Guardiola frowned on the sidelines and stared at the stadium.

His players are already tired, and their running speed is slowing down. Lazio is attacking Barcelona and defending most of the time, which is very problematic.
When has Barcelona ever been so embarrassed? !
Even the commentator and the audience noticed this.
Before, I kept praising Barcelona and Catalan commentators, and at this time, I also kept silent.
Before his eyes, Barcelona was very embarrassed and was beaten by Lazio.
After the latest technical statistics, whether it is the number of shots, the number of shots in the doorframe or the number of times the ball control rate scored 30 meters … these Lazio are dominant.
Even Barcelona is not as foul and offside as Lazio!
It’s a complete failure!
Barcelona fans in the stands even looked at each other.
They don’t understand why their team is so unbearable to be beaten by Lazio …
Yes, that is, being beaten under pressure
Open Barcelona is being beaten by Lazio!
Lazio’s advantage is very obvious, even if not fans can understand this scene
Journalists in the media gallery are also whispering about the current competition format.
"It’s amazing that Lazio suppressed Barcelona …"
"This scene alone is worth the fare, right? Barcelona was beaten by Lazio! Although Lazio is very strong, Barcelona is not weak. The two teams are neck and neck … But the actual scene of the game is that Lazio is pressing Barcelona to play? "
"Lazio has been strong to this point? It’s incredible … "
Before the end of the half-game, Barcelona, Lazioli, broke their ball and launched a quick counterattack. Then david silva rode into the penalty area alone in the counterattack!
"david silva! We’re in! He went in! "
In the face of Pique, david silva calmly flashed the football to Pique.
Then he started to shoot, but when he landed, he buckled the football in the opposite direction and flashed another defender, Dani Alves!
David silva, who has detained two defenders in a row, has made Lazio fans get up from their positions and stare at Barcelona’s goal while exclaiming.
Two Barcelona defenders, david silva, were detained to kick again. This time, it was not a fake move but a direct shot!
He twisted the football around the goalkeeper Valdez, hit the far post with his fingers and bounced into the net …
"The ball is in again! ! David silva! David silva! !”
The commentator’s shout was drowned in the storm of cheers from Lazio fans as soon as it started.
"david silva! ! !”
Lazio fans gave a deafening cry.
David silva ran to the corner flag area with his arms open, and then he lay on his back and stretched out his fists to the sky.
His teammates rushed in from all directions, jumped up and pressed him down, revealing his fists.
Lazio players are so crazy to celebrate because they know they will win the game!
In the 41st minute of the half-time, he scored a two-goal lead, and the whole half-time base suppressed Lazio, which showed the players absolute confidence.
In this way, they have played many times in the past season, and that feeling makes them feel that they are sure to win.
This is not pride and underestimation, this is Lazio rhythm!
It’s the Champions League final, but so what?
Win or win!
All Lazio players celebrated as if they had won the game.
Not only the players on the sidelines, Lazio coach Xi Changsheng and his colleagues are also celebrating with great enthusiasm!
They are more and more confident about winning the game.
In this way, they will complete the great work of prehistoric cases!
Defend the Champions League and defend the Triple Crown after the restructuring!
"david silva! ! 2! Lazio are two goals ahead of Barcelona! Would it be disrespectful to say that there is no suspense in this game? But that’s what I’m saying now. That’s what I think! Lazio’s strength has completely surpassed this era, and I think there is no team to be their opponent … "
"In the face of one of the best teams in the world, Lazio scored two goals before half time … What is this strength? And these two goals are not lucky enough to get in. From this half, Lazio has the advantage … I’m afraid it’s not easy for Barcelona to make a comeback … "
"It’s unbelievable! Unbelievable! Lazio destroyed Barcelona in this way! Although there is still half time left, I’m sorry to say that Lazio has won! Barcelona has not shown the ability to reverse the situation! "
Commentators are always used to exaggerating to attract people’s attention.
But this time they really didn’t exaggerate.
They really think Lazio will win.
Barcelona’s performance in front of Lazio was really terrible.
The number of attacks is few, and the quality is not high.
Any chance here in Lazio is better than Barcelona.
Messi was completely frozen by Cesc Passareira for the whole half, and the tactics of invisible expression were also thoroughly studied by Lazio.
On the contrary, Lazio is not ready to play football, and Barcelona is passive and can be led by the nose.
This game may be the most humbling one played by Barcelona.
Just before the game, everyone was still yelling that it was a peak match between Lazio and Barcelona, and it would be a close game.
Now it seems that they are naive …
Chapter four hundred and twenty-five Messi in poor condition
There was silence in Barcelona’s dressing room at halftime.

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