Who would believe that the famous evil queen in the underworld was left hanging outside by him? !

But I thought she was dead. Why is she here again?
Thought of here, the old man finally frowned and then stepped up.
There was silence in front of the magic dragon Temple, and suddenly there was a sound in my head. "It was quite like it."
"Shut up and don’t break my old lady’s work!" Purple Yan didn’t good the spirit way
"I praise you also not line? !” Xiao asked koo tunnel
"Louis this is coming out! If you break my plan, see how I can clean you up later! "
"Well, you continue to wait …"
After a while, the old man finally appeared in front of the temple again and said to Purple Yan, "Purple Yan girl, come with me."
Purple Yan honestly step by step to follow the old man disappeared in the door of the temple.
At this time, the guards outside the temple are sighing again, especially the old guards!
That was their queen just now. This magic dragon Temple used to be her. Every time she comes back, whether she flies in or teleports in, they have to bow down without hesitation! Now, they actually watched the evil-hearted queen go step by step …
The world is changing so fast …
The queen of evil spirit has lost power and influence, which is already in front of her eyes
I just don’t know what she did this time. Look, it’s not like singling out at all, but like going to the new owner of magic dragon Temple …
Isn’t that to say that this great beauty, which ranks first in the underworld, will fall into …
In the main hall of magic dragon Temple, a man with purple armor and dark skin sits high on the throne. The man is extremely magnificent, with black skin as black as charcoal and a bald head. At first glance, he looks like a humanoid monster!
However, the imposing man has a pair of calm eyes, and the purple Se eyes look at the purple Yan step by step into the temple, but the eyes have not changed at all.
It was not until Ziyan decided in the temple that the man with purple armor and dark skin finally revealed his only white place, that is, his teeth, and his voice was as calm as his eyes. "I knew you weren’t dead."
This situation, this discourse, this person is naturally suspected of Louis!
The throne is on the steps of the main hall. At this time, Ziyan still has to look up at the throne, but the dragon wing sneers, "But haven’t you occupied this palace of evil spirits?"
Louis purple eyes stay in the face of purple Yan as if thinking about the true thoughts of purple Yan for a while before saying, "Come to me first if I’m not wrong."
"You want to make a comeback?"
"Can’t you?"
Louis smiled "you know"
Then Purple Yan said something unexpected that made Louis listen to Purple Yan’s generous tunnel "Then I give up."
"Then why did you come to me?" Louis frown way
"I want them both dead" Purple Yan extremely cold sound track.
Louis finally sat up straight and said seriously, "You should know that I’m not your genus now, and I won’t talk to you about friendship. What do you want me to help you kill them both?"
"If I want to kill them, there is actually a better choice." Purple Yan looked at Louis and sneered.
Louis Zheng and then quickly reacted, "Then why don’t you just take refuge in the war demons and come to me?"
Purple Yan took a look at Longyi with a smile and asked, "Do you really want me to take refuge in war demons?"
Two people line of sight through more than ten zhangs touch together, who also refused to compromise before the old man stopped at the door of the temple dozens of zhangs outside still feel the danger! If they don’t agree, his fate will change!
After a long time, it turned out that Long Yi was defeated first. Although he thought of some possibility, he shook his head and said, "If I believe you?"
"It’s very simple. Now I can’t make a comeback, but I want revenge."
"Even if you and I join hands, are we opponents of war demons?"
"Little the whole thing is caused by him. I won’t commit myself to him even if I die. Don’t you know my feelings? !”
Louis nodded and stretched out his right hand on his dark bald head and murmured, "I see what you mean."
"You and I killed them both together, and then you and I won’t go to the war demon for a while, so it should be enough for him to compete."
Louis once again thought about the possibility that xing couldn’t help but look at the purple Yan face again, but this time it didn’t stop for too long and soon moved to see the purple Yan chest, waist and slender legs blocked by robes …
It is very good that he has been hiding this kind of eyes since he met Ziyan. This is the first time he has looked at Ziyan unabashedly.
Louis withdrew his eyes and pinched his eyebrows. He was struggling. "Why would you choose me?"
"The other two are women who have always been jealous of me, and the other one is a wretched old man who likes to play with women and half feet in the coffin. What other choice do I have? !” Purple Yan sneer at a way
"Let me think again."
"I’m waiting"
Then the hall was quiet, and after half a column of incense, the dragon wing finally looked up.
Look straight at Ziyan Longyi with anger and say, "I want to see your sincerity, or you’ve fooled me and didn’t get any interest."
Purple Yan disdainfully left the pie mouth. "Do I still have the qualification to play you in the present situation?"
Louis seems to have put a burden on his heart. Suo Xing told the truth. "To tell you the truth, I have always felt that it is worthwhile to get you in addition to this life."
"You won’t be disappointed. After killing the two of them, we kept a low profile. I hope we can kill the magic of war with you." Purple Yan calmly tunnel.
Then Longyi coldly uttered a sentence that made Ziyan’s face Se slightly changed, "I want you today!"
Purple Yan looked up and stared at Louis, but Louis did not let the purple Yan look at him.
This time it was Ziyan who lost the battle, but it was Ziyan who frowned and sneered, "How can I trust you?"
Purple Yan means very white. What if I let you sleep but you don’t recognize it …
Louis angrily tunnel "is this your sincerity?"
"Don’t you treat me like a fool? ! You will see my sincerity, but a little bit … "
"Then I can’t go with you to kill them both."
"I didn’t ask you to do that either. Just try to hold them steady first." Purple Yan said.
"Are you going to live here today?"

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