After he woke up, Mrs. Gu seemed to remember that Gu Yanchen had gone to the United States to study for three years, which she ignored now. What is important now is to deal with Gu Qingyan. "What shall we do?"

"Sit tight." My thin lips spit out four words. Gu Yanchen got up. "Grandma, rest at ease. I’ll go to my hometown to discuss and try to fulfill my grandmother’s wish on Christmas Day."
Make sure Gu Yanchen leaves home and asks the housekeeper, "Do you think he can do it?"
"I wasn’t sure he had the ability now." The housekeeper looked at the eye door and approached the old lady. "I’m a little worried about the old lady, afraid that we can’t control him."
"Is that report ready?" Mrs. Gu.
Ready? "Gu old lady also lowered her voice.
"When you are ready, just wait for him to announce it to the world." The housekeeper smiled very insidiously, and the old lady Gu nodded and charged that "Gu Qingyi is the only person related to him and must die, you know?"
"White" housekeeper replied firmly.
Knocking at the door, the old lady and the housekeeper looked at each other. The housekeeper immediately stood up straight and put her hands crossed on her abdomen, which was a unique aristocratic housekeeper.
The maid was allowed to come in and respectfully reported a message.
"Who did you say came back?" The housekeeper heard it wrong and confirmed it.
"Young master and young lady" replied the maid, "They are already waiting in the living room"
"Are they coming back to see the old lady?" The housekeeper asked the old lady if she knew that there were not many people in bed. It is reasonable to say that Gu Qingqian and Song Danfu should not know.
"They didn’t say," the maid shook her head respectfully. "Little lady said she came back to find Mrs. Sun Shaofu, and someone had already called her."
"Where’s Master Sun?" This time, the question was that the old lady’s maid replied nervously, "Did Master Sun go out and meet the young lady?"
She wanted to cry. She came to report how she was asked questions, and the old lady and the housekeeper looked scary.
"Know that you go out for tea first." The housekeeper sent the servant to frown from the old lady Gu and said, "Gu Qing and Song Danfu, it’s time to come back. You must be careful."
The housekeeper frowned. "They’re looking for Xiaoling. I’m afraid there will be trouble. Please invite the old lady to have a look."
"Are you afraid that Xiaoling will suffer?" Gu old lady condensed the housekeeper.
The housekeeper was said to be in a state of mind, and some would "Don’t amuse me, old lady. Xiaoling is, after all, a Song family with a child in her stomach. She was bullied by Gu Qing and Song Danfu and fell on your face."
When Mrs Gu thinks about it, she also tells the housekeeper to bring a wheelchair. "Let’s go and have a look."
Song Danfu, a gorgeous family living room, sat on the sofa beside her, and the servant brought tea cups and put them on the tea table. Neither of them moved.
I used to live here for a few days, but now sitting here, Song Danfu feels strange, not to say decoration, but to calculate the plot. It is common here, and it makes people feel uncomfortable to see the undercurrent surging around.
"Danfu, you finally came back." Song Xiaoling walked in high spirits and acted quickly to see Song Danfu’s look changed and turned to say hello to "little uncle."
Gu Qing shallow has always been indifferent. This is nodded without meaning.
Song Xiaoling didn’t want to talk to Gu Qing. She pulled up Song Danfu and said, "Danfu, how can you not come back as soon as you move out? You and your little uncle moved out as soon as they got married. Do you know that I’m worried about you? You’re too bad. Why do you know now that I’ve always wanted to come back to see you? But you can see that my stomach is so big. I’m afraid I’ll regret it if I go out alone."
"How can the Song family have the two of us?" Looking at Song Xiaoling’s face, Song Danfu raised his eyebrows and asked, "Isn’t my mother a person?"
Wang Yu was framed as an arsonist in the Song family fire case, which was almost known throughout the city. Song Danfu did not believe Song Xiaoling and did not know about it.
"Oh dear" Song Xiaoling was embarrassed to say, "You see I put my foot in my mouth when I was in a hurry."
Song Danfu smiled faintly. Song Xiaoling asked, "How’s your sister-in-law? Is she okay? Why did you come with you? Earlier, I heard that she was wanted by the police. The charge was that she let me go on the spot. I didn’t believe what the police were doing. I even suspected that her sister-in-law was an arsonist. But how could the Song family set fire to her home?"
"Maybe someone really set fire to their home." Song Danfu answered coolly.
Song Lao is this person, but it seems that Song Xiaoling doesn’t know that Song Lao is alive.
"What do you mean?" Song Xiaoling was at a loss. Her eyes were pure as if they were not stained with dust.
The housekeeper at the door of the ladder and the old lady Gu are at the same time one leng Song Danfu said this intentionally or intentionally.
Gu Jia has a direct elevator in a corner of the dining room, which is convenient for her. Mrs. Gu is now sitting in a wheelchair elevator.
"It’s a sight for sore eyes" is what Mrs Gu said. The housekeeper pushed her to the front of everyone, and her eyes were wandering around with Song Danfu. "I’m going to talk about you, Dan Fu. Although your parents are gone, how can we return to your relatives and not come back? I told you to come back for dinner many times. You didn’t come back once, but you didn’t tell you or you don’t want this home."
"Busy" Gu Qing got up and looked at the wheelchair indifferently. "Why is Aunt in a wheelchair?"
Song Danfu also has this question, but Song Xiaoling is normal.
The housekeeper replied, "The old lady has rheumatism and her legs will be uncomfortable in low temperature weather."
Gu Qing nodded shallowly and said that he knew that he would not talk after sitting back on the sofa.
The excuse of "shallow" doesn’t hold water. The old lady’s face still hasn’t eased. "How long can it take to come back from dinner again?"
Her tone is that an elder is dissatisfied with the younger generation and at the same time reveals his heart.
I know how to meet the old lady, and everyone is second. No one dares to be first.
Mrs. Gu belongs to the kind of person who can stab you in front of you and ask you if it hurts with a smile.
A servant looked flustered and reported that "two policemen came outside the old lady and said they were looking for the young lady."
The servant looked at Song Xiaoling because Song Danfu and Song Xiao
When Dan Fu and Song Xiaoling are together, everyone thinks that Song Dan Fu is sitting with an ancient god.
"Little Lady" Gu is also Song Danfu, so she asked her "Is Danfu looking for you?"
Song Xiaoling’s eyes flashed with schadenfreude. If it was bad for Song Danfu, everything was worth her happiness.
"How can the old lady ask me if I am a traitor in the old lady’s heart?" Lightly mocking Song Danfu’s eyes glanced at several people and suddenly realized that "I have been in prison, too. It is normal for the police to think of me as soon as they have a case."
Gu old lady was Song Danfu’s words and his face would be a little bit.
"What are you talking about?" I don’t agree with watching Song Danfu take care of the old lady to ease the tone. "Danfu, you are a good boy. How can you be a criminal? The police came to see you. Maybe they asked you to be a witness."
Song Danfu thought I was a good boy. Why did you ask me first?
Song Danfu, the "witness", sat beside Gu Qingqian and smiled enchanting "Testify against you?"
"If you want to testify against me, I will never be right and I will not blame you." Gu Qingyi agreed with the standard wife and slave.
Song Xiaoling was stimulated to the point that every time she looked at Gu Qingqian and Song Danfu, she would think that Gu Yanchen turned a blind eye to her indifference.

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