"Since no infection has been found, why should we get it back?" Qin Shaojie said with a puzzled face

"You don’t understand this, do you?" Fujiwara said.
"To put it simply, every disease in the world can be caused by a virus. Take tuberculosis and cancer. Now it can be cured by drugs or surgery. But in ancient times, anyone who got this disease was sentenced to death. Now it is the same. There will be more antibiotics soon after the birth of a virus. Besides, the virus can also be made into a weapon."
"It should be white" Qin Shaojie wanted to think and said.
"You mean even if we don’t find the infection, we should have the upper hand? Keep things in our hands? "
"Yes, that’s what you mean. You’re very clever." Fujiwara said with a smile.
"All right, keep looking," said Qin Shaojie and hit another folder.
"Hey? Isn’t this Mount Fuji? " Fujiwara Miki looked at the picture displayed in her brain and said, "Are we going to travel?"
I’m still thinking about traveling.
Qin Shaojie ignored the woman with brain problems and continued to click the mouse to switch to a picture.
"Oh, I’m white." Fujiwara suddenly shouted and said.
"This is the structure diagram of the laboratory. Do you think this laboratory structure is obviously in a mountain or in Mount Fuji?"
"Pa" Qin Shaojie you can’t resist directly in fujiwara beauty took a head.
"Oh, what are you doing?" Fujiwara asked with pursed lips. She was happy, but she was photographed by Qin Shaojie.
"What am I doing?" Qin Shaojie didn’t good the spirit said
"I ask you how long have you been in this business?" Qin Shaojie asked, can this brain also be an agent?
"Which line? Do you mean an agent? " Fujiwara beauty one leng and then said
"It’s been more than a year, but I’m mainly playing with technology … this is just a poor skill." Fujiwara said shyly.
"Playing technology? You are silly to play with technology, "Qin Shaojie said.
"Don’t you know that Mount Fuji is a volcano?"
"I know."
"I know you can still say that the laboratory is in Mount Fuji?" Qin Shaojie said
"Although Mount Fuji has not erupted for more than three hundred years, it is an active volcano, ok? You always have some common sense." Qin Shaojie became a literacy teacher in all seriousness.
"RB people can’t build their laboratories in an active volcano even if they are stupid."
"Ah?" Fujiwara Mae came over in vain and asked, "Where did you say it was built? Since it was not built in Mount Fuji, why send a picture of Mount Fuji?"
"I don’t know how to keep looking," Qin Shaojie said grumpily, and then clicked a mouse surface, which was no longer a picture but a text message.
The laboratory, which has no name, was temporarily established half a month ago and is located in a famous mountain five kilometers away from Fuji Mountain.
The most terrible thing is that Qin Shaojie wrote a line when he met.
Note Please see the first picture for the specific location.
Qin Shaojie turned back to the first picture of Mount Fuji. Sure enough, there was a small black arrow pointing to the east and two words next to it … This way.
Holy shit, Qin Shaojie is depressed.
Who is this idiot to get the information? Can you still do this?
After reading all the information, Fujiwara Miki clicked Delete.
"When are you going to act?" Fujiwara beauty asked.
"It’s early in the morning," Qin Shaojie thought for a moment and said that early morning suspicion is the best time to start work. "Do you have a problem?"
"Of course there is a problem," Fujiwara said.

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