He got up and put his hands on her, his fingers clasped, and then he looked at her with indescribable eyes.

At that moment, she suddenly seemed to be poisoned in her chest, but she didn’t dare to look at him again.
For a long time, she didn’t face, but she couldn’t help but burst into tears.
At that moment, maybe it was too lonely in the room. He suddenly bowed his head to block her mouth, but suddenly stopped kissing and hugged her tightly when she was sad and crying.
After that, she raised her hand and hugged him tightly. She could no longer bear the sadness in her chest and cried.
As if a little girl who can’t stand torture is so kind and helpful.
It’s like falling into the river and being entangled in a mass of aquatic plants. When I saw the life-saving straw, I chased it and held it tightly.
She was wronged in her heart, and it was only after sharing the bed that she inadvertently failed to control her emotions.
She pretended that nothing had happened.
Mother once told her that husband and wife should endure each other.
She doesn’t know what this tolerance includes.
At that time, even the mother’s father’s infidelity could be regarded as invisible to maintain the superficial peace, so that their four brothers and sisters could grow up in a healthy family.
And she obviously can’t be as good as her mother.
It’s not bad to live at home after Tengmei moved out.
I heard that Teng Mei will call Professor Teng every two days, otherwise Professor Teng will call her.
"What are you busy with? Have a meal together? "
"I’m busy. I’ll call you out for dinner when I have it."
Teng Mei said
Professor Yuan Nai sighs and listens, the other end has hung up and can’t help frowning. Is she so busy?
The woman sitting next to her playing with her grandson couldn’t help but hum. Isn’t that what you want?
Professor Teng stopped talking. He thought maybe.
Tengmei no longer cares about losing people, but works hard. It seems that there is a fire in her heart to stop her roots.
Gentle but more leisure, go to school for a while every day and then have tea with Yun Xiang.
At noon that day, two people were eating in a restaurant, and Yun Xiang sighed. I’m afraid I can’t escape that robbery?
Gentle didn’t speak is to look up at her.
"My father is in poor health and wants me to join the company with Wang Pingyu," said Yun Xiang.
Tenderness can’t help but hang my eyes. It’s also a shame to think about it
Allow home that archduke is definitely not going to pick up his father’s class, so this weight will naturally be handed over to the couple.
"What don’t you want to? He has considerable experience to get familiar with your family business, and it should be easy for him to be your good helper. "
"I’m not afraid that there will be too much gossip, and he won’t go to my house much except for the Chinese New Year holiday." Yun Xiang is worried again.
In fact, gentleness is also white. A normal man’s self-esteem should be quite strong, and no one wants to be said to eat soft rice.
Moreover, if Wang Pingyu’s talent is thrown at Wang, even if it is done well, unless he is more domineering, he will want to be an outsider. If he goes, he will definitely not be able to stand those gossips.
"Your husband? What did he say? "
"He said follow me. If I have to, he will go."
"Then why are you sighing?"
"But he doesn’t agree in his heart. He is very unhappy in his heart. What does it matter if he agrees?"
Gentle can’t help but smile.
"If he didn’t think so much? Or does he really want to help you overcome all difficulties? "
"Will it be like this?" Allow xiang twist the eyebrows is finally a little loose.
"I need you two to communicate specifically, and I’m just a bystander."
Yun Xiang heard that she was in distress situation. Mrs. Teng, you are getting more and more cunning. You have to save your hand with your best sister.
Gentle wants to say that she doesn’t want to add unnecessary troubles to people, and she doesn’t want to mislead.
They were chatting when they saw Meng Lin coming to dinner with a boy and a girl. Yun Xiang couldn’t help looking over there and greeting a Meng Lin.
Meng Lin, wearing a white coat, turned her head when she heard the sound, and immediately smiled with a confused face and said a few words to her peers, then walked forward.
"Allow Mrs. Teng, Sister Xiang." She is still so polite.
"Boyfriend?" Allow Xiang couldn’t help but wonder.
"Just ordinary friends," Meng Lincong said.
Gentle hanging eyes don’t talk much, leaving her to take care of tenderness, which they are not familiar with.
And if someone really has a boyfriend, it’s not appropriate for her to talk too much now.
So she is quietly listening to allow xiang chat with Meng Lin.
"Ordinary friends? By the way, this young man is not as good-looking as us, but he is really an ordinary friend? " Allow xiang sure asked again.
Meng Lin’s face was obviously uncomfortable when she was gentle.
The word "true" is simple, and it seems that you can’t say goodbye.
I don’t know what will rise in my heart, and something hot in my chest will make her want to ask, how is he recently?
But I can’t say anything.
"Then I’ll go to Yun Xiang’s sister, Mrs. Teng. Goodbye."
Gentleness is 100% smiling and looking up at her goodbye.
Meng Lin’s gentle eyes are always ineffective.
She knows that tenderness is not a nosy person who likes to gossip.
The advantage of this kind of person is that he won’t gossip, but the disadvantage is that he doesn’t know what to talk about, and he always feels that what he says seems redundant in her place.
Meng Lin left Yunxiang and couldn’t help sighing that the pigeon had just let go.
Smile gently. Do you think Miss Meng is a pigeon?
"What’s that? Meng Lin is also a pigeon in your brother’s place. "
Gentle …
I can’t agree with you and I don’t want to say more.
I don’t know what the little one is thinking.
On Saturday night, Wen Yi went home with Wen Liang, who was cooking. Wen Yi was eating, and after a gentle thought, she went to the kitchen. I met Meng Lin at dinner that day.
Wen Liang was chopping vegetables, and when he heard the sound, he looked back at the tenderness but didn’t speak. It was a smile and seemed a little uncomfortable.
"She’s with a boy, and the boy is quite delicate." Gentle continued, leaning against the door like an idle person, like chatting.

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