Muqiao saluted, "It is girls’ literature that abides by the immortal law and must protect our camp and never let heaven organize people to take advantage of it."

The lecherous fairy stretched out his hand and drew a cloud of gas. Sunday and others took it in turn. The lecherous fairy urged the gas to "shout" and quickly went to the northwest, much faster than the fastest fighter.
Everyone just looked at the gas slowly disappearing into the distant horizon. Everyone’s mood was heavy. Everyone was Bai Wan’s demon king, who was the strong man they imagined. The challenge they faced was enormous and could not be safely returned to everyone’s hearts.
On the road, Wang Xing said to Sunday strangely, "Brother, how did you know that the demon king in ten thousand was going to be born? We didn’t see or feel it."
The lascivious fairy said, "That’s because your practice is not enough and you don’t have any special powers. It’s normal for Zhou Tianxiu to be more advanced than all of you, and it’s also normal to introduce the’ eye pupil technique’."
Sunday seemed to suddenly remind of something and said to the lecherous fairy, "lecherous fairy, please tell us what happened to the devil in ten thousand, so that we can also know ourselves and ourselves."
The lecherous fairy looked at the distance and was silent for a long time before sighing, "I also heard a girl literature from a predecessor who had practiced for tens of thousands of years. In ancient times, the demon king was a mighty man who had practiced for many years. In a big robbery, the mighty man did not escape and was rejected by heaven and earth and refused to enter The six great divisions in the wheel of karma."
"So when the catastrophe came, the almighty felt that heaven and earth didn’t feel resentful and saved his life. He signed a life-and-death contract with Asura, but it was unexpected that Asura finally betrayed him and made him suffer more than hell. There was no way for him to self-destruct and escape the punishment, and he did not hesitate to go into the magic road to restore it."
"In the ancient world war, he absorbed the grievances of heaven and earth and made continuous progress, surpassing his heyday and becoming a veritable master of the underworld. The literature of girls was updated for the first time. Even when the fiend saw him, he had to be respectful and dare not disobey."
"Revenge the heavens and the earth. He led all the forces in the underworld to show the decisive battle for life and death. It was a big battle. Finally, his atrocities annoyed several uniting giants. They joined forces to seal his magical days in the northwest border."
"Thousands of years have passed, and the world has almost forgotten him. In some ancient books, he still remembers his life. It is strange to know that the place where he sealed turned out to be the mainland channel to communicate with the modern world, which once again pushed him to the stage of heaven and earth. In the past 100 years, the organization has tried its best to destroy the magic day Inca. After thousands of years of cultivation, he has refined many magic days and seals, and it is no longer difficult to control him."
On Sunday, Zou Tao frowned. "It seems that when the demon king of ten thousand was born, he could have stopped him, and the whole day was really in his control."
The lascivious fairy said, "It can be said that the ten thousand-year-old demon king built a strong forest in ancient masters such as Linyi in the forest, but it is not obvious that he built a strong and terrible forest. Don’t say that I am not his opponent when he was born, or that I am not his opponent when all the practitioners in the modern world are put together."
Zhou Tiandao "lecherous fairy, what should we do next?"
The lascivious fairy said, "If you can re-seal the demon king in ten thousand, look at the strange magic heaven in the northwest just now with signs of rupture, but the demon king in ten thousand has not yet broken free from the control of the magic heaven seal, and we still have a chance to re-seal him."
Sunday gave a long sigh, and he had a very ominous premonition in his heart. It seemed that this time the root method prevented the organization from plotting.
If you want to re-seal the ten thousand-year-old demon king, it’s easy to talk about it. Even if they have a lascivious fairy on their side, they can organize the martial arts practice of the Eye of the Eye, which is unfathomable, but it’s not the lascivious fairy.
But also their No.2 leader has "the eye pupil of extinction", and his strength has not yet come out. If no one knows whether he can have such a big power as "the eye pupil of extinction", his physical strength will be poor there.
This time is really doomed?
For the first time, as in Sunday, I had a pessimistic thought. It seems that the organization is unable to deal with the devil in ten thousand. It is suspected that throwing straws against the wind is a seasoned road.
He can feel that everyone’s mood is heavy and full of depression for the future. Even a lecherous fairy has unspeakable pessimism and heaviness in her heart.
Perhaps in his mind, he also believes that the crisis in the practice world is too great, and the current strength of the practice world is hard to escape.
"Don’t you really do nothing?" Zhou Tianxin silently thought, "No, absolutely not, even if there is a chance, you have to fight." Eyes showed firm eyes, no longer depressed, no longer pessimistic, and there was a strong fighting spirit.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Magic Day Seal
Girls’ literature
When the lecherous immortals and Sunday people arrived at the northwest border, it was just noon. This season is already a cold winter season. The northwest wind roared and blew people’s skin faintly. Guan Feng was the worst person to repair. One person could hardly stand in the cold northwest wind and was blown away by the wind.
The lascivious fairy urged the gas to land in a small town, which came and went, so many people seemed very desolate and ruined, and it was surrounded by desert all around, and the northwest wind blew all over the sky with yellow sand, which added a little sense of depression
Looking at the town on Sunday, I was surprised and said, "How can we stay here, lecherous fairy? Is magic seal the girl literature here?"
The lascivious fairy said, "Yes, the magic seal is one of the four great artifacts, and almost equal artifacts. Most people can’t sense where it goes. Liu Refeng and Yan Dihan are currently guarding the magic seal to prevent people from taking the opportunity to sneak attack."
On Sunday, it dawned on me and said, "No wonder this town gives me a different feeling. There are many masters hidden around it, and their repairs are not low."
The lascivious fairy said, "The people in this small town are experts sent by the National Security Bureau to dress them up in disguise, which does not attract the attention of overseas terrorists. What’s more, girls’ literature has taken root here and is trying to integrate into local life."
Suddenly, when I heard a ring, I saw the official family official Feng and the white windbreaker running out. Both of them were rivals on Sunday, and they were better than Sunday in recruiting exams at the National Security Bureau. If Sunday didn’t rely on strong spiritual strength to support themselves, maybe the story behind them wouldn’t develop.
And I may be a second-generation ancestor. Sometimes it’s really wonderful in my life. A small accident has changed the fate of many people. Whether it’s good or bad depends on personal choice and perseverance.
It’s far beyond the official maple and the white windbreaker, or the master’s late realm, and the martial arts emperor’s early practice is also one step away. In today’s world, it’s really rare to be a strong man, but it’s doubtful that the real practice of the strong is a practitioner who has just started.
Guan Feng and Bai Feng coat soon recovered their faces when they saw Sunday’s slight astonishment. Guan Feng said, "Fairy, you finally came back. What’s the situation over there? Has my family been damaged?"
"Brother" Guan Feng turned out from behind Sunday. She just hid behind Sunday. Guan Feng didn’t look carefully, but she didn’t find that she was waiting to hear a familiar girl’s literature update for the first time. Looking back, she saw that it was Guan Feng. "Feng Feng, how did you get here? Is everything okay at home?"
Guan Feng laughed. "Everything is fine at home. Mom and Dad are fine. The family lost several elites, but the overall strength is still in the elder brother. Rest assured that everyone is fine and there is not much loss. Whitestorm’s conspiracy has been shattered by Sunday and the lecherous fairy."
Guan Feng looked a little moved and suddenly found that the gap between him and Han Yu was getting bigger and bigger on Sunday. He used to be a younger generation in a family, and the second person was only in Han Yu, and the gap between them was not very big.
But who knows that girls’ literature has only been updated for the first time for a short period of six months, and their cultivation distance has far exceeded that of him. This gap is obviously widening, and his heart is lost and he is full of bitterness.
It took Guan Feng a long time to calm down his heart and walk up to Sunday with a smile. "You have finally become an object that makes our young people surpass the law. I admire you on Sunday. You are my goal. I will keep moving towards this goal and practice hard. One day I will become a strong person."
Zhou Tianshen knew the world clearly and saw the performance of Guan Feng’s heart activity from surprise to decadence. Everything showed that Guan Feng had made great progress in his state of mind cultivation during this time. Maybe he didn’t feel the benefits of this state of mind progress himself, but when he reached a certain level in his future practice, he would realize that state of mind cultivation was more important than others.
Sunday said with a smile, "I believe you will ask you to keep this perseverance all the time. It is only a matter of time before you become such a person. Believe in yourself and you will be able to do it."
Official maple rest assured that the burden and shackles haha laughed. "Thank you for Sunday. From today, I am willing to be your brother. Will you live and die together?"
On Sunday, I held out my right hand and decided to laugh in the middle. "It’s my pleasure to have a brother like you. What don’t I want?"
"Ha ha" Guan Feng laughed. Holding the right hand on Sunday, he couldn’t say how happy and relaxed he was. "Good brothers live and die together."
The lecherous fairy saw a cold sweat on her face. "Smelly little boy, are you here to recognize your brother or what? If I had known, I wouldn’t have brought you here." Cough "That brother’s matter will be put aside. Now it’s urgent to be the Almighty Devil. Everyone knows that the Almighty Devil was born extraordinary. I want to know what the current situation is like. Is there any movement in the organization for the first time to update girls’ literature?"
The white windbreaker respectfully said, "Tell the immortal that the magic seal is much louder than before, and there are cracks on the magic seal. It is estimated that if we don’t carry out new sealing, the Almighty Devil will break free, but it is strange that the organization is quite calm these days and no one has been sent to harass or sneak attack."
The lascivious fairy listened to the frown and said, "It’s a little strange that the seal power of the magic seal is declining step by step. The organization thinks about it day and night, that is, breaking the seal of the magic seal and releasing the eternal demon to get through the mainland channel of the modern world. At present, the situation is very unfavorable to us. It is impossible for the girls’ literature to update for the first time. What do they really want and what tricks are they playing?" Thinking there is still not enough.
Zhou Tiandao said, "The lecherous fairy might as well go and see what the magic seal is all about here, which is also very helpful for us to take a step."
The lecherous fairy said grumpily, "I knew it, but I would have said it if you hadn’t interrupted me." I looked at Sunday with a wry smile.
On Sunday, a face of cold sweat appeared on his forehead, saying, "The lecherous fairy has seen Lai and never seen you so lai. I think you always refuse to admit it."
The lecherous fairy grunted, "Little stinkers can’t respect the elderly." With a serious expression, he said, "On Sunday, now I’ll take you to the magic seal place. After hundreds of years of research by our team, I found a new seal method. I need your help to re-seal the devil in ten thousand. I can’t let heaven organize people to take advantage of it."
On Sunday, when the horny fairy said that she was serious and knew it was not a joke, she nodded and said, "Don’t worry, we will do our best."
"Good" lecherous immortals directly attract air masses, together with Guan Feng and Whitestorm, to fly to a mountain in the northwest.
The mountain is bare, and a large area of bare pale rock is flying with black sand. I can’t tell you a kind of horror. The lascivious fairy just flew to the top of the mountain with an air mass, and suddenly there was a faint ghostly wind, which made everyone feel scared and timid, and the official phoenix clung to Sunday’s arms and her eyes were red and almost cried.

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