"I know, you take them to my room and say I’ll be right with you." Zong Ming hung up and said to the backbone elites in the meeting room, "I’ll find you another day, Mr. Fang. The meeting is here today. Let’s do whatever we have to do."

Then he got up and left, followed by Lena and Fiya.
On the 60th floor of Zongming Palace, there are five well-dressed conference rooms in Daimon Masaru. The bosses are almost dressed in black. They are talking about seeing Zongming and his party coming in. Kuyevma stopped talking. Zongming nodded to him and indicated that Kuyevma left the hall and closed the door conveniently.
A handsome face with a figure similar to Zong Ming’s is even more heroic with his flashing eyes. From his standing position, it can be seen that he is the head of five people and behind him are four standard soldiers who are just wearing casual clothes. The handsome young man stared at Zong Ming for a long time and then nodded his head and smiled indifferently. "Zong Lao has made good progress in your skills this year!"
Zong Ming suddenly smiled. "Brother dragon three, because I don’t have so many things like you, I have a little more time than you. It should be said that it is reasonable to say that things are dangerous in today’s world and people are unpredictable. More strength is more protection. What do you say?"
"You’re a freak anyway. It’s really an anecdote in the field of fixing the truth that it’s so easy for you to fix it." dragon three’s eyes showed a trace of envy.
"You and I have known each other for almost three years, but this is the first time you have come to my place. Would you like a drink first?" Zong Ming jokingly laughed, "Faya, bring me my bottle of Louis XIII."
Dragon three sighed, "Although I know that you have little money, I never thought that you would be a bodyguard for storm bears in Sukkas before the meeting, and one is to strengthen the platoon. Look, the security measures on your floor are not much worse than those in Tianlong Parliament Building. If it weren’t for those antiques at home, I really want to come and hang out with you."
"Third brother, I told you to come to me. You can do whatever you want freely. No one cares if you want you to come. I promise I can give you a very big surprise." Zongshi took the glass handed by Fiya and handed it a glass to dragon three, who lured "confused" dragon three while drinking extremely good wine.
"Don’t seduce me when you are young. Don’t talk about it. I have something to find you." dragon three finished and drank the glass of wine in one gulp.
ZongMing criticise "have you drink like this? I know there must be something important when you come to me in person, but you don’t have to be in such a hurry. It’s just some gangsters in Dongyang Empire. Don’t worry, they won’t make waves in my place. "
Long Sanyi said solemnly, "I know you have something small, but this time it may be beyond your imagination and you attach great importance to it."
Zong Ming is also a straight face "color". "Two days ago, I killed a group of gangsters of Dongyang Empire, 27 of them died and three escaped. According to reliable information, the three men are most likely soldiers of Dongyang Empire. I have a hunch that the underworld forces of Dongyang Empire will make a big move this time."
Dragon three nodded and said, "It’s really a big action. According to the records of the entry-exit administration, from last month to now, there have been 116 groups of tour groups, investigation groups and investors from Dongyang Empire to Tianlong Federation, with a total of 3,500 people. According to the information we have, this time Dongyang people formed the underworld alliance, and the key target is that you, the Black Sun Group, by the way, take this large-scale action to sweep other underworld organizations in the country in an attempt to control the organizations of major cities in Tianlong Federation."
Zong Ming was shocked after hearing this. "Mom, I really didn’t expect that they would come so much. Isn’t this a fucking disguised invasion of our Tianlong Federation? No, I have to transfer people quickly. Now I have a team to meet them. How many Chinese people can’t really eat?"
Dragon three said with a smile, "You black sun and Dongyang imperial underworld organizations have been fighting with each other for many years, each of which is a fiasco of Dongyang imperial underworld forces. Over the years, your feud has become so big that we should not" intervene "in your underworld forces’ struggle, but this time it seems that Dongyang people are not kind but have other intentions. In view of the large number of people coming here this time and their ulterior motives, they decided to send someone to help you this time and ask Dongyang imperial underworld forces to hit hard and completely smash their plot."
Zong Ming showed an ungrateful look and said, "I can’t thank you enough if I have this heart. I have fought with the underworld of Dongyang Empire for so long and killed too many people. It is clear that there will be a large-scale firefight with the underworld of Dongyang Empire sooner or later. Please tell the boss that I don’t want national soldiers to bleed. I am sure I will have a big battle with them myself."
Dragon three showed an incredulous look and said, "I know that there are 136 retired Tianlong federal soldiers in your black sun regiment. Do you still have secret troops?"
Zong Ming smiled strangely. "Although there are no regular troops, do you believe that you have always heard of ghost mercenaries?" Wrong novel network many words "
Dragon three stared at Zong Ming. "Of course, it is the most powerful mercenary in the world today. Their overall combat and individual combat effectiveness will not be worse than that of a country’s regular special warfare forces."
Zong Ming smiled proudly. "That’s me. I’m the boss behind the ghost."
Dragon three got a fright this time? Are you a ghost boss? Oh, my God, how many things do we not know? I can’t. I have to ask for instructions immediately. "
At this time, even the faces of the four soldiers who had no expression at all behind Long San showed a little different "color"
Zong Ming didn’t answer dragon three’s question, but he said with a very serious expression, "No matter how many things you still don’t have in the Security Bureau, I can solemnly promise you again that Zong Ming is a dragon federal, and I will never do anything that endangers national security. I have enough strength to solve it myself this time, but I have to ask you for help in the aftermath, and I have to ask you for more understanding."
Dragon three don’t understand and asked, "please ghost people to come over, you must spend a lot of money by us, don’t you save a lot of money? Businessmen value profits. Can you tell me your reasons? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Zong Ming solemnly replied, "Money is spent, and I have the capital. Our country is not rich in military support now, which is even more serious. I don’t want to increase the burden on the country. More importantly, I don’t want our soldiers to be shot and killed because of this. My ghost is full of Teutonic Empire and Soucasse people. Isn’t it better for foreigners and Dongyang people to fight?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Dragon three four soldiers behind him smell speech face now a respect for god "color" dragon three in the previous step clenched ZongMing hand a solemnly nodded "thank you ZongLao I accept you this reason I horse to the head for instructions"
And the four soldiers behind him all gave Zongming a standard military salute.
Zong Ming quickly followed suit and gave a military salute, then smiled and said, "Brother dragon three shouldn’t be so exaggerated."
Dragon three ignored Zong Ming’s joke, but stepped aside and took out a mobile phone from his arms to talk.
Not long after, dragon three hung up and said to Zong Ming, "The boss agreed to your request, but asked me to stay and cooperate with you. The principle is to try not to move heavy equipment as much as possible and not to make a scene too big."
Zong Ming nodded. "Of course, I don’t want to fight an urban war in my property, which will cause too much loss, but Dongyang people didn’t have heavy weapons."
With that, he shouted "Kusev" at the hall door.
The hall door hit Kusev ten seconds later and strode in from the outside.
Zong Ming ordered Kusev, "Tell the ghost to transfer 2,000 people from the mainland of  to Yuehua City without equipment. I demand that the five-day department be in place. You and Alevsky are responsible for receiving people and resettling them. You can discuss it with Yanchen."

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