"I said that the old man is not a monk!" Monk Rouge got a little angry, blew his beard and stared, and his face was dripping with rouge powder. It seems that he actually hates being called a monk. "What’s wrong with me not coming here to get a wife for my unworthy apprentice?"

"If your apprentice wants to find a wife, he won’t come to the platform by himself. What are you doing?" A good man laughed and asked
"Bullshit! What does that little Wang egg care if he wants to come to the old man himself? " Rouge monk is even more angry. "Besides, most of the women in this world are easy virtue. What should I do if I don’t personally review and cheat my stupid apprentice?" This strange theory of rouge monk is a bit confusing to everyone. Maybe he has been stimulated before, and there is something wrong with his mind. Judging from his attitude towards women, it is very likely that he has been cheated by women
Rouge monk words like a bolt from the blue hit the desire for soft psychology, as he said, fickle easy virtue women don’t mean yourself? After all, I am personally engaged with Dongfang Feng for a lifetime (when Dongfang Feng came out, Mu Rou didn’t refuse). Why do you have another man now? This is a sin to say this plainly! Mu Rou’s face was pale and almost unstable. Fortunately, Gongsun’s love helped her beside her.
"Sister Mu, what’s wrong with you?" Wrong novel network does not jump words. Sun Qing guessed the reason faintly, but it was inconvenient to ask directly, so he tried to say
"I’m fine. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep yesterday." Mu Rou squeezed a weak smile from her mouth. "I suddenly want to go back to my house and have a rest."
"Is the east peak? There are many words in the wrong novel network. "Sun Qing stared at her eyes and asked gently, with sincerity in her eyes."
Chapter 21 secularizing colleagues
"I’m so miserable." Mu Rou turned her back and didn’t dare to look into Sun Qing’s eyes. "I really don’t know what to do. I really felt that it was easier not to cure me at that time, so I kept sleeping and didn’t know anything." Her voice choked up as if she were sobbing in a low voice
"In fact, I don’t care what that crazy monk said just now. He just talked nonsense." Sun Qing was exquisitely carved, and the horse spoke out.
"He’s absolutely right." Mu Rou looked back and her eyes were full of tears. "No matter who he said, how can a girl be half-hearted?" Mu Rou buried her head deeply, fearing that her embarrassment would be blocked by outsiders at this time. "How sad are you? Let’s all go inside and say, please, sister, don’t be so desperate now?" Although we have known each other for a long time, we have regarded Mu Rou as our closest sister because of our love for the same male Sun, and we don’t want to see her make a fool of herself in public.
"Oh, I’m white." Mu Rou secretly wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes, and her eyes were swollen with tears. Then she looked up and watched the scene. The stout young man named Yang Wenyu had been invited to the challenge by the rouge monk Muyu, and she had just said a few words. The challenge had changed hands several times, and the rouge monk did nothing but knock on the wooden fish. It is reasonable to say that people knocked on several young Yingjie dizzy without moving their feet. There should be nothing to dare to Taiwan again, but the principle of rouge monk is to retreat from the enemy and not hurt people. The main reason why people are worried about their lives is that everyone who is knocked on the stage by the rouge monk is unconscious, but his face is smiling and serene, as if he saw and dreamed the best things in the world at that moment. The most wonderful thing is that all the people except the parties watched the rouge monk knock on the wooden fish mouth and murmured, but he couldn’t hear the wooden fish sound! Why doesn’t such a mysterious and strange scene make people want to try? Even if you can’t beat the rouge monk, you must always feel the secret of the wooden fish, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network
But the fact is that how many people in Taiwan have chopped off a halberd besides a Yang Wenyu? Since then, people have been knocked to death before they were stable. Even when they reported their names, they didn’t go there one minute at a time and saw young people being carried away one after another. Is this rouge monk already cultivated into a Buddha, and this time is to return to the world to come to transcend? Or is it that he has already degenerated into a demon, but he is wearing a cassock and taking a wooden fish for a vest to harm people?
Seeing the Rouge Monk’s successive victories, Muting’s face became more and more ugly. The Rouge Monk didn’t know how he suddenly appeared here, and his purpose was not really unpredictable. Muting certainly couldn’t believe his so-called coaxing words of finding a daughter-in-law for his disciples, but he couldn’t figure out where he had recently received an enemy to attract such a difficult person to make trouble, and Muting didn’t want to go and drive away the uninvited guest, but the martial arts displayed by Rouge Monk was so mysterious that he couldn’t make up his mind whether to wait and see for a while.
And everyone is regretting that the departure of those three first-rate young masters just now caused people to control this strange monk in front of them. Another young man with bare head and no eyebrows hobbled to the ring, and a huge bat on his right shoulder made this young man who had already been very distinctive look even more different. I don’t know how much pain he endured. The cloud finally came.
"oh? There seems to be another interesting guy. Why don’t you lend the bat on your shoulder to the old lady for a few days? A lot of words in the wrong novel network "rouge monk saw Yunxueer coming over and the horse became interested in being very good and collecting blood at the moment."
"Why is this master in the ring? Isn’t this a contest to recruit relatives?" In fact, his ribs were inserted upside down and his lungs were injured, and he was unable to speak any more.
"Hum, why can’t you come when a young monk comes?" Rouge monk proudly said to the cloud, it’s really hard to find someone as heterogeneous as himself. Even that stupid apprentice is a prude all day. How interesting is this guy without hair and eyebrows?
"I am no longer a monk?" How does this sentence sound deja vu? It turns out that Rouge monk made similar remarks just now. So this young man is the second secularist in Shaolin for decades. The notorious cloud of deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors?
"ah! ?” Rouge monk seems a little surprised. "Are you the cloud?" When he said this, he looked at the cloud. "What do you think is similar to my mountain? Such a simple person is said to be so guilty, but some people believe that it seems that Shaolin Temple is still the same after so many years!"
"Maybe," Yunqing replied. His thin body is particularly fragile at this moment. It seems that a breeze can blow him down. "Do you want to ask the master to take part in this contest again?"
"Little brother is more arrogant than I was. Why should I stay with you?" Rouge monk knocked on the wooden fish and blew Hu stare at the cloud and drink a way.
"No one can stop my younger generation from offending." Cloud slowly straightened his waist and patted his shoulder. Blood motioned for him to get away from it for a while. Blood surprisingly ignored the cloud, but kept staring at the rouge monk’s hand. The wooden fish claws and claws were deeply caught in the shoulder meat of the cloud and kept trembling.
Except when the blood was just collected, when the blood was crazy, the blood was very Ting Yun dialect. At this moment, the blood claw had scratched the cloud, but he didn’t care about himself and looked at the blood earnestly.
Blood is still staring at the rouge monk, as if afraid, angry and a little excited. At this moment, blood is unbelievable and humanized, which makes the cloud confused.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
"Little beast, I can’t believe it’s been so many years. You seem to remember the old man!" Monk Rouge looked at the blood and smiled again. "Little brother, this blood has eaten me out of the Jianghu. You got it from everywhere. It seems that you are not simple!"
"It’s no wonder that I’ve seen you before." Cloud smiled bitterly, which was a goof.
Sure enough, it was already a dead silence. In fact, when I heard that the man was a cloud, many people already had some ideas in their hearts. However, the rouge monk had caused too much shock before, and people could not return to their senses. At this time, he said that the vicious beast in the smell was "blood-eating". This powerful new impact finally dispelled the depressing and suffocating atmosphere created by rouge monk.
"Did you hear that? That’s the terrible vampire bat king, the powerful weapon of Tianlong Sect!"
"It is said that there are two leaders in the Wuyue Sword Sect who were bitten by blood and then buried in the hands of Suzaku Venerable Master. This is not an ordinary monster, and it may not be resisted!"
"This is a blood-sucking life. Why don’t you eat when you are hungry? It seems that this cloud is really evil!"
"Master Rouge, the scum of Wulin, must not let go of this time, so I will not show mercy!"
Cloud looked at his shoulder, trembling with blood, and stared at himself with eager eyes. He nodded his head to show that he was coming, not worried, and then cast a glance at the challenge, glared at himself, cursed the crowd, shrugged his shoulders and smiled more bitterly.
Chapter 22 Fried urgent
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"Hey, hey, little brother, the situation was even worse than when I was young. I remember that at that time, I was just spurned by people everywhere, and you actually got everyone to shout and kill." Rouge monk looked at the clouds with pity and understanding, and his gradually blurred eyes seemed to have passed through the circulation time. I saw that I was smiling at my eyes a few years ago. Will the teenager be as lost as he used to be?
"The truth is often a long or short distance away." Yun gently caressed mo’s bloody head to comfort him not to be too nervous, and replied with a smile that he ignored the storm. "It’s a pity that I seem to understand it a little late."
"It’s not too late! Very good! " Rouge monk laughed heartily. "Little brother, it seems that you are not slightly injured. Do you still insist on fighting with the old man?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"A lot of things in this world come from choice," the cloud nodded and replied gently, "but I don’t want to escape from today’s contest to get married. I must win!" The cloud talk attracted a hush from Taiwan. Many people believed the words of the troublemaker just now, and heard that the rouge monk was hurt by the cloud. Many people had the idea of rushing to Taiwan to get this Wulin villain. They clamored for a psychological blow and were already hurt by the cloud.
Mu Ruan Gongsun finally waited until the cloud appeared before he personally felt that the cloud was so bad in Wulin that he couldn’t imagine its name. Although he was shocked to hear that the cloud was injured, both of them were interested in going forward, but the move was a suspicion that they had been convicted of "Yunzao had an affair". In the contradiction, both of them chose to bow their heads and remain silent against their will.
"DuDu" rang. This time, the wooden fish was heard by everyone in the place. It was not very loud, but it seemed to knock on the heartstrings, which made the place quiet. "If anyone has any dissatisfaction, don’t hesitate to compete on that stage. What’s the noise?" Rouge monk’s eyes coldly swept the field, saying that his strength had been seen by everyone before, and who dared to provoke him face to face? Taiwanese can’t be jealous and hate at the moment, and they can’t glare at Taiwanese.
"Let’s do it. I’m afraid I’ll be unstable in a while." Yun slowly said, his eyes are sharp. Maybe he has never cared so much about a competition, even when he faced Chen Shisan Lang before. He was usually passive.
"I won’t be merciful, so be careful!" The rouge monk said that knocking on the wooden fish will knock off the wooden fish handle. At that moment, the blood shot from the cloud’s shoulder like a left arrow, which made the cloud stumble and retreat a few steps, affecting the wound and cloud felt unbearable pain.
Before the wooden fish sounded the blood, it jumped in front of the rouge monk and opened its mouth. It bit the rouge monk’s throat at an unimaginable speed. It seems that the rouge monk did not expect that the ability to see blood for more than ten years has increased so much so fast!
But the rouge monk didn’t panic too much. The handle of the wooden fish in his right hand stopped ringing the wooden fish in his left hand, but turned around and hit the blood on his forehead!
Blood is afraid of Guanyin palm. Do you still care about a small wooden handle? Keep your head down and face it hard! Rouge monk gently moved the wooden fish handle a little, and the tip of the handle was greeted by Xueer’s right eye. When the time came, Xueer suddenly bit the tip of the handle with his mouth, but the impact momentum did not decrease. Rouge monk felt that a strong force came from his right hand, and the strong penetration was no less than that of a martial arts expert!
Rouge monk didn’t prepare in advance. At this time, if the blood is rammed, there will be a broken bone, and the land can be turned around and retreated quickly. At the same time, his left hand has enough force to smash the wooden fish into the blood with a wooden stick.
The movement happened in a flash, and the cloud has taken this opportunity to adjust its state. When it gritted its teeth and resisted the pain, it condensed its physical strength. In the right hand, it pointed to the rouge monk’s wooden fish, and it was late, but it was first hit by the "one thought" strong support cloud before the wooden fish hit the blood.

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