"Kill …"

Muhai waved his hand and tens of thousands of wolves rode like wolves and rushed into the skeleton army to kill them.
The whole scene is completely one-sided
Ghost Dan leads millions of skeleton legions, and he is no match at all.
The whole scene is completely one-sided
"Ah …"
Muhai chews the flame of the ugly soul while running.
There is no other way to die of ugliness than to scream.
After a few mouthfuls, the ugliness was swallowed up by Muhai, and then there was no interest
From this moment on, Muhai’s soul flame has added a mark as if he had been the default Lord of this world rule.
This self-proclaimed feeling is quite unusual.
His eyes swept away and he possessed the oppression of the poor.
"damn it"
Ghost Dan saw this scene and couldn’t help but roar with anger. In his hand, the red mans flashed and slowly formed a red flash ball.
The power of terror is rolling up
Seeing this scene, Muhai jumped up and a sword in his hand flashed in his hand.
"No …"
Seeing this scene, the ghost revealed in his eyes to suppress his panic
But no.
In Muhai, this sword stimulates the flash ball to burst instantly.
"Boom …"
Terrorist explosions continue
The earth shook with terror.
A series of air currents rolled up with tearing force.
Beside Ghost Dan, the Skeleton Legion was instantly torn to pieces like shredded paper.
Even the South Youjun Corps, which is close, was blown to dust by air billow, and its soul disappeared from now on.
Muhai ghost Dan was in the center and was hit by the first time.
Muhai’s soul flame is blown by shock waves and will break at any time.
And the ghost Dan that is even more horrible.
Everything except his skull is still intact.
Even the soul flame in the skull is on the verge of destruction.
The dust cleared away and the peace was restored.
"Ah …"
Bathing in the sea is like a soul torn apart and can’t help crying out.
Fortunately, he has one arm left, otherwise it will be really finished.
Muhai took out the repair hammer and beat it on himself desperately.
The terrorist injury quickly recovered after a few breaths.
Seeing this scene, the ghost can’t help but panic. "No, this … this is impossible …"
Chapter 63 Become a king
Muhai strode forward and stepped on it.
"Click …"
A crack in the bone causes the skull of Ghost Dan to break instantly.
Then Muhai devoured the flame of his soul in the terrible scream of Ghost Dan.
"It tastes good, but it’s a pity that there are only a few left in the flame of my soul …"
Muhai said and walked to the front of Nanyou Legion.
At this moment, the war is over, and the South Youjun Corps has lost only one thousand, while its opponents are all dead.
Now, one Chengdu of the South Deep and Remote Legion has reached the order, and its strength is better than terror.
"Lord, what should we do when we get here?"

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