"Come on!" Lu Xiusi is going to carry Shen Nuo through this section of the road.

"No, I’m too heavy!" Shen Nuo repeatedly waved Lu Xiusi carrying two people on the beach will be very difficult.
Lu Hugh thought back a command eyes saw his one eye Shen Nuo good darling jump to his back.
I was held by him again and again before, and this time I felt a sense of security on his back.
Feel the landing, Hugh’s strong back, Shen Nuo, as if for a moment I felt like I was a child, and my mother’s arms couldn’t help swinging back and falling asleep …
☆ Chapter 5 Everyone chooses to abandon her.
Lu Hugh thought carrying Shen Nuo unaware that she had fallen asleep and said something.
"You’re not at home, and you’re not sticky at all. It seems that she likes you!"
"Did Han Dongcheng bully you? If he bullied you, you must tell me!"
"Catch …" Shen Nuo said talk in a dream on his back.
Lu Xiusi realized that she had fallen asleep and couldn’t help laughing at the little fool.
Lu Xiusi said goodbye to his friend and drove Shen Nuo back to the hotel.
Shen Nuo sat in the co-pilot all the way and fell asleep quietly like a quiet little sheep.
Lu Xiusi glanced at her while driving. She saw her fall asleep and fell to one side, so she quickly held her with one hand.
"This little fool is still so dishonest when he sleeps." Lu Xiusi laughed at this lovely Shen Nuo secretly, but he still had to cheer up and drive.
Slowly Shen Nuo no longer leans to one side and quietly continues to sleep.
Although there are not many cars after midnight, the dazzling lights will always wake Shen Nuo up a little whenever a car comes.
Looking at Shen Nuo kept being shaken by the headlights, Lu Xiusi covered Shen Nuo’s eyes with one hand to prevent her from being shaken up again.
After a long time, Lu Xiusi’s arm turned sour, but watching Shen Nuo no longer be awakened by the headlights, Lu Xiusi’s heart was finally released.
When he arrived at the hotel, Lu Xiusi held Shen Nuo and carefully put Shen Nuo on the bed. He took off Shen Nuo’s clothes and shoes and carefully covered him.
Lu Xiusi will get up early and go back soon after dawn, but now he can’t sleep, so he lies beside Shen Nuo’s bed and leans his head to have a good look at this person who makes him miss him day and night.
Listening to Shen Nuo breathing evenly, looking at her childish face and the seductive red mouth Lu Xiusi couldn’t help swallowing.
His body can react, but looking sleepy, Shen Nuolu Hughes really can’t bear to wake him up.
Just watch her sleep quietly! Lu Xiusi wished that this moment could stay forever, because he rarely had a chance to have a good look at Shen Nuo’s sleep.
Shen Nuo didn’t know how long he had slept. When he woke up, he found himself lying in a hotel bed while the people around him jumped.
Shen Nuo was disappointed. She left Lu Xiusi.
I didn’t expect Lu Xiusi to come out from washing her hands just now.
Shen Nuo lying under the covers looked at Hugh Lu with a face of shyness.
Section 42
"Good morning" Shen Nuo buried his head in half and revealed half.
"Good morning," Lu Xiusi climbed into bed and kissed Shen Nuo in the face. "Did you sleep well?"
"Good. I remember we were at the seaside last night, and then I fell asleep." Shen Nuo was sorry to disturb Lu Xiusi’s elegance last night because of his sleepiness.
"Last night, I was very upset." Lu Xiusi lay prone on the bed looking at Shen Nuo’s face and couldn’t help but feel that she put her hair on both sides.
What did Shen Nuo do to him last night? His face turned red as soon as he brushed it.
Lu Xiusi was amused by her small appearance, got up and dressed, and said to her, "You go to sleep for a while. I have to go back now."
"Do you have to go back today?" Shen Nuo looked at Lu Xiusi with a little tired eyes and asked, "Didn’t you have a good rest last night?"
Lu Xiusi didn’t tell her that he didn’t sleep all night, but told Shen Nuo to sleep a little longer and then got up early and left B city.
Lu Xiusi is in such a hurry to go back because he wants to clarify his press conference with Bai Lulu today. He pays special attention to this matter.

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