’s nine-story tough repair of the imaginary fairy realm made him firmly grasp the situation at this time.
On the contrary, many monks in the three gates are facing extinction, and every time Zhao Bai makes a move, he kills one less monk.
This is a one-sided massacre!
Just instantaneous three big door elders died more than 50 people!
These elders are the mainstay of the clan, and even the top clan can afford to lose so much at this time.
Muhong, who took the lead, soon woke up and saw the present situation clearly.
"Everyone to retreat! Spread the news immediately! "
Mu Hong drank Yang Chen and Hu Chun at the same time and retreated from Zhao Bai’s side. He fled in the distance to return to Zongmen.
As soon as the three men retreated, no one contained Zhao Bai. Immediately, Zhao Bai broke out with great power and killed more than a dozen elders of three large doors in a flash.
The rest of the elders naturally dare not stay in panic and flee in panic.
Just at this time, the array was shining again, and more than 20 strong people in Nanzhou were sent over, including Chen Rong, the temple.
This more than 20 south states the strong unexpectedly are all virtual fairy realm the strong!
So many strong people come at the same time, the momentum is overwhelming, and the world seems to bear it!
The three monks are even more horrified and desperate.
"The plan of killing all the fugitives will not be leaked!"
Zhao Bai made a big order to let the strong in the virtual fairy realm immediately kill these godsworn.
This is a hunting.

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